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The Truth About The 3 Benefits To Use Closed Pod Systems

The Proof Closed Pod Systems Like The JUUL Are Not More Convenient, Cheaper, Healthier Or More Effective To Help People Quit Smoking

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There are NO benefits to use closed Pod Systems like JUUL | Proof closed Pod Systems aren’t more convenient, effective, healthier, cheaper vs. open Pod Systems

This is the second article of our mini-series on closed Pod Systems vs. Open Pod Systems. We’ve covered the crazy cost of vaping on closed Pod Systems in the first one.

Today, we’ll discuss the supposed 3 benefits to use closed Pod Systems with sealed pods over open Pod Systems with refillable pods.

Our goal will be to try and demonstrate that the arguments in favor of buying closed Pod Systems may not have the weight people think they have. That, simply put, they just may not be true or, at best, vastly exaggerated.

So, what are these three arguments made in favor of using closed Pod Systems vs. open Pod Systems?

It’s that they are cheaper than buying cigarettes, that they are more convenient (i.e. easier to use and obtain) and that they succeed in making some people stop smoking where other devices have failed.

Our approach will be simple. We will to try to demonstrate that these 3 benefits to use closed Pod Systems are simply false. We’ll do so by answering the following questions:

Vaping on Closed Pod Systems is healthier and cheaper than smoking. But what about open Pod Systems? (I)

Are closed Pod Systems more convenient than open Pod Systems? (II)

Are closed Pod Systems more effective than open Pod systems to help people quit smoking? (even those who previously failed to) (III)

This article contains NO affiliate links nor ads.
Its only goal is to try and inform you.


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[NB: This article, and the mini-series it’s a part of, are mainly written to inform new vapers and smokers wanting to quit smoking and inform themselves on the reality of (using) closed Pod Systems.

We don’t try and convince anyone. We simply want to discuss and present counter-arguments to the claims stated to justify/explain the use and purchase of closed Pod Systems made and sold by company like JUUL, Vuze, myblu etc…

Everyone can make its own decision. We only try and help people to make a truly informed one, nothing more.]

I. Closed Pod Systems Are Healthier And Cheaper Than Smoking. Err… So, Are Open Pod Systems. But Way More.

Sexy Girl Vaping On An Open Pod System Stick

This first (double) argument in the list of 3 benefits to use closed Pod Systems over open Pod Systems is easy to dismiss.

[NB: We won’t discuss the potential health benefits of using open Pod Systems vs. closed Pod Systems in this article. So, let’s just say that they have the same.]

While being true, this statement — “Using closed Pod Systems is less harmful and cheaper than smoking” — doesn’t describe the whole situation/reality.

Because, and it’s also a fact (we’ve demonstrated in our previous article), open Pod Systems are even cheaper (by a large margin).

It’s due to the, sometimes, crazy prices charged by the companies selling closed Pod Systems compared to the cost of using open Pod Systems (not compared to cigarettes anymore).

Most people don’t know how much cheaper it would really be. They don’t realize the true extent of the disconnect between the cost on vaping on open vs. closed Pod Systems.

That’s why our first article was about cost. To show exactly how much more people using these devices were paying.

Because there is a difference between paying a bit more for a supposed higher efficiency and/or convenience (we’ll treat these arguments below) and paying 5 to 11 times more(!!) for them. It’s not the same thing at all.

Many may still think that as it’s cheaper than smoking cigarettes, it’s good enough.

But is it?

Plus, that’s exactly the reasoning and justification used by the companies making these closed Pod Systems. They count on smokers and new vapers thinking that.

Basically, it goes something like this: It’s (95%) less harmful and it’s cheaper than cigarettes. So, it’s good enough for me.”

Yes, it’s a perfectly rational/logical way of thinking. BUT:

– This is true for almost ALL vaping devices. So, no specific benefits to use closed Pod Systems over open ones, here. Therefore, these arguments in favor of closed Pod Systems (“less harmful” and “cheaper”) are not relevant.

 – But more importantly, we don’t take all the elements into consideration by thinking like this.

It lacks a very important factor: the fact that when we use open Pod Systems that can do exactly the same better (in our next article we will discuss performance among other things) it is even A LOT cheaper, still.

And, with any chance, we’d vape on even better e-liquids as well.

[NB: Yes, we already pay a higher price than if we were making/mixing our own e-liquids. But, at least, we aren’t being (knowingly or not) overcharged for the privilege of using sealed pods (/s, just in case).]

So, and again, these companies make crazy margins thanks to people thinking like that. Or people not realizing that open Pod Systems are an as healthy and yet cheaper alternative to smoking than closed Pod Systems are.

We’re sure that most of you understand this. But…

That’s when the second argument burst arrives. Because, at this point, some users of these devices will want to defend their choice.


And what will they say? Something along the lines of (it’s easy as some of them commented on the post we made on Reddit presenting our previous article):

“You think, we don’t know that it costs more? We know. But we still choose to buy and use closed Pod Systems because of their convenience and because they work [implying that other devices didn’t or won’t work as well for them]. That’s why.”

So, they say they choose to knowingly pay crazy high prices for devices (that are cheaper to use than cigarettes and) that:

– Offer more convenience.

This time, compared to open Pod Systems and other devices like All in One, Box Mod kits etc… not cigarettes anymore.

– Are more effective in helping them to quit smoking.

So, now, we’re going to try and find out if these justifications/arguments hold water. i.e. If these supposed benefits to use closed Pod Systems are true.

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

II. Are Closed Pod Systems More Convenient? NO. And Yet, They’re Considerably More Expensive.

Just by reading this title you’ve already guessed what we think and how it’s gonna go. But we still need to argue our stance, right? So, keep on reading…

Many think that there are plenty of benefits to use closed Pod Systems over open ones. One of them is that they offer convenience. Ok. But does the perceived, yet very limited, convenience they provide justify their ultra-high cost?

You decide.

A. More Convenience When Using The Devices?

So, at this stage, we usually hear a couple of arguments trying to claim closed Pod Systems are more convenient to use than open ones. Let’s see what they are and evaluate them.

1. It’s a lot quicker and more convenient to change a (sealed) pod instead of having to refill it.

Oh yeah? Let’s see what actions are needed to change a pod vs. those needed to refill one.

Basically (we could get into more detail, but let’s keep it simple), to change a sealed pod, you need to:

Take off the empty/expired one,

Throw it away or put it somewhere,

Reach/find (the box for) the new one,

Open its package,

Take off the pod,

Take off its silicone/plastic protection,

Place it on the device.


Now, what is the sequence of actions taken in order to refill a pod?

Take off the empty pod,

Reach, find your bottle of e-liquid,

Take off the cap or filling plug of the pod,

Open the bottle,

Fill the pod,

Close the bottle,

Close/plug the pod,

Place the pod back.


[NB: No, there’s no need to wait if you refill the pod just before it’s completely empty since the cotton/wicking material will still be saturated with e-liquid. It’s something that is not only possible but recommended with open Pod Systems. The goal is to avoid dry hits and increase the lifespan of your coils.]

So, again, to keep it simple, there’s only two more actions a user of open Pod Systems must take and it’s “fill the pod” and “close/plug back the pod”.

That’s it. How long does that take to squeeze a bottle to fill 1.5-2ml of e-liquid and put back a plug? 10-15 seconds max?

There, that’s the enormous (/s) amount of time saved by a closed Pod System user in comparison to an open pod system user… for the reasonable sum of (more than) $3 for a JUUL, for example (difference of cost between a JUUL pod and e-liquid in a bottle).

Yep, those 10-15 seconds they save basically cost $3 more… each time they change a pod.

And many (JUUL, Vuze, myblu etc…) users have realized that.

This is a quote from our previous article but is very relevant here:

“to mitigate this crazy cost, they try and buy cheaper compatible, unofficial pods which, like JUUL’s, are made in China. […]

Some actually go to the length of disassembling their JUUL pods and refiling them (till their coil expires and produce dry hits… which happens very quickly after a low number of refills with JUULs and most closed Pod Systems) with some extra juice they would have had to buy.

Where’s the convenience, there?

How many minutes and hours (these quickly add up) wasted compared with open Pod Systems?

And how does it make sense to buy a JUUL kit if you’re going to the trouble of dismantling its pods… to refill them? Why not simply buy a cheaper, better performing open Pod System that is actually built and meant for this [in the first place]?


So, there are many users that do open their pods and refill them to make them last longer and, thus, make vaping on these devices a bit cheaper. It’s a fact.

That fact alone proves that the price of this so-called convenience is sometimes perceived to be too high by customers themselves. So much so, that they’re willing to do something that is even less convenient than refilling the pod of an open Pod System, just to decrease that cost.

Strange, right?

Original picture (heavily modified – re-stylized by MTLvaping.com) by OgreBot. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

But you know what? We’ve played along with this nonsense but it’s worse than that.

In the case of JUUL pods at least, as their capacity is 0.7ml and an average refillable pod contains 1.5ml of e-liquid, JUUL users will have to take these super cumbersome (that’s what they must think since convenience is maybe the argument they cite the most) actions twice as many times as open Pod Systems users!

How about that, for convenience? 🤣

Anyway, sealed pods are not in any way shape or form more convenient than open, refillable ones, no, above all those with ridiculously low capacity.

Their only reason to exist is to prevent users to… refill them and, thus, make more money to the company selling them as it’s the only (recommended) way to vape on their device.

Last, would you even consider throwing away a refillable pod after filling it only once? It would be stupid, right?

Yet, something stupid suddenly becomes… convenient simply because it’s dictated by a manufacturer? Think about that for a second. 

2. Refilling pods can be messy. You can end up with some e-liquid on your hands.

Ok, we found one, guys. One argument that holds some water. Finally. 😀

But… Some drops of e-liquid, sometimes, maybe, on your fingers? That is THE deal-breaker that makes it a great benefit to use closed Pod Systems? Seriously? LOL.

Plus, it almost entirely depends on the device you have. If it’s well thought-out, you won’t have some drops of e-liquid on your hands.

More? Pods from closed Pod Systems can leak (Google search) and thus put e-liquid on your fingers too.

Or, at worst, there’s something called tissue. It’s not difficult or cumbersome to have a (small piece of) tissue in a pocket somewhere, just in case. Though, usually, like we charge our phone, we fill our Pod Systems at home. And it’s more convenient that way.

We can even have a couple of devices or pre-filled pods. Super easy to do and the cost of these will never, ever, come close to using a closed Pod System anyway.

But we know why closed Pod System users are obsessed with e-liquid. They just can’t imagine wasting any, not even a drop… Yeah, imagine the price they pay for that drop, LOL. 😁

B. Is It Easier To Obtain Pods For Closed Pod Systems? Just No.

One more claimed convenience of using closed Pod Systems, but this time not related to the devices or pods themselves, is their availability. And thus, the way you’re able to obtain them. You can find them everywhere, they say.

The argument we had when posting our previous article on cost on Reddit, was that pods from big vaping companies selling closed Pod Systems could be found easily like in gas stations or (convenience) stores.

Ok, first, we must acknowledge/repeat that this has nothing to do with the devices themselves.

Second, that this is essentially a US (and a couple more countries)-centric “problem”.

Man-On-his-sofa-typing-computer laptop - Ordering online
Ordering e-liquid online from the comfort of his home. – Picture provided by maxpixels.net.

Elsewhere, like in Europe and the UK, you can find vape shops everywhere and (some) e-liquids (not the best ones for sure but it can help out when you’re in a pinch) are sold in the same places you can buy tobacco products. So, no difference there.

But isn’t there an even easier way (than finding and going to a vape shop that may not even sell them) to obtain the e-liquids we like?

Have you heard of something called Internet? The web, maybe?

What is easier than ordering on a US based (or elsewhere) online shop?

Isn’t it way more convenient to order online, from the comfort of your home, the e-liquid you want (we won’t talk about choice today, surely next time) in the quantity you want, to be used for the period of time… you want (e.g. once a month)?


So, no it’s not easier to obtain closed/sealed pods (or in very rare situations) than e-liquid, no. And in some places/countries, the opposite is true.

Though, we think that, with the flavor bans, specialty vape shops closing and (online) sales restrictions that could happen in the near future, it could become a real issue for some people in the US, indeed.

But right now? No.

III. Are Closed Pod Systems  More Effective Than Closed Pod Systems To Help People Quit Smoking? No More Than Open Pod Systems, No.

This one is gonna be quick [edit: or not 😀]. It’s easy to (dis)prove. There’s another claimed benefit to use closed pod systems and it starts with a fact.

Fact: Closed Pod Systems like the JUUL have helped, at least in the US, many people quit smoking. Even people that tried before and failed.

If we stay on this observation without asking ourselves why, we can mistakenly think that closed Pod Systems, at least some of them, are intrinsically better suited and/or more performing than open ones to help people quit smoking.

But is this the case?

In short, no.

A. Performance

We’ll develop a bit on this next time but in the meantime, trust us when we say that most open Pod Systems are actually more competent/perform better than closed ones. It’s a fact.

So, performance is not one of the benefits to use closed pod systems, for sure.

Maybe it’s not the performance determined by components and a spec sheet, it’s the actual way they vape. Maybe that’s why they’re better suited for people wanting to quit? They vape better?

B. Are Closed Pod Systems More Effective Than Closed Pod Systems Because The Way They Vape Is Unique, Then?

That’s still a no.

They are more effective than many devices on the market, yes.

The Uwell Yearn – Now, an open Pod System with refillable pods – And it makes ALL the difference.
Click the picture to read our REVIEW (in a new tab).

In most cases, not all, they can help people quit smoking more than all the Direct To Lung devices and maybe even those with a loose (Mouth To lung) draw. Though the UWELL Caliburn seems to disprove that (though the new iJoy Neptune is better).

But better suited than an equivalent open Pod Systems? Of course not. A (good) open Pod System can do anything and everything the best closed Pod System (whichever it is) can, but better.

There are open MTL Pod Systems with a tight to smooth draw and they’d vape the same way, better actually.

[The links above are internal links, they redirect to reviews/news on our website only.]

But the mistake in believing that closed Pod Systems are best suited come partially from the fact that many experienced users, when asked advice on what kind of devices someone wanting to quit smoking should get, simply recommend the wrong ones. You can still see it every day on Reddit and on Social Media.

They recommend something they like or similar, but not something the person asking would need.

The iJoy Neptune – An MTL Pod System with flavors as good as the Caliburn and the same loose draw.
Click the picture to read our REVIEW (in a new tab).

They don’t even ask if they know the different types of vaping (Mouth To Lung or Direct To Lung) and/or if the person asking prefers one over the other. They just give the name of a device or two and explain why this device is good in their opinion.

This is not good advice. Plus, most of them recommend DTL devices or slightly too complicated vaping kits or ones with a loose draw (even if it’s MTL) etc…

Long story short, many people who have failed vaping before did so because they were not properly helped.

Yes, they could have done their own research. But they didn’t. They relied on experienced vapers instead (not a bad way of going about it if you ask us, the results, though…) and they were given bad, untailored, i.e. not proper, advice.

If you want to quit smoking, you should definitely read this 2-part, 7000+ word-long, article. It doesn’t make the same mistakes. It tries and explain everything and give you all the info and tips we could think of to help you quit smoking, taking your tastes/preferences into account.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons why many people didn’t succeed in quitting smoking with vaping before.

So, the simple fact to get a device that at least vape like you would smoke on a cigarette, helped considerably.

But plenty of open Pod Systems can do that, “just” better.

Still, there’s another reason that explains why they have a high success rate in helping people stop smoking.

C. Very highly dosed salt nic e-liquid.

We could say many things about this.

Like the reason closed Pod System manufacturers put a very high quantity of nicotine (salt) in their e-liquid is to make their customers as addicted to (these levels of) nicotine, and thus their product, as possible.

Like crazy high amount of nicotine and salt nic e-liquids are not necessary to quit smoking. In Europe and the UK, the max amount of nicotine authorized in e-liquid is 20mg/ml. And this, whether it’s regular freebase e-liquid or salt nic e-liquid. It doesn’t matter.

And guess what? Millions still quit smoking with vaping. 18-20mg/ml and a good device/Pod System with the right draw (loose or tight MTL or DTL) for the person wanting to quit smoking is all it takes.

But it may be even easier with salt nic. Ok, we can entertain the idea. Though the price is usually vaping on crazy high levels of nicotine. But that’s a topic for another day.

The point is that if you choose to use salt nic e-liquids, you absolutely can do it with an open Pod System.

And, again, you can do it better with more competent, cheaper, better looking etc… open Pod Systems.

So, quick conclusion?

What are the benefits to use closed Pod Systems? There are none.

Closed Pod Systems like the JUUL, Vuze, myblu, Phix (what a name, right?) etc… have almost no advantages whatsoever compared to open ones.

They’re not healthier to use, not cheaper, not more convenient and they are not more effective to help people quit smoking.

We hope we’ve clearly demonstrated all that.

Now, Are they still worth buying?

You decide.

See you soon for our next article on, this time The 10 Reasons Why To NOT buy closed Pod Systems. 

Yes, because today we saw the arguments in favor of buying them and showed they were false. So, next time, we’ll talk about all the reasons no one should even consider buying one in th first place.

See you soon,

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