New MTL Best Vape Kits This Week – Pod Systems, AiOs – 11/18/2019

All The Best Pod Systems And Best All In One Kits Announced Last Week

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New Best Vape Kits Announced Last Week (Best Pod Systems, All in Ones –AiOs– kits) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) or DTL – Suorin Trio, Nevoks Angus… 11/18/2019

Update 12/25 – Read Our Best MTL Pod Systems Of the Year Selection.

11/18/2019 – In this post, you’ll find the New DTL/MTL best vape kits announced last week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones -AiOs- kits…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) but also some for DTL vaping.

This week we’ll present you:

The innovative Suorin Trio Pod System

The ergonomic and utilitarian-looking VapeOnly Mind Pro Pod Kit (which is in fact an All in One i.e. AiO kit)

The stylish and refined OVNS Saber 2 Pod System

The eye-catching, coming straight out of a fantasy anime, Oukitel Ravo Pod Kit (All in One kit)

The bizarre GAS MODS Mars Pod System

And a device the more experienced vapers visiting our Best Vape Kits Of The Week section won’t need much explaining to understand, the Nevoks Angus Mesh RDA Kit.

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MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

We’re not sure that any of the Pod Systems or All in ones (AiOs) we’ll present today in our Best Vape kits of The Week Section will end up among our Best Vape Kits of the year –coming soon– (probably not as we wouldn’t have been able to test them in time, anyway). But we still wanted to show you what were the best Pod Systems and best AiO kits we could find that were announced or launched last week. And there are a few.

One, because to know more about what’s on the market is always a good idea if we want to make an informed decision when purchasing what we think is the best All in One kit, best Pod System (or best vape kit in general) for us.

And, two, because some of these vape kits are interesting nonetheless. This week we have a selection of innovative, good looking, bizarre even, vape kits.

So, what are the (DTL but mostly) MTL best vape kits (essentially best pod systems and best AiO kits but one different type of device too) we’ve found for you this week?

[NB: Keep in mind that most of the best vape kits of the previous week we present here aren’t exactly launched yet, they’re announced and available for pre-order. They should begin shipping in about a month on December 20. So, keep that in mind when ordering].

The first one of the best vape kits announced last week you should know about is among the Best Pod System of the lot (it’s the most innovative, at least), the Suorin Trio kit.

The Suorin Trio Pod System Kit


Like with all our DTL/MTL best vape kits of the week picks, you’ll find the complete list of the Suorin Trio kit specifications and features below, as well as what the packaging you will receive contains.

So, what makes the Suorin Trio Pod System different than the other pod systems on the market right now?

First, it’s design and more specifically the fact that it’s only 1.2 cm (half an inch) thick. Quite thin for a vape kit with an 850mAh battery. It’s slightly thicker than the Suorin Air Plus (which is only 1cm thick) whereas it has a 950mAh battery, though.


Its gradient colors are nice too.

The battery, as the Suorin trio kit has a max output of 16W should last you all day.

It has a power button on the side to turn the device on and off. And it charges through a USB-C port.

As most Pod Systems, the Suorin trio kit has no adjustable airflow or power output.

One strange thing is that Suorin doesn’t announce what kind of coils there will be in the 2 types of pods made for the Suorin Trio kit.

Speaking of which, this is what truly makes the Suorin Trio Kit different: its pods. At least, one of the two it comes with. The pods are what gives it its name too.

They are both attached to the casing thanks to a magnetic connection. The first type of pods for the Suorin Trio comes with is a 3ml capacity pod but the second type is the reason we decided to present it to you.


It sports a dual design pod with two e-liquid chambers. Each chamber has a 1ml capacity and its dedicated coil.

So, you’ll be able to vape two different e-liquids out of the same pod, eliminating the need to carry and change the pod if you want to vape on another flavor.

A bit gimmicky but it could be great for those who feel e-liquid fatigue quicker or more often than others, for example.

[NB: e-liquid fatigue is not necessarily the same as vaper tongue. The vaper tongue is a “condition” when a vaper can suddenly lose its ability to taste the flavor of e-liquids.

It can happen by subjecting our taste buds to the same flavor over and over again. They become fatigued of it and “work” less (this is e-liquid fatigue).

But it can also happen when vapor has damaged our taste buds because when hot vapor touches our tongue, it can create micro-burns. In this case, we can sometimes lose taste of foodstuffs too. This is the “true” vapor tongue.

 It’s not a serious condition, though. Recovery occurs in about two weeks, as long as we vape less and/or at lower temperatures.]

It’s not the first Pod System offering the ability to use 2 pods at the same time – the Kangvape D-pod V2 Pod System we presented last month does it too, but differently – but it’s the first to offer this possibility in the same pod.


How does it work?

Easy. You have two fire buttons side by side each activating one coil/part of the pod.

So, and again, this Suorin Trio kit may be a bit gimmicky but it’s nice looking and… why not try and rock two e-juices on the same pod?

Suorin TRIO Pod System Kit Specifications And Features – Full List:

Dimensions – 102 x 32 x 12.5mm

Integrated 850mAh Rechargeable Battery

Max. Wattage Output Range: 16W

Voltage Output Range: 3.3-4.2V

Aluminum Alloy Chassis Construction

Dual Firing Buttons

LED Battery Life Indicator Light

Child-Safe Locking System (on/off switch)

3mL Refillable Pod – Replaceable Cartridge

2 x 1mL Dual Flavor Pod Cartridge – 2 Flavors in 1 Pod

Side Fill System – Silicone Stopper

Magnetic Pod Connection

USB Type-C Port

Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Aurora Blue, Sunset Purple, Flaming Red

Suorin Trio Packaging Content:

1 x Suorin TRIO Battery

1 x Suorin TRIO Pod

1 x Suorin TRIO Dual Pod you may get 2 of these)

1 x Type C Cable

1 x User Manual

Next on our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week list is the utilitarian-looking VapeOnly Mini Pro Pod kit (don’t pay attention to its name, it’s an All in One kit).

The VapeOnly Mind PRO Pod Kit (AiO kit)


As it’s an All in One kit, you can change the coils without changing the whole pod of the VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit.

Three types of coils are available: 0.4ohm, 0.6ohm (those two should be Direct To Lung – DTL – coils though you may be able to use the 0.6 ohm for a looser MTL experience) and an 1.2ohm for mouth to lung vaping.

You can, like most All in Ones, also adjust the airflow. This simple feature is, together with the fact they offer more power than Pod Systems, the reason we recommend an All in One as the most important vaping device a new vaper and/or smoker who wants to quit should acquire.

If you’re in this situation, you should read our Ultimate Guide On How To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping to understand why and much more.

The VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit adopts an ergonomic utilitarian design that makes it comfortable to hold. It won’t win any beauty contest but not everyone is into aesthetics anyway. (We are, though… LOL. See below our enthusiasm with the way we describe the Oukitel Ravo AiO kit design 😀).

It kinda looks like a mix between a walkie-talkie and an MP3 player, in our opinion.

The info on the mini OLED screen indicates the coil resistance, time of the puff, output mode, power output and battery life left.

The VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit has three different (power) output modes.

One is named the “simple mode” (we think it will be 3, maybe up to 5 pre-defined power outputs). Another is the power mode which allows you to set the power output you want up to 36W. And the last one is the voltage mode.

The chip identifies the resistance of the coil and adjust automatically to it. You’ll thus be only able to select a power output among the range compatible with the coil you use.

This is a good thing as it prevents you from inadvertently run the device/coil at a power setting that is too high and thus get dry hits and/or burn the coil quickly.

The pod tank is attached thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism which makes it easy to put on and off with the click of a button.

Last, the VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit is powered by a 1500mAh battery that charges in about 45mn thanks to a 2A fast charging USB-C connection.

VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit Specifications And Features – Full List:


Size: 45.5 x 16.0 x 96.6 mm

Power Range: 5W-36W

Support Resistance: 0.4ohm, 0.6ohm/1.0omh

Tank Volume: 3ml

Voltage Output: 0.2V-4V

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh

Voltage/Current Input: 5V/2A

Screen Size: 0.91 Inch

Micro USB Port: Type-C port

Material: Aluminum alloy, Chromium-plated brass, PC

Comfortable deign to make ease for use

1500mAh built-in battery with 2A fast charging

Support 3output modes for different taste demand

Different coils for DTL and MTL

VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro Kit comes with:


1 x VapeOnly Mind Pod Pro kit

1 x Type-C charging cable

1 x Mind pod (pre-installed 1.2ohm coi)

1 x Spare coil (0.6ohm)

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

Next on our Best Vape Kits Of The Week List is the simple, stylish yet cheap, OVNS Saber 2 Pod System.

If the new coil design the OVNS Saber 2 sports delivers, we may have the new best vape kit/pod system of the beginning of 2020. Presentation.

OVNS Saber 2 Pod System


The OVNS Saber II Pod System Kit is the sequel of the Saber, first of its name.

It’s much better looking, though. It looks much more refined and polished. It’s a bit longer (12cm instead of 10cm) but it’s powered by a bigger 600mAh battery (instead of 400mAh).

The OVNS Saber II sports 1.4ohm coils/pods (so, it should last about a day on a full charge) with 1.5ml capacity.

It is draw activated (no firing button) and charges via a USB-C connection.

OVNS Saber 2 II - Pod System - Best vape kits 11-18-2019

The coils inside the pods (which attach magnetically to the body of the OVNS Saber 2) are purported to have a dual ON-S cotton coil structure for a higher vapor production along with a better flavor reproduction.

And if what we hear about this new coil structure is true, we definitely want to try this one. So, we’re going to order it.

This feature, along with its sleek design, is why the OVNS Saber 2 is among our New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week.

OVNS Saber II Pod System Kit Specifications And Features –  Full List:


Size: 120.5 x 11.5 x 20mm

Pod Capacity: 1.5ml / Refillable

Coil: 1.4ohm Dual ON-S Cotton Coil

Battery Capacity: 600mAh Lithium Polymer

Output: Constant 11 Watts

Next level ON-s Dual Heating Wire Structure

Magnetic Connection for Convenient Operation

PCTG Food Classification Material Pod

Easy Top Filling

Draw Activated Design

Type-C Charger

OVNS Saber 2 Packaging Content:

1 x OVNS Saber II Battery Unit (600mAh)

2 x Refillable Pods (1.5ml)

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Next? Another stylish looking device but that may have an irritating limitation for us MTL vapers (not DTL vapers though), the Oukitel Ravo All in One Kit.

The Oukitel Ravo Pod Kit


There’s a lot to like about this Oukitel Ravo All in One Kit.

– First, its unique and disruptive design. As stylish and sleek some rectangle devices/AiOs can be, the Oukitel Ravo is not just another rectangle.

Look at it in its simpler black version with just some red accents. Isn’t it sexy, bold even?

It’s artsy, that’s for sure. A mix of a fantasy-like and a very sophisticated design, in our opinion.

We mean, wow… this one is a stunner.

– Second, the Oukitel Ravo AiO kit works with an external 18650 batteries which is a PRO in our book (read this for a brief explanation on why external batteries are convenient in vape kits). Above all when there’s a USB-C connector like here to charge the device without having to remove the battery.

As it’s customary, the Oukitel Ravo is sold without one. So, you’ll have to purchase one separately. But like that, you can choose one of much better quality or capacity than the usually cheaper built-in one in vape kits.

Also, it has a 40w max power output, adjustable airflow, takes only 0.03s to fire and start vaping (that’s, for all intent and purposes, instantaneous firing) and its tank has a 3.5ml capacity (2ml for unlucky Europeans because of the TPD version).

Its coils?

One is a 0.3ohm mesh coil for DTL vaping and the other is a 1.4ohm for MTL vaping. Oukitel says it’s a specific coil for nic salt e-liquid that works via a preset “nic salt mode”.

– If you’ve already visited our website and read a couple of articles, you know that nic salt and regular e-liquids can be used interchangeably in the same device. So, no worries for those, like us, preferring freebase e-liquids. You’be able to use them without problem.

[NB: If a device/pod/coil can be used with regular freebase e-liquids, it can be used with use nic salt e-liquids too and vice versa. You’ll only have to adapt the strength of the nicotine level and the power output of the device (if it’s a pod system, only the amount of nicotine inside your e-liquid will vary – choose a lower strength if it’s a regular e-liquid because the hit they provide is stronger).]

– There is no issue with the 0.3ohm coil as the Oukitel Ravo Kit works as you’d expect. You can change the power output as you see fit.

– But that’s not the case with the 1.4ohm coil.

It seems, according to Vaping With Nic (it’s the only person to have it in its hands and tested it), that you can’t adjust the power when you put the 1.4ohm coil inside the Oukitel Ravo kit. It automatically selects the “nic salt mode” and you can only vape on it one way (buy you still can adjust the airflow, obviously).

It basically cripples the experience and transforms it in a fancy Pod System. And we’re not ok with that. We think it’s stupid.


Why would we want a bridled device that could allow for power adjustment but doesn’t let us? It’s worse than a Pod System. A Pod System is what it is and some even offer some power setting options. But why limit a capable device only when it’s used for MTL vaping? What’s the reasoning there?

If the user is a new vaper, maybe s/he won’t even buy an All in one. And if s/he does, it’s for the options and choice it offers. So, why crippling one part of the equation, the Mouth To Lung part?

It’s irritating.

Anyway, and as sexy, artsy etc… as this thing is, we can’t recommend it and we won’t order one for review. Even out of principle, we won’t.

But feel free to (pre-)order one if you don’t mind and want that beauty bad or if you’re a DTL vaper looking for a competent and sexy little All in One kit.


Size: 80 x 45 x 24mm

Weight: 202g

Capacity: 3.5ml/2ml(TPD-UK)

Battery: Single 18650

Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Resistance: 0.3ohm/1.4ohm

Color: Deep Blue, Gunmetal, Cool Black

Usage: press button to vape

Charging port: Type-c

Charging current: 1A

Connector type: magnetic

Material: metal + plastic

Protection: low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharging / over-discharge

Oukitel Revo Kit KEY FEATURES:

Supports up to 3000mAh 18650 batteries,

Min 10w – max 40w power output

1.4ohm coil for nic salt and freebase e-liquids

0.3ohm coils more suited for regular e-liquids

Non-slip design

Type-C fast charging

“Nic salt mode”. Meaning you CAN’T change the wattage/adjust the power output when you use the 1.4ohm MTL coil.

And “power mode” for the 0.3ohm coil. This one is fine.

3.5ml/2ml pod tanks

Adjustable Airflow adjustable

510 drip tip

Multiple security features



1 x Ravo kit 3.5ml capacity, 2ml TPD (Europe and UK)

1 x Ravo dual wire 1.4ohm atomizer head

1 x Ravo mesh coil 0.3ohm atomizer head

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x Gift box

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

Now, the next best vape kit of the week is also a bit… strange:

GAS MODS Mars Pod System Kit

GAS-MODS-Mars-Pod-System-Kit-All-colorsIt looks like a mini double barrel mod, maybe. But the bell-shaped pod seem out of place.

Interesting features:

– It has a constant power output. Which means you always get the same amount of power when you vape. The power output doesn’t drop along with your battery life (which is usually what happens with Pod Systems).

And, thus, your vaping experience stays, like the power output, constant/consistent.

4 power settings to tweak the vape you get from it.

2 types of MTL vaping coils/pods, a 1.5ohm SS316L coil and a 1.8ohm NI80 coil.

As it’s a Pod System, you can’t change the coils separately, though. You’ll have to replace the whole pod (2ml capacity and connect to the GAS MODS body with magnets).

– It also has a 750mAh battery that, at these low wattages, should carry you through the day and a battery indicator.

A very simple and tiny device .

GAS MODS Mars Pod Kit Specifications – Full List:


Size: 33.5 x 17 x 81mm

Pod Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 750mAh built-in battery

Coil Type: 1.5ohm SS316L coil and 1.8ohm NI80 coil

Display: Equipped with battery indicator

Color  Silver, Green, Red, Black, White, Orange

The GAS MODS Mars Pod Kit Comes With:

1 x Mars Device

1 x 1.5ohm Pod

1 x 1.8ohm Pod

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Last one,

Zophie Vapes’ review of the Gas Mods Mars

The Nevoks Angus Mesh RDA Pod Kit


The Nevoks Angus RDA Pod Kit is another unique device. And it seems like a good idea. But the realization may be lacking.

It looks like and share many similarities with an AiO but it only offers a (simplified) RDA option.

[NB: RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. If you don’t know what dripping is, here’s a succinct explanation]

It’s not for the new vapers or smokers wanting to quit reading this. It’s for more advanced users.

The Nevoks Angus RDA is for those that could want to do dripping with a more discreet and more pocketable device.

Though we think it may be more suited for users who want to get a taste of what DIY their own coils could be in fact, not necessarily advanced users per se.

Because the “build” (it uses a mesh coil, see picture below) couldn’t be simpler. You’ll see by watching the video.


One thing for sure it’s for DTL users exclusively.


Because this device doesn’t provide an AFC (airflow control) and its airflow is loooose, like wide open. That’s a major CON for us since it makes it unusable for an MTL vaper.

Another major con is that it has only 3 preset power settings. Kinda strange for an RDA, even in this form factor.

As to explain how it works and perform?

It’s better you watch the video below. You may have a more positive opinion than Legion Vapes who just reviewed it… or not. You decide.

First, take a look at its specs/features and the list of what you’ll get when you receive it. Nevoks did pull out all the stops and provided a complete set of accessories and goodies.

Then, below these, you’ll find the video.

Nevoks Angus Mesh RDA Kit Specifications & Features:


Size: 80 x 39 x 18.4mm

Battery: Built-in 1700mAh

Output Power: 5-60W

Coil: 0.18ohm/0.5ohm

Mouthpiece Material: Food grade PCTG

Battery Life Indicator – Red light: 0%-30%; Blue light: 30%-50%; Green light: 50%-100%

The first square mesh RDA with slide design

Mesh coil and regular wire coil compatible

Adjustable power of L/M/H

60W and long-lasting 1700mAh battery

Portable enough to put in your pocket

The Nevoks Angus Mesh RDA Kit comes with… a lot of stuff. Maybe because that’s Christmas soon? 🎄😅:


1 x Angus Device

1 x Extra Mouthpiece

3 x Ni80 Regular coils

4 x Ni80 Mesh coils

1 x bag Bacon cotton

1 x Screw Driver

1 x Extra O-ring, Screw, Spring

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual

That’s it for our “best vape kits of the week” report. We hope you’ve find a couple of them interesting.

Also, as a reminder, the UWELL Caliburn KoKo (presentation) was announced recently and the UWELL Yearn is now an open pod system (review).

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or what to see more devices, you can always check out our MTL Vaping News Section where you’ll find all our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week posts.

You can also have a look at the very best devices we’ve reviewed, of course.

Also, be sure to Bookmark us and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get  notified of our latest articles  and know what we’re up to.

We are (Mister MTL) much more active on Reddit, though.

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