Vaporesso Degree Review – Updated: MTL Best Pod System 2019

The Vaporesso Degree is simply the Best Pod System of 2019 and of the start of 2020.

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Vaporesso Degree Review - Updated | Mouth To Lung Vaping (MTL) Best Pod System 2019-2020 + Vaporesso Degree Pod System Video + MyVapors Roak Review (bonus)
MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
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We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

Vaporesso Degree - MTL Best Pod System Of The Year 2019

UPDATE 12/24/2019:

We’ve received our Vaporesso Pod System Kit. And we can tell you it’s simply the MTL BEST Pod System Of the year

The vapor production, warmth and density we get from the Vaporesso Dergree Pod kit are top notch. Plus, its build quality and weight make it feel like a premium device.

Below its scores, you’ll find our Vaporesso Degree Review (it’s more a very thorough preview detailing and explaining all its features to be honest, since we hadn’t tested it ourselves at the time). But everything in there is accurate. You’ll also be able to watch VapnFagan’s Vaporesso Degree review (video). 

In the post linked just above, we also compare it to the other Best Pod Systems of the year based on their draw (tight to loose). 

Vaporesso Degree Review scores

– Build Quality and design – 9.5/10

– Vapor production – 8/10 with the 1.3ohm pods – 9/10 (with the 0.6ohm pods) 

– Flavor reproduction – 9.5/10

– Vapor density and hit provided – 9/10 (stronger hit with the 0.6ohm pods at around 20W, obviously)

– Battery life – 9/10 with the.1.3ohm pods and 7/10 with the 0.6ohm pods.

Vaporess Degree Review Overall score: 9/10


$37.80 on Sourcemore (worldwide delivery)

$36.19 on Hotecig (with FREE worldwide delivery)

We’ll also, briefly, show you another Pod System that we found interesting, the Myvapors Roak (+ a couple more devices at the very end of this article).

 So, the first device worth being one presented to you is one that is posed to be the best Pod System of 2019, namely the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit. It’s a Pod System that has drawn our attention and could tempt you.

[NB: If you’re not sure what is MTL vaping or Direct To Lung vaping, for that matter, you can read our article explaining what they are and the differences between the two methods of vaping]


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The Vaporesso Degree Pod System Mini-Review - Best Pod System 2019

Vaporesso-Degree-Pod-System-Vape-Pod-Kit-Components-Exploded-View - Specifications-

Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Specifications And Features

Dimensions: 90.5 x 41.5 x 16.45mm

Battery Type: Built-in 950mAh Battery

Wattage Range: 5-30W

Charge Current: DC 5V / 2A

High intelligence AXON Chip

Dry-Hit Protection

Low E-liquid Screen Reminder

PTF on Top System for Easy Filling

Refillable Pod Capacity: 2ml

Meshed / CCELL (Ceramic) Pod Selection

0.69inch OLED Screen

Drip tip: 510 – It doesn’t seem to be a 510 drip tip. It’s looks like the drip tip  is simply a detachable sleeve and the mouthpiece itself is proprietary and isn’t detachable. UPDATE: It’s indeed not a 510 drip tip but it’s said to be a comfortable one, at least.

At launch there are 6 different color options to choose from: Marble, Lava, Red, Blue, Silver Carbon Fiber and Grey Carbon Fiber.

Vaporesso DegreePod System Kit Packaging List


1 x Vaporesso Degree kit with CCELL POD: 2mL – 1.3 Ohm (7-12.5W)

1 x Vaporesso Degree MESHED POD: 2mL – 0.6Ohm (16-22W)

1 x Vape Juice Filling Bottle (10ml)

1 x USB cable

1 x User Guide

1 x Warranty Card

1 x Reminder Card

Although we’ll develop on some along this article, now that you’ve read the specs, there’s no need to insist on them. What we’ll do instead, in this Vaporesso Degree review (thorough preview) is discuss what specifically makes it stand out from the competition. And there’s a lot to talk about.

The Vaporesso Degree Pod System Design: A Refined Wocket

Snowwolf Wocket Pod System - Best All in One vape kit 2019 - Gorgeous design colors Featured-

If you’ve already visited and/or looked around our website, you know that we simply love the SnowWolf Wocket design (review). We think it’s the most beautiful (and overall one of the 3 MTL best) vape kit(s) on the market right now.

[NB: the other 2 are the Innokin Adept and the Pal 2 Pro. These are, as well as the ones in the next paragraph, links to our reviews of these devices.

If you prefer Pod Systems like the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit (with far less features, though), we recommend you the OneVape Lambo 2, the Alpha Zip Pod Kit (stick), the Phiness Vega (this one is perfect for girls) or the Innokin I.O (true e-cigarette).]

The Vaporesso Degree design looks very close to the Wocket, but a little bit improved.

As much as we like the shape of the Wocket tanks/pods and the way they integrate perfectly with its overall design, we must admit that not seeing the pod at all while keeping the same form factor is nice too.

It makes the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit design more uniform, consistent.

Also, Vaporesso has given the same attention to detail to the Degree as SnowWolf to the Wocket. The buttons look well-crafted, the OLED screen big and informative and all, charging port included, is on the same side. This adds to the feeling the Degree is well-built and thought-out.

Innokin Zlide Tube - Zlide tank - Best MTL tube vape kit

To add on this attention to detail aspect, the Vaporesso logo is tiny and is placed at the very bottom of the front of the device, like a label/tag of some sort. It’s the usuual Vaporesso branding/signature but it’s stylish nonetheless.

There is another Vaporesso logo on the other side of the Degree Pod Kit. But it isn’t tacky at all and acts as an e-liquid window. This is the reason it’s larger and engraved in the casing. It’s nice to see branding and ergonomics combine together in a stylish way.

[NB: There’s also a laser printed “Vaporesso Degree” written vertically on the far side of the back of the device but it’s barely noticeable].

We like the carbon fiber (with the silver frame) and the marble grey (real resin) colors. These are our favorites. With maybe a slight preference for the silver/carbon fiber as it gives out a very classy feel.

The other side of the Vaporesso Pod System will either be plain steel or black color depending on the color option (of the front panel) you choose.

So, yes, we very much like the design of the Vaporesso Degree Pod System. This the first reason why it ended up being our Best Pod System of 2019 pick. But there’s way more.

The Vaporesso Degree Pod System Features: The Whole Nine Yard

This is the second reason this our pick for the MTL best Pod System of 2019. The Vaporesso Degree Pod System isn’t only a looker, it’s packed with actual useful features that improve our user experience.

The most obvious and the first one you’ll notice when using it, is the filling mechanism.

1. Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit PTF Top Fill system

Vaporesso PodStick Pod System All colors

This is a very convenient feature. Vaporesso already uses this PTF (Push To Fill) system in their PodStick (another very good Pod System from Vaporesso) Pod System. It allows you to (re-)fill the Vaporesso Degree Kit without having to unscrew, unplug or slide anything.

And the pod stays in place too. You don’t have to remove it to fill it. You just stick your e-liquid bottle in the hole (placed on top of the device) meant for it and squeeze to fill the pod.

Why doesn’t it need some kind of protection/closing mechanism for the e-liquid to stay inside the pod and not leak everywhere?

Well, it has one. But it’s opening and closing automatically. And it’s a simple mechanism at that.

It’s just a membrane that opens when you put pressure (press the tip of your e-juice bottle) on it and closes back when the pressure is gone (when you remove the tip of the bottle off the hole).

It’s fully secure and won’t leak. Ingenious.

2. The Vaporesso AXON chip: self-adjustable max power output, Pulse mode, low e-liquid warning, dry hit protection… you name it.

The AXON chip offers multiple ways to improve our vaping experience as well.

The first feature is one that is beginning to get traction in AiOs, but is less frequent in Pod Systems.

– The max (and lowest) power output adapt(s) automatically to the resistance of the coil/pod.

If you use the 0.6ohm mesh pod, the minimum output will be 16W, whereas the highest you’ll be able to set the power at will be 22W. You can’t go lower or higher than that with this pod/coil.

If you use the 1.3ohm MTL CCELL ceramic pods, the wattage range will vary from 7 to 12.5W.

The role of this feature is to make it easier and a no brainer to use the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit.

You don’t have to know the minimum and maximum wattage your coils operate at. You don’t have to worry about burning your coils by overpowering them (i.e. running them at a higher wattage than the max wattage they’re intended to run at). The chip will prevent it.

You insert the coil/pod and the wattage range sets itself automatically. So that the only thing left for you to do and care about is simply to use the up and down buttons to adjust the (compatible) power output to your liking. End of story.

– PULSE Firing.

The AXON chip gives another interesting feature to the Vaporesso Pod System. It’s its PULSE mode. What does it do?

“[It] fires every 0.02s not just on the first fire to deliver a richly flavored cloud with every vape.”

Honestly, as much as we understand the concept of pulse firing, we don’t know how it’s supposed to deliver better flavor and more cloud.

The only thing we can think of is that a 0.02s gap between these firings may allow for the cotton or ceramic (whatever wicking material is used in your preferred pod) to wick a bit more than it would on constant firing.

For the coil it would be similar to you pressing the button and releasing it every 0.02s. So, instead of only vaporizing the e-liquid soaked by the cotton/ceramic before you’ve started firing until you release the button, the coil gets some extra micro amount of e-liquid to vaporize between each pulse.

This is for vapor production.

For flavor reproduction, the same process may also help the e-liquid to be less subject to overheating. Therefore, making the vapor produced indeed more flavorful.

But this is all speculation for now.

We just hope that a mode/system meant to enhance our vaping experience doesn’t end up hampering it. 😀 But I guess Vaporesso thoroughly tested it and it’s at least as good as traditional firing/vaping.

UPDATE: According to VapnFang’s Vaporesso Degree review , it seems to work well as he finds the flavor reproduction to be top notch. Plus, the vapor production looks to be on the higher side of things.

– Low e-liquid warning

Vaporesso-Degree-Pod-System-Vape-Pod-Kit-Low-E-liquid_Reminder-MouthToLungVaping.comAnother nice feature that the AXON chip offers is Low e-Liquid Warning. And it works.

You get a notification on the Vaporesso Kit screen that let you know when it’s time to top up your e-juice.

And on the off-chance you don’t see it or would like to ignore it, another feature kicks in when you’re about to get a dry hit because of the lack of e-liquid in your pod. It’s the dry hit protection.

-aporesso Degree dry hit protection

Vaporesso-Degree-Pod-System-Vape-Pod-Kit-AXON-Chip-Anti-Dry-Hit-Protection.-MouthToLungVaping.comHow does the Vaporesso Degree AXON chip prevent you from getting dry hits?

[NB: A dry hit occurs when you fire a device which coil isn’t saturated (enough) with e-liquid. The coil heats too much and, thus, burns. It tastes quite bad. Not to mention the residue from burnt wicking material and coil you may inhale.]

The chip uses Vaporesso’s Auto Temperature Controlled Technology.

It detects when the coil heats up too fast and simply cut the power. And it works too.

Bummer, you won’t be able to purposely kill your coil and inhale burnt cotton and coil residue. 😀

Seriously, though it’s a super useful feature that we hope more and more devices will get. The Vaporesso Degree has it now.

Tip Update: We didn’t see this mentioned in reviews yet but when you press the fire and down buttons at the same time and hold for a couple seconds, an adjustment menu appears. You can set it between 1 and 10.

It’s to adjust the sensibility of the Degree chip to the low e-liquid and dry hit prevention features. If you don’t want them to bother you (?), you can basically turn them off like this. Though you should keep them working at least at 7-8/10, in our opinion.

We think we’ve now listed and explained all the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit USPs (Unique Selling Propositions).

Before to wrap this Vaporesso Degree review / thorough preview up, let’s talk about the couple of things that may not be so good about it.

But first, you should watch the VapnFagan’s Vaporesso Degree review. 😉

You should also order at least a couple of pods with your Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit (You look for them on Sourcemore. They have them in stock).

The 0.6ohm pods are essentially meant for Direct To Lung vaping but can be used for a warm Mouth To Lung vape with higher vapor production.

The 1.3ohm pods are dedicated to MTL vaping but, with the airflow open, can be used for a restricted DTL draw (though we don’t see the point in using the 1.3ohm coils for that. But if you’re a DTL vaper and unless you prefer vaping on fruit flavoered e-liquids and don’t want your vapor to be extra warm, you’re better off with the 0.6ohm coils).

What could have been better about the Vaporesso Degree Pod System

1. It’s not an All in One (AiO) kit. The Vaporesso Degree Kit is a Pod System.

This is the first and obvious thing we would have wished for. Why not make the coils replaceable?

[NB: If you don’t really know the difference between a Pod System and an All in One kit. Or if you’d like to know more about the different types of vaping devices, you can read our article on the subject.]

Vaporesso speaks about convenience, simplicity, speed (in changing the pods) and assures us that the pods won’t be expensive. Right now, they’re $6.90 for a pack of 2 (on Sourcemore), which is indeed on the cheap side for pods with coils like this.

Still, being able to only change the coil would be better. So, it’s not a con per se since being a Pod System is the nature of this device. But selling it as an All in One kit with replaceable coils would have make it even better, in our opinion.

2. The  non-510 drip tip.

The airflow is adjustable BUT the adjustment can only take place at the drip tip level. So, Vaporesso designed a proprietary drip tip to fulfill this function.

But a proprietary drip tip can hardly be changed. So, you’d better not lose it.

Honestly, we’re nitpicking here. But it’s worth mentionning.

That’s it for our Vaporesso Degree Review (mini-Review).

Now, below you’ll find another device with a sleek design we‘ve found interesting enough to very briefly present you, the Myvapors Roak Pod System.

Myvapors Roak Pod System


[UPDATE – We’ve received our Myvapors Roak kit.

We really like the design and feel of the resin as well as the feature we talk about below. Neat.

Its build quality is perfect. It feels both solid in the hand and soft-to-the-toch. It’s because the panels (both sides) of the Roak Kit we’ve received (white and blue version) are made made of real and THICK resin. Beautiful.

Everything we’ve previously said stands.

Even the fact that an 8W power output is a bit weak.

The vapor production is good but the vapor itself is on the cooler side and the hit is weak.

So, either you like light hits or you need to bump up the nicotine level of the e-juice you put in the Roak kit.

For example, we put 18mg/ml instead of the usual 15mg/ml we use in our Pod System. We use 12mg/ml in AiOs or more competent Box Mod kits. But remember we are MTL (Mouth To Lung) vapers, so the wattage at which we vape is much lower than what your typical DTL vaper vape at.]

The Myvapors Roak kit is another open Pod system which should be suitable for MTL vaping. It’s definitely suitable for MTL vapers. The draw is tight and satisfying.

It sports a large 1000mAh battery (50 mAh more than the Vaporesso Degree kit) that charges via a USB-C port.

Though, its pods have a low 1ml e-liquid capacity (compared to the 2ml of the Degree pods).

Here are the Myvapors Roak Kit Specs And Features:

Myvapors Roak - Pod System - Vape Pod Kit - Specifications And

Size: 47 x 67 x 15mm

Battery Type: 1000mAh Built-in Battery

Power Output: 8W

E-juice Capacity: 1.0ml

Coil resistance: 1.0ohm

Charging: Type-C Port

Multiple protections

But the most interesting thing about the Myvapors Roak is its design and one nice feature it has.

Myvapors Roak Kit Design.

We like its square-ish minimalistic design and the choice of colors/patterns we get. We know, it couldn’t get much simpler than that. Many will even think it’s a totally unremarkable design.

We don’t. We find it classy and quite unique. It’s not like all vape kits are squares today.

Its most interesting feature?

A retractable pod mechanism.

Yep, the pod is retractable and can be hidden inside the casing with the slide of a mechanical button.

Tip: When you insert the pod in thedevice (e.g. after refilling it), put your thumb on the slider and hold it up. Otherwise, it will go down as you put pressure on it to click the pod in. But it works. No issue there.

It makes the Roak Pod kit completely inconspicuous and stealth when not in used. It’s just a slab of metal (and real resin, depending on the model you choose). It could be a small power bank, an external drive or anything with a shape resembling a square.

Myvapors Roak - Pod System - Vape Pod Kit - Specifications And Features-retractable-pod-mechanism

It makes the Roak Pod Kit even easier to carry.

Plus, it’s hygienic. Nothing, no dust, no lint will get in/on your pod when it’s inside the Myvapors Roak.

And it has a USB-C charging port.

We like it and already ordered one too.

The only concern we have is the low 8W output. But when you know that some very competent pod systems like the OneVape Lambo II operate at 9.5W, you become less worried about the Roak kit possibly being too weak.  

More, as it sports a relatively big 1000mAh battery, it should keep that max 8W output going for a whole day we think, easy.


The video below is in Russian but we can see that the vapor production seems fine for a Pod System.

You can also have a better look at the device and at the pod sliding mechanism (if you go further back in the video).

The Myvapors Roak Pod System Packaging contains:

1 x Myvapors Roak Pod System

2 x Empty Pods

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Hanging Chain

1 x User Manual

That’s it for our mini MTL best vape kits of the week section today. We hope you found at least one of these two Pod Systems interesting.


If, for whatever reason, you didn’t, you may want to take a look at the Wellon Beyond AiO kit. Interestingly it has the same anti dry hit feature as the Degree Kit. But we didn’t present it today because there are no MTL coils for it on the horizon yet (?). Wellon said it will make some, but we prefer being sure.

We’ll update you if MTL coils are indeed released and if the Wellon is still a relevant device by the time they are.

Wellon Beyond AiO - All in One kit - Featured Image

Another AiO that may interest you is the Artery Nugget AiO. It offers an RBA option.

This one, we didn’t present it because, basically, we find it ugly. Plus, it’s partly made of plastic.

And the Nugget doesn’t provide anything more or better than the couple beautiful and competent devices that also offer this option we’ve just recently (in our 2 previous MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week News posts) showcased.

Last, the Innokin Zlide Tube, with its Zlide tank sitting on top of its 3000mAh battery, is without a doubt a great device. But, for the same performance, we prefer the Innokin Adept (review). It sports the same 3000mAh battery but, in our opinion, has a better design and form factor.

Ok, this time we’re all done.

See you soon,

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