Vaptio Sleek… Sleek Indeed.

An Elegant, Polished Pod System With A New Airflow Control Tech. Intriguing.

Little information is available on the upcoming Vaptio Sleek Pod System. Still, we already know it’s elegant. Its name, the Vaptio Sleek, doesn’t seem usurped at all.

We also know it’s a Pod System, obviously. So, there’s a 90% chance it’s a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping device. BUT, as we’ll develop below, there’s also a real possibility it’s a hybrid MTL/Direct to Lung (DL or DTL) one.

What else? Let’s keep on reading…

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We now have more information on the Vaptio Sleek Pod System. It is indeed super stylish but it’s too weak and provides too little/not enough vapor to be a satisfying experience.

So we can’t recommend it.

We advise you to look around on our website and choose another more performing Pod System or All in One kit instead.

For example, if you’re just starting vaping and/or want a Pod System with a tight draw close to a cigarette, you should check out the OneVape Lambo II or the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit and Suorin Air Plus (links to our reviews) for a smoother yet very good Mouth To Lung vaping draw and devices.

**If you’ve just quit smoking or intend to, you should definitely read our Ultimate Guide On How To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.**

[NB: We don’t recommend the Caliburn, SMOK Nord or Novo as we think they have unappealing designs but first and foremost because  they have too loose an airflow for those transitionning to vaping.

Sure, some people prefer a looser draw. But if these products sell a lot it may also be because of people’s lack of knowledge of the other products on the market, efficient marketing and consequent good word of mouth… Not necessarily their peformance or the way they vape –relative to oother lesser known devices.]

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What we’re in the dark about are its specs, though. Vaptio didn’t release them.

What we have is what we can guess from looking at the pictures and Vaptio Official’s video and marketing introduction.

So, let’s see the info we can extract from this material.

It’s made of metal. It has a removeable and replaceable magnetic back shell. The Vaptio Sleek pods contain ceramic coils and it could sport a new innovative feature “automatically adjust[ing the] airflow based on the air volume a user inhales”.

Now, let’s develop these points.

Vaptio Sleek, Elegant Design. 

The Vaptio Sleek Pod System, sports an attractive, all metal, polished and shiny look (though there will be variety of completely different colors/designs for the shells).

It has a very simple shape with a slightly curved profile that just makes us want to pick it up…

Plus, it’s “as small as a lighter” and, actually, now that Vaptio mentioned it,  its shape does remind us of some fancy USB lighter we may have had.

So, in the design department, that’s 5 stars for us. elegant design
Vaptio Sleek Pod System elegant design

Replaceable back covers And An Innovative Feature?

Now, what about the Vaptio Sleek features?

It’s made of metal, which metal we don’t know, but surely zinc alloy and maybe some aluminum. Not steel as we think Vaptio would have mentioned it.

– The pod is located beneath a removable magnetic shell.

The shell covers the whole back of the Vaptio Sleek body.

Completely hiding the pod allows for this sleek design but it can be a con for some as you sure won’t be able to see your e-juice level without removing the casing. Not a problem for us as we think it’s a minor inconvenience. Above all, when you factor in that you have to take out the pod of most Pod Systems to check anyway. Here, at least, it’s for a good reason, aesthetics. back shell colors covers
Vaptio Sleek Pod System numerous back shell-covers colors

The back shell is also replaceable.

Meaning, Vaptio will launch covers with all kinds of different designs. Even if we, at, like the monochrome and thus uniform look it has out of the box, choice is always a nice thing. So, it’s a plus.
More Vaptio Sleek back shell designs and colors

– The Pods include ceramic coils.

Ceramic coils usually deliver good flavor, increase the longevity of the pods, prevent dry hits, but often need a couple of primer puffs for them to start working properly and deliver the right amount of power and vapor.

Simply put, when your Pod System has been sitting on its own for a while, the first puffs you try and take on it don’t do much. Nothing really happens. Nothing satisfactory, anyway. It’s because ceramic coils need to heat up before giving their full potential. It’s not a problem with (powerful) Mod kits and Sub-ohm tanks, but it is sometimes one with Pod Systems because of their low power output. Still, it’s not always the case. Vaping companies can increase the power output at the very beginning of the puff (quick firing + higher wattage the first half a second or so) and some ceramic coils heat quicker than others.

Vaptio says it uses “generation  4  diatomite  ceramic atomizers”, so, we’ll have to wait and see.

– Its pods are refillable (99% chance).

We’ll stop underlining that soon, but we don’t promote or talk about closed Pod Systems by principle. So, since it’s in our website, the fact that it sports refillable pods, is a given.

– Last but not least,  The Vaptio Sleek sports an intriguing and maybe innovative “automatically adjust[able] airflow based on the air volume the user inhales”.

We already know what’s an auto-draw/switch is. It’s when the vape is firing when we puff on it, without needing to click a button.

But this (new?) feature concerns the airflow, not the firing.

It could be that it opens wider depending on the strength of your pull. Closing in tighter wouldn’t make much sense.

But, what we think, is that the airflow aperture will simply change with the length, not the strength of the puffs. That’s surely why Vaptio is talking about the “volume” of air. Obviously, the longer you drag on it, the more the air volume you inhale will increase. So, the longer you’ll drag on it, the wider the airflow will open.

Though maybe Vaptio will surprise us and come up with an adjustable airflow truly based on the strength of the pull not its length.

In any case and honestly, we don’t know what to think of this feature.

We can do Mouth To Lung Vaping and at the same time like to take long puffs. Or, to put it differently, whatever how hard or how long we pull on a device, we don’t want it to adapt and transform the airflow into something closer to a Direct Lung .
Vaptio Sleek In Shiny Rainbow Color

This Vaptio Sleek Pod System is a new elegant, polised, all metal, MTL device with something which seems to be an innovative feature. It should be available soon and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

As the Sleek is not available yet, not even on Pre-order, you may want to try out the previous Vaptio Pod System, the ET AUTO.

See below.

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The Vaptio ET AUTO has a fun and well-made ET’s head design with red led lights that can be evocative of the ET’s eyes or some car backlights.
It produces a significant amount of vapor and good flavor.

Here are some reviews of it:

RIP Tripper's Review

RiP Trippers

Mike Vapes' Review


I really like Mike Vapes’ reviews. He’s one of my favorite vaping Youtube reviewers with Matt From SMM and Zophie Vapes (for her quirky, fun, with lot of hindsight,  style)

Ryan Hall's And His Guys Review... Kinda

A fun video supposed to be a trick contest/review with/of the Vaptio ET AUTO.


Size:   53*47*16 mm

Battery:   Built-in 550mAh

Charging Current:  DC 5V /0.5A

Tank Capacity:  1.5 ml

Coil: 1.5Ω(Honeycomb ceramic)

Output Wattage:  12W Max

Output Voltage:  3.2-4.2V

Resistance Range: 0.5-2.0 ohm

Warranty: 90 days Global Return

1 * ET AUTO Mod

1 * ET AUTO Tank

1 * Micro USB Cable

1 * User Manual

A good Pod System launched a few months ago.

Vaptio’s official product introduction

ET AUTO, with cool ET head design, is born to durably create pure stable flavors and prevent dry hits. Magnetic pull of the pod base ensures the pod snuggly connecting to the mod and avoids malfunction. ET AUTO frees you from any confusing buttons, making vaping as simple as breathing — just to inhale, and exhale. Its quick charger doubles charging efficiency, taking a half less time than before. Innovative LED Tail lights flash to indicate the power level, as your escort in the vaping journey.


Cool ET-Head Design

Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)

Quick Charge System

Magnetic Pod

Draw Activated – No button

Innovative LED Tail Lights