New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week – 10/13/2019

All The Best Vape Kits Of The Week For Mouth To Lung vaping (And DTL) Announced This Week

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The best vape kits of the week for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) | Best Pod Systems, All in Ones 10/13/2019 | OBS Alter, THC Tauren X, Think Vape Zeta and more…

10/13/2019 – In this post you’ll find the best vape kits announced this week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones, Box Mod kits…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) or DTL at the lowest price.

This week we’ll present you the OBS Alter, the THC Tauren X, the Think Vape Zeta, Aspire Mulus (All in One kits), the Joyetech Exceed X Box Mod Kit and more…

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MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

This is our new Section in which we’ll try and present you all the best vape kits (best Pod Systems, AiOs, cigalikes and Box Mod kits) for Mouth To Lung vaping (but also Direct To Lung vaping since they mostly all do both) announced or launched during the previous week.

If there are enough devices that we believe are worth looking at a bit more closely, we will try and publish a similar selection every Sunday. If not, we’ll present some individually and make a recap once or twice a month.

But, right now, Our “best vape kits of the week” section can barely keep up with all the announcements there are. Despite all the drama around vaping and the seemingly desire to ban this life-saving method in the US (and elsewhere) the end of the year is quite very busy.

For good or bad reasons, it’s an exciting time to be a vaper.

So, quite a number of interesting, stylish or kinda innovative devices were announced or launched this week. And we’ve carefully looked for the absolute lowest prices and best deals for the devices we present, here, in this new MTL “best vape kits of the week” Section.

Because pre-ordering can be synonymous of great deals too.

[NB: Just remember that, obviously, prices are subject to change. These are the prices we found at the time of writing this.

Also, keep in mind that most of the devices we present here aren’t exactly launched yet, they’re announced and available for pre-orderMost should start shipping on October 31.]

Anyway, today, we’ll present you the 8 recently launched or announced best vape kits of the week for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping [NB: If you’re not sure what is MTL vaping or Direct To Lung vaping, for that matter, you can read our article explaining what they are and the differences between these two methods of vaping].

This week there are more All in One vape kits. And three sports an external battery instead of a built-in one. These are the new trends on the market right now (with the more and more common RBA coil option).

Both, more All in Ones instead of Pod Systems and external batteries instead of built-in ones, are quite positive trends.

All in Ones are more versatile, usually more powerful, more economic and contribute to creating less waste (instead of throwing a whole pod/cartridge away, you simply change a coil).

And using an external battery, while it may be/seem less convenient at first, also offers more versatility. It allows for the choice to either not wait to keep on vaping (just swap the dead battery with a new one and you’re good to go) or to charge the device with the battery inside using the charging port integrated to the device.

It also extends the lifespan of the device since you won’t have to throw it away if the internal battery doesn’t function properly anymore. No planned obsolescence and, again, less waste.

Last, it makes putting better quality and bigger batteries in our vaping gear possible. Not bigger by the size but by their mAh capacity. (E.g. You can easily find 2500-3000mAh 18650 batteries from big brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony etc… Great, right?)

Ok, let’s get this presentation of the (MTL, but also Direct to Tung) best vape kits of the week started.

This week we will show you the IVTOP Trinity Onwe and Hugo Vapor Kylin Pod Systems.

You’ll also learn more about the OBS Alter, THC Tauren X, Think Vape Zeta, Aspire Mulus and Hugo Vapor Planet All in One kits. Plus we’ll present one tiny Box Mod Kit by Joyetech, the Exceed X.

So, what is the first (MTL) best vape kit of the week/announced recently we want to talk to you about?

The OBS Alter All in One kit

What a stylish looking device. The OBS Alter Kit is simple yet very classy. It seems well thought out and everything is neatly integrated, from the airflow inlets, to the screen and the window to see your e-liquid level. Undoubtedly one of the best vape kits of the week.

The OBS Alter AiO kit has some great features and options too.

First, its panels are made out of 2.5D toughened glass.

It’s still glass and is relatively fragile (we expressed real concerns in this presentation of the iJoy Saturn), but less so than your regular glass. It’s akin to the toughest smartphone screens… and it looks good.

The overall design of this kit could make it one the best vape kits as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Second, it’s sold in 2 different configurations called low and high power.

The low power configuration is for MTL vaping and comes with a 5ml tank, a 1.4ohm NX and a 0.2ohm SX coils.

These two types of coils are both supposed to deliver an MTL vaping experience. We’re curious to see what vaping on the 0.2ohm coil in low power/MTL mode will look/feel like, though.

The second configuration comes with a 3.5ml tank, a 0.2ohm M1 Coil and a 0.15ohm M3 Coils. The difference in e-liquid capacity of the tanks/pods between the 2 options is explained by the size of the DTL (M1 and M3) coils. They’re… big.

That’s how it’s usually sold, anyway. You need to choose one of these two configurations before your purchase.

BUT, if you use our link, the great thing is that you’ll get BOTH tanks and type of coils in the packaging… and it’ll still be cheaper than on the couple other websites selling it (only $42.99 instead of $55-60. Though you’ll need to log in to see the real price). And that’s despite the fact they provide only one type of tank and coils if you order on them.

[NB: There is a third option for those living in the E.U. If sent there, it should be sold with a 2ml tank because of the TPD limitation but we don’t think 3Fvape (the vape shop we redirect you to) have it in stock. So, it would be difficult for them to send it. Make sure of that by writing a few words with your order to let know your preference, just in case.]

What else does the OBS Alter kit have for it?

It has an easy sliding top fill mechanism, a big 2500mAh built-in battery, a USB type C fast charging port, a 70W max output, a LED display, adjustable power and an adjustable airflow.

Its size is 109 x 43 x 24mm (drip tip included. The drip tip is integrated to the tank/pod, by the way. It’s not a replaceable 510 drip tip but it looks and should feel good enough).

The packaging list of the OBS Alter kit sold by 3Fvape is:

1 x Alter Mod

1 x 5ml Pod Cartridge (NX 1.4ohm Coil Pre-installed)

1 x 3.5ml Pod Cartridge (M1 0.2ohm Coil Pre-installed)

1 x Extra SX Coil (0.2 ohm for low power mode)

1 x User Manual

1 x Type-C Cable

Don’t forget you need to log in to see the real price.

THC Tauren X Pod Kit (AiO)

Update: You can read our THC Tauren X full review here.

[NB: THC stands for ThunderHead Creations by the way. This has nothing (?) to do with the psychotropic substance known a TetraHydroCannabinol.]

The THC Tauren X Pod Kit is another fantastic looking All in One kit. We couldn’t avoid presented it in this best vape kits of the week Section. Impossible.

Its design is completely different from the classier OBS Alter kit but it’s as much gorgeous, if not more. It’s reminiscent of luxury sport cars like the ones made by Ferrari, Lamborghini or Noble. Even the logo (a bull head on a golden shield) looks like it could belong to one of these luxurious brands.

You see, that’s why it’s impossible to decide which is the best vape kit, aesthetically speaking. There are so many different designs that can be appealing for different reasons, even to the same person.

But this THC Tauren X Kit, as well as almost all the devices we present you (for some, we’re more interested in their innovative or unusual features than what they look like), looks good indeed.

Beside its looks, the thing that sets the THC Tauren X apart is the fact that it has an RBA (ReBuildable Atomizer) option.

Well, we say that but:

1. It’s not the first one coming with an RBA option in this form factor. Maybe it was the Pasito, not sure. And now, more and more All in One manufacturers offer this choice.

2. We don’t care much for RBAs as we don’t DIY our coils and don’t intend to do so anytime soon, mostly because of lack of time and laziness to be honest.

For those who do care, there’s a deck you put on the THC Tauren X itself (to work on your coils, check the resistance etc…) included in the packaging of the RBA version. Very thoughtful.

So, what else does the THC Tauren X kit have to offer?

Two coils in the packaging. The non-RBA version comes with one 1.0ohm mesh coil for MTL and one 0.6ohm mesh coil for a very restricted DTL (Direct To Lung) draw or loose-r MTL draw.

It sports:

– a 1000mAh internal battery that should last you about the day if you MTL vape (10 to 14W)

– a screen showing you the battery, wattage and puff count,

– a top filling system with a screw for a more secure closing mechanism

– a replaceable, resin looking, 510 drip tip… It’s in fact not a 510 drip tip. It’s smaller.

– has adjustable power and airflow

– and this design.

Man, the more we look at it, the more we like it.

The only minor cons we found the THC Tauren X kit to have were due to the fire button placement and maybe build quality.

The fire button is a little low on the body of the device which creates a less than ideal grip if you use your index to activate it. 

The best way to vape on it is by thumb firing it. It’s perfect that way.

But at least, and contrary to what the pictures show, it’s on the same side as the drip tip.

In fact, as the pod can be put in either direction, you can choose to have the drip tip closer to you or further away.

That’s a PRO since so many manufacturers don’t let you the choice and put the mouthpiece on the opposite side of the fire button and coil of their devices.

It’s annoying because it leads to some awkward and maybe uncomfortable wrist positioning over time (we ranted on it in the review of the iJoy Mercury).

And it also means that if you happen to prefer using your thumb to fire, the coil isn’t getting wicked while you vape because the e-liquid stays on the lower side of the device (gravity, you know).

So, you  need to wait each you take a couple puffs. No chain vaping when the tank is half full or less if you don’t want to get a dry hit. Or, you need to use your index finger to click the fire button.

Here’s the advice given by OBS on how to vape on the Alter (which does have its fire button on the opposite side of the drip tip) to illustrate that:

So, that’s a good thing that THC opted for a fire button on the same side as the mouthpiece with the Tauren X.

For the build quality concern, watch Mike Vapes’ video below (we’ve heard that the tank of some pre-production units –samples– is secure but wobles too). But, hopefully, the finalized models, those we, customers, will receive won’t have those issues.

Oh, and it only has a 2ml e-liquid capacity. It’s “TPD ready” for everyone. The e-liquid capacity is a bit low for an AiO. Although, we, MTL vapers, may need to refill the tank of the THC Tauren X kit only once a day. So, this can’t be considered as a real CON for us.

But for DTL vapers, since their consumption of e-liquid is higher [NB: the lower the resistance, the higher the wattage output needs to be and, thus, the higher the consumption of e-liquid is], 2ml can be a bit low. Though, the THC Tauren X maxing out at 25W should alleviate some of that concern.


1 x Tauren X pod

1 x RBA coil + 1 x Build deck (RBA) for the RBA model

1 x Mesh 1.0ohm coil (MTL) + 1 x 0.6ohm coil (DTL) with the “Mesh” version.

1 x Spare parts

+ 1 x Micro usb cable – 1 x Lanyard – 1 x User manual and 1 x Warranty card

Below, and whereas it’s still only available on pre-order, is Mike Vapes’ THC Tauren X review.

Ok, let’s change the type of device we’re looking at. This time, one of the MTL best vape kits of the week is a Box Mod Kit.

Joyetech EXCEED X Box Mod Kit

The Joyetech Exceed X looks like the child of a Box Mod kit and a Vape Pen. Let’s say it’s a tiny (smaller than the SMOK Priv N19) and elongated Box Mod kit since it has this angular-ish form factor and the battery and tank are 2 independent devices. Though, they’re meant to function as a kit, of course.

Its dimensions are: 117.2 x 23.4 x 24.4mm (with tank on top).

The design is quite nice, the colors vibrant and the ergonomics are optimized with the fire button placement. Instead of being on one (of the four) side of the Joyetech Exceed X, it’s on the corner of two sides. Nice thought.

It looks very well built. Joyetech devices usually have a great build quality.

It comes with 2 different types of coils, one (the EX 1.2ohm coil) for Mouth To Lung vaping and the other for DTL vaping (EX-M 0.4ohm).

Despite being so small, it has a 1000mAh battery, which should last all day with the EX 1.2ohm coils, and the tank has an, average bordering on the low, 1.8ml e-liquid capacity. Though re-filling the tank is easy with its top fill system.

One feature that it has and is almost always absent in Pod Systems is its constant power output. The quality of the vape (determined by the power output) won’t change as the battery life diminishes.

The power level is also adjustable via 3 settings.

The Joyetech Exceed X can charge at 2A thanks to its USB-C port. Thus, it should charge in half an hour or less.

Last, more and more companies adopt this approach (which is great for us, customers) the tank is compatible with all EX series coils. You won’t have to worry to find coils for it.

Again, we found it at a great price. $30.48 instead of $39.90 on other websites.

Package Contains

The package of Joyetech EXCEED X (small) Box Mod Kit Comes With:

1 x EXCEED X Battery

1 x EXCEED X Tank

1 x EX 1.2ohm MTL. Coil

1 x EX-M 0.4ohm DTL Coil

1 x TYPE-C Cable

And 1 x Silicon Ring + 1 x Glass Tube + 2 x Warning cards + 2 x User Manuals + 1 x Warranty Card

IVTOP Trinity Onwe Pod System

IVTOP-Trinity-Onwe- Pod

This IVTOP Trinity Onwe (no, we’ve not made a typo, that’s its name) is an interesting All in One kit.

From the picture, you can see something looks different. It’s the mouth piece. It gives a totally unique look to this All in One kit. It looks good. But how will it feel? It’s supposed to be ergonomically optimized and fit the mouth better.

But we’ll come back on that.

Either there’s an exclusivity deal going on or the IVTOP Trinity Onwe has a very limited/small distribution channel. It’s only available on Ave40. So, at least for now (unless there’s an exclusivity deal limited in time), you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

The IVTOP Trinity Onwe innovative drip tip and its apparent rarity are the reasons we’ve selected it to be among our MTL best vape kits of the week.

It has an 850mAh battery. It’s well above average for a Pod System and yet, the IVTOP Trinity Onwe is quite small. Its dimensions are: 65.2mm x 39mm x 18mm.

It may be small but it should pack a punch with an announced 22W max power output and 10W minimum. The minimum output is already higher than what most Pod Systems can deliver.

This power output is adjustable and has 3 settings.

The e-liquid capacity of its pod/tank is 2ml.

The IVTOP Trinity Onwe comes with 2 pods, one with a 0.8ohm mesh coil (for DTL but maybe also loose MTL with this one) and one with a 1.2ohm regular MTL coil.

So, it seems like a great little Pod System. The only thing we’re not sure about is this mouthpiece.

We guess that, because of the shape, there’s only one way to vape on the IVTOP Trinity Onwe. But an issue, we think, is that the fire button is situated on the opposite side. Which means that, if it indeed isn’t comfortable to vape from the other side of the mouthpiece, we’ll only be able to use the fire button with our index.

Maybe you don’t have a preferred way to hold your vape kits. Or it may vary depending on the device. Still, we thought it was worth mentioning. We try and give you all the info we can and think about.

Package Includes

IVTOP Trinity Onwe Pod System

1 x Trinity ONWE Battery

1 x ONWE Pod

1 x Mesh Coil(0.8ohm)

1 x Regular Coil(1.2ohm)

1 x USB Cable

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Think Vape ZETA All in One Kit

The Think Vape Zeta AiO kit is the first single 18650 external battery All in One (of the best vape kits of the week) we’ll present today.

By the way, all 3 of the following AiO powered by an 18650 battery in this MTL “best vape kits of the week” section sports a charging port. This allows you to charge the battery while it’s inside the device. You don’t need a battery charger (though it’s usually recommended. Plus, it’s convenient since you can charge your batteries when you want and thus, when the one inside the device you’re using is empty, swap it for a full one).

Its design is very much inspired by the Billet Box. E.g. like the DotMod dotAIO or the cheaper Pal 2 Pro (which we reviewed) also are.

The Think Vape Zeta kit appearance, similarly to the dotAIO, is minimalistic and very classy. The main difference is the small screen situated at the bottom left of the Zeta AiO (there’s none on the dotAIO).

The screen indicates the wattage the Think Vape Zeta operates at, the resistance of the coil used, the voltage, the duration of the last puff taken, the vaping mode (e.g. P for Power) it’s in and the battery left. That’s a lot of info packed on such a small screen.

The wattage goes up to 60W. The power output, as well as the airflow, is of course adjustable. Plus, the Think Vape Zeta also has a temperature control mode (for Nickel and SS coils).

Four types of coils are available: 0.2ohm and 0.5ohm for direct To Lung vaping, a 1.0ohm coil for MTL vaping and an RBA for… the type of vaping you like.

The tank capacity is 3ml and the Zeta comes in 3 (plain) colors: black, silver and gold.

Whatever the color you choose, it will have a golden drip tip and power button.

Its dimensions are: 86 x 45 x 25mm.

Whereas it’s not mentioned in the “packing list” section, there should be a 1.0ohm coil for MTL vaping in the packaging (in place of one of the 2 DTL coils).

And don’t forget to choose “Standard edition” if you want the bigger tank with higher e-liquid capacity.

The price changes to $38.99 (instead of $59.90) once you log in.

Here’s Mike Vapes’ Think Vape Zeta AiO Video Review

Now, the next best vape kit of the week is also a bit different:

Aspire Mulus All in One Kit

Another All in One kit with a Billet Box inspired design and powered by an 18650 external battery is the Aspire Mulus AiO kit.

This is the same concept as the Think Vape Zeta but with a different design and a couple different features.

The Aspire Mulus is available in 4 resin colors (with a matching drip tip). As it’s real resin, no two Mulus will be exactly the same. They will have the same color(s) but slightly different patterns.

As much as resin is a great material and feel good in the hand, we’re not fan when too many colors are mixed together. It may be ok when the colors are close to each other but when they’re not, it’s a visual mess. E.g. the “Lava Flow” model of the Aspire Mulus has a red, blue (or is it teal?) and orange combination on its panel. It’s too much for our taste.

Though, you will be able to purchase an extra, all black, panel for it, if you so desire. One panel, because only one side of the Aspire Mulus kit is covered by resin. The other/back is plain and the same color as the casing (which changes to match the main color of the resin panel).

On the back of the device, we can see a tiny screen (on which wattage or voltage level, coil resistance and battery status are displayed) and 2 vertical air inlets.

The Mulus is made of aluminum. Its max power output is 80W.

It can be charged through a USB-C port at 2A.

A Voltage (Wikipedia) mode, in addition to the usual Power Mode, is also present.

The airflow is of course adjustable.

2 types of coils are compatible with the Aspire Mulus. The Trigon (which can be used for high power DTL or MTL vaping) and the famous Nautilus coils mostly for MTL vaping (though the Nautilus 0.7 Mesh coils can provide a restricted DTL draw).

And 4 coils, yes FOUR coils are bundled in the packaging. Nice.

1 x 0.4Ω Tigon Coil, 1 x Tigon Coil 1.2Ω, 1 x Nautilus BVC Coil 1.8Ω and 1 x Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil 0.7Ω (preinstalled).

Last, the e-liquid capacity of the standard version is high at 4.2ml. But, and as usual, it’s only 2ml for the European TPD-compliant version.

In the packaging there will be:

1 x Mulus Device

1 x Pod

1 x Coil Adaptor

4 x Coils

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod System All in One Kit

Yet another All in One powered by an external 18650 battery, this one from Hugo Vapor. We told you this was the new trend.

The Planet All in One kit has a nice design (our preference goes for the all carbon fiber one). It, like the two previous best vape kits of the week we presented just above, looks like a Billet Box with its thumb firing button on the front panel.

It’s made of 6063 aluminum and its dimensions are: 97 x 46. 5 x 245mm.

Its max power output is 45W and is suitable for MTL and DTL vaping.

To cater to both Mouth To Lung and Direct To Lung vapers, it comes with 2 types of coils. One 0.4ohm mesh coil and one regular 1.4ohm coil.

For more experienced users, it will also be possible to purchase an RBA coil for it. This too is now a trend that can’t be ignore.

The Hugo Vapor Planet doesn’t have a screen, not even one hidden behind a panel. Instead, it has an adjustable power output with 4 settings directly accessible on the back of the device.

It also has a 3ml tank and adjustable airflow.

Last, but not least, you’ll be able to charge it via a USB-C port.

Its price right now is only $47.03 on BuyBest. “Only” compared to other websites but we think the Think Vape Zeta at $39 is a way better deal, to be honest. But it may be to plain-looking for some.

That’s why we present various vape kits (which should have similar performance) to you. Choice is a great thing isn’t it?

The Hugo Vapor Planet All in One Kit comes with:

1 x Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Mod

1 x Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Cartridge

1 x 0.4ohm mesh coil

1 x 1.4ohm dual regular DC coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Last but not least, an advanced Pod System at a low price. This device has tremendous value.

Hugo Vapor Kylin Pod System

Another Hugo Vapor device makes it in our MTL best vape kits of the week section, it’s the Kylin.

Contrary to what its design may suggest, the Hugo Vapor Kylin is not All in One kit. It’s a Pod System.

But it’s a great one with some features you rarely found in Pod Systems, above all at that $27 price.

It has a nice design with 2 materials for the front and back panels and 8 colors available (4 acrylic and 4 resin).

It’s made of Aluminum-Alloy (+ acrylic or Resin) and its dimensions are: 98 x 43 x 20mm.

The Hugo Vapor Kylin has a 30W max power output and a 1000mAh battery.

The power can be adjusted precisely (which means constant power output and, thus, vape quality) thanks to 2 buttons on the side of the screen. Yes, it has a small OLED screen and it gives all the info only an All in One would usually give you. Like the exact wattage, the battery status, the voltage and the coil resistance.

There are 2 types of pods you can use with it. A 0.6ohm pod (for DTL) or a 1.2ohm (MTL) pod. They both have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a top-filling mechanism secured with a screw to avoid leaking.

Last, The Hugo Vapor Kylin charges via a USB-C port.

The only caveat we found is the non-adjustable airflow. You’ll be able to outh To Lung Vape with it for sure but we don’t know how tight (or loose) will be the draw.

It comes with:

1 x Kylin Mod,

1 x Extra Pod,

1 x Type-C Cable,

1 x User Manual,

1 x Warranty Card

Ok, that about wraps up this presentation of the (MTL) best vape kits of the week.

We could have talked about the cute Sense Orbit Baby Pod System AiO (it’s actually an All in One kit, maybe the smallest AiO in the world, LOL. So, double cute. But still…) with its 460mAh Zinc alloy construction, 2.0ml e-liquid capacity and 1.0ohm coils.

But as it costs about $25 and its more capable big brother, the Sense Orbit TF All in One kit (so, you change the coil instead of the whole pod) can be found for $13 and is a better device (and it launched only a couple month ago max, so not an old device by any means), we’d prefer to recommend you the latter instead. It’s a way better deal in our

If you like a loose draw, you may be interested in the nice-looking and tiny (60 x 45 x 15mm) Smoant BattleStar Baby Pod System All in One kit.

And if you’re a more experienced vaper, the VSticking VKsma auto-squonker with its perfect build quality and RBA + ADA options will surely interest you as well. With the link we provide, you’ll be able to grab one for $53 (you need to log in to see the real price).

Here’s the video review of the VSticking VKsma By DJLsb Vapes. Always very pro and detailed videos.

And if you’re a more experienced vaper, the VSticking VKsma auto-squonker with its perfect build quality and RBA + ADA options will surely interest you as well. With the link we provide, you’ll be able to grab one for $53 (you need to log in to see the real price).

Here’s the video review of the VSticking VKsma By DJLsb Vapes. Always very pro and detailed videos.

We hope that, among what we think are the best vape kits announced this week, you found at least one or two devices that picked your interest. (We sure found a couple 😀)

If, like us, you did, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the great deals you can make by following our links. Plus, pre-ordering will make you one of the first (and maybe few) persons to receive and use these beautiful and performing devices.

See you soon (not sure if next week or at the end of the month depending on what devices are launched) for a new best vape kits of the week Section,

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