OZ Slide Futuristic Pod Kit - MTL Mouth To Lung Vaping Device

OZ Slide Review UPDATED: Futuristic Looks… But Performance?

Original Title:
"OZ Slide Pod System Kit Preview: An MTL Vape From The Future."

Mouth To Lung vaping is the future. And, with the OZ Slide Pod System Kit, the future of MTL vape kits is here now. Leaked video of the OZ Slide Kit below!

The OZ Slide Vape Kit has a clean, uninterrupted, polished and futuristic design, a bright mini screen, a stainless steel construction and a side-sliding pod replacement system. All this makes it look like an MTL vape kit coming straight from the future.

UPDATE 2: OZDrips contacted us and told us they were in the process to try and improve their pods and maybe adjust the chip settings of the OZ Slide. They should send us the improved model/pods when they’re done.

Plus, we may have received a defective pod too.

So, take the following with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you apprised of any development.

UPDATE of our thorough preview (we won’t do a full review of the OZ Slide Kit. You’ll understand why by reading what’s below): 

We’ve received the OZ Slide kit and what a letdown.

It may have a 12W power output (which should be ok for a Pod System and for Mouth To Lung vaping) but the OZ Slide Kit is just too weak.

Its design and looks may be futuristic but its performance are out-of date.

The vapor is shallow and the hit is anemic.

It’s just an about average Pod System in terms of performance (vapor warmth, vapor production and hit). The draw is tight, though. So, it would have been perfect for a smoker wanting to quit.

But it’s an under-performer compared to any pod system we reviewed for sure. You even get more oomph from smaller ones like the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit and Innokin I.O (reviews).

Plus, the (only) pod we receive with the OZ Slide kit only lasted about AN HOUR!

We couldn’t have killed it by overpowering it since there’s no power control/adjustement setting.

And we did wait at least 10mn before vaping on it the first time.

Also, the pod comes with separate –tiny– plugs (two of them in a small plastic pouch). There was none on the pod itself. Strange but be aware of this if you still decide to purchase one OZ Slide Kit.

Anyway and similarly to the Vaptio Sleek, it’s indeed a classy, super stylish and futuristic looking device but it just doesn’t perform well enough for us.

If it was just the coil, we would have ordered more to see if we received a malfunctioning one. Though at $20 the pack of 4 pods, maybe not.

But the lack of a decent hit and vapor density indicates that it’s more than just a bad pod/coil.

We don’t think we could get a satisfying vaping experience from the OZ Slide Pod System anyway.

So, obviously, we can’t recommend the OZ Slide kit, or only to people who like a light vape… maybe.

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We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them (at no additional cost to you, of course).

OZ Slide Pod System Kit Leaked Video!

Play Video

OZ Slide Pod System Specifications.- MTL Mouth To Lung Vaping DeviceSize: 110 x 21 x 9mm

Weight: 45g

Material: Stainless Steel

E-liquid capacity: 1.5ml

Resistance: 1.8ohm

Battery: 300mAh built-in battery

Coil Type: Ni-80 Coil

OZ Slide Pod Kit Features - MTL Mouth To Lung Vaping DeviceWorld’s first side-sliding pod cartridge replacement

Stainless steel construction with premium appearance and feel

Unique smooth texture feeling

Streamline design and slim size

Lateral OLED screen with battery indication

Support around 300 – 450 puffs

Multiple protections and easy USB charging

The OZ Slide Vape Kit Futuristic Design And Premium material

The OZ Slide Pod kit is basically a slab of metal. But not any metal, it’s made out of stainless steel.

OZdrips’ vape kit has a clean, uninterrupted, polished design. It definitely is futuristic. At the very least, it looks high end. 

If Apple was launching an MTL vape kit, that’s the kind of Pod System we would expect from them.

OZdrips had the same “Less is more” philosophy in  mind when creating the OZ Slide Pod System. They imagined a minimalist, yet very stylish and appealing device with just enough technological innovation to set it apart, and potentially above, the pack. Like Apple does.

We really hope the Mouth To Lung vaping experience provided by the OZ Slide Pod Kit will be on par with its design.

The OZ Slide Pod System Kit Has Average Specs…

The 300mAh battery size and 1.5ml e-liquid capacity of the OZ Slide Pod Kit could be a bit low even by today’s standards.OZ Slide Pod System average specs but futuristic design- MTL Vape kit - MouthToLungVaping.com

But with power efficient 1.8 Ohm Ni-80 (Nichrome 80 for faster heating and durability of the) coils, that should be sufficient for an MTL vape kit, be it from the future, or not.

That is, if the OZ Slide Pod System is a good MTL vape kit providing a satisfying Mouth To Lung vaping experience.

What we mean by “satisfying Mouth To Lung vaping experience” is a tight to medium draw combined with a nice amount of dense and warm vapor. Maybe improving on what the OneVape Lambo II can deliver today.

[NB: The best MTL vape kit we’ve tested so far, in the Pod System category, is the Lambo II. The Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit is the best stick Pod System and the Phiness Vega is the best tiny -and cutest- one.]

So, we hope the OZ Slide kit delivers but we’ll have to wait to receive it and see what this “MTL vape from the future” can do. 😉

… But With A Couple Of Twists.

1. The First Pod System with a side-sliding pod replacement system?

On one hand and honestly, we don’t really care about this side-sliding feature. We don’t see what kind of benefit it could give the OZ Slide vape kit over a more traditional Pod System in terms of performance. Inserting the pod from the side instead of the top should make no difference.

On the other hand, this new feature allows for a unique monobloc look and, surely, extra smooth feel. Therefore, it’s thanks to this feature that the OZ Slide Kit design looks so futuristic.

And this, we definitely care about.

2. A small useful screen that adds to its advanced looks.

The OZ Slide Pod Kit also has a mini screen on the same side we insert the pods. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but, contrary to All in One MTL vape kits, very few Pod Systems actually have one.

Asvape-Touch-screen -
The Asvape Touch Pod System

From the top of our heads, there’s the excellent Asvape Touch which is the first pod system with a touch screen (for now. Soon, the Syiko SE Pod  Kit will join it). There also was the Tesla TPOD and the HQD Comma. Now there’s the VZone Scado and the Innokin DV (for Darth Vader) Pod Systems.

That’s definitely a small number compared to the hundreds of Pod Systems launched over the years.

The OZ Slide screen only shows a battery indicator and the “OZ Slide” branding. Why waste screen space and battery life (even if it’s almost negligible) to put their brand one more time on the device whereas it’s already engraved on it, though? OZdrips could either have made the screen smaller or put more useful info on there.

Still, there’s a screen and it informs us on the battery life left, which is a PRO. Plus, it enhances the futuristic/premium looks of the OZ Slide Vape Kit.

Another feature of the OZ Slide Pod System that is worth noting is that it supports fast charging. The battery, once depleted, should be back up to full in 30mn. Not bad at all.

OZ Slide Pod System Kit prefilled pods - MouthToLungVaping.com

Last, aside from the empty refillable cartridge provided in the packaging, OZ Drips will also sell optional fruit-flavored pre-filled pods for the OZ Slide vape kit.

Now, to get a glimpse of the future of Pod Systems in your hands,m you can simply… 

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