New MTL Best Vape Kits This Week And Caliburn Flavor Secret – 11/11/2019

Almost No New Best Vape Kits For MTL Vaping (+ DTL) Announced Last Week: So, You Also Get The Secret Of The Caliburn Flavors

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Few new DTL + Mouth To Lung (MTL) Best Vape Kits this week | We reveal the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction (+ spitback) secret instead. + KoKo video review

11/11/2019 – In this post, you should have found the New MTL best vape kits announced this week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones, Box Mod kits…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) or DTL.

But they were too few interesting vaping devices for MTL vaping announced last week. So, this will be a mini section this time (and most devices will actually be for DTL vaping).

BUT, as we don’t want you came for nothing, we’ll reveal to you (and develop a bit on) the (dark?) secret of the so-called “amazingUWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction.

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MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

What does the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction have to do with the new DTL/MTL best vape kits of the week?

Frankly, nothing. We just wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and save on energy and resources to contribute saving the planet from climate change. So, we decided to make two articles in one. LOL

Jokes aside, there’s no proper New MTL Best Vape Kits Section this week.

Simply because almost no interesting Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vaping Pod Systems, AiOs or box mod kits and only one Direct To Lung (+ a crazy) device were announced or launched this week.  So, we simply didn’t write our now expected (by more and more of you) DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section.

But we decided, since you’re here, to tell you about something else that should interest you.

So, yes, in this article we’re going to reveal to you the secret of the acclaimed, top of the class, Caliburn flavor reproduction as well as a possible reason for the longevity of its coils and of one issue it has.

You still want to know what devices were announced/launched and could have made it in our DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week first? Ok.

I. Mini New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section


Some interesting devices were indeed announced. But they’re either not MTL or expensive ones difficult to recommend to everyone. They are:

– The Voopoo Vinci X 70W.


TheVoopoo Vinci X 70W ($32.5 instead of about $49 elsewhere with the Code: VNCX32. We don’t know how long this promotion will last, though) is basically a more powerful Vinci (70W for the Voopoo Vinci X vs. 40W for the regular Voopoo Vinci) equipped with an external 18650 battery.

But this is not a Mouth To Lung device. It’s a Direct To Lung one.

Although, and we are revealing another “secret” right now, we will publish a review of the Voopoo Vinci at the beginning of December.

Why? Because, we’ll make an MTL Best vape kits of the YEAR article and list all the 2019 MTL best vape kits (of which many can also do Direct To Lung vaping) for each category of devices. Before Christmas and the holidays, you know.

But wait, you may ask yourself: “Why will the Voopoo Vinci be among them if it’s not an MTL device?”

Well, we found a way to make an MTL device out of it. And what an MTL vape kit, it is. That’s why it will be cited among our MTL best vape kits of the YEAR Section (we will publish its review just before that), and in very good position at that.

You just need to wait till next month to know all about it. 😀😉

– Some Auto-Squonker DTL/MTL vape kits

The other couple of devices that could have made it in our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section are based on the same concept. They are either made directly by YiHi, a high-end Chinese brand, or by its subsidiary companies. And they all sport a YiHi chipset.

What similar concept are they based on? They are all auto-squonker devices.

[NB: A squonk device incorporates a plastic bottle that acts as a tank. It was invented to eliminate the need for dripping.

Dripping is when you directly feed the coil/cotton of an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) with e-liquid. An RDA doesn’t have a tank section, so you must drip e-liquid constantly on the coil/cotton to be able to vape (you remove the cap, drip e-liquid, put the cap back on, and then vape).

With a squonk device, you don’t need to do all that. You just squeeze the plastic bottle filled with e-liquid which thus goes up through the 510 connection of the atomizer and feed the coil/wicking material.

So, an auto-squonk-er eliminates the need to have to constantly check if your coil has enough e-liquid and, also, to squeeze the bottle to feed it. Everything is done automatically thanks to a mechanical pump –and the chip that detects what amount of e-liquid is needed and activates this pump.]

The following devices even offer a pod-like option. You don’t even need to build your own RDA. It’s pre-built and sold as a pod. You just need to put it on the device, fill the incorporated plastic bottle with e-liquid and everything else is done automatically. This means that even a beginner can use them.

These auto-squonk devices are:

– The YiHi SXmini SX Auto


The YiHi SxMini Auto is thus an auto-squonk Pod System and AiO (it does both).

It’s the successor and, supposedly, high-end version of the Pioneer4You IPV V3-Mini Kit (see below) as well as the VKsticking VKsma (also see below).

– The Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini Kit


The Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini Kit was launched this summer but these are new colors/designs:

Whereas this auto-squonker trend pushed by YiHi is an interesting one (flavor reproduction of these devices is top notch). Both auto-squonks above do not look very good in our opinion.

Plus, you can find the much better looking and more competent (supposedly midrange version of these auto-squonkers) VSticking VKsma (video review) at about the same price as the IPV V3.

But there’s another auto-squonker by YiHi, and this one does indeed look high-end and seem to justify its price:

– The YiHi SxMini 680


The YiHi SxMini 680 doesn’t look like the same kind of device. In fact, it doesn’t look like an auto-squonker at all. It’s because the squonk bottle is encased in the device itself, allowing for this premium, stylish All in One look.

The cost of this integrated design is that the YiHi SxMini 680 has a 2.0ML e-liquid capacity and 900mAh battery instead of 3.5ml and 1400mAh for the YiHi SXmini SX.

But it’s a very competent, innovative and high-end device, no doubt about that.

So, these were the auto-squonk-er devices announced this week.

But wait, we briefly mentioned a crazy vaping kit too, remember?

Well, here it is (VapeSourcing YouTube Video):

It’s the Wismec Ai Alexa 200W Box Mod. Yes, Alexa. The Amazon Assistant is integrated to the box and the grill you see on the front of the device is indeed a speaker. You can even play music on it.

It works through Bluetooth and obviously has voice control features. Crazy, right? But at 200W, it’s obviously not an MTL Box Mod.

That’s it for our New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week.

If you want to see true DTL/MTL best vape kits, you should have a look at our MTL Vaping News Section.

Now, it’s time for the part most of you are waiting for:

II. The UWELL Caliburn Secret.
Why Is the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction said to be so good?


[NB: Although we understand why many are, we’re not particularly fond of the UWELL Caliburn. But it’s not because of what we’re going to discuss now.

Though it may give us more reasons to not like it, if we don’t (particularly), it’s simply because of its meh design and its draw (too loose for a proper MTL experience and for the vast majority of people who want to quit smoking).

There are A LOT of devices on the market and many are better looking and, in our opinion, better performers and have less issues than the UWELL Caliburn. You’ll find plenty already just by looking around our website.]

This post/part isn’t meant to be controversial. It’s meant to simply give you some information and maybe raise some questions about a very popular device that many love and use every day.

Even reviewers love it:

Our goal is to share some light on the reason why the Caliburn seems to perform, as far as vapor reproduction is concerned, so well. And how, what could be considered a flaw, became the main attraction of the UWELL Caliburn and the prime reason for people’s fondness for it.

The (simple) explanation for the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction performance could also be the cause of one of its issues and could explain the longevity of its coils as well.

UWELL Caliburn Flavor Reproduction Secret Explained By A Flaw?

So, do you know the main reason why the Caliburn restitutes flavors so well?

The answer to this question (and the UWELL Caliburn secret) is a very easy one.

Though, it may be done on purpose, it’s actually because it, at least sometimes, doesn’t vaporize the e-liquid properly. Yep, that’s right.

The UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction secret is what could be seen as a flaw. It does vaporize most of the e-liquid as it has good coils nonetheless. [NB: We don’t want to say that the Caliburn is a bad device with poor coils, that’s not it]. But it also creates relatively big (hot) droplets of e-liquids that, when hitting your tongue, give you more flavor.

That’s it. That’s the secret of the “amazing” Caliburn flavor reproduction.

When you vape on the Caliburn, you get some hot, semi-vaporized (droplets of) e-liquid that went through the coil but didn’t get vaporize well. I.e. this e-liquid should have been completely vaporized but was only partially.

And we’re not alone to have “discovered” this. A post was published by u/atooraya in May or June (2019) on Reddit (we know, we’re late. But our website was launched 3 months later so…) and it had this title:

“I think the Caliburn “great flavor” is just juice in my mouth”

S/He goes on to say:

“So, I finally got the Caliburn after all the rave reviews. I’ve used the Juul, Sol, Smok Nord, Suorin drop and now this. It works great, but it feels like the amazing flavor everyone is getting is just juice spitting up through the device.”

An interesting comment in this thread that extends the discussion by u/Slippaz86:

“Haven’t used the Caliburn, but it’s definitely possible. I’ve seen some people vastly overrate attys that caught a lot of condensation in their drip tips, and I have a feeling they might not have realized that.”

[NB: “attys” mean atomizers or, to simplify, tanks.]

And this fact, (that the Caliburn may not vaporize the e-liquid that passes through its coils well enough) may be the explanation for, this time what everyone can consider, another flaw and perhaps even explain the longevity of the Caliburn coils.

We’ll discuss this below but first this situation, if indeed true, raises some questions and maybe some concerns as well.

So, to be clear, if the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction secret is that it creates droplets of e-liquid that hits your tongue, it means that you basically taste some e-liquid directly.


So, you’re eating/drinking some e-liquid instead of inhaling vapor.

No wonder it tastes great.

But you should ask yourself (if you’re a Caliburn user or considering buying one):

“Can it have consequences on my health?”

Because drinking/eating some e-liquid each puff you take may have some health effects.

We don’t know what they could be but what we know is that inhaling vaporized e-liquid is one thing, drinking it in its, thus, liquid form is something else.

We also know that even when/if you just spill some on your skin, it’s strongly advised to wash your hands immediately. So, what about putting some, even tiny droplets, on your tongue and then drinking them?

So, it could have different effects.

Anyway, we don’t know and these are just thoughts we wanted to share with you.

Now, coming back to the idea that the UWELL Caliburn flavor reproduction secret could also be the reason for a widespread issue it has.

UWELL Caliburn spitback issues

We know. Not everyone is suffering from this problem. But many do.

You just need to take a look at the dozens of threads on Reddit, for example, talking about this issue to be convinced: on r/electronic_cigarette, r/Vaping  and even a couple on  r/Vaping101.

So, how does the possibility that the Caliburn coils could not vaporize the e-liquid as well as we’d expect explain its spitback issues?

It’s simple too.

Whereas many of the e-liquid droplets created hit your tongue and end up in your mouth, some don’t. They don’t reach your mouth and thus stay in the mouthpiece.

And when they accumulate, they create spitback. When you drag on the Caliburn, you also inhale these accumulated droplets in your mouth. But they’re not micro droplets anymore, they’re just liquid now.  Annoying. And this spitback issue can get worse as the coil gradually degrades.

That’s why if, as we often recommend, you take the pod off and blow in it, the issue (most of the time) disappears.

There are obviously other possible reasons for spitback to occur but some accounts of spitback can definitely be explained by the Caliburn “feature”.

Anyway, to conclude this post on a lighthearted and maybe humoristic note, we just want to emit the hypothesis that the Caliburn coils not vaporizing as much e-liquid as they should, may also and very well be the reason why the Caliburn pods are notorious to last long.

They do half the job, so they can last twice the time, right? LOL 😅😀


Also, if this post (paradoxically) made you want to get a Caliburn, you may be interested in the new Caliburn Koko.

It’s basically a Caliburn with a slightly tighter draw in a square form factor. The slightly tighter draw makes it a lot more enjoyable for us. We can recommend this one. Plus, we didn’t have any issue with the pods at all. None. Although some users report leaking problems.

[NB: You’ll find Mister MTL’s comment downvoted by Caliburn fans at the bottom of the thread but we stand by it. So, we dudn’t want to delete it. And we much prefer the Caliburn Koko over the regular Caliburn. The comment ended up being a mini review of the Caliburn Koko, by the way].

It has an auto-draw feature (contrary to the Caliburn, there’s no  –fire– button at all. It’s auto-draw only. And we prefer it this way).

The only small issue is that we occasionally get intermittent auto draw firing.

Meaning that, sometimes, the draw starts normal but cuts off for a split second (a few milliseconds in fact) and keep on going after that.

We guess this has to do either with some contact issue with the pins or the auto draw feature acting up. Not a deal breaker for us, though.

We’re very satisfied of the way it vapes with the new Caliburn pods especially made for it (though they are compatible with the original Caliburn). Our full review of the Caliburn Koko should come relatively soon.

The pods have a different 1.2ohm coil in them made especially for the Caliburn Koko, they seem to be of  better quality as they prevent spitback (as well as provide a tighter draw).

[NB: The new 1.2ohm pods are compatible with the standard Caliburn too. Also, the older 1.4ohm Caliburn pods compatible with the Koko too.]

We find the UWELL Caliburn Koko to be a bit better looking than the regular one. We like the square form factor. But the pods themselves don’t match well with the new sqaure design and are not very ergonomic (more in our review).

Bottom line is, we can recommend the Koko, as it vapes great. It still has a looser/smoother draw than what we typically like but the vapor density and high vapor production + great flavors propulse it among the best Pod systems of the year. Really.

But, if you’d rather try and find another device with a loose draw but that doesn’t have a spitback problem, looks way better, doesn’t have a fire button and has an uncomparably better build quality, you can check out the iJoy Neptune (review).

Otherwise, and still from UWELL, you could be interested in the Yearn (presentation + video review), another Pod System but better looking, better build quality, slightly more vapor production than the regular Caliburn and with a bit of a tighter draw than the Koko (and more so than the older Caliburn).

That’s it for our Mini New MTL best vape kits of the week report and our post on the possible reason for the Caliburn flavor reproduction awesomeness. We hope that you’ve found it somewhat interesting 😀.

Also, be sure to Bookmark us and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get  notified of our latest articles  and know what we’re up to.

Though these days we are (Mister MTL is) much more active on Reddit.

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