THC Tauren X Review: MTL Best AiO Kit vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro?

THC Tauren X Full Review + Comparison Vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro AiO Vape Kit.
Which Is The Best?

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THC Tauren X Review & videos | + Tauren X vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro comparison. Which is MTL best AiO vape kit for flavors, vapor production, design, build quality?

Welcome to our THC Tauren X Review.

Tauren X Vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro: Fight!

As the Tauren X and Artery Pal 2 Pro both sport the same type of (more or less compatible) coils, we’ll do a different type of review today.


Our THC Tauren X Review will compare it to the actual runner up (or 3rd place, not sure since we didn’t get our hands on the Hellvape Grimm kit, yet) of our Best MTL AiO Vape Kit of 2019 Selection (coming soon), the Artery Pal 2 Pro (link to our review of it).

We’ll see if the Artery Pal 2 Pro can keep its rank. But, as we don’t want to create an artificial suspense, we can tell you right now that the THC Tauren X ends up the winner. Not by a wide margin, but the winner. Though, it depends on your preference on some factors.

We’ll determine that while both devices offer a similar vaping experience, the THC Tauren X has a better design, better build quality and better ergonomics.

Even on pure performance (flavor reproduction, vapor production, vapor warmth and density + throat hit), the THC Tauren X can be arguably declared the winner.

 [NB: If you don’t know or are not sure what MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping means, you can read our article explaining it (as well as Direct To Lung, aka DTL, vaping thoroughly).]

Our THC Tauren X Pod Kit was generously provided to us by SourceMore

This, of course, doesn’t affect in any way, shape or form our THC Tauren X review or the opinion we formed of the THC Tauren X.

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The different sections of our THC Tauren X review will be:


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If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, you should definitely read our 2-part, 7000+ words, article: The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.

Also, if you’re not sure what are the differences between all the vaping devices, or want to know more about them, you can read this article.

Now, let’s begin our THC Tauren X review.

I. Specifications + Inside The Packaging


Dimensions: 97 x 40 x 20mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy/PCTG Cartridge

Power Range: 5-25w

Screen: 0.42”OLED

Coil Type: Mesh Coil 1.0Ω(MTL) / 0.6Ω(DTL)

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

Fill Type: Top Fill

Airflow: Adjustable

Capacity: 2ml

Charging Current: 1A

Port: Micro USB


1 x Tauren-X-Pod

1 x 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil (15-23W)

1 x 1.0 Ohm Mesh Coil (9-14W)

1 x USB Cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x User Manual & Warranty Card

1 x Spare Parts

II. THC Tauren X Review.
THC Tauren X Vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro. And the Winner Is…

A. A Vaping Device Recalling The Luxury Sports Car Of Your Dreams

– The Tauren X Pod Kit design: Luxury Car vs. Flask (Artery Pal 2 Pro)

If you’ve already visited this website, you know that we love the Billet Box flask form factor. That’s the design the Artery Pal 2 Pro (review) tries and imitate with some success. But while we find ergonomic and pleasant to use our thumb to fire it, the Artery Pal 2 Pro isn’t the device with the best Billet Box inspired design (the OHM Vape AiO and DotMod dotAIO are).

Plus, the THC Tauren X design is unique and yet, we still can thumb-fire with it too.

If you like luxury sport racing cars, you’ll love the THC Tauren X Pod (AiO Vape) Kit design.

It has the aerodynamic shapes (very important for a vaping devices 😀), the pointy indents on the top and bottom of the casing, plus a golden shield with a bull head on it which is very much reminiscent of luxury sport car logos like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche have. This logo could easily belong to one of these brands.

It has the name too: the Tauren X, it sounds like a roadster. 

So, it’s not difficult to imagine where Thunderhead Creations took its inspiration when designing and creating the THC Tauren X (Pod). Plus, the “X” letter situated at the bottom center of the front panel is big and bold.

And it works. The THC Tauren X AiO Vape kit does look good, very good. And even if you’re not particularly into sport cars, its unique looks should tempt you.

We also like the fact that the resin-looking drip tip is assorted to the color of the device. It’s not real resin, though.

– The Tauren X Pod Kit build quality and feels

Here, there’s almost no contest. The THC Tauren X is just a better built and thought out (see the pod tank section below) device than the Artery Pal 2 Pro.

ThunderHead-Creations-THC-Tauren-X-MTL-AiO-Vape-Kit-Review-Different-colors-build-quality-feelThe build quality matches the looks of the device.

The Tauren X doesn’t feel like it’s made of aluminum, though it is. But it’s thick aluminum alloy and feels solid.

The coating used on the Tauren X reminds us of the one of the Ohm Vape AiO kit (presentation. If you read it, you’ll understand why we won’t review it). It prevents fingerprints from messing with the design and feels soft to the touch.

It creates a nice contrast with the solidity of the device.

The buttons are raised high and easy to identify. They have a rough surface (with engraved concentric circles) that makes them impervious to slips. They are perfectly integrated to the chassis and don’t move at all.

The only thing we can criticize the Tauren X Pod AiO vape kit for on build quality is the slight wobbling of the pod tank. It’s not annoying as we don’t feel the tank moving when we vape. It’s secured with magnets, so no issue there. But it wiggles a bit. It doesn’t fit perfectly in its place.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the ergonomics of the Pod tank (+ coil) section.

– A pod tank section very well thought out.

This is something that is under-appreciated. But the way Thunderhead Creations designed the Tauren X Pod kit tank is just smart and useful.



The coil sits in the center of the tank for optimum wicking (time). The cotton should almost always be in contact with e-liquid. This is not the case when the coil is on the side of the tank.

It doesn’t matter which side but, what makes things worse it that manufacturers usually put the coil on the opposite side of the fire button. Which means, it’s either not fed by e-liquid when we vape (which can create dry burns) or we need to vape awkwardly with the fire button away from our mouth.

Anyway, we give props to THC for this.

But that’s not all. Whereas the drip tip is situated on one side of the pod tank and not in the center, the pod itself can be inserted either way

This means that the drip tip can always be the closest possible to our mouth, whichever side of the Tauren X Pod kit we prefer to vape on. It allows for a much more comfortable gesture with less “wrist-bending” going on.

[NB: Try to vape with the drip tip away from your mouth and then closer to your mouth, you’ll see the difference in the amplitude of the gesture you make and the way your wrist bends].

Nice, right? Granted, the pod tank I small. So, the drip tip can be on either side when you pull a puff and it doesn’t impact the vaping experience much. But still, they thought of it.

– But a conic and proprietary drip tip.

The Artery Pal 2 Pro, while not exactly sporting a proprietary drip tip, has a piece of metal that is an integral part of its tank. There’s a tiny 510 drip tip on top but if you try and change it, the new drip tip likely won’t fit. It will be too  big. So, it won’t be flush will stick out too high.

So, one thing we would have liked/preferred is for the ThunderHead-Creations-THC-Tauren-X-MTL-AiO-Vape-Kit-Review-Design-proprietary-drip-tipdrip tip to be a 510. But it’s not. It has the same diameter at the start but it shrinks at its base. So, you can’t put another 510 drip tip on it.

We tried half a dozen and none fit (correctly or at all). A shame as we have a couple golden ones that could have matched with the logo.

Though, as the bore of the THC Tauren X drip tip is so small and the drip tip itself has a conic shape, it can occasionally generate e-liquid condensation inside its air channel.

So, we sometimes get e-liquid on our lips when it happens. It happens rarely though.

[NB: Ok, we know we’re reaching but  we need to find some cons otherwise, we would have to say this device is perfect and you won’t believe us… LOL]

B. How The THC Tauren X Pod Kit Works (Features)

Here, we won’t compare each THC Tauren X features with the Artery Pal 2 Pro. They have similar specs and battery life. The areas where the Tauren X wins over the Pal 2 Pro are its always visible screen (if you don’t mind not being able to turn it off) and filling mechanism.

Being able to fill the Tauren X from the top is way more convenient than the hiden side filling port on the Artery Pal 2 Pro. Because of it, we often overfill the Pal 2 Pro and end up with e-liquid spilling on the device and/or our fingers.


How the THC Tauren X works will be explained in detail in the videos in the next section. But for those who don’t want or can’t watch the videos, here’s the list of its main features:

Features list

1000mAh internal battery that last about the day if you MTL vape on the 1.0hm coils (9 to 14W).

– A 0.42 inch screen showing you the battery, wattage and puff count.

A PRO is that the screen is very bright. Maybe the brightest we’ve seen.

But a CON is that it can NOT be turned off. Bar some awkward gesture (it’s possible to put your thumb over the screen while firing with your index), forget about stealth vaping at night with the Tauren X.

– A top filling system with a screw for a more secure closing mechanism. It won’t leak.

Adjustable power (5-25w).

Be careful if, like us, you begin to be used to devices automatically adjusting the max power output to the coil you insert in the tank/pod.

The THC Tauren X doesn’t do that. So, you have to remember the max output of the coil you use and not exceed it.

–  Adjustable airflow.

It’s adjustable but will stay an MTL (Mouth To Lung) draw with the 1.0ohm coils or a very restricted DTL draw with the 0.6ohm coils.

– RBA Section + deck

We don’t use and, thus, don’t talk much about rebuildable tanks/atomizers and coils (RBAs/RTAs) but THC made an RBA section for the Tauren X.

Most All in Ones offer this feature nowadays but the Tauren X has the upper hand, here. Because THC provides a deck in the packaging of the RBA version. Very thoughtful.

You put it on the THC Tauren X itself to work on your coils, check the resistance etc…

– No USB-C but 1A charging.

The Tauren X charges in about an hour or so.

C. Best YouTube THC Tauren X Reviews – Videos

Here, no comparison with the Artery Pal 2 Pro is necessary either. It’s all about the THC Tauren X. Plus, Matt From SMM and DJLsb Vapes (reviewers whose THC Tauren X review videos we present below) don’t adopt the same approach as we did.

Now, to be able to see exactly how the Tauren Pod X functions and what are its main features, the best thing to do is to watch of couple videos of it in action.

That’s exactly what we propose you to do right now. We’ll be back after that to add to, and comment on a couple of things said in these THC Tauren X reviews. We’ll then give you our assessment on the way the THC Tauren X Pod (AiO vape kit) vapes.

[NB: A large portion of both these THC Tauren X reviews is devoted  to the rebuildable coil section. This is the opportunity for those interested to watch and learn about this specific feature of the THC Tauren X AiO Vape kit. You can skip this if you don’t intend to order the version with RBA section or keep on watching to learn more about coils and vaping. 😉 Plus, these guys are experts. So, you’ll be taught by the best.]

Matt From SMM's THC Tauren X Review

DJLsb Vapes’ THC Tauren X Review

NB: On BuyBest “dispatch within” actually means  “delivery within“.

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, click here.

D. Some Comments And Additional Thoughts On Matt From SMM & DJLsb’s THC Tauren X Reviews

– As we’ve said before, we confirm what DJLsb says: the THC Tauren X drip tip is NOT a 510.

– Matt (From SMM) doesn’t realize that clicking 4 times can lock the device. But it does so completely.

We agree with DJLsb and think this feature is worthless if it doesn’t allow to keep vaping on the Tauren X (only locking the + and – buttons). We can simply click it one more time to turn it off if we want to lock everything.

– 0.8omh coils?

DJLsb’s Vapes (Daniel) speaks of a 0.8ohm coil at the end of his Tauren X review but the second coil provided in the box, as he shows himself at the beginning of his video, is indeed a 0.6ohm coil… or so it would seem. It’s what is written on the coil.

But the THC Tauren X (screen) displays a value of 0.77ohm (we got another at 0.83 too). So, a lot closer to what DJLsb says. And as we can see in his THC Tauren X review, the read of the Tauren X is pretty accurate. So, he’s right. Contrary to what is written on the coil, it seems like it’s in fact a 0.8ohm coil.


– Coils Compatibility

But they both forget to mention, and this is important, that the THC Tauren coils are compatible with the Artery Spryte, Artery Pal 2 (Pro) and, now, the Hellvape Grimm kit coils.

This is important for coil choice, for future coil availability and because the Artery Pal 2 HP coils are just fantastic. Even a little better than the Tauren X ones. The best coils in terms of flavor reproduction out of all the MTL devices we’ve tested this year. Though they may last a little less than your average coils.

[NB1: HP stands for High Performance. If you order Artery Pal 2 coils, be sure they’re these HP versions. Though, don’t worry, they are the ones we link to here and in our review of the Pal 2 Pro.

NB2: But be aware that the threading of the coils is a tiny bit thicker on the Tauren X coils. So, some Artery Pal 2 HP 1.0ohm coils may not be detected by the Tauren X when they’re screwed in the airflow ring base. It seems they can be a couple hundred microns short and not touch the conductive metallic plate of the airflow adjustment ring.

It happened with one out of the 3 we tested. We don’t know about the other resistance coils. They should also be compatible but with the same reservation.]

– Also, we disagree with both of them on the firing button placement.

We thought we would dislike it too. But as we thumb-fire (when it’s possible), the low position of the button is actually better for us.

We click with the thumb while the base of the Tauren X is resting on our pinky. Very comfortable.

Plus, we can always vape on it by grabbing it and close our hand around it. Like this we can vape while firing with the index, no issue… But it kinda looks like an addict in need of a fix, LOL.

E. How The THC Tauren X Vapes – Performance

You’ve just been watching a couple of THC Tauren X reviews in videos. So, you already have a good idea of how it vapes.

But we still want to briefly give you our opinion on the matter. It’s an important topic, maybe the most, so one more assessment can’t hurt, right?

Plus, it’s one more opportunity to do a quick Tauren X vs. Pal 2 Pro comparison.

– Flavor reproduction.

Artery Pal 2 Pro – Coils very similar to the Tauren X

The THC Tauren X uses similar coils as the Artery Pal 2 Pro. Thus, the flavor reproduction is about as good.

Even though the THC 1.0 and 0.6ohm coils are both Mesh coils (only the 0.6ohm coils are on Artery side), this is difficult to judge.

It seems like the 1.0ohm HP coils (13.5W max) of the Artery Pal 2 Pro do a slightly better job than the 1.0ohm coils of the THC Tauren X (14W max).

But there’s contest between their 0.6ohm coils (THC and Artery HP coils both have a 15-23W range). It would be down to the ones you prefer, honestly.

In any case, it’s not an issue since the Artery Pal 2 *HP* coils are mostly compatible with the THC Tauren X Pod kit (and the Hellvape Grimm kit). So, we can simply order these instead of the ones made by THC if we so wish.

But, if you want to be sure the coils you buy will be 100% compatible with the Tauren X, better to stick with the manufacturer coils. They are excellent coils and it’s really a toss up to know which ones are better.

Still, it’s a nice option and can help against the possibility of the Tauren X coils not being produced by ThunderHead Creations anymore.

HellVape Grimm Kit – AiO Vape Kit – All colors

Also, remember that the THC Tauren X coils are compatible with Grimm Green’s kit too (presentation).

The Hellvape Grimm kit may be a better choice of device than the Artery Pal 2 Pro because of some build quality issues on the Pal 2 Pro (see our review for more info). And maybe even than the THC Tauren X if only because of the Tauren X (proprietary) drip tip situation. Though, the Tauren X does look good and we know how it performs, i.e. great. (We haven’t tested the Grim kit yet.)

– High vapor production.

The vapor production is also similar to the Artery Pal 2 Pro, which means very good.

It just attests to how good the vapor production of the Tauren X is. It’s not at the Voopoo Vinci (review) level (but what is?), but it’s very satisfying for us, MTL vapers, and will be as well for new comers and smokers wanting to quit.

Compared to the Artery Pal 2 (Pro) 1.0Ohm HP coils, you get slightly less vapor with the THC Tauren X Pod 1.0ohm coils and slightly more with the 0.6ohm coils.

So, here too, it’s difficult to declare a winner.

The drag is, for lack of better words, crisper on the Pal 2 Pro (which emits a crackling sound we find enjoyable and satisfying) and more plain, smoother on the Tauren X.

We really like to vape on the Tauren X 0.6Ohm coils.

– Warmth and density.

The vape is warm and thick. It feels dense. Absolutely no complains here. On the contrary, The Tauren X performs a bit better than the Pal 2 Pro. Surely thanks to its smaller drip tip air channel.

– Throat hit.

Same here, the throat hit is well present and felt. And no clear winner between the two, here.

Brief THC Tauren X vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro Review Conclusion

That’s it for the main content of our THC Tauren X Review. Our THC Tauren X vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro comparison is also over.

And, as you’ve understood, the winner is the Tauren X for us, not by a wide margin, though.

Basically, they almost vape the same. The THC Tauren X has better build quality and a more unique design but the Artery Pal 2 Pro has a form factor we love and a true thumb firing placed button.

So, in fact, it depends on what you value most and prefer.

Below, you’ll find our THC Tauren X review scores, its PROs and CONs and, finally, Mister MTL’s opinion.



III. THC Tauren X Review Scores

Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality


MTL Airflow


Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature


Throat Hit




Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


V. THC Tauren X AiO Vape Kit Pros & Cons


  • Unique luxury sport cars design
  • Great build quality except the pod tank that wingles a bit.
  • Pleasant coating to the feel and which prevents fingerprints
  • Clever pod tank design
  • Easy and secure top filling
  • Large coil compatibility
  • Doesn’t leak at all
  • High vapor production
  • Potentially the best flavor reproduction
  • High vapor density
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Easy to use
  • Bright screen
  • About a day of battery life
  • 2 coils provided in the packaging (MTL and… MTL or restricted DTL)
  • About a day of battery life
  • RBA option with deck provided.


  • Light e-liquid condensation in/on the drip tip sometimes
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • Can’t turn the screen off
  • Useless key lock feature

Ok, it’s now time to wrap our THC Tauren X review with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

VII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

The reason we did this THC Tauren X vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro comparison is because both devices indeed vape similarly. And if you read my section in our Voopoo Vinci Review, you already know that I might prefer vaping on the Artery Pal 2 Pro than on the Vinci sometimes.

Plus, these devices compete against each other to be the MTL best AiO Vape kit and best Vape kit overall of the year. So, the comparison was only natural.

But let’s focus on the THC Tauren X Pod kit for a moment.

It’s almost the perfect device for me. It vapes fantastic.

Contrary to its design, it’s not a fancy vape. I don’t know how to put it but the vaping experience is maybe even superior to the Vinci while seemingly more straightforward.

And it ticks all the boxes for me:

– Top of the line flavor reproduction

– High production of dense and warm vapor.

– It grants us with a smooth almost silky vape but with a well present and rewarding hit.

Independently of a THC Tauren X vs. Artery Pal 2 Pro comparison, it just vapes great.

I also like the solid feel (the build quality is far superior than the Artery Pal 2 Pro). I’m surprised it’s mainly composed of aluminum because it has some weight to it. And it really feels compact and sturdy. It’s aluminum alloy, though. So, there must be some other metals that give it more strength. Plus, the casing is very thick.

The coating is really nice to the touch. And so are the buttons. More, you won’t get fingerprints on this one thanks to the coating.

I’m really impressed by the build quality to be honest.

The pod design, as we mentioned in the first section of our THC Tauren X review, is clever and functional.

The coil is in the middle of the pod and thus is always in contact with e-liquid.

On the other hand, the drip tip is slightly off-centered to allow for it to be closer to the edge of the device. And, as you can insert the pod either way, whichever position you prefer to vape on, the drip tip will always be close to your mouth.

I obviously like the looks too. We have it in gunmetal color. And I actually find the golden logo to be nice. Even if the drip tip is of the same gun metal color, I would have preferred to be able to put a small golden one that matches the shield/logo, though. But it’s not possible.

This conic drip tip is the only con I find the Tauren X to have (actually, not being able to turn off the screen is another minor one). 

So, I pretty much love this kit, without reservation.


The performance and the build quality of the THC Tauren X are so good that it will still replace my Artery Pal 2 Pro as my daily driver.

[I use 3-4 devices every day. The Vinci, the Artery Pal 2 Pro, and the Alpha Zip Pod kit and Innokin I.O for stealth and/or easy smoking-like vaping. If I go out for some outdoor activities, the gym or think I’ll be away for more than a day, I put my Innokin Adept in my bag and it replaces the Artery Pal 2 pro… now the Tauren X.]

So, yes, I recommend the THC Tauren X (even over the Artery Pal 2 Pro) to MTL vapers reading this.

Until next time,

Mister MTL


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