The OneVape Lambo II Review: The Supercar Of Pod Systems

The Lambo Is Back. Improved And As Sexy As Ever.

OneVape has decided to launch an improved version of one of its most successful Mouth To Lung Vaping devices, the Lambo Pod System.

Good thing for us, beside being successful, it was also a good MTL device… Now, the Lambo II is a great one. So, it’s on

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4.6/5 Futuristic design


Aesthetics / Design*


Build Quality


Airflow (tight, almost cigarette-like)


Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use

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You can order boxes of 2 Lambo II coils as well HERE.

One pod should last you one to two weeks depending on the way you vape and the e-liquid you use (e.g. if there’s a lot of sweetener in it, the coil life will be closer to a week). Obviously, if you don’t vape exclusively on the OneVape Lambo II, one pod will last you longer.

I. Inside The Packaging + Specifications

The Lambo II comes in a well-designed compact white box. It has an illustration of the Pod System on the front, the device logo/name on the sides in color and the OneVape logo in a reflective rainbow color on top and bottom. Simple yet efficient (see the videos at the end of this review). It contains:

1* OneVape Lambo II Pod Sytem

1* USB Cable

2* Refillable Pods with a 1.6 ohm coil (7-12W)

1* Manual

1* Warranty Card

Size: 45.5mm (1.79 inch)*68mm (2.68 inch)*15mm (0.59 inch)

Battery Capacity: 360 mAh

Power Output: Max 16W

Material: Zinc alloy + stainless steel + resin

Charge Type: mini + micro USB

E-juice Capacity: 2ml

II. Design / Build Quality
Unique Design, Great Build Quality And Feeling In The Hand…
What’s Not To Like?

From the pictures above alone, you can see it has quite the unique look. It may seem strange and out of place at first but give it time, watch a video or see it in person and the design will grow on you. We love it. the way, the name “Lambo” and its irregular, angular form factor was inspired by the Lamborghini Supercars like the Countach.

1-    Very Good Build quality

Build quality is great. It’s easier for a Pod System to be sturdy since they have less parts, but it doesn’t change the fact that this Lambo II is a compact and solid device. And this is accentuated by its appreciable weight despite its small size.

The Pods are secured with magnets and they don’t come out at all when you shake the Lambo. Very strong magnets.

It’s made out of zinc alloy and supposedly resin. It doesn’t feel like resin though. So, unless it’s polished resin, it’s a form of plastic.

The unit fits perfectly in the hand because, while being angular, it’s small, polished and thus has smooth edges.

2-    A Futuristic designristic Angular Design.

Whereas the name and sharp lines are evocative of Lamborghini supercars from the late 80’s. Its design looks very modern and singular, futuristic even.

The drawing or resin pattern is beautiful regardless if it’s real resin or not.

Add to that a “half and half” construction and a shiny strip of colored metal going all around it and you get an eye-catcher. It picks the curiosity of anyone laying its eyes on it. It can no doubt be a conversation starter.

3-    Other Points Worthy Of Consideration:

– It has 2ml capacity which is ok for a Pod. It can last you all day if you don’t continuously vape on it..

– The logo on the front lights up when you vape on it or charge it. The light is blue when you puff on it until you have a low battery, then it turns red. It’s also red while charging until it’s full and the light turns blue.

– The form of the pod itself matches perfectly the rest of the device.

– The pod/cartridge has a special construction with 2 holes instead of just one. The second being dedicated to draw activation mechanism. So, be careful to put your mouth over both holes when vaping on it.

– There’s a slit at the bottom for those who want to put a lanyard on it… If you like that.

– The Lambo II package contains 2 pods, which is always nice. A pack of 2 1.6 ohm coil pods is about $11 retail.

There should be ceramic 1.0 ohm coil for CBD use sold too. They’re sold individually for about $7. Quite pricy, above all when you know that CBD destroys coils pretty quickly and OneVape recommends to use them only once and not refill them. Though, they are tough to find anyway.

III. USP - Unique selling Propositions

Its most visible added value compared to other Pod Systems is undeniably its design, then, its build quality. Equally important is the way it vapes but we’ll talk about that later.

What else?

You get the 2 new pods/coils (as the coils are not removable, 1 pod = 1 coil) launched with this new iteration of the Lambo. And what’s great is that they’re compatible with the Lambo 1.0. compatible coils

This kind of compatibility is always nice.

We didn’t get to try the 1.0 Ohm coils said to work best with CBD since, well, we don’t do CBD. Plus, it’s a separate purchase and not included in the box. They are said to work at a 14W max output. So, they should deliver quite the punch… if they can be used with e-liquid. It doesn’t seem to be the case since OneVape advise to use them once and not refill them.

What we can tell you is that the 1.6 Ohm coils rated at 9W max (meaning when the Lambo II is fully charged. As the battery drains, the power output decreases a bit) is plenty enough.

So, we can recommend the 1.6 Ohm coils for MTL vaping.

Another positive point is that the life expectancy of the 1.6 Ohm pods is high. After 7 refills (!) ours is still doing ok. We may obtain 1 or 2 more refills out of it before having to retire it.

[NB: OneVape tells us that the 1.6 Ohm works best with High nicotine salt nic e-liquids. Don’t listen to this. It’s marketing. The trend is salt nic e-liquids so, they say their pods are best suited for salt nic. In reality, they work just fine with regular e-juice. That’s what we used (50/50 PG-VG at 18mg of nicotine) and can confirm it.]

IV. How Does It Vape? Just Great.

No need to beat around the bush, The Lambo II just vapes REALLY good.

We were quite surprised actually. This tiny thing delivers quite a punch (with the 18mg e-liquid we put in there). It’s 2 class above any closed pod system out there, better than most refillable pod system with smaller or equivalent battery and can even rival with some low (under 750mAh) battery capacity AiO. Color us impressed.

It’s perfect for MTL vaping with an above average vapor production for a pod device.

In this category of product, more vapor usually means more air and, thus, less actual e-liquid plumes. Some manufactures use this trick to give the illusion of producing more vapor. It creates a shallow unsatisfying vapor with a weak hit. Not the best Mouth To Lung experience.

It’s not the case here. The density of actual vapor is very good and the hit, as long as you don’t put low nicotine or high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquid in there, just hit the mark (no pun intended).

Remember that nicotine levels in regular, free base e-juices aren’t directly comparable with salt nic e-liquids. You need a higher nicotine level (about x2.5 higher) in nic salt to get the same hit because of the benzoic acid they put in there.

This is why we don’t use them. Considering regular e-liquids do the job just fine, we don’t need to put more nicotine and the added chemical that is benzoic acid in our body. But we’re not against its use. To each his own. We can’t be of much help in the salt nic e-liquid department though.

Usually, on PG (Propylene Glycol) vs VG ratio, we recommend anything from 80/20 to 40-60.  (Propylene Glycol contributes to the hit sensation whereas Vegetable Glycerin, not so much).

But, with the Lambo, 80/20 is too high a ratio because of the risk of leaking. Vegetable Glycerin is thicker and depending on the coil/wicking material, a juice too thin can cause some leaking. We’ve tested the Lambo with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio and it’s ok. A bit of leaking sometimes but not often and not much. Just be aware of this and find the right compromise for you between hit and some potential leaking.

Leaking doesn’t always mean not enough VG, though. It can simply occur because of the bad construction of a pod, coil or tank.

Vegetable Glycerin, because it’s a thicker liquid, will also clog your coils quicker and shorten their life expectancy (sugary flavoring does that too).

Lastly, the vapor the Lambo II produces is nice and warm. Its draw, thanks to a newly designed airflow, is restrictive without being too tight. Right in that sweet spot and perfect for

We didn’t experience a dry hit (burnt taste) once while chain vaping on it but we were careful to always have e-liquid in the pod.

By the way, for the newcomers to vaping, you should do the same. Always check that there is some e-liquid in the cartridge/pod to avoid burning your coils too quickly. With the Lambo, the easiest way is to check the e-liquid level and refill the pod as soon as you don’t see any e-liquid above the casing anymore. There may still be some inside but better safe than sorry.

Bottom line is: We can recommend this Pod System for people who want to quit smoking.

Also, if that’s your case, you should definitely read our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.

It’s always best to have an AiO to go along with a Pod kit when you start vaping, just in case you need a bit more power. But this one may be able to do the job on its own. It really vapes that good. And flavor is way above average too.

[NB: contrary to AiOs, and that’s the main differentiating  factor between the two, Pod Systems coils cannot be changed independently. You need to replace the whole pod. For more on the characteristics of the various -MTL- vaping devices and what makes them different, you can read this article.]

After reading our review, you can get a better idea of how the OneVape Lambo II vapes and how to operate it by seeing it with your own eyes. The videos below are here for that (and to have various very experienced vapers and great Youtubers’ opinions).

V. Ergonomics + Ease of Use
Pod System = No Brainer

This is going to be quick as we already indirectly covered close to everything on the ergonomics topic and because, as it’s a pod system, it’s quite easy to maintain.

Filling it is super easy. Take out the pod, pull the plug at the bottom of it, fill and close the plug tightly. And you’re done. The whole process takes about 20s.

The plug stays attached to the Pod. You won’t lose it. But its placement (over one of the two electrical pins) may cause some condensation to occur or even a bit of leaking inside the unit from time to time. Nothing to write home about but It’s a con as it shouldn’t happen. The easy fix is to simply wipe the e-liquid/condensation excess on the connectors inside the casing with some tissue if you see some.

Edit to add: At the end of the pod life, be gentle with it. The plug is already somewhat thin and fragile but with the accumulation of the heat it takes, it could melt/shred a bit. So, be careful when unplugging it.

Beside this, we didn’t encounter any issue.

VI. Battery Life: About A Day Of Moderate Use 360mAh battery coupled with the 1.6 ohm coil last about half a day of serious vaping (270 puffs according to OneVape. No, we didn’t check that number). Less if you chain-vape (take multiple consecutive puffs) on it, of course.

The battery charges in about 45mn at 1A and its bypass feature means you can still vape on it while it charges.

The logo on the front lights up when you vape on it or charge it. The light is blue when you puff on it until you have a low battery, then it turns red. It’s also red while charging until it’s full and the light turns blue.

To try to have an idea about OneVape’s claim of “Super long standby”, we fully charged it and then let sit there 24h without touching it. Contrary to what happens sometimes with other devices, that didn’t seem to deplete the battery. Not significantly anyway. It was still full or close enough to be full after these 24 hours.

VII. Pros & Cons


  • Great Build Quality, solid feel
  • Unique and pleasing design with beautiful colors
  • Very easy to use
  • Pod longevity - 7 refills or more for the 1.6 Ohm coils (if you don’t use high VG e-liquid)
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • Airflow right in the sweet spot.
  • Excellent, for a pod device, vapor production
  • Good vapor density and temperature too
  • Tasty flavor
  • Satisfying hit
  • Good battery life
  • Could do the job (using the 1.6 Ohm coils + high level nicotine e-juice) for someone who wants to quit smoking. BUT we still recommend to purchase an AiO in priority or alongside it.


  • A bit of leaking or condensation can appear occasionally
  • Fragile pod plug
  • May not be real resin
  • Needs some getting used to the 2 holes on the mouthpiece

You can order boxes of 2 Lambo II coils as well HERE.

One pod should last you one to two weeks depending on the way you vape and the e-liquid you use (e.g. if there’s a lot of sweetener in it, the coil life will be closer to a week)

. Obviously, if you don’t vape exclusively on the OneVape Lambo II, one pod will last you longer.

That’s it for the main content of this review.

Curious about what Mister MTL has to say? Let’s see…

VIII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

This pod is just crap! Period.

Nah… Just kidding. I happen to really like it. In fact, I borrowed it and didn’t let go of it since. I don’t use it exclusively of course, but I enjoy its draw and smooth vape and satisfying hit.

And the sharp design (no pun intended), the feeling in the hand, the weight… Love it.

Plus, its unique and sleek appearance always make an impression.

It’s simple. Each time I take it out of my pocket and put it on a table in front of me, people stare at it, usually with a confused look in their eyes. Some ask what it is, some are too proud to show they don’t know, some wait for me to do something with it… but all look at it for sure. And most like it, find it nique and well designed.

As mentioned in the body of the review. It’s an attention grabber and even a conversation starter, no doubt.

The only drawback I can complain about is the flimsy pod plug. Otherwise it’s perfect for me and, in my opinion, for people who just quit smoking or would like to do so. By the way, if you’re one of them, I highly recommend reading our The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully article. It’s packed with tips and info, it will surely be of great help to you.

As for the OneVape Lambo II, I highly suggest you grab one, at least to try it out, and you won’t regret it.

You can also watch the videos below if you need more convincing (we only found two good video reviews to show you. We didn’t dare posting other ones… Yeah, that bad😀)

IX. Best Video Reviews On The Web

Slave4Red's Review.

DJLsb Vapes' Review

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The OneVape Lambo II Review: The Supercar Of Pod Systems

OneVape Lambo 2 Review - The Supercar of Pod Systems. The Lambo is back. It's a sexy and improved Mouth To Lung vaping device. So, it’s on

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