Suorin-Air-Plus Review - Best Pod System

Suorin Air Plus Review. Best Pod System For Suit Wearing Professionals

Suorin Air Plus Review – The Suorin Air Plus is among the best Pod Systems for its design, flavor reproduction and convenience. A great business looking device.

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Suorin-Air-Plus-Executives Best Pod System featured-


Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality


Airflow (medium loose)


Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use

Suorin-Air-Plus-Executives Best Pod System -

I. Suorin Air Plus Specifications + Inside The Packaging

Dimensions: 93.2 × 50 × 10mm 

930mAh Integrated Battery

22W Max Output

3.2ml Standard Capacity / 2ml (TPD)

0.7Ohm Coil

1 Ohm Coil 

LED Battery Indication System

USB C Port

The Suorin Air Plus comes with:

x1 Suorin Air Plus Device

x1 0.7 Ohm Empty Pod Cartridge

x1 1.0 Ohm Empty Pod Cartridge

USB cable

User manual

II. Suorin Air Plus First Impressions + Design & Build Quality
Business Looking And Light Weight

Suorin-Air-Plus-Executives Best Pod System featured-

1. Among The Best Pod Systems For Its Design: Classy And Business Looking

In our opinion, the Suorin Air Plus is among the best Pod Systems in the design category.

It undeniably looks better than its predecessor (the Suorin Air).

Suorin Air Pod System - Mouth to lung - MTL vape kit
The Suorin Air

The Suorin Air Plus is a true 2.0 version of it. It’s more refined and classy.

“Business-looking” is the best way to describe the Suorin Air Plus design. And whether it’s intentionally targeted at them or not, it seems to be made for executives, managers, consultants, attorneys, i.e. all the suit wearing professionals.

Maybe it’s because of its credit card (holder) appearance, or maybe because it’s sleek and minimalist (more on minimalist design), has a clean rectangular shape and plain colors. But we really like it.

We also like the shape of the mouthpiece and its placement in the upper corner of the device. 

In contrast to some reviewers, it doesn’t bother us in the slightest. We don’t find it awkward. On the contrary, as it allows for the Suorin Air Plus to have one of the best Pod Systems design, it’s a pro. Plus, it’s still uncommon and makes it stand out. And, above all, it’s comfortable and easy to get used to.

But, and because we find the design so appealing, we felt somewhat disappointed when we took the Suorin Air Plus in our hands for the first time.

2. The Suorin Air Plus Is Mostly Made Of Plastic… But That’s What Makes It So Light.

The feeling when holding the Suorin Air Plus should have matched its impeccable design. But it turned out that the Suorin Air Plus was not as pleasing to hold in our hands than it was to look at.

When we took it out from the packaging, it felt a bit cheap. We soon realized it was almost all plastic except for the sturdy plate of aluminum glued on top of it and covering most of its body.

We weren’t expecting this. But this is what makes it so light too. So, and after this almost instinctive negative reaction, we understood Suorin’s decision and choice.

Despite its size and big battery, the Suorin Air Plus is so light it can be put in a shirt front pocket or the inside pocket of a suit and be forgotten. It won’t bother you by its presence in the slightest. Perfect for the professionals we think it’s best fitted for.

Still, in our opinion, the questionable use of plastic makes the Suorin Air Plus less appealing. It doesn’t feel as premium as it should.

3. Suorin Air Plus Very Good Build Quality

Suorin Air Plus - Executives Best Pod System - all colors - Mouth to lung - MTL vape kit
The Suorin Air Plus is available in 8 different colors –

The Suorin Air Plus build quality is very good, though. Thanks to its construction and design (no door or button), nothing is moving or wobbling. No strange sounds are emitted when using it.

The pods sit perfectly on the Suorin Air Plus frame. They are secured by strong magnets. They don’t come out even if you shake the Suorin Air Plus hard (although some e-liquid will escape form the pod if you do).

The Suorin Air Plus seems to be able to sustain drops without us being worried it will break or cease functioning (we did drop it twice and it doesn’t have scratches or performance issues).

So, despite a questionable use of plastic, the Suorin Air Plus is very well built. It’s a stylish and business looking device. Its unique design places it among the best Pod Systems in this category.

In fact, it’s the main reason why we picked it for review. But that’s not the only factor setting it apart from the competition.

What else makes the Suorin Air Plus one of the best Pod Systems out there? Let’s see…

III. USP - Unique selling Propositions
The Suorin Air Plus Big Battery, USB-C Port And 3.2ml Pods

Aside from its stylish design (as well as its convenience and ease of use – see Section V), The Suorin Air Plus has other tricks up its sleeve.

1. One Of The Biggest Batteries In A Pod System.

Suorin Air Plus - Executives Best Pod System - Battery Size Life - Mouth to lung - MTL vape kitThe Suorin Air Plus has a 930mAh battery. It’s a lot of mAh for a Pod System. When a Pod System has a 500mAh battery, it’s already considered to be top tier. So, its 900+ mAh battery places the Suorin Air Plus in All in One territory and among the best Pod Systems in this category too.

[NB: Remember that the main difference between a Pod System and an All in One is that with a Pod System, the coils aren’t removable. You have to change and throw away the whole pod when the coils are done. See our What Are The Different Types Of Mouth To Lung Vaping Devices article for more.]

It’s also why it’s called the Suorin Air PLUS.

And thanks to its battery capacity, it should last you all day with moderate use. (More on battery life in Section VI).


2. USB-C charging

Soon, we won’t have to mention this anymore but, for now, USB-C charging is still uncommon enough for us to point out when a Pod System sports it.

But the Suorin Air Plus doesn’t profit of all the benefits USB-C can offer, like charging speed. The convenience of not having to worry about which side you plug your cable in is there but not the increased charging speed.

The Suorin Air Plus charges at an average 1A. It’s faster than most Pod Systems but not the kind of speed USB-C could attain.

It takes about an hour to charge the battery, though. So, not a big deal.


3. The Suorin Air Plus Sports 2 Different Pods With 3.2ml Capacity.

The Suorin Air Plus comes with 3.2ml pods. That’s also quite the amount of e-liquid for a pod (system). It’s about twice as much as what we usually get (1.5 to 2ml). And almost 5 times the e-liquid capacity of a Juul: 0.7ml.Suorin Air Plus - Executives Best Pod System - 3.2ml e-liquid capacity - Mouth to lung - MTL vape kit

Thus, the Suorin Air Plus ranks among the best Pod Systems in yet another category: e-liquid capacity.

[NB: In Europe, you may only be able to obtain it with 2ml pods because of the TPD laws. But if you order from China, you may receive the standard version depending on the stock of the shop you will order it from.]

We also have the choice between two types of coils/pods and they’re both included in the box: one with a 0.7 Ohm resistance and the other with a 1.0 Ohm coil.

The 1.0 Ohm coil/pod is said to be meant for nicotine salt e-liquids but you shouldn’t pay attention to this. Any pod or coil that can be used with nic salt e-liquids is also suitable for regular freebase e-liquids, and vice versa. So, you can put your preferred type of juice (nic salt or regular) in any of these pods without issue.

The 1.0 Ohm pod has a red filling plug instead of the usual black one of the 0.7 Ohm pod, to be able to differentiate them at a glance.

The strange thing is they both are providing a very similar type of vape. Not identical but close. And that’s what we’re going to discuss now.

“ the way the Suorin Air Plus vapes is quite satisfying. [...] Plus, the flavors rendering is fantastic.”

IV. How Does The Suorin Air Plus Vape?
Great Flavors, Medium MTL Draw And Airy Vapor

1. Good Amount Of Vapor But Too Airy?

With its 22W maximum output (11 to 16W for the 1.0 coil/pod – 16 to 22W for the 0.7 Ohm pod) and 930mAh battery, we must say we were expecting a higher vapor production from the Suorin Air Plus.

Don’t get us wrong, it delivers a good amount of vapor for a Pod System but not as much as we thought it would with these specs.

Same goes for the vapor itself. It’s a bit airy, not that dense.

And this is true for both the 0.7 and 1.0 Ohm coils. The only difference we noticed between them is the superior warmth of the vapor produced by the 0.7 Ohm pod. The vapor is warm for both coils but noticeably warmer with the 0.7 Ohm pod.

The somewhat low density of the vapor produced (again, relatively to the Suorin Air Plus specs) is almost the only complaint (with the fact it’s made out of a bit too much plastic for our taste) we have.

All in all, the Suorin Air Plus is still among the best Pod Systems in terms of vapor production: a bit less than the Caliburn (China) and marginally more than the OneVape Lambo II (link to our review). But its vapor is not as dense as either of them. Plus, the Caliburn (USA) has a looser draw whereas the Lambo II has a more restricted airflow and, thus, a true MTL draw.


2. Medium/Loose MTL Draw

Speaking of which, the Suorin Air Plus draw is comfortable. It’s medium, slightly loose and good for Mouth To Lung vaping, better than the Caliburn in that regard. (The Suorin Air Plus can also be used for Direct to Lung vaping if you like a more restricted DL draw).

One thing to note is that the 1.0 Ohm coils make some of that crackling sound we like. It’s normal and there’s nothing to be worried about, by the way.


3.    What About The Suorin Air Plus Flavor Reproduction? It’s Just Great.

Now, flavor reproduction is where, in our opinion, the Suorin Air Plus shines. Again, maybe not as much as the Caliburn (we didn’t test it because of its ugly design and, according to those who did, its way-too-loose-for-us draw) but better than any of the Pod Systems we’ve tried before. Our taste buds are delighted when we use the Suorin Air Plus.

Tobacco and dessert/sugary flavored e-liquids pop, particularly with the 0.7 Ohm pod since it produces a warmer vapor. The 1.0 Ohm pod is quite good with these kinds of flavors too but it reproduces fruity, minty or icy flavors better.

So, the Suorin Air Plus is also one of the best Pod Systems for flavor reproduction.

To conclude this section, despite our little disappointment about the vapor production and density, the way the Suorin Air Plus vapes is quite satisfying. Its Medium/Loose MTL draw is comfortable. Plus, the flavor rendering is fantastic.

V. Ergonomics + Ease of Use
Even More Convenient Than Other Pod Systems

As almost all pod systems the Suorin Air Plus is very easy to use. But Suorin went a step further to make the Suorin Air Plus even more convenient to deal with.

Suorin Air Plus - Best Pod System - red filling plug and 2 types of coilsWe’ve already mentioned the red color of the 1.0 Ohm pod filling plug which makes it instantly recognizable. But one thing both the 0.7 and 1.0 Ohm pod plugs have is a different design.

Suorin tried to add a little piece of plastic that should have helped open the pods more easily. We say “should” because it’s not exactly on point. The extra piece of plastic always stays flat on our pods and it’s almost impossible to pull by hand, in fact. The trick we found is that we use the rounded top corner of the Suorin Air Plus body to lift the extra piece of plastic of the plug.

It works but it’s not ideal. Above all when this system is supposed to help opening the pods, not hinder the process. So, the intention is good, not the realization. Though, maybe, it’s the pods we’ve got in the box that are at fault and the other ones have better built plugs.  

Something that can’t be faulted is the e-liquid capacity of the pods (as long as you don’t live in Europe or if you can acquire the standard ones anyway). It’s 3.2ml which means we don’t have to fill them often.

And then, there’s also the USB-C charging port. The Suorin Air Plus doesn’t charge that fast but it’s always nice to don’t have to bother with the direction we plug the cable in the device.

More, the battery indicator is more precise than other Pod Systems since there’re 5 LEDs showing the battery status. They turn off one by one as the battery life diminishes.Suorin Air Plus - Best Pod System - Battery LEDs indicator - Mouth to lung vaping - MTL vape kit

We hear the complaints about how they don’t stay activated long enough but we disagree. Not only can you see them lighting up while vaping but you also have time to see them after taking your puffs. The LEDs stay lit up for a short time but it’s enough to see their number.

Another thing that reviewers often complain about is the way the device is held, its handling. They find it either awkward or not ideal for stealth vaping. We don’t.

In fact, we like the grip and how it fits in our hands. We also don’t care about stealth vaping with it. So, the fact that it may be difficult for some to hide it completely in their hand is not a concern to us. In the rare situations we want to stealth vape (don’t remember the last time it happened), we use a smaller device, that’s it.

We also, as we’ve said before, like the mouthpiece.  

Last, the leaking/condensation of the pods is reduced to a minimum which means less maintenance.

VI.Suorin Air Plus Battery Life
About A day of Moderate Use

The 930mAh battery of the Suorin Air Plus should make it last about a day of moderate usage.

Moderate, because, despite being a Pod System, its power output is relatively high (22W max for the 0.7 Ohm coil/pod). So, it significantly taxes the battery. The 1.0 Ohm coil lasts a bit longer.

Obviously, the more you drag on it, the less it will last. It should go without saying but we’re saying it nonetheless.

VII. Pros & Cons


  • Classy, business looking design
  • Unique form factor
  • Light
  • USB-C charging port
  • 3.2ml e-Liquid capacity
  • All day battery life
  • Good amount of vapor
  • Great flavors
  • Passthrough feature


  • Mostly made of plastic
  • Airy, not dense vapor

That’s it for the main content of this review. We let you with the possibly controversial Mister MTL’s Thoughts.


VIII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

All the following links in this Section will redirect you (in a different window) to articles, news and reviews on our website.

I didn’t like the first Suorin Air Pod System design. It was approximative and looked like a toy, not refined enough. So, I never bought one.

But when I saw the Suorin Air Plus, I immediately wanted it. It looked like a true 2.0 version of the Air. It gave me the same “me wants” feeling that I later got from the iJoy Saturn All in One and the iJoy Luna or OZ Slide Pod Systems. I had to order it.

So, I had high expectations. I hoped the Suorin Air Plus performance would match its looks but, for me, it isn’t really the case.

At first, when I opened the box, I was excited. This thing looks classy.

When I took it in my hands, though, it was too light. “Plastic”, I said to myself.

But, and despite a maybe excessive use of plastic, the build quality is good, no doubt. And it’s light too. To be light has its advantages, right?

Then, when I tried it, as much as I liked the sound the 1.0 Ohm coil was making, the vaping experience wasn’t that satisfying. The vapor was a bit too shallow and airy for my taste.

I thought it was because of the 1.0 Ohm coil, so I tried the 0.7 Ohm one. But it was basically the same.  

I truly asked myself where’s the 22W power at? The draw is good, a bit loose, but good. So, is it possible that Suorin overestimated the true power output of their device? Or are they just poor at making coils? I don’t know since that’s the first Suorin product I try.

But I was disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, though, the Suorin Air Plus isn’t a bad Pod System at all. There’s nothing wrong with it. And I guess that’s not Suorin’s fault. It’s me. I was just expecting… more. But it’s limited by the fact it’s indeed a Pod System.

And as much as its dimensions (not thickness though), battery size and the wattage at which it operates could make it compete with All in Ones, it’s not really the case.

And I think it’s because of the coils. They’re Pod System coils, so they’re just too small. Whatever the power output is, they are still tiny, surely because of how thin the Suorin Air Plus is. 

Plus, unlike most AiOs, the airflow isn’t adjustable either. I would have liked closing the airflow a bit to see if it would produce some denser, more satisfying vapor.

The Suorin Air Plus vapor production is comparable to Pod Systems with lower battery capacity (300 to 450mAh, I can’t even say 500mAh since the Caliburn seems to produce more vapor, and a denser one at that) but, and again, it’s a somewhat shallow vapor.

It’s comfortable, though, and, strangely, I like vaping on it. I do regularly, actually. But I suspect it’s more due to its form factor, design and the flavors it produces.

[UPDATE 10/18/2019: I keep on using the Suorin Air Plus from time to time. I love the unique form factor. And, you know what, it doesn’t vape that bad after all. 😉😀]

Because as far as flavors are concerned, it’s a great device.

I  also think the Suorin Air Plus may still be a good Mouth To Lung device for those of you who want to quit smoking. 

For its out-of-the-ordinary form factor, to try a somewhat looser draw, for its ease of use, battery life and the low maintenace it requires… But, above all, for the way it renders flavors (for a Pod System. The best All in Ones can do better).

BUT I would at least recommend buying an MTL AiO device with it. Because good All in Ones can perform even better. So, they’re even better suited, in terms of performance, to (overly) satisfied someone who wants to quit smoking.

[NB: If you are in this situation, you should definitely read our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking and Begin Vaping Successfully. We go in-depth and give many useful tips.]

In fact, I would recommend another Pod System like the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit or the OneVape Lambo II before or alongside it. The Suorin Air Plus is perfect, for all the reasons listed above, as a third vaping device. It can be a second one only if you’re sure to like a more airy, lighter vape. 

Until Next Time,

Mister MTL

IX. Best Youtube Suorin Air Plus Reviews (Videos)

Here are 2 video reviews of the Suorin Air Plus made by two of our favorite Youtubers.

Disclaimer: In NO WAY do we pretend we are endorsed by or “affiliated” with these guys. We just sincerely appreciate, even if we don’t agree with them on some stuff, the work they do. So, we present it here.

Matt From SMM's Suorin Air Plus Review.

Mike Vapes' Suorin Air Plus Review

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Suorin Air Plus: Executives' Best Pod System

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Suorin Air Plus Review. Best Pod System For Suit Wearing Professionals

Suorin Air Plus Review - The Suorin Air Plus is among the best Pod Systems for its design, flavor reproduction and convenience. A great business looking device

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