New MTL Best Vape Kits This Week – Pod System, AiOs – 12/9/2019

The Best Pod System And Best All In One Kits Announced Last Week

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The new Best Vape Kits announced last week (best Pod System, All in One/AiO vape kits) for Mouth To Lung (MTL) + DTL vaping – Aspire AVP Pro, CyberVape Cyber X… - 12/9/2019

12/09/2019 – In this post, you’ll find the New MTL best vape kits announced last week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones -AiOs- kits…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) or DTL.

We’ll present the Aspire AVP Pro All in One kit, the CyberVape Cyber X AiO Vape kit, the Suorin Reno Pod System AiO kit , the UWELL and MarsuPod Pod System. You can also read our post dedicated to another Pod System announced last week, the UWELL Crown.


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Contrary to the previous week, when there was none, this week we’ve got 3 new and interesting (for various reasons) devices we want to talk about. They  thus made it in our MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week section.

They are:

The much improved (compared to the original Aspire AVP Pod System) Aspire AVP Pro All in One kit

The retro-futuristic CyberVape Cyber X AiO Vape kit

The simple & elegant Suorin Reno Pod System which is in fact an All in One vape kit. Yes, you can replace the coils instead of throwing the pods away when the coils is done.

Another one is in here but for the wrong reasons, though.

It’s the useless, all plastic, UWELL MarsuPod Pod System. We’ll explain what it is and why we won’t promote it. And Mister MTL will make a short, separate, article to discuss rant about it further.

Also, we wanted to start this week MTL Best Vape Kits section with a device we think you’re going to hear a lot about.

It will surely be much-anticipated by most of the users (those who didn’t experience or weren’t deterred by its spitback, auto-firing and leaking issues, that is) and fans of the acclaimed Caliburn, namely the UWELL Crown Pod System. But we’ve decided, as our presentation ended up to be way too long, to offer it its own post.

As you can see, this week, our New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Section will be a bit different.

So, without further ado, let’s begin our presentation of the MTL “best” vape kits we’ve selected for you this week.

Aspire AVP Pro AiO Vape kit


The first device on our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section is the Aspire AVP Pro AiO Vape kit.

The Aspire AVP Pro is the successor of Aspire AVP. But this is/was a Pod System, not an All in One vape kit like the Aspire AVP Pro is.

What is interesting about the Aspire AVP Pro?

— First, its design is not bad at all. It’s a bit large (way bigger than the AVP Pod System was/is – see video below) but flat enough for it to not feel too bulky.

It looks somewhat futuristic with its angular shapes and/or “racy” with its carbon fiber finish.

— Second, the Aspire AVP Pro is a draw activated device. There’s no firing button.


— The pod tank, which is magnetically attached, has, like some other recent Pod Systems and AiOs, a bottom leak-free filling system.

There’s a spring-loaded valve (or membrane) underneath the pod tank. So, there’s no, sometimes annoying, silicon plug. You just push the tip of your e-liquid bottle inside the hole and you fill. That’s it.

— Then, its e-liquid capacity is 4.0ml (for users living outside of Europe’s TDP rules, of course. Though, you could get the standard version even if you live in Europe) which is plenty of juice even for an AiO vape kit.

Aspire AVP Pro - AiO All in One Vape Kit - Features - Expended view.Combine this with a 1200mAh built-in battery, a 16W max power output and 1.15ohm MTL coils and, once filled, you should be good to go for an entire day. No need to refill or recharge it. (Unless you chain vape on it, of course.)

Even more so if, as the power output can be adjusted and has 4 settings (10, 12, 14 and 16W), you decide to vape at a lower wattage than the maximum (16W).

— The selected wattage will remain constant regardless of the battery level unless, it seems, you’re using the 0.65ohm coil (this is not discussed in the video but that’s what we’ve heard). In this case, the Aspire AVP Pro is in what’s called “bypass mode”.

We can’t choose/select the wattage we want. We get the max output the device can deliver and that’s it. Plus, it isn’t a constant output. So, the power decreases and the vaping experience (d)evolves along with the battery life left.

We’re interested in how the Aspire AVP Pro functions with the (supposedly DTL) 0.65ohm coils because we still may be able to MTL vape with them.


The power output is not too high and there is an AFC (AirFlow Control) mechanism integrated to the device. It’s a simple sliding button that we can move to determine the amount of airflow we want. So, we may able to adjust it to procure an MTL draw even with the 0.65ohm coils.

We don’t know what is the true extent of the control (min and max airflow) provided by this slider, though. So, no way to tell what kind of vape (a more or less tight or loose draw) we actually get… yet. When we have more info on this, we’ll let you know. E.g. by updating this post with an expert video review.

The Aspire AVP Pro charges through a USB-C port.

Last, Aspire includes in the box a tool to help get the coil out of the pod tank and replace it. Nice.

You’ll find all the Aspire AVP Pro specs and features + what comes in the box with it below.

[NB: You may want to know that the Aspire AVP, first of its name had multiple problems like auto-firing, battery issues leaking, spitback, you name it…

You can find some examples of these issues reported by users on:

The latest Aspire AiO kit, the Breeze NXT, besides being really ugly in our opinion (that’s why we never even talked about it), also had lots of auto-firing issue. To the point that Aspire just eliminated the auto-draw feature from the new batches but… without telling anyone.

You can watch DashVapes explanation of the affair.

All these issues seem to have been acknowledged and addressed as the Aspire representative presenting the AVP Pro in the video below list them and explain how this device is built differently specifically to prevent these problems.

So, we hope at least the auto-firing system of this new Aspire AVP Pro Aio kit works well now.]

Aspire AVP Pro AiO Vape kit Specifications & Features:


Size: 44 x 96 x 17mm

Battery Type: 1200mAh Built-in Battery

Coil Resistance: 0.65ohm Mesh coil / 1.15ohm Kanthal coil

Pod Capacity: 4.0ml

Pull-and-Push Replaceable Coils

Adjustable Airflow

Convenient Bottom Leak-free Filling

LED Light Indicate the current battery status

Four Wattage Output Options

Aspire self-developed ASP chipset which comes with all the safety features

Type-C Charging


Aspire AVP Pro AiO Vape kit Packaging Content:

1 x AVP Pro Battery Unit

1 x AVP Pro Pod

2 x AVP Pro Coils

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Video Presentation Of The Aspire AVP Pro AiO Vape Kit

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The next device had to be in our Best Vape Kits (announced last week) Section. Not because we like it or think it’s one of the (MTL AiO) best Vape kit on the market or even of the week. No. But it had to. It’s the Cybervape Cyber X All in One Kit.

Cybervape Cyber X All in One Vape Kit


As much as we would love to like the Cybervape Cyber X AiO kit, we just can’t. Though, you’ll see that we understand that it could interest you.

We commend the company for the idea and appreciate the effort but our problem is that the Cybervape Cyber X just looks like a toy.

It must feel like one too as it’s half-made of plastic.

But performance and features wise, it seems like an ok, maybe even good, device.

It has all the feature of an AiO kit like you can obviously change the coils without throwing the whole pod tank away.

There are 2 types of coils provided in the packaging. One is an MTL 1.2ohm standard coil, the other is a 0.5ohm Mesh coil (for DTL vaping but may be usable for MTL vaping).

The coils seem to be compatible with the THC Tauren X and maybe the Pal 2 Pro, iJoy Mercury and Hellvape Grimm kit. Which is great since they all are very good coils. Above all the Pal 2 HP coils which deliver fantastic flavors. They are what makes the Pal 2 Pro the best MTL AiO vape kit for flavor.


These coils are all similar but as it seems the threading on the CyberVape Cyber X coils is a bit longer. So, they may suit the Tauren X a bit better (and vice versa).

The CyberVape Cyber X supports wattage and airflow control.

It has a 30W max output but a below average 800mAh battery.

The e-liquid capacity of its pod tank is 3ml. Which is good. And it’s super easy to (re-)fill.

What features does it have that almost only the best AiO vape kits have?

It’s dim, but it has a screen.

The max power output automatically adjusts to the resistance of the coil you put in the pod tank. Useful to not burn your coils by running them at a too high wattage.

It sports USB-C charging.

The CyberVape Cyber X even have temperature and voltage control features. But, honestly, we don’t see the point of a temp control feature at this low a wattage compared to what wattage it’s usually used at.

The voltage feature can help for a constant vaping experience but with adjustable wattage, it’s almost redundant. These features are there though.

So, plenty of useful features, a couple ones not so useful, but it’s a good device overall.

Now, what, beside the dim screen and the small-ish battery, is our gripe with the CyberVape Cyber X kit?

Its looks. It looks like a toy, the Fisher Price kind of toy. We understand the choice of plastic since it can be easier to mold to obtain these shapes. But it’s still plastic.

Plus, the “shapes” and form factor themselves are an issue for us.

Its design isn’t Cyberpunk or futuristic… unless you consider the way they thought of the future in the 60’s to still be futuristic today.


If, at the time, they had to imagine devices that would replace smoking, we’re sure that’s exactly the way they would have designed it.

It’s retro-futuristic more than anything else. We don’t see the gritty aspect of what a Cyberpunk vaping device should be.

It feels more like it’s a prop straight out of a Star Trek episode with William Shatner or some Star Trek merchandise for kids from the same era. A gadget.

Although, for fun and nostalgia, If you’re one of those who, in their youth, were watching Star Trek, the original series, we can see the appeal. In this context, it’s a fun object to have and show off.  

It could even make a great gift for a vaper who is a Star Trek (or Star Wars for that matter) fan. 😉

But, if you want an AiO kit that vapes as good (uses the same kind of great coils) but looks better, we would recommend the recent Pal 2 Pro, or the all new Hellvape Grimm and Tauren X (reviews) kits.

And, by the way, if you’re a Star Wars fan, the black and white Hellvape Grimm kit is nicknamed the Storm Trooper (if you log in the price is only $36 but if you prefer ordering from a US Shop, it’s here).

Cybervape Cyber X AiO Kit Specifications And Features


Dimensions: 83.6mm x 39.75mm x 20.7mm

Case Material: metal + plastic

Battery Capacity: built-in 800mAh

Output Power: 5 – 30W

Voltage Range: 1.0 – 6.0V

Pod Capacity: 3.0ml

Resistance: 0.5ohm / 1.2ohm

Operating mode: VW, VV, TC

Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉

Connector type: non-magnetic

Charging Port: Type-C

Charging: 5V / 1A

Cybervape Cyber X AIO Pod System Kit 30W comes with

1 x Cyber X mod 800mAh

1 x Replaceable Pod Cartridge (pre-installed) 3ml

1 x 0.5ohm mesh coil

1 x 1.2ohm coil

1 x USB Type-C cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

Zophie Vapes Cybervape CyberX AiO Kit Review

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Next on our Best Vape kits of the week list is the best Pod System looking AiO kit Of the Week, the Suorin Reno.

Suorin Reno Pod System All In One Vape Kit


The Suorin Reno Pod System All in One vape kit looks like a simple yet competent device. [NB: It is indeed an AiO kit since the coils can be replaced independently of the pods.]

It’s the little brother of the Suorin Trio we presented 3 weeks ago.

Suorin is now experienced in the creation and manufacturing of good Pod Systems. They may not be the best Pod Systems out there but they are solid devices, close to the best ones, and are supported for quite some time. (e.g. you can still find pods for the Suorin Air launched 2 years ago). So, this one should be no exception.

The Suorin Reno AiO design is unassuming yet clean and elegant. It won’t be the best most featureful device in the world, for sure. But it’s nice looking and, again, should be a solid no-nonsense All in One Vape kit.

It’s powered by an 800mAh battery and works with refillable pods with a 3ml e-juice capacity.

Inside, there’s a 1.0ohm mesh coil for more flavors and vapor.


The Suorin Reno pods/coils, like any pod system (or AiO vape kit, for that matter) can be used with both nic salt and regular e-liquids.

[NB: To determine if you can use nic salt and/or freebase e-liquids with a device, the only factors to be taken into consideration are the power output of the device and the nic level of your e-liquid.

The rule of thumb is the more power, the lower the nicotine level. That’s it. Every device or coil that can be used with freebase e-liquid can also be used with nic salt ones. Just be mindful of the nicotine level in your e-liquid and the wattage you vape it at.]

The Suorin Reno All in One vape kit runs at a max wattage of 13W. We don’t know if it’s a constant power output, though. As it’s not mentioned on Suorin marketing material, we assume it’s not the case. But we’ve already seen companies forgetting to point out that (important) detail. So, it’s still possible.

The Suorin Reno AiO kit also sports a childproof lock mechanism (we guess it’s just a switch/button like on the Suorin Trio).

Suorin Reno All in One vape kit SPECIFICATIONS & Features


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Pod Capacity: 3ml

Coil Resistance: 1.0ohm (Mesh Coil)

Battery Type: 800mAh Built-in Battery

Charging Current: 800mA

Max Output Current: 7A

Max Output Wattage: 13W

100% Import Organic Cotton

1.0ohm Mesh coil for natural and pure flavor

Child-proof Lock for Safety

Shape Straight Airway Design

Large battery capacity for whole-day-long use

Three-level LED battery indicator

Suorin Reno All in One vape kit Packaging Content

1 x Suorin Reno AiO Kit

1 x 1.0ohm Mesh Coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Now, a device we won’t promote but wanted to talk about nonetheless. You’ll  also be able to find Mister MTL’s post rant on it in his Mister MTL’s Corner Section in a couple of days. The UWELL MarsuPod.

UWELL MarsuPod Pod System


We’re not interested in this device and we hope you’re not either.

We’ll still give you all its specifications, and features below but we won’t recommend it or link to a vape shop selling it.

Yes, it’s still better than closed Pod Systems like the JUUL but not by much, in our opinion. Plus, we just don’t want to try and make money on the back of beginner vapers that don’t know any better.

Above all, when we know for a fact that as convenient and more performing devices exist. We will give some, here.

That’s the very reason why we’re still presenting it; specifically to tell you that there are much better devices than the UWELL Marsupod on the market. Just visit our Vaping News and MTL Reviews sections and you’ll be easily convinced of that.

Mister MTL has decided to write a small article about why you shouldn’t buy it. [NB: It should be published in a couple of days]. So, we’ll let him do most of the presentation of the device itself. We just want to touch on the concept/nature of the UWELL MarsuPod Pod System.

Beside its proprietary charging port (you won’t be able to charge the Pod System part of the UWELL MarsuPod via USB), the all-plastic UWELL MarsuPod has nothing special, on the contrary.

Yes, it has UWELL pods. So, they should perform relatively well. Relatively because it’s going to be a bit harder to extract good performance from a tiny 150mAh battery.

But we don’t expect them to be bad or the way the device vapes to be total crap, no. Though, it surely won’t be as good as their Yearn or Caliburn. So, why buying the UWELL MarsuPod?

The concept itself, while seemingly attractive and convenient, is just a cash grab attempt, in our opinion.

We can’t see the benefit or added value of the UWELL MarsuPod (and this type of devices in general) compared to a more competent Pod System like the Yearn, the iJoy Neptune or the Caliburn (KoKo).

And it’s an even less compelling proposition compared to a much more competent and feature-rich All in One vape kit (like the Tauren X, Pal 2 Pro or, even better, the Vinci) which has the same footprint.

So, you’re better off getting a tiny Pod System like the Innokin I.O or the Voopoo Alpha ZiP Pod kit (or even the UWELL Yearn, as it’s a great device) and, as an independent device, a more performing AiO instead of the MarsuPod (with charging case).

Because if you can carry the UWELL MarsuPod around, you definitely can take an AiO kit (same size as the Marsupod) and a tiny Pod System/cigalike with you as the size of an I.O or Zip Pd Kit won’t bother you at all. They can fit anywhere.

UWELL MarsuPod Specifications And Features –  Full List:

Uwell Marsupod PCC Kit

Size: 65.4 x 18.4 x 10.6mm

Material: Polycarbonate and PCTG

Battery Type: Integrated 150mAh Rechargeable Battery

Max. Wattage Output: 11W

Pod Capacity: 1.3ml

Filling: Side Fill System

Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm

Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

Pro-FOCS Flavor Boosting Technology (yeah, right… “flavor boosting technology”, i.e. decent coils that’s it)

Magnetic Pod Connection

Edit to add, as it’s not mentioned on the specs list:


Uwell Marsupod PCC Rechargeable Case

Dimensions: 76.5 x 43 x 25.2mm

Material: Polycarbonate + PC & ABS

Battery Type: Integrated 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery

Micro-USB Charging

Combined design of rechargeable pod system and rechargeable carrying case

LED Battery Life Indicator Light

Magnetic Pod Connection

OLED Display Screen

Spring Assisted Pod System Storage

Sliding Mouthpiece Cover Can hide the top of the pod

That’s it. Our “best vape kits of the week” report is done. 

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or if you want to see more devices, you can always check out our MTL Vaping News Section where you’ll find all our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week posts.

You can also have a look at the very best devices we’ve reviewed, of course.

Also, be sure to Bookmark us and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get  notified of our latest articles  and know what we’re up to.

We are (Mister MTL is) more active on Reddit, though.

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