The iJoy Mercury AiO Review: Good Performance, Questionable Design

Great Build Quality, Good Performance But... Resin?

iJoy is quite busy lately and still will be in the near future with at least a Pod System called the Luna and another, completely different from the Mercury, All in One Mouth To Lung device named the Saturn, coming soon. You should check out the MTL News posts we wrote about them because both look terrific.

Yes, iJoy seems to have chosen Celestial bodies for its device names. Why not? They’re neat names.

But now, it’s all about the iJoy Mercury AiO review. It’s, contrary to what iJoy says in its marketing material, an AiO (All in One) kit, not a Pod System. And we must say it has been widely well-received and praised for its performance as well as its looks.

But, as much as we mostly agree on the performance part, we, at (or for short, both are our domain names), are divided on the aesthetics/design front.

[NB: If you want to know more about the main defining characteristics of, and the differences between, all the types of Mouth To Lung (MTL) devices like AiOs, Pod Systems, Box Mod kits or Cigalikes, you can read this MTL 101 article .]

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Note to readers:

All numbers given below must be understood in relation to a device category. These numbers are thus relative. E.g. a 4 in vapor production for an All in One doesn’t mean that a Pod System which also received a 4 will produce as much vapor. We obviously don’t expect the same performance from each of these (categories of) devices. So, our scores reflect this.


4.3/5 build quality


Aesthetics / Design*


Build Quality


Battery Life




Vapor Production


Vapor Density




Vapor Temperature




Ergonomics - Ease of Use**


*An adjustable airflow, unless and as it happens sometimes, it’s still somewhat loose when closed all the way down, is an automatic 5 out 5.

**Minus ½ point for having the drip tip and fire button on opposite sides.

At the moment of writing this review, the price on both store is $23 with free shipping in most countries. A steal.

E-cigs Online Store has 98.1% positive feedback and 1300 Followers – BuybestVapor Store has 98.8% positive feedback and 663 Followers

And AliExpress is a very serious market place. Number ene in the world ahead of Amazon and very protective of buyers. (You can open a dispute and get a refund in the off-chance of a mishap).

I. Inside The Packaging + Specifications

The black box the iJoy Mercury AiO comes with is quite big, simple yet classy (see the videos at the end of this review). It contains:


1* USB Cable

1* iJoy MERCURY AiO Mesh COIL 1.0 Ohm (6-10W, Pre-installed)

1* MERCURY COIL 1.2 Ohm (8-12W)

1* Manual

1* Warranty Card

Size: 78.46*40*20mm

Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh

Power Output: Max 12W

Max Voltage: 3.5V

Material: Zinc alloy + stainless steel + resin

Charge Type: mini + micro USB

E-juice Capacity: 2ml

II. Design / Build Quality
An Abstract Oil Painting Looking AIO With Some Flaws.

First, we’ve got to say we like All In Ones (AIOs) because their form factor makes them de facto have a coherent, integrated design.

This iJoy Mercury AiO is no exception. Its uniform body is definitively a pro. build quality

As for the design itself, well… let’s say it can be considered questionable.

1-    Very Good Build quality

We don’t have any complaint about its build quality. On the contrary. It’s very good.

It both feels compact and solid in the hand.

No moving parts, no rattling sound whatsoever, the fire button is well integrated to the side of the device. It’s good, if a bit mushy, but not on the right side (see the rant below).

The Mercure is made out of zinc alloy, stainless steel and resin.

This is real resin, by the way, iJoy didn’t pull a fast one on us like most other companies do by claiming to use resin and, in fact, the “resin” is just a plastic sticker. (e.g. the SMOK Trinity Alpha, which is a great looking device otherwise, but still likely not made with resin. Or the Smoant Pasito which also sports resin-looking front and rear panels… but are probably just drawings on a sticker too).

The Mercury real resin panels give it a pleasant soft feeling and add some grip to it.

So, the iJoy Mercury All in One is a well-built device that feels good in the hand.

2-    A Polarizing Design/Aesthetics

It has, and it can be a pro or a con depending on your tastes, this characteristic look that the use of resin (mixed with acrylic paint) provides.

“The fluid lines make it look like an abstract oil painting.”

For us, it’s a bit messy and busy looking. There may be too much going on visually. Theoretically, iJoy could have done a lot better. But resin is a difficult material to work with… If you want the result to be consistent and aesthetically pleasing that is. But, when it comes to real resin, other manufacturers don’t do much better either., and it’s also inherent to the use of true resin, some Mercury kits look better than others (the ones Zophie Vapes were ok, actually. See video at the end of this review). So maybe you’ll get lucky.

Again, it depends on personal taste and we can understand the appeal. And, as this picture of this review alludes to, the fluid lines are indeed evocative of an abstract oil painting… (maybe one made by an angry child? 😀)

One thing for sure is that the simple fact of choosing resin (+ multicolored acrylic paint) creates a slightly different pattern for each iJoy Mercury AiO. There are no 2 Mercury exactly identical, making the one you could own somewhat unique.

3-    Other points to note:

– The drip tip is also in resin and its color matches the body of the device.

This is well thought out and adds to the overall aesthetics of the set BUT it’s a proprietary mouthpiece and looks fragile because of the material it’s made of.

You can’t replace it with a 510 drip tip (most common size/format for mouth to lung devices). E.g. one you like better or if you break the original mouthpiece.

Its shape is perfectly fine for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping, though. Plus, you can find replacement ones in some e-shops.

But proprietary accessories, (or charging ports) are still a con in our book because of potential lock-in, which usually means higher cost, and lack of convenience.

– There’s a hole for the airflow in the middle-right of the front panel.

In our opinion, it disrupts a design already interrupted by the e-liquid window.

The e-liquid window is useful and could not be positioned differently. So, it’s fine but the dent under it is a hole too much in our opinion. The airflow could have been placed elsewhere, on the side or the top would have been ok.

And there are 2 other holes on the upper part of the kit in case you want to add a lanyard. A lanyard… Who uses a lanyard?


Contrary to most reviewers, we’re not fans of the colors of the brushed zinc alloy parts either. And we don’t think they match very well with the colors of the panels.

– It has only 2ml capacity.

Not just for Europe to be TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) compliant, but for everyone. It may save cost for iJoy to produce only one type of tank but 2ml is a low capacity for an AiO. You may have to fill the atomizer at least twice a day.

Rant: The Fire Button vs. Drip Tip Placement. placement
Fire Button and drip tip on opposite sides.

Most manufacturers still to put the fire button on the opposite side of the mouthpiece (or vice versa)… in 2019.

How stupid is that?

It forces us to either:

– Use the vape by closing our hand around it.

The result is not only hiding (what should be) a beautiful gadget, but also, and it’s even more annoying, making us look like drug addicts desperately clutching on our nicotine dispenser.

We’re being caustic but if you prefer vaping this way, it’s fine. In fact, we often vape this way ourselves because it’s usually more comfortable for our wrists, which is kind of the point (see below). The thing is, if the button was placed on what should be the correct side of the device, you could still hold your vape this way.

– Or bend our wrist way more than we should, just to reach the drip tip with our mouth.

It creates the need for a more awkward-looking gesture because of the angle at which we have to put our wrist and/or the device to be able to vape.

Whether it bothers you or not, it’s less comfortable than having the drip tip and fire button on the same side, that’s for sure.

If you, and chances are that you do, have an AIO, a pod system or even a Mod Box Kit with this configuration, try and vape on it in front of a mirror. You’ll see.


So, what is it with manufacturers and the placement of the fire button? Is there a real benefit that is supposed to overcompensate for these hindrances that we don’t see?

What do you think?

We’ll put this mini-rant on every review of devices with a fire button placed on the opposite side of the drip tip. And we’ll tank the design and build quality scores of these devices by half a point, just for good measure.

We hope some manufacturers will take notice and abandon this trend.

/end rant.

III. USP - Unique selling Propositions
All The Features We Expect From A (Versatile) All in One.

We’ve already talked about the fact that the iJoy Mercury AiO is using real resin for its front and back panes, so we won’t do it again here. But it’s still a differentiating trait worth noting.

Let’s see what else it’s got.

1-    An airflow control mechanism. is always a pro as it allows us to fine-tune the airflow (basically the amount of air we want to add to our vapor) and the draw (more or less restrictive) of the device. (These two things are not exactly the same albeit one, the draw, is dependent on the other, the airflow).

Even for us, Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vapers, being able to adjust the airflow is a welcome feature as it gives us more freedom and offers more latitude than if it was fixed by the manufacturers. We don’t all have the same preferences in terms of vapor production or draw. Plus, we may want to change it depending on the coils or the e-liquid we use, our mood, the context, etc…

Which brings us to another pro:

2-    Two types of coils. me say first that whereas the numbers given here seem a bit low and the power delivered by this device a bit weak (12W max) iJoy managed to optimize its AiO and make it delivered a satisfying vaping experience. It goes to prove that numbers on a spec sheet don’t always mean everything.

The Mercury iJoy can be used with 2 different types of coils, at least for now, maybe more in the future, and they’re both supplied in the box. Like that you can choose which one you prefer vaping with.

One is a 1.0 Ohm mesh coil (“mesh” refers to the construction of the coil. It has a mesh pattern/build and is supposed to better heat the liquid and thus offer more vapor and flavor). Its range (the power it needs to perform efficiently) is 6 to 10 Watts. It has a looser airflow (thus draw) and should allow for a bit more vapor production. So, while you could use it for MTL vaping, it’s more oriented towards Direct Lung Vaping.

And the other one is a regular round wire (a traditional/standard coil doesn’t mean a less qualitative vape at all) 1.2 Ohm coil with an 8 to 12 Watts range.

A bit strange for the 1.0 Ohm coil (lower resistance) to have a lower range than the 1.2 Ohm coil, by the way. It should be the opposite as the lower the resistance, the higher amount of power it should need and accept.

The 1.2 Ohm coil will have a more restricted draw out of the box (before any adjustment of the airflow) and is definitely for us, MTL vapers.

[NB: Don’t listen to manufacturers and their “best for nic salt e-liquids” or “best for CBD” claims. There’s no need to get confused by these types of marketing BS. If a coil is compatible with nic salt (e-liquids), it’s also compatible with regular freebase nicotine (and vice versa). End of story.]

3-    Three different power (actually tension, here) settings

I specify “tension” because the settings are in fact given in Volts, which is a unit of measure of the electric tension in a circuit.

Another pro is the ability to choose the power/tension we want to vape at.

Offering different coils resistance mandates this partly though it could be done automatically. The software/chip could detect the resistance of the coil and adjust itself (the level of power the device delivers) to it.

Nevertheless, more control is always better.

Just remember that the more you close the airflow, the less you should use a high-power setting. Otherwise you’ll burn your coil quicker as there is less air passing through to cool it.

What else?

The Mercury has LED indicators for the power settings and the battery level.

Now… The second, after the design/aesthetics, more important trait of a vaping device: How does it vape?

[NB: 1. Like for everything, the first thing you notice and perceive is (how it) looks. So, even chronologically, it’s the first trait you’re going to, often subconsciously, evaluate.

  1. You can always find a device that will perform well enough for you. A beautiful one? More difficult to do.

Some manufacturers increasingly pay attention to the looks of the products they put out on the market, though. They’ve understood that an appealing design was a beneficial differentiating factor… And, as we’ve become more demanding, they have to take this evolution into account. So, more and more designs are created with special attention. That’s why we’re seeing more and more beautiful devices… Which is great for us, vapers.]

IV. How Does It Vape? Good.

Simply put, it vapes good.

Even though the 1.0 Ohm mesh coil can be used for Mouth To Lung vaping (you’ll have to close the airflow more than you would with the 1.2 Ohm coil but, theoretically, you’ll get a bit more vapor production), we’ll focus on the regular 1.2 Ohm MTL coils.

With these coils, you’ll get plenty enough vapor. While you won’t go and win any cloud contest, you’ll get a good amount of vapor for an MTL AiO.

You can obviously adjust the airflow to your liking. So, again, it’s a pro.

Hit is good. Temperature of the vapor is quite warm too.

Flavor is decent. As the coil is a bit low in the device and, thus, at a greater distance from the mouth, there is some loss of flavor. But it still restitutes a good and accurate taste. Better than most pod systems, for sure.

This little thing performs well. No doubt.

After reading our review, you can get a better idea of how the iJoy Mercury AiO vapes and how to operate it by seeing it with your own eyes. The videos below are here for that (and to have various experienced vapers and great Youtubers’ opinions).

V. Ergonomics + Ease of Use
Somewhat Less Convenient Than Some Similar Devices.

The Mercury isn’t a pain to use on a daily basis by any means. But it’s still a bit less convenient to deal with than some other similar, yet more user-friendly, All in Ones.

1-    Refill.

Refilling the 2ml tank and adjusting the airflow are a actions bit more cumbersome to perform than with other comparable

Here, you have to unscrew the whole proprietary mouthpiece, not lose or drop it (you might break it, it’s fragile), get the e-liquid tank out, open the lid and then refill it.

It’s not that annoying, difficult or time consuming, but it’s just that with other new AiOs and/or similar Pod Systems it can be done quicker and easier.

2-    Adjusting The Airflow

It’s the same process as refilling it since the airflow control bit is situated under the coil which is at the bottom of the tank.

So, you also have to unscrew and get everything out before being able to access it. But it’s there.

Plus, once you set it up to your taste, you shouldn’t need to fiddle with it much.

VI. Battery Life: About A Day Of Use its 1100 mAh battery and relatively low power output (10 or 12W max depending on the coil you use), the battery life is pretty good.

With the 1.2 Ohm coils on the second power/tension setting, the iJoy Mercury All in One last about all day. It shouldn’t be much different with the 1 Ohm coil at max setting.

Don’t forget to watch some of the 3 video reviews we’ve got down below if you want to see the Mercury upclose and in action.

VII. Pros & Cons


  • Great Build Quality
  • Real Resin material
  • Interchangeable coils
  • 2 types of coils. Both can be used for MTL vaping. The 1.2 Ohm coil being the most obvious choice, still.
  • Airflow control mechanism
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Good vapor production, density and temperature
  • More hit than most pod systems
  • Good battery life
  • You can use a lanyard. Nah… Just kidding LOL


  • Not really a con but… just average ease of use
  • 2 or 3 holes too many
  • Resin is an acquired taste
  • Colors (case and paint) don’t match very well
  • Proprietary mouthpiece
  • 2ml tank capacity is a little low

E-cigs Online Store has 98.1% positive feedback and 1300 Followers – BuybestVapor Store has 98.8% positive feedback and 663 Followers

That’s it for the main content of this review.

Exceptionally the possibly unpopular and surely controversial Mister MTL’s Thoughts piece will only be partially available here. The iJoy Mercury AiO inspired him so much that he had to make a whole Article out of his thoughts on it. It would have been too long to let it all in the body of the review. Maybe it was the “oil painting” angle… But they didn’t have the effect iJoy intended, that’s for sure. 😀

VIII. Mister MTL's (Controversial) Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeHere we go… First review and I’m already going to discourage some potential buyers… LOL.

At least, it proves that what we’re claiming on our Welcome Page is true. We won’t prioritize sales over honesty.

Still, you won’t read negative opinions often in Reviews, even from me (in my Mister MTL’s Corner Articles, it may be another story though 😀) simply because we’ll seldom write Reviews for products we don’t find to be good (looking) enough to promote and advise you to purchase.

Also, as you’ve just read, most of my thoughts and opinion won’t be part of the review itself. It’s better to treat them as a dedicated article. So, instead I’ll just post an incomplete version vaguely summarizing my views here.

The device overall performance is good. It’s well-built. I just don’t like what almost everyone is raving about, the design.

That’s what my gripe with this Mercury is about.

Why do people and reviewers find it beautiful? Because colors and supposed difference.

Well, the (colored) patterns are grotesque and it’s not even innovative…

In my opinion, this device is mostly ugly. You can, by chance, happen to find a good looking one but most of the ones I’ve seen aren’t appealing at all to me. And as you don’t know what exactly you’re going to get before you open the box, beside the colors used, I wouldn’t buy one for sure. Like I never bought a stabilized wood mod before seeing pictures of the exact model I was gonna get or, better yet, seeing it in person.

What don’t I like?

The completely random oil painting stain/smudge looks,

Most of the colors used,

How they combine with the colors of the casings,

The colors of the casing themselves.

Damn, even my summary is long.

So, if you want to know more about why I don’t like the Mercury design, who’s doing it better and why I find the use of real resin being poorly implemented by vaping companies in general, you can read my The iJoy Mercury And The Continuous Lazy Use Of Resin By Vaping Companies article.

Now, it’s time for some of the best Youtubers’ video reviews of the iJoy Mercury AiO.

IX. Best Video Reviews On The Web

Here are the iJoy Mercury All in One reviews of our three favorite Youtube reviewers of vaping products. Matt From SMM, Zophie Vapes and Mike Vapes.

We wanted them in our first review. We’re lucky they all made one of the iJoy Mercury AiO.

All three are great reviewers with each their style.

If we had to describe them in one word, we’d say… Matt is more serious, Mike is more engaging and Zophie more… quirky, LOL.

We love the three of them. So, here they are, ready to deliver their invaluable knowledge.

Disclaimer: In NO WAY do we pretend we are endorsed by or “affiliated” with these guys. We just sincerely appreciate the work they do and wanted to pay homage to them.

Matt From SMM's iJoy Mercury AiO Review

Zophie Vapes's iJoy Mercury AiO Review

Mike Vapes' iJoy Mercury All in One Review

E-cigs Online Store has 98.1% positive feedback and 1300 Followers – BuybestVapor Store has 98.8% positive feedback and 663 Followers

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