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Phiness Vega Pod System Kit Review: Tiny, Cute Yet Powerful

Phiness Vega Pod System Review | The Phiness Vega Pod kit is one of the smallest vape kits out there. It’s classy, fun, tiny, cute but it packs a serious punch.

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Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - smallest cute vaping Kit - green resin big leaf -


Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality


Airflow (medium loose)


Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


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Phiness Vega Pod Sytem - Smallest Cute Vaping Kit - Featured 2 |

I. Specifications + Inside The Packaging

Open – refillable Pod System

Draw Activated – No Button

250 mAh Built-In Battery

Micro USB Charging

Battery LED Indicator Light

Compact Size : 66mm x 28mm x 12mm

1.0 ml e-Liquid Capacity

1.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance

Can Be Used With Nicotine Salt And Regular Freebase E-Liquids

Top Fill Port

Organic Cotton Wick

The Phiness Vega Pod Kit comes with:

1 x Vega Device

1 x 1.5 ohm Pod

1 x Metal Lanyard

User Manual

USB Charging Cable

II. Phiness Vega Pod System Design And Build Quality:
Tiny, Classy And Well-Built

1.   The Phiness Vega Kit Is Tiny.

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - smallest cute - MouthToLungVaping.comAs you’ll see in the videos below, the first obvious thing that sets the Phiness Vega Pod Kit apart from most Pod System is its size (66mm x 28mm x 12mm).

It’s tiny. Perfect for girls that like cute little things that they can carry around easily and guys that like miniaturized gadgets or stealthy vapes.

2.   The Phiness Vega Pod Kit Can Be Beautiful And Classy.

There are 12 different designs to choose from and even the ones with the resin panels look good. Yes, finally a manufacturer that knows how to properly use resin and make aesthetically pleasing panels from it.

We are usually no fans of the way vaping companies use resin in their products, but Phiness did a great job with its Vega Pod System.

First, they understood that using 2 colors, instead of the combination of 3 or sometimes 4 colors that looks like a mess, by model/panel was the way to go.

Sometimes there’s some white added or what seems to be a different color but is just a slightly different tone of of one of the 2 dominant colors.

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem - Smallest Cute Vape Kit -

Second, they chose colors that are close to each other. Colors that match. Not colors that are at the complete opposite of the spectrum from each other. So, even when there seems to be 3 colors used, they’re similar enough to don’t become an eyesore.

And it’s real resin. This means no two Phiness Vega Kits will be exactly the same, making yours, even more unique.

Plus, real resin feels soft and is great to the touch.

Also, beside the 7 resin models, there are 5 more made with leather, carbon fiber and plastic. They look completely different.

We didn’t see them all in real life. So, we don’t know what materials the Gem Blue and Python Green are made of, or if the leather one(s) is (are) actually real leather. But the plastic Phiness Vega Diamond Black is loved by someone on our team. 👧😀

It looks luxurious and reminds her of the iconic and classic Chanel bag with the “diamond quilting” design.

It’s simple, she has set aside all her other outdoor devices and only uses the Phiness Vega Diamond Black at the moment (at her home she currently uses the SMOK Priv N19. We’ll publish a review of it soon). She ordered 2 more (another diamond black and the leather black) to be able to use them everywhere and throughout the

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - Vaping Kit With Good Build Quality -

 whole day (the only real con we found to the Phiness Vega Pod Kit is its battery life. But for a 250mAh battery, it’s to be expected). That’s how much she likes her Phiness Vega Pod Kit.

3.   The Build Quality Is Actually Good Too.

Well, it’s difficult to go wrong with simply a rectangular block and a pod/cartridge on top but, from experience, we know there’s always something that can be screwed up. Here, the pod can wobble a tiny bit but, paradoxically, it won’t come out easily. It sits tight in its place. Everything on the Phiness Vega Pod Kit feels solid and well-built.

III. Phiness Vega Pod System Stand Out Feature:
Dual Sensor For Draw Activation.

Obviously, the Phiness Vega Kit main “feature” is simply to be one of the smallest Pod System on the market. Well, it’s also one of the cutest, true.

But there is a real technical feature that improves the Phiness Vega performance compared to other Pod Systems out there.

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - smallest cute - dual draw activation -

Phiness calls it a “dual negative pressure switch” design. That’s quite the mouthful. But it’s pretty effective. As Mike Vapes notices below in his video review, it’s what makes the Phiness Vega Pod System work perfectly.

There’s no prepping of the device needed for it to deliver its peak performance. Meaning, it doesn’t take the Phiness Vega Kit 2 or 3 puffs to actually vape properly.

This happens a lot with most pod systems. When you let them sit for a while, it’s like the battery goes to sleeping mode. It needs a couple of puffs to wake up. Thus, you’re (almost) drawing blanks. Not so with the Phiness Vega Pod System.

“ the Phiness Vega [...] may be one of the cutest and smallest Pod System ever created, but it doesn’t prevent it from “blasting off” quite the amount of vapor.”

IV. Phiness Vega Kit Performance:
Small & Cute But Impressive

While being one of the smallest Pod System, the Phiness Vega Kit vapes really well. We mean it.

1.   Smooth Medium MTL Draw

The draw of the Phiness Vega Pod System is a smooth and comfortable Mouth To Lung draw. Quite similar to the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit we reviewed recently. It’s another impressive Pod System, by the way, but in a stick format. In fact, performance wise, these two devices are very comparable and we love them both.Phiness Vega Pod Sytem- Small Cute Vaping Kit - featured -

2.   Impressive Vapor Production

Like with the Voopoo Zip Pod Kit, we were truly impressed by the amount of vapor the Phiness Vega Kit can produce. It may be one of the cutest and smallest Pod System ever created, but it doesn’t prevent it from “blasting off” quite the amount of vapor.

In our opinion, the reviewers below (Matt From SMM, Mike Vapes and Zophie Vapes) don’t emphasize this fact enough. They don’t mention it actually.

We wanted to. Because as much as the Phiness Vega Pod System can classy, fun and cute, if it wasn’t a great performer, we wouldn’t present it to you (in our MTL Reviews Section, at least).

Well, that’s the case. This thing packs a serious punch for a device this small, way above its category.

3.   Warm And Dense Vapor

And the Phiness Vega Pod System produces warm vapor. And it’s not an airy vapor like the Suorin Air Plus. The vapor produced by the Phiness Vega Kit is actually pretty dense and satisfying.

4.   Good flavors

We think the Phiness Vega Pod System gives out good flavors for a device its size too. 

5.   Smooth Hit

As the draw is a good medium MTL draw and the vapor production, as well as its density, is assuredly above average, the hit is also up there. It’s a smooth yet satisfying hit. Again, very similar to the Alpha Zip Pod Kit You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget that the hit depends on the e-liquid you put inside your pod (+ the power the Pod System can deliver and the density of the vapor it produces, of course).

V. Pros & Cons:
The Phiness Vega Is Very Small So...

As we’ve already mentioned almost all the PROs of the Phiness Vega Pod Kit (the top fill with no plugs to be lost are two more PROs), let’s talk a bit more about the only cons it has.

They’re essentially a consequence of its size. Being one of the smallest Pod Systems out there has its perks, like convenience, stealthiness and cuteness but it also implies some limitations.

The first of which is:

– Battery life, of course.

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - smallest cute - Battery size - MouthToLungVaping.comWith a 250mAh battery, don’t expect to be able to chain vape all day on it. If you use it moderately, you may get half a day of battery life out of the Phiness Vega Kit, but that’s it.

Matt from SMM (video below) mentions that the battery lasts about two pods worth of e-liquids (1 pod + 1 refill, then it’s time to recharge it) and we agree with his assessment.

I would advise you to either use it as a tertiary device or an emergency kind of vaping kit.

If you you don’t vape much, then yes, the Phiness Vega Pod System can be your primary vaping device. If you do and you still want it because, well… it’s so cute 😀, you can buy several of them. It’s cheap and 2 or 3 won’t take much space at all in your pockets or bag. Though, we would advise to try one out first and see how much you like it.

– Low e-liquid capacity

The Phiness Vega Kit size also impacts the e-liquid capacity of its pods. It’s only 1ml (40% more than a Juul but lower than the average open Pod System capacity which is about 1.5ml to 2ml).

– E-liquid consumption.

The Phiness Vega Pod System is also a victim of its own top-notch performance. As it performs so well for its size and battery, its pods can empty pretty quickly.

Phiness Vega Pod Sytem Kit - LED indicator -

– Battery LED indicator.

Last, if we really nitpick, we can say that the battery indicator is not the most helpful.

The colors chosen to indicate the battery level (purple means high, blue is medium and red, low) are difficult to distinguish sometimes. The position and size of the LED indicator isn’t the best either. But, as the light shines through the USB port too, if you put your hand in front of the Phiness Vega Kit when you take a puff, the light will reflect on it. Thus, you’ll be able to see which color the LED is emitting way more easily.

That’s it. We don’t have any other complaint about the Phiness Vega Pod Kit. It is what it is: small… but a top performer for its size.


  • Build Quality
  • 7 Resin designs that looks good
  • 5 more classy and unique designs
  • Great feel in the hand
  • One of the stealthiest vape on the market
  • Can be stowed anywhere
  • Cute
  • Great vapor production for its size
  • Satisfying crackling sound
  • Warm and dense vapor
  • OK flavor
  • Smooth hit
  • Top pod filling
  • No silicone plug on the pod. Can’t lose it.


  • Battery life, obviously
  • Only 1ml of e-liquid capacity
  • Pods that empty pretty quickly due to the high performance of the Vega Kit

Ok, it’s time you watched those video reviews (if you didn’t already 😉).

After that, we’ll wrap up our Phiness Vega Pod System review with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

VI. Best Video Reviews Of The Phiness Vega Pod System

Here are 3 video reviews of the Phiness Vega Pod Kit made by our favorite Youtubers. To resume them in one word, Zophie is more quirky, Matt is more serious and Mike more engaging. 

Disclaimer: In NO WAY do we pretend we are endorsed by or “affiliated” with these guys. We just sincerely appreciate, even if we don’t agree with them on everything, the work they do. So, we present them here.

Zophie Vapes' Review.

Matt From SMM's Review.

Mike Vapes' Review

VII. Mister MTL's (Controversial) Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

I’ve always like miniaturized stuff. I’m kind of a geek, I guess. LOL.

So, I really like the Phiness Vega Pod Kit for being tiny. It’s as if it wasn’t a real device, but a toy or, more accurately, a scale model of a Pod System. You also get this feeling with the Voopoo Drag Nano.

Except the Drag nano doesn’t perform well, essentially because of a poor vapor production. It may be using the same coils/pods than the Voopoo Zip Pod Kit as well as sporting a three-time bigger (750 vs. 250mAh) battery but the Zip Pod Kit is just better.

And so is the Phiness Vega Pod System. It’s a joy to use. It’s always impressive to see a small gadget perform as well as, or even better, than bigger ones.

BUT I won’t use it. Not because its performance doesn’t satisfy me. It does. Not because I think it doesn’t look good. It does… But it’s not for me, a (straight) guy. It’s the kind of object, you like to look at, can really appreciate the concept, even find it impressive… but you can’t see yourself using it.

Our female colleague and friends just love it, though. And I think it suits them perfectly.

So, I’ll recommend it essentially to girls and non-straight guys.

Me, I prefer vaping on/using the Zip Pod Kit or the Lambo II, or even the SMOK SLM. They’re perfect devices for stealthiness and performance. The Lambo II is even (relatively) more powerful (it’s still a small Pod System with a 350mAh battery).

Until next time,

Mister MTL

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Phiness Vega Pod System Kit Review: Tiny, Cute Yet Powerful

Phiness Vega Pod System Review | The Phiness Vega Pod kit is one of the smallest vape kits out there. It’s classy, fun, tiny, cute but it packs a serious punch.

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