Uwell Crown Review – UWELL’s Best Pod System To Date

Performance-wise, the UWELL Crown pod vape is the best Pod System (2020)... But not the best looking one.

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UPDATE 2 - UWELL Crown Pod System Review + Videos | Vapes better, more powerful than the best Pod kit for some, the Caliburn | Adjustable airflow, more battery

Welcome to our UWELL Crown Review


The UWELL Crown Pod System is definitely among the very best Pod Systems of this start of 2020.  And, performance-wise, the best UWELL has ever made. With its overall score of 8.9/10, it would rank second in our best Pod Sytems of 2019-2020 selection.

The UWELL Crown Pod vape is bigger and better performing than the acclaimed and considered the best Pod System by many (not by us, though), the Caliburn.

It has, among other improvements, something great for us who wanted the Caliburn to have a proper MTL (Mouth To Lung) draw, namely an adjustable airflow.

What it still doesn’t have, in our opinion, though is a good design. UWELL tried… too much.

UPDATE 01/19/2020

We’ve found the UWELL Crown Pod System at a super price : $22.99 (or £17.66 for example, if you’re in the UK) on VapeSourcing Worlwide Delivery. 

UPDATE 2: We’ve obtained a discount code — UCNK — for it. Our UWELL Crown best price: $18.99, less than £15! (same link)

That’s where we ordered it ourselves, actually. At this price, we don’t know how long they will have it in stock, though.

In this UWELL Crown Review, below the scores, we’ll give you our opinion on how well the UWELL Crown Pod kit vapes right away.

We’ll then show you 2 of the best video reviews of the UWELL Crown Pod System (Mike Vapes’ and VapanFagan’s ones). 

After that, we’ll develop on its specifications and features. And we’ll end this UWELL Crown review by speaking about its design.

You’ll find UWELL Crown full specifications list and packaging content at the very end of this review. 

So, let’s get this UWELL Crown pod vape review started.

I. UWELL Crown Review Scores



Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality




Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature


Throat Hit




Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use



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UWELL Crown Pod Kit Review - UPDATE 01/15/2020 - How Does It vape?

[NB: If we mainly compare the UWELL Crown to the Caliburn, Caliburn KOKO and Yearn, it’s not simply because they are other UWELL Pod Systems. It’s, above all, because they are the best Pod Systems (with the iJoy Neptune and the superior Vaporesso Degree) out there. E.g. they produce the most vapor and have the best flavor reproduction.]


The UWELL Crown Pod kit, thanks to its adjustable airflow, allows for a tighter draw than all the previous UWELL Pod Systems, the Yearn included. So, it’s great news for us, MTL vapers.

It’s even a better news if you’re a smoker wanting to quit as you’ll be able to adjust the airflow to perfectly mimic the pull of a cigarette. Even if you decide to use the 0.6ohm coils, you’ll be able to set the draw tight enough to be (very) satisfying.

[NB: If you’re a smoker wanting to quit, you should read our long and thorough 2-part article on How to Quit Smoking With Vaping Successfully. You’ll get everything you need (and more) to help you getting rid of the cancer stick and enter the world of vaping with more ease.]

— With the (all black) 1.0ohm pods and the airflow wide open, the draw is similar to the Yearn (a good medium MTL draw), maybe even a bit tighter.

It may not seem like it in the video but thanks to its bigger battery, lower resistance coils and the fact it has more power available, the UWELL Crown Pod System does produce noticeably more and a denser vapor than the Caliburn and KOKO (maybe not the Yearn). 
— It’s also and obviously the case with the (red) 0.6ohm pods. Plus, the vapor is warmer because the UWELL Crown runs at a higher power setting when you use them. 
[NB: Like it’s usual for Pod Systems with different pod options, the power adjusts automatically when you change pods. But you can’t fine tune the power output with the UWELL Crown, or adjust it yourself in any way, for that matter.]
Throat hit is more pronounced too.
But these differences (of the 0.6ohm vs. the 1.0ohm pods) aren’t too big.
What you’ll notice more, though, is the looser airflow. You can still Mouth To Lung vape with the 0.6ohm coils with no issue by closing the airflow down (we don’t reommend to close it completely as the coils may heat up too much and burn quicker).
But if you want to get the same loose airflow as you may be used to when vaping the Caliburn, these are the pods for you.
We want to point out that we particularly like the airflow control (AFC) mechanism created by UWELL.
It sits directly on the side of the pods themselves and is extremely easy to use. And it doesn’t hurt that it works well too.
If you’re coming from the Caliburn, you’ll notice a big change and improvement when using the UWELL Crown Pod vape. Again, the vapor production and warmth are significantly higher. Vapor density is too.
And while flavor reproduction is about the same (better with the 0.6ohm coils), it’s not a “juicy” vape like with the Caliburn. Meaning, you don’t get some e-liquid in your mouth while vaping. It’s properly and completely vaporized. It’s a big PRO in our book.

Mike Vapes' UWELL Crown Review

Just a couple corrections about Mike Vapes’ UWELL Crown review.

— First, contrary to what Mike Vapes says the KoKo has a slightly but noticeably tighter draw than the original Caliburn. The KoKo has only one air inlet instead of 2 (one on each side on the original Caliburn).

Plus, its new 1.2ohm coils provide a denser and warmer vapor. So, they contribute to a more satisfying MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping experience.

— Second, this is certainly NOT a Pod Mod (explanation. We don’t think “Pod Mod kits” are even mean a real category… yetl at least). But since the UWELL Crown has no screen, you can’t adjust the power output yourself, no replaceable coils etc… anyway, it’s a Pod System, end of story.

VapnFagan's UWELL Crown Review

Now, let’s develop on the features the UWELL Crown Pod vape has… and the ones it lacks.

The UWELL Crown isn’t an AiO vape kit. It’s a big Pod System.


It’s the new UWELL Pod System. No, it’s not an All in One Vape kit, just another Pod System.

Looking at the device size we expected the UWELL Crown to be an AiO kit, to be honest. But it’s not. Maybe it could even have been among the best AiO vape kits. But it won’t.

So, we won’t be able to change the coils independently of the pods. Once the coil is done, you’ll have to throw the whole pod away.

Yes, the Caliburn coils are notorious for lasting long, so this should mitigate that fact. Though, we don’t know if the UWELL Crown coils will last as long.

In any case, it’s still some control taken away from us and some waste that could be avoided.

A feature that changes everything.


And not only it’s not an (among the best) AiO vape kit(s), but it has almost none of the features of one either, bar an adjustable airflow.

But this changes everything for us. The main issue (with its design, see below) we had with the Caliburn was its airflow. It was/is, much like the better looking and built iJoy Neptune, too loose for proper MTL vaping.

So, the possibility of setting the type of airflow we like is definitely a major improvement. We see that as a big PRO.

See above (“How does the UWELL Crown Pod kit vape”) for the actual assessment of the airflow and draw.

Now, what are the main features of the UWELL Crown Pod System?

UWELL Crown Features


The main attraction and feature of the UWELL Crown are its pods/coils first and foremost.

That’s what (with all the big reviewers and websites promoting it) made the Caliburn so successful. That’s also what makes the UWELL Yearn so good (with its build quality and colors).

And the UWELL Crown pods/coils don’t disapoint at all. They offer more of everything.

More vapor, more warmth and more vapor density. Only flavor reproduction hasn’t changed. It may even not be as good as the Caliburn KOKO or Yearn (1.0ohm coils).

The 0.6ohm coils do have a slightly better flavor reproduction (though the increased warmth may account for most of it).

But, being in AiO territory because of its size, it has way more competition than simply Pod Systems (the Vaporesso Degree and the Yearn already provide better flavors in our opinion) now.

And while, especially with its 0.6ohm pods, the UWELL Crown Pod kit performance in vapor production can compare to the best AiO vape kits (except the Voopoo Vinci which is in a league of its own) in terms of vapor production, it’s not really the case for flavor reproduction.

[NB: The Caliburn was and still is argued to be the best Pod System in these departments. Though, if you like the loose draw of the Caliburn, the iJoy Neptune Pod System and (if you prefer a medium draw) the Caliburn’s brother, the Yearn, are already slightly but objectively better. But the Vaporesso Degree produces a lot of vapor too and is clearly superior in flavor reproduction.]

What other features does the UWELL Crown have?

It has a sizable 1250mAh Battery. So, it has about double the battery life of the Caliburn if you’re using the 1.0ohm coils. With the 0.6ohm coils at about what we gess to be around 20W, not 25W, the battery life should be similar to the Caliburn.

The e-liquid capacity of its top refilling pod is also good at 3ml.

We like the way we click/unclick the top portion of the pod. It’s easy and allows to let the pod in place to refill it.

Its maximum wattage output is theoritically 25W. And you get 3 colored LEDs acting as battery indicators.

That’s it.

A little-known CON of the Caliburn, and now the UWELL Crown Pod System.


A CON that is true for the Caliburn as well but we didn’t talk about before, is that you can NOT turn the Caliburn and, thus, the UWELL Crown off.

The only thing you can do is lock it. And this happens when you click the button 5 times.

As this 5 click sequence usually turns off other devices, we assume the Caliburn/Crown acts the same… but no.

UWELL calls that “Lock / Unlock Function, safe and reliable”.

Safer and more reliable than just turning it off? Of course not.

That’s why, for example, the Caliburn can auto-fire in a pocket whereas users thought they had turned it off.


So, while not being a big deal (Pod Systems with no fire button don’t turn off completely either), we think its a strange choice to make.  

How could the UWELL Crown have been improved?

Now, what are the 3 things that could easily have made it a better device but the UWELL Crown lacks?

As we’ve already mentioned, while it may not be important to you, there’s no way to change the coils without wasting a perfectly functional pod. But that would have made it an AiO and UWELL would have had to up their game and provide the things it lacks now. Like:

— Adjustable power.

The Crown doesn’t have adjustable power. Its wattage output adapts automatically to the pod/coil you put in it. And that’s it.

So, we’re not able to fine tune our vaping experience.

Constant wattage output.

It’s not a constant wattage output either. Which means the quality of the vape will degrade as the battery life decreases. 

— A screen and all the info that comes with one.

Like a puff counter, a visually more pleasing and precise battery level indicator, the wattage we vape at or the actual resistance of the coil.

A good Pod System doesn’t need a slew of features to be… a good pod system.


And the UWELL Crown is not only good, it definitely is among the best ones in terms of performance.

As we’ve already pointed out elsewhere, having plenty of features may not be necessary to get a great vaping device providing a satisfactory vaping experience.

We present Pod Systems that have the same number or even less features than the UWELL crown.

Though, features are always nice. Above all, when they’re useful.

Because the price of the UWELL Crown (unless you purchase it through our link 😀, in which case $22 is pretty cheap) is about the same as some very good AiOs. So, we might as well get the most we can for our hard-earned money.

So, to conclude on the feature/performance part, the UWELL Crown Pod Systems covers all the basics. It vapes great and its pods last long. Ours don’t leak or suffer from any spitback issue either.

But it’s still a very simple Pod System. If you compare it with the Vaporesso Degree, for example, it’s almost a primitive one in every way.

And if, because of its footprint, you compare it with AiOs having more features, producing slightly more vapor production and offering better flavor reproduction like, say, a Voopoo Vinci or a THC Tauren X, the UWELL Crown clearly lags behind.

Now, on the aesthetics front, it’s just incomparable with the Degree Pod System and many, many better-looking vaping devices on the market.

Which brings us to our last potentially controversial part, the UWELL Crown design.

UWELL Crown Pod System meh design… at best.


This is our utterly subjective opinion and, in no way, we pretend it to be the truth.

Seeing how well the Caliburn sold and how much it’s loved by most of its users, we sure can’t claim we’re right about this (it actually looks like we clearly have a minority opinion). But, as we’re not hypocrites, we’ll say it nonetheless.

If you’ve read some of our articles, news or reviews, it’s no secret that we don’t like the UWELL Caliburn design. We find it uninspired and uninspiring, meh at best. We much prefer the, also from UWELL, Yearn design (and draw).

And we don’t like the design of the UWELL Crown very much either.

Contrary to UWELL’s claim of “exquisite craftsmanship”, the overall shape/form factor is also meh at best. Nothing to write home about. It’s very much the successor (or big brother) of the Caliburn in that regard.

Plus, it basically looks like an uglier ornate Smok Nord (the Smok Nord won’t win any design/beauty contest but it’s simple enough and their paintjobs/patterns are good enough that it can be considered ok).

We don’t find the “Gothic pattern” to be aesthetically pleasing either. It feels like a clumsy attempt at looking stylish, in our opinion.

So, it would be better if the device was in plain (or gradient, like the Yearn) colors.

For us,

The UWELL Crown Pod vape is basically a large Pod System with tapestry-looking middle sections and a plasticky firing button engraved with an out-of-place crown motif (hence its name).

The gothic tapestry pattern and kitsch crown button don’t “provide an elegant look” in our opinion, but an outdated and subpar one. It’s just extra, like when someone devoid of any aesthetics sense is overly trying.

Though the button has, according to UWELL, a “comfortable grip”. So, there’s that.

That’s all we wanted to say on the UWELL Crown Pod System design.

But we must admit, build quality is good though. Everything fits tightly. And we really like the AFC (AirFlow Control) on the pods themselves. Plus, it works well. 



So, is the UWELL Crown, if it doesn’t suffer from the same problems as the Caliburn* (ours doesn’t at all) set to be a very competent device as far as Pod Systems are concerned?

Absolutely. Just take a look at our scores. That’s a great Pod System.

We don’t see why it wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be successful.

UWELL coils/pods are very good and last long. It’s no different for the Crown.

The UWELL Crown Pod kit has a bigger battery, an adjustable airflow and a higher maximum wattage than the Caliburn. So, it’s among the best Pod Systems in terms of performance, for sure.

*[NB: there are dozens of threads on Reddit talking about the spitback issue — on r/electronic_cigarette, r/Vaping  and even a couple on  r/Vaping101. — And if you simply search Caliburn “problem” or “issue”, you’ll find even more.

BUT, if they all are like ours, the UWELL Crown Pod Kit shouldn’t suffer from any of this.]

– Is it good looking?

Do we need to answer this question? 😁 But as with everything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, it can be fine and even sleek for you.

– Is it perfect?

Its draw is. And it’s a big PRO for us and for smokers wanting to quit.

As it’s adjustable and UWELL provides 2 types of coils for the Crown Pod vape, it can satisfy everyone. From those who like a very tight draw to DTL vapers.

Beside airflow?

On pure performance, it’s simply the second best Pod System we’ve ever tested (behind the Vaporesso Degree).

So, we vry much like vaping on it. We just close our eyes when using it and that’s all… LOL.

And, honestly, what device is perfect, anyway?

– Is it better than the best MTL AiO vape kits?

Not in terms of features, no. But are many features needed? We genuinely don’t think so. Simplicity is also a benefit and can be appealing.

Actually, that’s the main reason why we use Pod Systems in the first place, right?

For the rest?

Flavor reproduction is comparable (still a bit inferior, though) to the best MTL AiO vape kits out there. In any case it’s better better than most AiOs for sure.

Vapor production, vapor density and hit are comparable. Not the same but similar, above all if you use the 0.6ohm coils.

But does it need to be better than AiOs? Since, despite its size and battery capacity, it’s a Pod System, maybe not.

You decide.

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, click here.

Uwell Crown Pod System Kit Specifications & Features –  Full List

UWELL-Crown-Pod-System-Review-SpecificationSize: 95.6 x 30 x 18mmMaterial: Aluminum Alloy + PCTGBattery Type: Built-in 1250mAh BatteryE-liquid Capacity: 3mlMaximum Wattage: 25WCoil Type: 0.6ohm for Restricted DTL / 1.0ohm for MTLTop RefillingDraw-activated Vape or Button VapeLong Battery Life with 1250mAh BatteryBuilt-in BEIN chip with multiple circuit protection functionsRefillable Pods, compatible with regular e-liquids and nicotine saltsTop-fill design reduces leakage, easy to useAdjustable side airflowLED indicator: you can easily know the working condition and battery level thanks to a colored LED at the bottom of the device.High (over 60%): greenMedium (30%-60%): blueLow (below 30%): red

Uwell Crown Pod System Packaging Content

1 x Uwell Crown Pod System Kit1 x 0.6ohm Coil1 x 1.0ohm Coil1 x USB Cable1 x Warranty Card1 x User Manual

If the UWELL Crown isn’t what you were looking for or if you want to see more devices, you can always check out our MTL Vaping News Section where you’ll find all our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week posts.

You can also have a look at the very best devices we’ve reviewed, of course.

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Uwell Crown Review – UWELL’s Best Pod System To Date

89% Score

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Uwell Crown Review – UWELL’s Best Pod System To Date

UPDATE 2 - UWELL Crown Pod System Review + Videos | Vapes better, more powerful than the best Pod kit for some, the Caliburn | Adjustable airflow, more battery

Product SKU: UWEL032K

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