UWELL Caliburn KoKo Review – A Better Caliburn Pod System

The UWELL KoKo And Its New Pods Offer A Tighter Draw And Slightly Better Performance.

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UWELL Caliburn KOKO review + Videos. Among the best Pod Systems on the market 2020 | Loose MTL draw, fantastic vapor production & flavor reproduction

Welcome to our UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review

Our UWELL Caliburn KOKO review will be a relatively short one.

[UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review]

If you like a fairly loose MTL draw, the KOKO is one of the best Pod vapes (2020) on the market right now. It vapes amazing. So, just go ahead and purchase one. You won’t be disappointed.


$23.99 on 3Fvape (+ 1.2 ohm pods and free worldwide delivery for most countries)

$29.95 on VaporDNA (+ 1.2ohm pods – US vape shop)

[/UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review] 😀

We’re joking but it’s basically what it is. Though we’re guessing you need a bit more info and explanation than that. 😉


The UWELL KOKO Pod System is a very simple device and the vaping experience we get from it is similar to the Caliburn.

Similar but not the same.

[KOKO stands for “Keep On Keeping On”, by the way.]

Being a simple little device doesn’t prevent it from being a great one that we will keep on using even now that the testing for our UWELL Caliburn KOKO review is done.

In terms of performance it sits between the original UWELL Caliburn (that we didn’t like) and the UWELL Yearn (that we love).

Its draw is looser than the Yearn but a bit tighter than the Caliburn. It produces a bit more of a warmer and thicker vapor than the Caliburn but slightly less and thinner than the Yearn.

The simple fact that we’re comparing it with these 2 devices already proves that we consider the UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System to be among the very best MTL ones on the market right now (though you can Direct To Lung vape with it too).

So, let’s get this UWELL Caliburn KOKO review started.

 [NB1: If you don’t know or are not sure what MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping mean, you can read our article explaining both thoroughly.

NB2: For those who wonder, the KOKO, like ANY Pod System can be used with both regular/freebase and salt nic e-liquids.]

I. UWELL KOKO Review Scores



Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality




Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


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Now, let’s begin our UWELL KOKO review.

II. UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System
Specifications + Inside The Packaging


Battery Size: 520mAh

Wattage Output Range: 11W

Voltage Output Range: 3.2~4.0V

Direct Voltage Based Output

Resistance Range: 1.2~1.5ohm

Juice Capacity: 2ml

Pod/Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm

Aluminum-Alloy Chassis Construction

LED Battery Life Indicator Light

Airflow Hole On The Side

Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology Coil System

Top Fill System – Drip Tip Doubles As Fill Port Cover

3.5mm Fill Port – Dual Ports Minimum Fill Line on Pod

Magnetic + Snap-In Connection

Draw-Activated Mechanism



1 x Uwell Caliburn KOKO

2 x Caliburn Pods

1 x Micro-USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

III. Our UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review
A Better Caliburn Pod System

A. UWELL KOKO Pod System Design & Build Quality – A Squared Caliburn

1. UWELL Caliburn KOKO Design


We prefer the design of the UWELL Caliburn KOKO version. It adopts the same design language as the orginal UWELL Caliburn but in a square form factor.

E.g. it has the same (multi-)chamfered edges and uses the same pods.

The shape of the pods is the main reason why, in our opinion, the original Caliburn is a meh (at best) looking device. We don’t like their shape. And on a square device, they don’t look any better.

Plus, it’s a detail, but the fact that, because of their thin top, you almost have to put half of them in your mouth to vape isn’t that pleasant either.

The shape of the pods is not a big deal as far as ergonomics is concerned but, clearly, their design isn’t the strong suit of the UWELL Caliburn KOKO. But the square form factor itself is simple but efficient. We quite like it. And we also like the polished and stylized KOKO brand name on the device. This also has a function as it makes the device grippier.

There are 2 holes on the top side of the device to be able to attach a lanyard for those that are into that.

The Caliburn KOKO is available in 4 colors (Black, grey, red and blue).

2. KOKO Pod System Build Quality.


This is a very simple device. So, there’s almost no way to screw it up. Hence why its build quality is good.

The UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System is made out of aluminum and is thus light. The original Caliburn is also made from Aluminum but the KOKO is a good deal lighter.

The pods are secured with magnets and they click when you snap them into place. But despite this double mechanism, they don’t fit very tight. They’re not loose and don’t move at all but they may be a bit easy to pull out.

The only, but a bit annoying, issue with have with the device is that our Caliburn KOKO misfires sometimes. Meaning that when we puff, it can cease working for a fraction of a second. So, we lose our momentum and have to pull on it again. It’s because the auto-draw feature doesn’t work perfectly 100% of the time.

It’s not a deal breaker but, and of course, we wish it wouldn’t happen.

Speaking of features…

B. UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System Features – Simple But Efficient


Again, the UWELL Caliburn KOKO is a very simple Pod System, even simpler than the Original Caliburn.

Why? Because it doesn’t have a fire button. It’s draw-activated only.

We think fire buttons on these types of device are more of a hindrance than anything else, anyway. But that’s not the case for everyone. Especially people who like to pre-heat their device (for a second at most) before vaping on them. And, as our Caliburn KOKO sometimes has firing issues, we may have had to use it too.

But, for us and as long as it works properly, no fire button on a Pod System is a PRO, not a con. It prevents having your Pod System firing on its own while in your pocket or in your bag. Either because you forgot to lock it or because the locking mechanism doesn’t work all that well, like it was sometimes the case with the Caliburn.

It doesn’t disrupt the design either. And it’s just one less thing to think about.

Beside its auto-draw, the main features of the UWELL Caliburn KOKO are:

— A 520mAh battery. It’s exactly the same size as the original Caliburn.

— Same goes for its max power output, which is also 11W.


— A first difference is that the Caliburn KOKO comes with new 1.2ohm pods especially made for it.

It’s easy to differentiate them from the original Caliburn 1.4ohm pods as they have a red base (instead of black).

Their e-liquid capacity is the same as the Caliburn (2ml) but the fact that there are 1.2ohm (instead of 1.4ohm) coils inside increases the speed at which you’re going to go through them. As we get a bit more vapor, we have to fill the KOKO pods more often.

The battery life is also a little impacted (a few minutes of vaping less with the KOKO).

[NB: Pods Cross compatibility — The new 1.2ohm KOKO pod vapes great and, as it has exactly the same shape, is compatible with the original Caliburn. The 1.4ohm Caliburn Pods are compatible with the KOKO too.]

— Another thing that slightly impacts vaping experience is the fact that the KOKO only has one tiny hole dedicated to its airflow. Whereas there are 2 of the same size on the original Caliburn, one on each side.

There’s another hole below it but it’s for the battery indicator LED (from green — fully charged — to red — needs to be charged) and doesn’t affect the airflow. There are 3 more at the bottom the KOKO, near the USB charging port (no, it’s not USB-C charging) but they’re for battery ventilation and they don’t play a role in the airflow either.


That’s why the Caliburn KOKO has a draw a little more restricted.

You’ll hear all reviewers say that the KOKO vapes the same as the original Caliburn but we don’t agree. The difference is small but noticeable for us. (See below)

— The top fill mechanism is convenient and the 2 holes to do so are quite big. Plus, the fact there are 2 allows for the air to easily escape from the other side while you fill the pod. No messy and juicy refilling with the KOKO Pod System.

— And there’s a thin slit carved on the UWELL KOKO side to be able to see the e-liquid quantity remaining. It’s small but it works.

— Last, similarly to the Caliburn, the new UWELL KOKO pod vapes amazing and lasts long. We’ve been using the same pod for 3 weeks now (almost every day but not exclusively) and it’s still going strong. We guess the KOKO pods have about the same lifespan as the Caliburn ones. And that’s also the feedback we have from those using them more regularly than we do.

— We can also report that, contrary to the problems some users have with their pods, we didn’t experience any leaking or spitback with ours (there are 2 pods in the packaging) while testing it for this UWELL Caliburn KOKO review.

Now, let’s get to the most important part of this UWELL Caliburn KOKO review. I.e. How does it vape?

C. The UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System Vaping Experience – A More Satisfying, Slightly Tighter Draw (Than The Caliburn)

First, you need to know that the UWELL Caliburn KOKO vaping performance puts it among the very best Pod Systems on the market.

It’s up there with the Vaporesso Degree and the UWELL Yearn.

The Vaporesso Degree has (way) more features and better flavor reproduction. While the UWELL Yearn has a tighter draw and produces a bit more of a denser and warmer vapor.

These are the reasons we prefer the Yearn and the Degree over the Caliburn KOKO Pod System. But the KOKO is no second-class device.


Compared to the original Caliburn, the draw is the most significant change for us. That’s what makes us like the UWELL KOKO whereas we don’t the Caliburn.

Thanks to having only one hole for the airflow and different coils, the UWELL KOKO draw is slightly tighter. So, it’s closer to what we consider to be a true Mouth To Lung (MTL) draw, i.e. the draw of a cigarette.

The KOKO pull is still too loose compared to a cigarette one but its vapor is a bit denser/thicker and warmer than the Caliburn. So, it makes vaping on the KOKO more satisfying. The resulting throat hit is a bit stronger too. 

It’s not what we prefer but it’s comfortable and we’ve got used to it. We kinda like it, in fact.

Plus, the new pods/coils also produce a little more vapor as well.


All this is what makes a real difference for us and makes us say that the UWELL KOKO is a better Caliburn.

And if we don’t compare it to anything and judge the UWELL Caliburn KOKO Pod System on its own merits, it has an impressive vapor production and a fantastic flavor reproduction.

So, and to come full circle, go on and purchase one, you won’t be disappointed. 😀

Reminder: This is true as long as you don’t happen to come across bad pods like there seems to be some.

That’s it for the main content of our UWELL Caliburn KOKO review. But it’s not over yet.

Below our PROS and CONS you’ll find the best video reviews we’ve found on YouTube (+ some precisions we needed/wanted to make)… As well as Mister MTL’s opinion on the KOKO vape pod system of course.

IV. Pros & Cons


  • Super easy to use
  • Fantastic vapor production
  • Among the best flavor reproduction
  • Slightly tighter draw than the Caliburn
  • Denser and warmer vapor too
  • So provides a better hit
  • Auto-draw firing only - No button
  • Good build quality
  • Comes with 2 pods in the box


  • Auto-draw sometimes malfunctioning (really not often)
  • Not the best battery life
  • Draw still a bit loose for us
  • Just OK design because of the pod shape
  • We don't like the feel of the mouthpiece/pod cap much either

V. Best YouTube UWELL Caliburn KOKO Video Reviews

Matt From SMM's UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review

RIP Trippers' UWELL Caliburn KOKO Review

Some Comments And Precisions On Matt From SMM & RIP Trippers’ UWELL Caliburn KOKO Reviews

1. The UWELL KOKO vape pod draw is a bit tighter than the original Caliburn

We said this in the body of our review but we say it again here, we find the draw to be slightly tighter when using the UWELL Koko with its 1.2ohm coils/pods. Plus, as the vapor is warmer and a bit denser too, it adds to the feeling that we get a better Mouth To Lung device.

2. Not the most pleasing mouthpiece to vape on – confirmed.

You can see how we need to put most of the mouthpiece inside the mouth to vape on it. We don’t like that too much. Not a major con but something worth noting.

3. RIP trippers’ small mistake: the pod connection is also magnetic.

Yes, the pods snap click in place but magnets are there too. 

4. How to avoid the gurgling effect Matt points out and Caliburn users complain about?

It’s simple. Just don’t fill the pod to its max. If you fill it up to the line drawn on it, you’ll never get the gurgling effect.

You’ll obviously need to fill your pods more often, though. So, choose what you prefer. 

Ok, it’s now time to wrap our UWELL Caliburn KOKO review with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung vaping.com - MTL vape

VI. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

This section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

The UWELL Caliburn KOKO is not my favorite Pod System (it’s the UWELL Yearn and the OneVape Lambo II, though I really like using the small Innokin I.O and Voopoo Zip Pod kit too) but I can’t deny its high tier performance.

All links (above and below) are links to our reviews.

Flavor reproduction, vapor production and warmth are comparable to the Yearn, in my opinion. So, right up there at the top.

Also, as the vapor produced is denser (and warmer) than with the original Caliburn, it partially compensates the looser draw.

But the draw is still too loose for me. I don’t like an airy vape.

Maybe I need to feel like I extract the vapor out of the device I use. That it takes a bit more time. It’s like I want a degustation, a sampling of the e-liquid I vape. Not simply breath in vapor into my lungs. And an MTL pull gives me that feeling.

That may be why I like a thick vapor too. That and the hit it provides, of course.

If you’ve taken a look at our Best Pod Systems 2019-2020 selection, the looser in terms of draw I enjoy is the Vaporesso Degree. Below that, I feel like I’m almost in (restricted) DTL territory.

But, and contrary to the iJoy Neptune or the Caliburn, I know I could get used to the UWELL KOKO vape pod System.

But what for? I’m plenty satisfied with the ones mentioned above and with my AiO vape kits (+ a couple Box Mod kits like the Innokin Adept).

You may wanna check out our Top 5 Best MTL AiO vape kits, by the way. There are great and more powerful/satisfying devices, in there.


But for those who like the Caliburn but wish it had a tiny bit tighter airflow, no leaking/spitback (unless the pods are duds) and a warmer vapor, the KOKO is for you.

E.g. If you vape on sugary or tobacco flavored e-liquids, warmth is always better to make their taste pop or increase the similarity with cigarettes smoke.

Until next time,

Mister MTL

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UWELL Caliburn KoKo Review – A Better Caliburn Pod System

UWELL Caliburn KOKO review + Videos. Among the best Pod Systems on the market 2020 | Loose MTL draw, fantastic vapor production & flavor reproduction

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