Voopoo Vinci Review – Best MTL Vape Kit 2019… With A Tweak

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Voopoo Vinci Review + videos: Best MTL Vape Kit 2019 + Best Pod Mod Kit & Best AiO kit Of The Year | Power, Design, Flavors, Vapor Production. It has it ALL

Welcome to our Voopoo Vinci Review:

The Best MTL Vape Kit Of 2019.

The Voopoo Vinci kit is both the best AiO vape Kit of 2019 as well as 2019 best Pod Mod kit* (yes, better than the SMOK RPM40). But, more surprising, it’s also our best MTL vape kit of 2019.

Why more surprising? Because, and despite the fact you can use it as a loose Mouth To Lung vaping device, it’s more targeted at DTL vapers that want a competent, easy to carry, small kit for vaping-on-the-go.

Plus, we’re not sure many MTL vapers or, even less so, new vapers (who want to quit smoking) themselves consider the Voopoo Vinci kit to be an MTL device. Though it is… if you use a simple little tweak. And what an MTL device that is.

Update: An RBA Section is now available for the Vinci. HERE.

There’s also the Vinci  X 70W which is powered by an external 18650 battery.

The Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod kit has it all. It’s powerful. Almost too powerful, even. It has a sleek and ergonomic design, fantastic flavor reproduction, as well as a high vapor production and vapor density… And, then, an MTL draw (two, actually, see below).

That’s why the Voopoo Vinci AiO kit is undeniably the Best MTL Vape Kit Of 2019 for us. Though we know DTL vapers love it too. You just need to watch the video reviews we also provide to be convinced of that.

And that’s why, despite the issues we encountered with our first device and the reservation on a couple features we have, this idea will permeate throughout our entire Voopoo Vinci review.

* [Pod Mod kits are supposed to be a different than, or a subcategory of, AiO vape kits. They can be described as having a plastic pod tank, a compact (usually vertical) form factor and features usually found in a Box Mod like a screen or power output control. But, as these characteristics are shared by most good All-in-One kits these days, we’re really not sure about the usefulness of this “category”. And if it can even be properly identified at all and differentiated from “regular” AiO vape kits, actually.


Thanks to the very good, from other (Youtube) experienced vapers, video reviews presenting it (and that we’ll show you below), our Voopoo Vinci review won’t have to dwell on the technical aspects and the features of the Voopoo Vinci kit too much. We will speak of (some of) them, of course but we’ll essentially focus on its performance and what kind of vaping experience it can bring to us, MTL vapers, instead.

[NB: If you don’t know or are not sure what MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping means, you can read our article explaining it (as well as Direct To Lung, aka DTL, vaping) thoroughly.]

You’ll discover that everything you need from a vaping device, the Voopoo Vinci kit has it and in abundance.

Plus, with its wide selection of coils, it caters to all types of vapers. Though proper Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping is only possible if you slightly modify/improve the draws you can get with the 0.8ohm coils. These are the ones we tested. The 1.2ohm coils may offer a more restricted Mouth To Lung draw from the get go.

[NB: We speak of draws, plural, because the Voopoo Vinci kit can, thanks to an ingenious trick, provide 2 different types of draws.]

Now, as it’s customary at the end of each year, it’s time to deliver the awards the best vaping devices of 2019 deserve. And the Voopoo Vinci kit is clearly among sits on top of them (Veni, Vidi, Vinci, right? 😀).

From our selection (we’ll create a special post to present all the best vaping devices of 2019 and their runner ups soon. Though we’re still waiting for a couple devices to be sure to make the right decision), it thus takes the crown in three categories:

– The best Pod Mod kit of the year

– 2019 best AiO vape kit (i.e. best All in One vape kit).

And we were so impressed by its performance, features and ergonomics, that we can’t see any other device better suited to be:

– The best MTL vape kit of 2019 overall.

As simple as that.

Our (and some vaping experts’) Voopoo Vinci review will definitely demonstrate that now.

After reading our Voopoo Vinci review, you’ll get our PROs and CONs. You’ll then be able to watch a couple video reviews of it and, finally, get Mister MTL’s opinion of the Voopoo Vinci kit.


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If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, you should definitely read our 2-part, 7000+ words, article: The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.

Also, if you’re not sure what are the differences between all the vaping devices, or want to know more about them, you can read this article.

Now, let’s begin our Voopoo Vinci review.

The different sections of our THC Tauren X review will be:

I. Specifications + Inside The Packaging


Pod Tank Parameters

Capacity: 5.5ml(TPD 2ml)

Material: PCTG

Mod/Battery Parameters

Size: 104*25.3*25.3mm

Material: Zinc Alloy

Output Power: 5-40W

Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V

Resistance: 0.1~3.0Ω

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh


1 x VINCI Device

1 x VINCI Replacement Pod (5.5ml)

1 x PnP~VM1 0.3Ω coil

1 x PnP~R1 0.8Ω coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

1 x Chip Card

1 x Gift Card

II. A Bumpy Road Led Us To The Best MTL Vape Kit Of The Year.

A. We almost never reviewed the Voopoo Vinci kit.

If you want to dive directly into the review, skip this part and start reading from the next section (B). 

1. First, we almost never ordered the Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod Kit.

Yep. Maybe, like you, we’ve seen the reviews stating that its airflow was too loose for Mouth To Lung Vaping. And as there is no proper airflow control, it had a very loose MTL draw at best.


But about 2 weeks after its release we noticed the air inlets placements. And we realized that, worst case scenario, we could use a little trick to tighten the airflow if needed.

So, we ordered it. And judging by the title of this review, you know we think it was the right thing to do.

2. We then almost didn’t review it.

As we reveal almost right below the title of this Voopoo Vinci review, the reason why our Voopoo Vinci review almost didn’t see the light of day is because we encountered some quality issues with the first model we received.

After a few days, it wouldn’t change the Power mode. We had to turn it off and on. To, then, be able to do so.

The auto-draw feature wasn’t working at all (but we now know it, in fact, never works with the 0.8ohm MTL coils… until we applied or tweak).

And the 0.3ohm coil was leaking.

That’s why we had to get another device to be able to make a proper Voopoo Vinci review.

So, whereas our Voopoo Vinci review is and will be a very positive one because of the top tier performance it can deliver, it could have been a different story… or not. We think we wouldn’t have reviewed it if it wasn’t that good because we wouldn’t have ordered another one. We would have just warned you that this could happen while talking about similar devices or presenting our Best MTL vape kits of 2019 article.

Anyway, now you know that some Voopoo Vinci models can have some reliability issues. We didn’t want to hide that fact from you.

And while the second device we received doesn’t display any of the problems we had with the first one, a couple of secondary features still don’t work as we’d like: one is a bit annoying and another is strangely lacking. See below.

B. The Voopoo Vinci kit Design, Ergonomics And Build Quality + small annoyances.

Before to speak about features and what truly makes the Voopoo Vinci the best Pod Mod kit or, choosing a more meaningful classification, the best AiO vape kit of 2019, let’s talk about its design for a minute.

1. Voopoo Vinci simple form factor yet sleek design.

This subtitle says it all. The Voopoo Vinci kit indeed has a simple form factor. It’s like a large, though not tall, squared vape pen with a shark fin on its top.

Guy with what looks like a shark fin on his head
Picture by Markus – IBK Creations

Maybe not a shark fin but the large, elongated and yet relatively thin mouthpiece does add to the aesthetics of the device. It’s in fact, with the squared elongated form factor we really like, its signature design and what makes it instantly recognizable.

[NB: We much prefer vape pens with a square profile like this than the usual boring round ones. You’d think there would be a lot. But no, there’re very few. That’s another reason why the otherwise simple form factor of the Voopoo Vinci kit succeed in standing out.]

It just looks good. If we compare it with the SMOK RPM40 (you’ll be able to see them both in a video later on), it’s like the Vinci came out a year later and is the 2.0 version of the RPM40.

It’s a refined device. We can see and feel more thought has been put into it. It seems like more time has been allocated to the realization of the Voopoo Vinci design too. And it paid off.

It benefits from a better attention to detail and that’s one of the reasons it’s the best Pod Mod kit of 2019, at least of these 2.

2. Ergonomics and build quality.

Voopoo Vinci With New Rainbow Colored Frame – Available Now on Sourcemore

The Voopoo Vinci kit build quality is impeccable. Thanks to its zinc alloy construction, it feels solid in the hand. Its chamfered edges give it a comfy feeling when holding it as well.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the power button finish/coating. If you’re not careful and put it with other metallic objects like keys, it will rub off.

That’s not a flaw but we wanted to mention it. I’m sure you don’t want to uglify this stylish looking vaping device.

More, its overall form factor makes it easy to use, put in a pocket and carry around.

Last, and as much as we usually don’t like the e-liquid to be visible when it comes to All in One kits, it doesn’t bother us at all with the Vinci. The pod tank is so well integrated to the design/device that it still looks good.

So, being able to see exactly what amount of e-liquid we have left at a glance while not hindering the aesthetics of the device is definitely a plus in terms of usability.

[NB: It’s natural for Box Mod kits since they have a tank sitting on top of them. So, we’re fine with that. It’s part of their form factor and what makes them what they are.

But the point of AiO kits for us is, by integrating the battery and tank together, to make the result (the device) look better. So, having some –dark– brown or yellowish liquid in the middle of everything can kinda ruin the looks of a device. It may be useful or functional but that’s why we’re not fans of e-liquid windows unless they’re well thought out. We usually prefer taking a second to lift a cover or pod/tank off to be able to enjoy an uninterrupted design.]

3. Small annoyances.

There’s a couple of little annoying things we need to share though.

– Sleep mode.

If you’ve left the Voopoo Vinci for a few minutes (we didn’t calculate how many, to be honest) and you try and vape on it, you’ll be out of luck. It’s like it puts itself in sleep mode. It’s not a deep sleep mode but you’ll need to click once on the fire button for it to activate. Then, you can start vaping on it.

It’s nothing but as we never remember this (none of the other devices we use does this), we always start to drag on it whereas it’s not activated yet. So, we just drag on air. We need to click one more time to vape. A bit annoying.

– Battery indicator not always accurate.


Another thing to be aware of is that the battery life indicator may not always be accurate below about 33% of battery left.

The display can show you the bar to still have about a third of its length in white (vs. translucid for the empty portion) but shrink and drop to red (10% or less battery life left) in an instant. It will still work for a while but you need to be aware of that too.

– Where’s the clock?

Nitpicking time (no pun intended): when you first turn on the Voopoo Vinci (5 clicks), it asks you to set the time.

You think to yourself, “Ok. Great, it has a clock feature too”, right?

Wrong. You’ll never see that clock ever again.

Puff monitoring feature displayed on the screen

Our guess is that it’s used for the kinda pointless puff monitoring feature (long press both the + and – buttons at the same time to access it. Long press the fire button to get out of this setting) and nothing else.

In any case, there’s no user accessible clock feature on the Voopoo Vinci AiO kit.

Now, it’s time to speak about performance and about what makes the Voopoo Vinci such an impressive AiO kit and the best MTL vape kit of the year, i.e. performance.

C. The Voopoo Vinci Kit Has It All…

You’ll be able to learn everything about all of the Voopoo Vinci features by watching the Youtubers’ Voopoo Vinci reviews below, we don’t want to just repeat the same things now.

But we still want to give you the reasons as to why we think the Voopoo Vinci is the best MTL vape kit of 2019 before you watch them. And there are a few.

Also, in the next subsection (D), we’re going to give a different opinion on a couple of the Voopoo features and characteristics mentioned in these experienced vapers’ Voopoo Vinci reviews.

And that’s when we reveal the trick that can improve upon one of them to the point of changing everything.

It’s simple. Putting the draw aside for a moment (that’s what we’ll talk about in our next sub section), everything you’d imagine the best vape kit to have in terms of performance, the Voopoo Vinci AiO kit delivers it. In fact, it over delivers.

– It has great flavor reproduction.

The only vaping device we’ve tested this year that has better flavor reproduction is the Artery Pal 2 Pro (review) thanks to its Artery Pal 2 HP coils.

HP stands for High Performance. If you order Artery Pal 2 coils be sure they’re these ones. Though, don’t worry, they are the ones we link to here and in our review of the Pal 2 Pro.

HellVape Grimm Green kit

Also, note that they are compatible with the Grimm Green’s kit (presentation). The Grimm kit may be a better choice of device than the Pal 2 Pro since it has, in our opinion, more sophisticated looks and better build quality (while being able to use the Artery Pal 2 fantastic HP coils with it, then).

But, beside the Pal 2 Pro, no other device we tested can rival. Not the Caliburn, not the iJoy Neptune and not the UWELL Yearn either. Although being “only” Pod Systems, they still offer fantastic flavors. The Innokin Adept produce great flavors but, as a Box Mod kit with a glass tank, it’s to be expected.

– The Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod kit has an impressive vapor production.

On this front many devices we reviewed have great vapor production (most of them, actually). But the Vinci just surpasses them all (the SMOK RPM40 included, as you’ll clearly see in IndoorSmokers video below).

It produces big clouds of vapor in our “MTL mode” (a very simple DIY more restricted airflow) too.

It’s simple. We think you won’t find an MTL device (using factory coils) that can produce more.

– Its vapor is warm and very dense.

Not only does the vapor produced by the Voopoo Vinci AiO kit is abundant, but it’s dense too. And, in our “MTL mode”, it’s very dense.

It can be too dense for some. Even at only 12W, the vape is warm and super thick. It makes a fantastic device for MTL vapers and more so for smokers wanting to quit. (More on this below)

– Very strong throat hit.

At this point, we’ve got to warn you though.

The Voopoo Vinci is a powerful device. The Gene chip isn’t set to play around. It delivers.

So, if you tighten the airflow as we explain below, at least with the 0.8ohm coils (it may be different with the 1.2ohm coils as they run at a lower max power output), you’re gonna get a strong throat hit and potent vapor.

If you prefer a smooth gentle vape and/or were a light smoker, it may not be the best device for you (The Tauren X or, since the coils of both these devices are compatible, the Hellvape Grimm Kit).

Tightening the airflow as we explain below makes the vapor even denser and warmer. So, it increases the feeling of power we get from the Vinci and the vapor produced.

So, don’t forget to put a lower dosed (in nicotine) e-liquid that you normally use to vape in other AiO kits. More so, if you’re used to vape on Pod Systems.

For example, if you’re used to vape on 12mg in AiO kits, you can cut it down to 9mg/ml. Of you’re used to 18mg/ml in Pod Systems, you can decrease the nic level to at least 15mg, maybe 12mg.

We don’t recommend to vape nic salt with the 0.8ohm coils (or no more than 25mg/ml, for sure).

If you want to try out the 1.2ohm coils, you’ll need to test and find the nic level that suits you best.

These warnings/advices are valid if you tighten the airflow as we explain below, of course.

Speaking of which, it’s almost time to reveal the trick to make the Voopoo Vinci a true (and powerful, then) MTL vaping device.

D. A Modified Feature That Can Change Everything.


If you just listen to what the reviewers below say (it’s not just them, every reviewer we watched or read had basically the same justifiable opinion), you’ll believe that the auto-draw feature is great.

And, above all, you won’t think that the Voopoo Vinci can be a proper MTL device with a tight enough and satisfying draw.

It’s not the case, though. Both these ideas are wrong.

1. The useless auto-draw feature… at first.

While this feature may be useful and functioning correctly when Direct To Lung vaping on the Voopoo Vinci (e.g. with the 0.3ohm coils), it just doesn’t work when we Mouth To Lung vape on it.

And that’s kinda strange as you’d think that the users who would have benefitted the most from this feature are… Mouth To Lung vapers, right? But no. It doesn’t work at all with the 0.8ohm coils.

[NB: Again, that’s the only coisl we’ve used with the Voopoo Vinci kit. As we were satisfied with the way it vaped when we received our first kit, that’s the ones we re-ordered. But the 1.2ohm coils may work even better for MTL vaping –though we don’t see how– and offer an even tighter draw and thus allow for the auto-draw to work, maybe. We wouldn’t bet on it.]

And we don’t think it’s due to a faulty device/sensor. We believed that at first since our first unit had some issues, but no. The second is behaving the same.

Simply put, when you try to vape using the auto-draw, almost nothing happens. You need to drag on it like crazy to get a tiny bit of vapor. And it’s not pleasant at all since you get almost only air and it can irritate your throat.

The only way to make the sensor to work is to tighten the airflow even more. How, you ask?

Well, that’s the little tweak we previously spoke (a lot 😀) about and that can improve drastically one of the Voopoo Vinci features. That’s what allows it to be the best MTL vape kit of the year, in fact.

We mean, we couldn’t call it that if it couldn’t even MTL vape properly, right?

2. A Dual airflow that can be improved/tighten… with a simple useful tweak.

As we said above, when ordering the Voopoo Vinci kit, we knew that we would have to use the simple tweak we’re going to reveal below.

And if you’re a smoker wanting to quit that wants a draw close to a cigarette one, you should definitely be using it. [NB: if you are, you should also read our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully article. It’s a good article with plenty of useful tips never mentioned before. Really.]

In fact, this device is perfect for heavy smokers wanting to quit but don’t necessarily want to vape on crazy high levels of (salt) nicotine in their e-liquids. Because it’s powerful and you can get a satisfying MTL draw out of it while using lower dosed e-liquids than you’d normally use.

For those who like a loose Caliburn/iJoy Neptune type of draw, the trick we’ll give you now may not be necessary. Though you still may want to know about it since the Vinci has an even looser draw than the Caliburn/iJoy Neptune.

– The Voopoo Vinci dual airflow feature.

It’s a simple feature allowing the Voopoo Vinci to provide two kind of airflows, one slightly tighter than the other.

It consists of 3 tiny air inlets on each side of the Vinci and situated at the top of the device (when the pod tank isn’t inserted in). Or, to put it another way, it’s at the base of the pod tank when it’s connected.

In combination with the way Voopoo built the pods (with some small “cavities” of different shapes on their sides), it creates 2 types of airflows. You can choose either one by taking off the pod tank, rotating it 180° and putting it back in.

These air holes are meant to provide 2 loose (mostly DTL) types of airflow. And with the PnP-R1 0.8ohm coils, it’s too airy. The pull doesn’t offer enough resistance to give a satisfying MTL draw.

So, how can we make a true, and the best, MTL vape kit out of the Voopoo Vinci?

Simple, by…


– Covering the air holes with some tape.

Yes, it seems a bit ridiculous. But it works wonders.

You just need to apply a tiny piece of tape (on the inside of the device, of course. You don’t want to ruin that sleek design and make it look cheap) on the air inlets to cover them.

You can adjust the airflow and make it the way you like by simply cover more or less holes on each side.

That’s it.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the true Vinci “MTL Level/Mode”.

We chose to cover all of the 3 holes on the left side of the Voopoo Vinci (power button/screen facing you) and 1 or 2 on the other side.

You can still have two types of airflows by rotating the pod tank, though they now are true MTL airflows. Neat right?

We first applied this trick (Mister MTL’s did) on the Billet Box. Natively, the draw of the Billet Box is a loose one too.  

It’s thanks to this tweak that you can effortlessly transform a great yet restricted DTL/very loose MTL device in the best MTL vape kit of 2019.

Also, tightening the drag allows for the auto-draw sensor to activate a lot easier and, thus, the feature can finally work… kinda. It’s still not perfect as you need to pull quite hard. Plus, as there’s more air coming in your mouth, it can irritate your throat a bit (more).

But at least, it’s working.

That’s it for the main content of our Voopoo Vinci Review.

Below, you’ll find our review scores, 2 more experts’ Voopoo Vinci reviews –YouTube videos–, its PROs and CONs and, finally, Mister MTL’s opinion.



III. Voopoo Vinci Review Scores

Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality




Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


*Once the airflow is modified

IV. Best Youtube iJoy Neptune Reviews - Videos

DJLsb Vapes’ Voopoo Vinci Review

IndoorSmokers’ Voopoo Vinci Review
And comparison with the SMOK RPM40

You can also order a pack of 5 coils of your choice for the Voopoo Vinci  Kit. With these, you should be good for about 2 months.

And there’s the new Vinci RBA section (which is compatible with both the Vinci 40W and the Vinci X 70W) too.

You can also order a pack of 5 coils of your choice for the Voopoo Vinci  Kit. With these, you should be good for about 2 months.

And there’s the new Vinci RBA section (which is compatible with both the Vinci 40W and the Vinci X 70W) too.

V. iJoy Neptune Kit Pros & Cons


  • Sleek looking squared AiO kit
  • Looks like a version 2.0 of the SMOK RPM40 Pod Mod kit
  • 5.5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Best vape kit to help heavy smokers to quit smoking
  • Instateneous firing
  • Great build quality. Nothing moves.
  • Highest vapor production
  • Great flavor reproduction
  • Highest vapor density (more so if you use our “MTL Mode”)
  • Very strong hit (If you use our “MTL Mode”)
  • Auto-draw feature (almost only works with DTL coils)
  • Easy to use
  • Informative display
  • About a day of battery life
  • 2 coils provided in the packaging (MTL and DTL)


  • Needs a little tweak to get an MTL draw (may not be the case with the 1.2ohm coils)
  • Maybe too powerful for some
  • Poor auto-draw feature for MTL vaping.
  • Can have some reliability issues
  • Battery indicator can act up
  • DTL coils can leak


Ok, it’s now time to wrap our Voopoo Vinci review with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

VII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung vaping.com - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

I’m very fond of the Vinci. It has a somewhat unassuming design but it’s very effective. I particularly like the elongated square form factor and the shape of the mouthpiece. It looks simple but sophisticated.

It’s very powerful and I agree with all that has been said in this review (well, I participated in writing it after, all… LOL). Even the part that it can be too powerful sometimes.

Though I recently realized (after catching a bit of a cold, LOL) that I like vaping on the Artery Pal 2 Pro more sometimes. It has a smoother, less aggressive, for lack of better word, vapor. It’s less noticeable when you don’t have the cold, though. 😀 But the Vinci vapor is consistently more potent nonetheless.

For example, putting 15mg/ml regular e-liquid in the Artery Pal 2 Pro is still slightly mellower than 12mg in the Voopoo Vinci kit, in my opinion.

It’s the same when I compare the Alpha Zip Pod Kit with the Innokin I.O (though in both of them, I need to put 18mg/ml e-liquid to feel the hit I like).

All things considered (the tiny size and Pod System nature of these vaping kits), the Innokin is great, produces a dense vapor but so does the Zip Pod Kit, just slightly less thick and that’s what makes it smoother.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate shallow vapor. And I very much like the draw, vapor production and density of the (slightly modified) Voopoo Vinci. But a milder vape is rather enjoyable from time to time. And these times are becoming more predominant for me these days.

Maybe, sometimes, I need a less potent hit while still needing the same amount of nicotine.

I think I would have preferred these devices (Vinci and I.O) when I quit smoking. Today, more than 2 years after doing so (though I’ve vaped before that), I enjoy a slightly smoother draw and vapor. It’s more pleasant to me.

I still need the density and quantity, though. That’s why the Pal 2 Pro, and even more so the THC Tauren X (similar coils but better build quality and more advanced looks) or the Hellvape Grimm kit (which we should be able to test soon) with the Artery 2 Pal HP coils in it, take the crown for me at the moment. They deliver too.

Also, I can tell you right now that the Grimm kit will be the runner up (just above the Pal 2 Pro) of our Best MTL Vape Kits 2019 (overall) selection and the #1 MTL best vape kit(s) for flavor.

So, both the Vinci and the Grimm kit + the Pal 2 Pro (despite some build quality issues) are fantastic DTL/MTL devices. The best actually.

It thus comes down to personal preference (design, vapor quality, vapor quantity and density, hit etc…) and where you’re at in your vaping life/path.

And, that, is for you to decide.

Until next time,

Mister MTL

You can also order a pack of 5 coils of your choice for the Voopoo Vinci  Kit. With these, you should be good for about 2 months.

And there’s the new Vinci RBA section (which is compatible with both the Vinci 40W and the Vinci X 70W) too.



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