This is an article based on our review of the iJoy Mercury All in One Mouth To Lung vaping kit. It should have been part of the Mister MTL’s Thoughts/Opinion Section, but due to its length we judged preferable to make it a full-blown article. So, here it is.

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This Article only reflects MY opinion and thoughts. It doesn’t express’s (as a whole) view. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way nor to be derogatory to the iJoycig company. Still, this is my critique of the iJoy Mercury AiO (All in One) ugly resin design and of most vaping companies’ laziness as well as their disconcerting lack of taste.


Let me start by saying that performance and build quality-wise the iJoy Mercury AiO (this link and some of the following ones will direct you to shops with exceptionnally positive feedback on Aliexpress) is a good device. Not fantastic but good.
If it wasn’t for the resin panels, the holes in the front, the colors of the casing itself, the meh form factor, the… Ok, that’s a lot already. I guess I would have liked a totally different looking device.
Plus, the truth is I’m not a fan of the way most vaping companies create and use multicolored resin-only panels for their devices.

“It’s called a stain.”

I do like resin (the material and its feeling in the hand) but, if left unchecked, it usually produces untasteful color mixtures plastered without any sense of aesthetics or structure whatsoever.
For me, it just looks like… a smudge on a child’s t-shirt after playing with paint for a while. It’s not an “abstract oil painting” like I’ve heard, no.
It’s called a stain.
The patternless shapes resulting from the use of resin by most vaping companies (we’ll see later that, when done well, it can be quite beautiful and/or original) are smudges, nothing more.
Most people, reviewers included, like it and find it creative simply because they’re attracted to novelty and to “out of the ordinary” designs. Plus, it has colors. Yay! colors. Several colors on the same device? Double yay!

Ok, I get it. It’s supposed to be different. But different doesn’t mean positive or beautiful.
And don’t get me started on the visual result these combinations of colors produce. “But… Colors. And it feels good in the hand.” Oh, I see. I guess it’s marvelous, then.

Resin is also considered a more premium material. So, there’s that too.
In the specific case of the iJoy Mercury AiO, the fact that it was almost never applied on inexpensive AiO or Pod System panels before plays a role too. Though we’ll see some Box Mod kits were “graced” with resin before. And, now dozens of Pod Systems and All in Ones have “resin-inspired” (most are stickers or a form of plastic) designs.

Still, all this explains where most of the hype comes from.
But, honestly, the iJoy Mercury AiO uses some awful blends of colors (paint + casing) and I just find it ugly.

Do you really think these are beautiful? Do you find these color mixtures elegant or sleek?
Black, purple, red and green panels on a gold frame?
Red, green and black on some orange-ish bronze?
The purple and blue coupled with a rainbow case may be ok, for a girl, gay or gender-neutral person, though.
But even the red and blue on black is a cluttered mess. These are the best-looking devices they could come up with? (Believe me when I say iJoy Marketing department took its time to look for and select these. Proof is you can find pictures of much uglier ones on the web).
The iJoy Shogun UNIV Kit in all its glory - NOT an MTL device - I've put a link to the Mod and its kit, for those who DL vape and like the S-Galactic Hurricane or Blue Aurora colors - on Aliexpress

“I think I might throw up.”

Some other companies, the most popular example being Voopoo with its Drag line of Box Mods, used resin panels before. Just on one side for the Drag, by the way. Covering the entire other side, the brand name “DRAG” was printed in enormous letters. That was tasteful too. /s
iJoy itself used the exact same resin process (and colors) already.

Look what we’ve got here.
Meet is the iJoy Shogun UNIV (iJoycig website) and it was launched in December 2018:

The Blue Aurora and Galactic Hurricane(s) look good,, though. But does that remind you of anything?
It’s called recycling manufacturing optimization, I guess. And they added the Shogun Jr as well as the  new AI EVO kits to their collection of resin Vaping kits. If we believe their marketing material, they’ll even manage to uglify the iJoy Saturn (link to our MTL Vaping News Post) by putting resin on some models too.

But I mean, look at this, what a great choice of colors. And such a classy pattern… I think I might throw up.

So, they took the same flawed recipe and applied it to the Mercury. And everyone applauded them for it.

This also means there’s in fact nothing innovative or new with using resin for the iJoy Mercury AiO, by the way.

Resin is a poor choice of material if you aim for consistence (consistency too) and style. The way it’s usually used simply results in solidified colored fluids mixed randomly and glued to a surface, the panels of the device.
But I guess vaping companies can always just choose a bunch of colors, put them in a barrel, stir, spread them on their device and call it a day (or even art). And that’s what is almost always done unfortunately. Above all at an industrial level when quantities are high. 

They even use the almost exact same (ugly) colors and patterns on different devices. But as people not only praise the devices but buy them, they’ll keep on doing it.

The iStick Pico Resin by Eleaf is another example of how resin is used and usually looks like on a vaping gear.

All resin kits, mods etc… look pretty much the same anyway. Only the (combinations of) colors vary.

This Youtube channel, Friske Drag – E-sigaretter, is not responsible for the (lack thereof) aesthetics of this iStick Pico Mod from Eleaf. It’s just showcasing a product that can be found by many to be beautiful.


You want some more? Ok.

Here are, in order, the SMOK Nord, the Vapecig Nano All in One, the Artery Pal 2 Pro (not exactly resin but same idea), the $60 Asvape Micro AiOAnd the OiJoy Evo Pod System.

But there are plenty more. Every week there’s a couple new ones launched. I’m telling you, it’s an epidemic.

In my opinion, the idea of using resin isn’t even good to begin with. Yet, right now, resin-looking mouth to lung vaping devices is the new rage on the market. Some are using real resin, yet it doesn’t make them better looking. On the contrary. But most don’t use the real thing (or, if they actually do, it’s indistinguishable from plastic).

There’s a reason for that.
And it’s not only because plastic is cheaper or easier to produce.
It’s because, with plastic, you can create a more appealing design. You can choose exactly how the patterns will look and make them appear somehow random or “abstract”. Like the SMOK Trinity Alpha or the Smoant Pasito (US link) for example.

Not perfect but, the panels look way better, don’t you think?

I happen to like these designs. These illustrations look quite good. And the device performance is great too and you can even use an RTA/RBA with it.
The SnowWolf Wocket AiO - Not bad, huh?
You can get it on AliExpress, in SIGELEI/SnowWolf Official Store
98.9% Positive feedback and 12786 Followers
The Smoant Pasito All in One is available with all its accessories on Aliexpress ($28.99 the kit + 2 coils and free shipping worldwide) - in VapersMD Store - 98.4% Positive feedback - 12885 Followers

[NB: We won’t post a review of or promote the Trinity Alpha as it has, in our opinion, a way too loose, non-adjustable, airflow for MTL vaping. Plus, we had some leaking and build quality issues with ours and some customers have reported the same. 

So, we won’t recommend or link to it. A shame, because, compared to the iJoy Mercury AiO or the Lost Vape Orion (the one which lstarted the “walkie-talkie” trend), its design is way more polished and modern. Also, we may do a review of the Pasito but since we don’t care much for RBAs, I think we’ll do the SnowWolf Wocket (Official Sigelei store –the SnowWolf brand belongs to Sigelei– on AliExpress) instead. You can order it on VaporDNA too.]

“I don’t blame iJoy […] the idea of using resin itself is bad… if you go the lazy and random route”

Even premium, handmade and expensive resin panels can be ugly. I can’t post pictures of panels made for the original Billet Box here as those pictures are copyrighted. But look at this Google search and see for yourself (don’t forget to click the “Images” button). There are some that are truly ugly.


Resin isn’t reliable. It usually doesn’t give much better results than what iJoy obtained. So, I don’t blame them for the outcome they produced. I just find the idea of using resin itself to be bad… if you go the lazy and random route, of course.
But you could give resin some sort of pattern. Though, I imagine that, in the head of the designers of these vaping companies, you’re not supposed to. For them, it’s the way resin is meant to be utilized. At random. That’s its (sig)nature.

Still, obtaining a much better product is indeed possible if properly executed. Do you want to see how beautiful (Epoxy) resin,  some with stabilized wood, panels can look?

High end stabilized wood/resin regulated box mods.
Aleader Funky 80W Mod Kit - NOT an MTL Mod Kit but nice design still
The Rofvape Mist MTL Kit - Simple, appealing pattern which looks a lot like petrified wood.
Clearance Sale
$7!! on Aliexpress
The OneVape Lambo II. The best draw activated mini Pod System on the market.
Worldwide Free Delivery

“THIS is stylish and could be considered art.”

Above are a few more (than the Smoant Pasito –US link, SMOK Infinity –only for the design– and SnowWolf Wocket) I know about and can post a picture of (for copyright reasons). Just to prove it’s possible. If you do a Google search, you’ll find some more (plenty if you search for high end mods).

The first ones are high end MTL Box Mods, true. They don’t sell for the same price than the iJoy Mercury AiO and they’re made in very limited quantities. So, it’s not a fair comparison at all.

Though beside the high end MTL box mod kits, the Mist From Rofvape looks pretty good.

Also, the Aleader Funky (Not an MTL device but still) is original.
The way Aleader combines an alcove pattern with the use of resin is quite unique (I should say was unique because some new devices like the Voopoo Vinci use the same combination now).

Last, the OneVape Lambo II (link to our Review) is not only beautiful, it’s a fantastic Mouth To Lung Pod System.

I only want to show you what can be done with some resin.

So, you see, most manufacturers are just lazy and give us crap.

I think you get the idea. What you need to create more aesthetic resin design is less colors, more nuances and simpler patterns. This is/would be stylish and could be considered art.

So, in fact and to conclude, resin, in itself, is not an expensive process. And it can be made beautiful… If done the right way.

“As there are enough undeniably more stylish […] as much or more capable MTL devices […] I have no reason to even consider buying the iJoy Mercury AiO or similar devices.”

I think I‘ve made my point clear enough now…
Anyway, as much as my opinion on the aesthetics of real resin (I have nothing against the more “plasticky” ones, paradoxically) when it’s used by vaping companies to produce MTL vaping devices en masse is negative, it’s only an opinion. I can understand you may disagree.
I can also understand, with more difficulty I admit, that resin, the way it’s plastered on most of these products now, can still appeal to some (many it seems).

But for me, as I would need to be very lucky and stumble upon one of the few (in a batch) that do look good, it’s not worth the trouble.

So, it all boils down to this:
In my opinion, as there are enough undeniably more stylish MTL devices (All in Ones, Mod Box Kits and Pod Systems alike) being as much or more capable than the ones sporting resin available on the market, I have no reason to even consider buying the iJoy Mercury AiO or similar devices.

If, like me, you really like the resin look, you’re better off purchasing one of the other devices we’ve mentioned before.
They have the same style. They perform, in their own way, at least as good as the iJoy Mercury. And, without a doubt, they’re better looking.

Or, if your bank account allows it, you could acquire a stabilized wood Mod on top of which you’d put an MTL tank. Preferably the Zlide by Innokin as it’s the best (with its as competent older brother the Zenith) non-RBA/RTA Mouth To Lung Tank, in my opinion.

Epoxy or stabilized wood can help give a kind of structure and fix the paint and resin mixture together. It gives it some sort of shape as well, thus makes the result a lot less messy and, ultimately, a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Below are two stabwood Mods that look gorgeous and cost less than $100! A fantastic price for stabilized wood mods. I can almost guarantee you won’t find stabilized wood mods under $150. $200 would already be a pretty good deal. But usually, mods looking like these cost around $250 minimum. It can climb to more than a thousand bucks.

Both mods have or can be customized to have a DNA75 chip, maybe the best MTL chip on the market. 

Tip: try and ask the seller to show you pictures of the mod before sending it if s/he can. If you choose the one that can be custom-made with the DNA75 chip, it shouldn’t be an issue but sellers almost always send stabilized wood mods at random. You/they can’t choose the color or pattern since they’re already packed. You can ask, though.

Yloong Fogger Gorgeous And Affordable Stabilized Wood Mod
Handcrafted Stabwood Mod Customizable With A DNA75 Chip
Innokin Zlide MTL Tank
Click Here
Innokin Zlide Older Brother
The Zenith

To conclude and circle back to iJoy and AiOs, I’m far more interested in the upcoming iJoy Saturn (and see, I have nothing against iJoy as a company because this one, as well as their Luna Pod System, is calling for me. I really hope they are as good devices as their design is classy). It has a completely different look and is way more appealing to, not just me, but to us, at

Until next time,