UWELL MarsuPod Pod System Kit. The Illusion Of Convenience.

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The UWELL MarsuPod Kit is a Pod System with a matching charging case. Whereas it seems convenient and a good idea, it’s not. You shouldn’t buy it. Here’s why.

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This UWELL MarsuPod Pod System Kit presentation/preview reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade anyone.

What is it with this company that, while making some truly great devices, it seems to always try to pull a fast one on us with other products… sometimes even the same ones?

After their success with the Caliburn, UWELL wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and build on its newly acquired fame. They tried to fence much more expensive, and profitable, pre-filled disposable pods with the UWELL Yearn.

I guess it didn’t work out as well as expected.

So now, with the UWELL MarsuPod kit, they’re attempting to sell disposable Pod Systems (all device) instead?

No, it’s not your usual disposable e-cig pre-filled with e-liquid. It’s slyer than that. I’ll explain why. But first, we’ll need some context.

Update: In the interest of fairness, we made another article on the similar iJoy MIPO Pod kit  announced  a couple of days ago. Difference is, iJoy claims the MIPO supports wireless charging. But it doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not a true implemmentation of wireless cherging tech (e.g. Qi wireless charging), at least.

I. The MarsuPod Pod System is not UWELL’s first attempt to pull a fast one on us.


Prior to the newly announced MarsuPod kit, UWELL launched the Yearn, in August.

At the time, the UWELL Yearn was a closed Pod System sold with pre-filled and sealed pods. So, in my opinion, reviews should have taken this factor into consideration. And maybe, at least, dial down the commendations a bit. But all reviews I’ve read or watched were positive without even dinging the Yearn for being a closed Pod System.

I, actually we at MTLvaping.com, on the other hand, are anti-closed Pod Systems for multiple reasons.

We clearly stated this opinion when we first published our, since updated, UWELL Yearn presentation/review.

After that, we made a couple of articles explaining why we didn’t like closed Pod Systems. We analyzed their true (crazy) cost and debunked the myth they’re more convenient or efficient than open Pod Systems. [NB: We will write our last one on this topic soon.]

Anyway, despite all the overly positive coverage/promotion UWELL got for the Yearn when it launched, it wasn’t a successful product.

This could explain why, about a couple months later, they decided to provide refillable pods for it after all. And, since then, I can see a lot more interest in it.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I (we) think that now that it has refillable pods the UWELL Yearn is a great device. It’s the best Pod System in a stick form factor, in fact.

Which is why it’s even more irritating when greed dictates, first and foremost, (the nature of) what products companies launch. And when they do so at the expense of the interest of their customers.

So, it looks like the MarsuPod Pod System is UWELL new attempt at making more profit. It may be great for their bottom line but not so much for us, their (potential) customers.

II. Is the UWELL MarsuPod kit concept any good?


Even though there have been many such devices on the market before (and today, still), at first glance, the UWELL MarsuPod Pod System seems like a good concept.

The UWELL MarsuPod kit is a small and refillable Pod System that comes with its own matching battery case to be able to recharge it on the go.

The vaping unit slides in and out of the battery case and is easily reachable when you need it.

[I guess that the MarsuPod name comes from the fact that the vaping unit is situated at the front of the device and slides in and out of it like a baby Kangoroo – a member of the Marsupial species – does from its mother pouch.]

Nice idea, right?

Wrong. It’s only a good idea/device at first sight.

First, if you take a look at the UWELL MarsuPod kit specs, you’ll realize that both the main unit, the one you’ll vape on, and the charging case, are made out of plastic (+ ABS and silicone). So, right off the bat it’s cheap and low quality.

It has a below average, but not terrible, 1.3ml e-liquid capacity, though.

But, more importantly, it has a tiny battery capacity of only 150mAh (+ 1000mAh for the charging case).

Why is that?

Is it so small and convenient that the UWELL MarsuPod kit couldn’t have a bigger one? No.

If we compare the UWELL MarsuPod vaping unit size with an Innokin I.O, for example, the I.O is smaller and yet has a battery double the size at 300mAh.

Volume of both Pod Systems:

UWELL MarsuPod: 65.4 x 18.4 x 10.6mm = 12 756mm3 or about 12.7 cubic centimeter

Innokin I.O: 87 x 14 x 8mm = 9 744mm3 or about 9.7 cubic centimeter

Also, if you think that this type of vaping device is comparable with other mini devices sold with charging case, like Bluetooth earbuds, they’re not.

III. The UWELL MarsuPod kit can’t be compared to Bluetooth earbuds + charging case. Here’s why.

Picture by Brett Jordan Under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) – Creative Commons license.

[Note: These devices, while sometimes expensive won’t last more than 2 years maximum. It’s not a lot for the price. And it’s because of the small batteries they sport and the multiple charging cycles they go through].

Why is the situation of vaping devices sold with a charging case not the same as earbuds despite them also being sold with a charging case?

1. Earbuds need a case to be (conveniently) carried around, anyway.

The charging part/feature is secondary. As you have to carry a case, it’s better to make that case useful, hence the charging part.

Contrary to earbuds, you don’t need a case to carry a Pod System. It’s not more convenient for transport. In fact, having to carry the MarsuPod kit charging case around defeats the benefit of the relatively small footprint of its vaping unit.

2. There are no devices as small as earbuds that fulfill the same basic function but better and that are being sold without a (charging) case.

The Innokin I.O, again, serves the same function as the vaping unit of the UWELL MarsuPod but is smaller, better looking, better built, has a bigger battery and is way cheaper since it’s not sold with a charging case.

3. There are no earbuds equivalent with the same size as earbuds + charging case but having more features and being way more competent.

Any AiO has about the same footprint as the MarsuPod kit (Pod System + case) but is way more competent and the device itself has about the same battery as the UWELL MarsuPod (Pod System + battery case).

IV. Any way you look at it, there are better offers than the MarsuPod Pod System.

–Even if, like us, you enjoy vaping on small Pod Systems or Cigalikes, there are ones which are very competent, better built and yet also have a tiny form factor, like the Innokin I.O we previously mentioned.

So, again, why such a small battery that will make the MarsuPod vaping unit last a couple hours tops? Only to justify the need for a proprietary battery case?


– Also, as you’re thus supposed to (at least, often) carry around the much bulkier battery case, what is the point of the e-cigarette part being small in the first place?

You end up with a device that has the same foot print, if not bigger, than an AiO vape kit but without the performance and none of the features.

– More, the UWELL MarsuPod has a proprietary port, so you can only charge it with its battery case.

So, yes, you indeed need to carry the whole thing around and you’re limited in your charging options to just one, the MarsuPod case.

V. So, who or what is this MarsuPod kit really made for?

So, what is the true purpose of this device? What is the rational/logical explanation for this UWELL MarsuPod Pod System?

It’s one that benefits UWELL but not us, customers.

Such small (and cheap, we guess) batteries don’t last long. The number of charging cycles they can go through is very limited. And, as you’ll need to charge the vaping unit of the UWELL MarsuPod kit often, several times a day if you use it regularly, you can be sure the battery will die sooner rather than later.

It’s even worse if the device is constantly turned on and under electrical tension like this is the case here (since it’s meant to stay almost always plugged in).

Maybe UWELL will generously provide replaceable (plastic) vaping units for the UWELL MarsuPod, though. You’ll be able to buy them separately. And believe me, you will need them after yours gives up the ghost.

Profitable for UWELL? Yes. Convenient? No.


This is my favorite part of UWELL’s marketing presentation of the MarsuPod. It explains their strategy and who they aim this MarsuPod at.

The perfect device for beginners: the device is as simple as they come, no buttons just slide the pod out of the battery charger and draw. Once you’ve had your fill then slide it back in and get on with your day.”

“For beginners”.

So, that’s UWELL’s target. New vapers that aren’t knowledgeable enough to realize this device has no benefit over any (more competent) draw activated pod system and/or an All in One kit.

Because if you want a discreet/stealthy stick pod system and/or one which shape reminds you of a cigarette, you can find way better devices than the UWELL MarsuPod.

UWELL itself sells very competent devices like the Yearn and the Caliburn.

If you want something smaller and closer to the look and feel of a cigarette than these 2, you can get an Innokin I.O. Actually, you can get 3 for about the same price as the UWELL MarsuPod.

They will still have a smaller footprint and they’ll be more convenient (e.g. you can put a different flavor in each of them. Also, 3 devices will have a longer life expectancy too because you won’t vape on –and recharge– the same one all the time).

If you can carry something the size of this MarsuPod Pod System, UWELL’s got you covered again with the Crown, a bigger Pod System also announced last week. If you don’t mind the design, it has an even bigger battery and better… everything than the MarsuPod.

Better yet, you can get a Vaporesso Degree which is the most feature-rich Pod System you can find.

THC Tauren X All in One vape kit

You prefer something that gives you more options and choice? You can get an AiO vape kit like the Voopoo Vinci or the THC Tauren X, which are the best ones in this category.

VI. Conclusion

Yes, choice is good.

But The UWELL MarsuPod Pod System doesn’t have any benefit over carrying one or two smaller, better built and more performing Pod Systems (with a bigger battery or even along a small external battery, if that’s what you want).

Purchasing the UWELL MarsuPod kit over an All in One vape kit would make even less sense. An AiO will have the same size but will sport way more actually useful features and offer an incomparably more satisfying vaping experience.

Plus, it won’t last long. The actual Pod System you vape on won’t, at least. Our guess is that after 6 months, you’ll notice that the way it vapes will start to degrade slowly to basically become just bad after 1 year (max).

Why? Because of a tiny battery which power output will drop as quickly as the number of charging cycles it goes through increases.

So, don’t fall for the “perfect for beginners” nonsense and choose another and much better device, even one made by UWELL as they can make great vaping kits… when their design/creative decisions aren’t primarily dictated by greed that is.

Until next time,

Mister MTL

Don’t let your friends make the potential mistake of buying the UWELL MarsuPod kit.


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