New MTL Best Vape Kits – Geekvape Aegis Boost, Wismec Preva… 11/4/2019

The New Best Vape Kits For Mouth To Lung vaping (And DTL) Announced Last Week: Rugged, Stylish, Different

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New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week 11/4/2019 | Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod kit, Wismec Preva kit, HCigar Kris Pod System | Mouth To Lung vaping devices

11/04/2019 – In this post, you’ll find the New MTL best vape kits announced last week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones, Box Mod kits…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) and, sometimes, DTL at the lowest price.

This week, we’ll present you the Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod kit (yeah, that’s a mouthful), the new Wismec Preva Kit (AiO kit), and the HCigar Kris Pod System and one more device in passing.

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MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

This is the Section in which we’ll try and present you all the (sometimes DTL but mostly) new MTL best vape kits announced or launched during the previous week.

MTL means Mouth To Lung vaping whereas DTL means Direct To Lung vaping, by the way.

If you’re not sure what this refers to, exactly, you can read our article explaining thoroughly what these two types of vaping are.

This week is another barely ok week in terms of announcements of (MTL) vaping devices. But we’ve still found some that will interest you because of their design, ruggedness and/or uniqueness.

So, the 5 4 new MTL best vape kits we’ll present you this week are:

The Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod kit, the new Wismec Preva kit (AiO), the HCigar Kris Pod System and the Eleaf Amnis 2 small Box Mod Kit

[NB: The new MTL best vape kits and the ones we really want to talk about this week are the Geekvape Aegis Boost, the new Wismec Preva kit and the HCigar Kris Pod System. The Eleaf Amnis 2 is here mostly because it’s a new small Box Mod kit. An alternative to the SMOK Priv N19, if you will. Small Box Mod kits are pretty rare these days, so we thought that presenting the Amnis 2 couldn’t hurt. But we’ll just mention it without going into much detail].

We, in this new MTL “Best Vape Kits Of The Week” Section, always look for the lowest prices. So, you may even get a good deal while pre-ordering (this week, that’s definitely the case for the Aegis Boost).

Ok, let’s get this presentation started already, right?

And the first device we want to present you is the Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod Kit.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod Kit, The “Rhino”?


Those of you who know Geekvape’s Aegis line of products will already be familiar with the Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod Kit looks.

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Kit

Again, and we often do that, this thing would have made it in our “New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week” Section on its looks alone. Not that we find it necessarily beautiful, but different enough to grab our attention? You bet.

It’s quite a strange and unique design for an All in One (no, it’s not a Pod System. As the coils are replaceable, it’s an All in One kit or a Pod Mod/Mod Pod if you like). The Geekvape Aegis Boost is basically an Aegis Mod with a plastic mouthpiece (+ cap) on top.

But why did they choose to call it the “Boost”? This thing should have been named the “Rhino”, LOL.

We mean, look at it, doesn’t the shape of the top of the Aegis Boost kinda look like a Rhinoceros horn/head? Plus, the device itself is imposing and looks tough.

Its dimensions are: 106.8 x 27.7 x 39.2mm. About 4 by 1 by 1 and ½ inch. (In the video below, you’ll see it compared to other devices). So, it’s bigger than most AiOs on the market. Its size is more comparable to a compact Box Mod kit (like the Aegis Mini).

All the Aegis line is comprised of tough, rugged, corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant, tear-resistant, shock-resistant and water-resistant, IP67 certified Box Mods. The Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod kit is no exception.

In fact, that’s, along with its striking and now famous looks, what really sets the Aegis Boost apart from the competition. So, the “Rhino” would definitely have been a name befitting this beast, better than the “Boost” anyway. 😀


Anyways, what other interesting features does the Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod Kit Rhino has to offer?

As it’s an All in One, you get to be able to use 2 different types of coils with it. 0.6ohm MTL (Mouth To Lung) Kanthal mesh coils and 0.4ohm DTL (Direct To Lung). And yes, an RBA, RDTA to be exact, option will be available later on [RBA, RTA and RDTA are acronyms for DIY Rebuildable Atomizer/coils, basically].

The coils are tight pressed and, to be able to conform to the IP67 rating of the Aegis Boost, are tough to remove. While you can do it by hand with a bit of force, Geekvape does provide a mini wrench to help you unplug them. Yes, a mini wrench in the box, how cool is that?

The tank pods have a big e-liquid capacity of 3.7ml.

The Geekvape Aegis Boost comes with a 1500mAh battery, a secured top fill mechanism with a big hole to be able to fill it with any kind of e-liquid bottle, and an airflow controlled by a thumbwheel.

The max power output is 40W and the 1.5A micro-USB charging port (it’s not USB-C) has a silicone plug covering it (to go along with its IP67 rating). The Aegis Boost should charge in just under an hour.

And what partly gives to the Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod its (Rhino) looks is a plastic cap placed on top and protecting/hiding the mouthpiece. It’s a PRO and a CON at the same time since it protects the mouthpiece from water but also dust and dirt but that’s the kind of things you either tend to lose or break pretty quickly.

GeekVape-Aegis-Boost-Box-Pod-Mod-Kit-Vector-like-picture-Best-Vape-Pod-Kits-11-03-2019Though, we think it’s still nice it’s there.

Last, the Aegis Boost is made out of real leather, silicone and Zinc alloy.

[NB: Something else to add actually, Geekvape had the good idea (/s) to put “smoking” on the screen when you vape on the Aegis Boost on the review models (at least, the one Mike Vapes received). Every time you take a drag on it, “smoking” appears written on the screen. Unbelievable. We really hope that won’t be the case on the consumer units.]

That’s it for the Rhino, err… the Geekvape Aegis Boost Box Mod Pod kit.

Below you’ll find the complete list of specs and features, the content of the packaging and 2 video reviews (one is not fully in English but we get to see great close ups and a vapor production as well as size comparisons) of the Aegis Boost.

Then, we’ll present our next new MTL Best Vape Kit Of the Week.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit Specifications And Main Features

Size: 106.8 x 27.7 x 39.2mm

Material: Zinc alloy + Top grain leather + silicone

Pod Capacity: 3.7ml

Refill Method: Top filling

Battery: 1500mAh built-in battery

Output Power: 5 – 40W

Input voltage: 3.0 – 4.25V

Output voltage: 1.0 – 6.0V

Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm KA1 mesh coil (20 – 25W)

Screen: 0.42inch OLED display

Charging: Micro USB, 5V/1.5A

Firing speed: 0.08s

Over-temperature protection

Over-current protection

Switch timeout protection

Short circuit protection

Over-discharge protection

Overcharge protection

The Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod System Kit comes with:

1 x GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit

1 x 0.6ohm KA1 Mesh Coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Legion Vapes' Geekvape Aegis Boost Video Review

Mike Vapes' Geekvape Aegis Boost Video Review

CellShack MNL's Geekvape Aegis Boost Video Review

Now, what’s next on our New MTL Best Vape Kits list today?

New Wismec Preva Kit, The “Mess”?


This new Wismec Preva Kit, and whereas it looks stylish and seems to finally be the Wismec Preva we –MTL vapers– were waiting for, should be called the “Mess”. You’ll understand why in a minute.

Some of you may already have heard of the Wismec Preva kit. It was launched a month ago but it was the DNA GO version (the same chip than in the Lost Vape Orion DNA). This new version (actually there are a slew of versions and this is kind of a mess to be honest) doesn’t sport a DNA chip.

Even though we were excited by the Wismec Preva DNA at first when we wrote an overview of the ECC convention in Ontario (it was introduced to the public there), we quickly understood that this wasn’t a device for us, MTL vapers.

We didn’t review the first Wismec Preva (DNA) or even talk much about it for 2 reasons:

– First, its price at launch was oscillating between $80 and $68 (you can find it today for about $53). DNA chip or not (more so a DNA GO chip, which is a simplified version of a DNA chip) we found it overpriced for a Pod System. Yes, it was and still is (as you can still buy it today and will keep on being sold alongside the new Wismec Preva kit version) a Pod System. So, no replaceable coils.

– Second, The Wismec Preva DNA couldn’t deliver a proper MTL vaping experience. The draw, like the Lost Vape Orion and even with the top drip tip AirFlow Control (AFC) almost completely closed down, was simply too loose. This is also the reason why we don’t mention the Orion often or didn’t make a review of it, by the way. Plus, the fact we simply find it unattractive.

[Tip: You should never completely close an airflow down, even if possible and even if that would be the way you prefer to vape on your device. Why? Because it will kill the coils much quicker. As air won’t, or not enough air will, go through to cool them, they’ll overheat constantly and they’ll burn out… quick]

Watch Mike Vapes explaining how the Wismec Preva DNA airflow was too loose for MTL vaping in the video below:

Update: There doesn’t seem to be specific childproof versions (Though some sites have this info). All the pods/cartridges top-fill sliding may be “childproof” or none of them are. In any case, this removes some of the confusion created by all these versions.

So, what has changed with this new Wismec Preva Kit version?


First, the price. It’s now sold for a much more acceptable $33-35 (depending on the version you choose. See below) but, and this is the second difference with the first Wismec Preva kit, the DNA GO chip is gone, obviously. It has been replaced by a homemade Wismec one.

And, third, the Wismec Preva kit has more coil and cartridge/pod options. This is where it gets a bit messy, a lot.

So, bear with us as we’re gonna list all the different options for the different versions, the compatible cartridges/pods and coils.

At the moment of ordering the device, you get this choice:

– Pod Version 2ml (e-liquid capacity of the pod/cartridge)

– Pod Version 2ml Childproof

– Pod Version 3ml

– Pod Version 3ml Childproof

– Standard Version 2ml

– Standard Version 2ml Childproof

– Standard Version 3ml

– Standard Version 3ml Childproof

And that’s not all as we’ll talk about the different coil and cartridge/pod options after that.


So, basically, you have 2 versions. The Wismec Preva kit “Pod version” and the “Standard version” and each of them has 2 sub-versions (which are also divided in 2: childproof or not): the 2ml e-liquid capacity for Europe (with childproof filling mechanism or not) and the 3ml e-liquid capacity.

What is the difference between the Standard and Pod Version?

The Pod version, as its name suggests, has a Pod with a 0.25ohm SS316 (SS stands for Stainless Steel) coil for DTL vaping and top airflow control (AFC) on the drip tip.

The Standard Version has a cartridge of which you can change the MTL 0.6ohm (mesh) coil. The AFC on this one is a ring attached under the coil. So, it has a better, in our opinion, bottom AFC.

Now, for the Wismec Preva Kit coils and Pods options.

So, you have the closed Pods and the open pods/cartridges options. Each one can come in three “flavors”, i.e. 3 types of coils.

One 0.25ohm coil, one 0.5ohm coil (these are presumably the same as the Wismec Preva DNA ones) and the new 0.6ohm coils for true MTL vaping.

You can get them either inside a closed pod (to be clear, they are closed at the bottom which makes the coils inaccessible but they are still refillable) or with an “open” pod of which you can change the coils.

To easily and visually recognize the closed pods, they are the ones with the silver ring (AFC) at the base of the drip tip (so, on the upper side of the pod).

The Standard version pods are all black except for the coil and AFC you can catch sight of at the bottom of the pod.

But, wait, that’s not all.

Obviously, the pods are sold as is but it seems that, for now at least, only the 0.6ohm coils can be bought alone, without the cartridge, for the “Standard version”. It means that if you prefer the 0.25 and or 0.5ohm coils you need to buy the whole cartridge whereas you shouldn’t need too.

Hopefully, this will change but… yeah… We told you, that’s a mess.

But wait, that’s still not all.

There is also an option where you can buy the device/battery alone and, then, choose the closed pods, open pods and/or coils you want.

It makes you wonder what the heck these “Standard” and “Pod” versions are there for. Just sell the device with 2 or 3 pod/cartridges, one MTL and one DTL and be done with it.

Then, sell your pod/coil options and let people make a choice. I guess Wismec had a bunch of unsold 0.25 and 0.5ohm pods lying around and they wanted to create a situation where they could unload them.

Options and choices are great but when they’re clear and meaningful. Here, it’s the opposite, they’re confusing and unnecessary (for, us, consumers).

Anyway, so why did we choose this Wismec Preva kit to be among the new MTL Best Vape Kits Of the Week we present? Well, we’ll answer this question by answering another one.


What do we think of this new Wismec Preva kit?

That it’s the same stylish device as the previous Wismec Preva (DNA) but with a different chip to make it cheaper. Not a bad thing if Wismec’s homemade chip performs well, that is.

That we really like the design and the build quality was praised by the (few) reviewers who had the first version in their hands. The new colors look pretty good too.

That it has one more type of coils (the 0.6ohm coils) to appeal to MTL vapers. But that the way they sell all these different options (and more) is a mess.

By, the way, we think that all these (open and closed) pods as well as coils are compatible with the first Preva DNA too.

A 20W power output and a 1050mAh battery should be plenty enough to satisfy our Mouth To Lung vaping daily habit.

We like the 3 power settings, the fact that it has 2A fast charging (not USB-C though it seems), the 3ml e-liquid capacity (for non-EU users. But even there, we think you’ll be able to buy 3ml open or closed pods), the bottom AFC for the standard version (open pods) and the top-fill sliding mechanism.

There’s a lot to like about this device. Even the fact that there’s some glass on its sides.

So, the version (all these confusing options) situation is a shame because this is a super stylish, well-built and possibly (now, with the new 0.6ohm coils) a great MTL vaping device.

For MTL users, though, we can purchase the Pod or Standard version with the new 0.6ohm coils and we should be less impacted by this situation.

What we recommend:

As there’s the option to purchase the 0.6ohm coils separately and without the whole cartridge, we recommend you to take the Standard version (3ml if possible). If you like it, you’ll be able to buy some 0.6ohm MTL coils for it later on.

If you want the better, a bit more expensive version with the DNA chip, you should take the Wismec Preva DNA and grab you some 0.6ohm (open or closed) pods for it. Yes, because remember that they are the only ones that can offer a decent MTL vaping experience.

Unless, of course, you’re a DTL vaper. Then, you can just take the Wismec Preva DNA with the 0.25omh pods.

That’s it, that’s all we have to say about the (still) stylish new Wismec Preva kit. For all the reasons we mentioned and despite the mess, we think the new Wismec Preva is worthy to be in our new MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section and be presented to you as such.

Below, you’ll find the Preva full list of specifications as well as the packaging content for both its versions.


New Wismec Preva Kit Specifications And Features

Size: 43 x 18.6 x 91mm (Standard cartridge version) — 43 x 18.6 x 96mm (Pod cartridge version)

Battery Type: 1050mAh built-in battery

E-liquid Capacity: 3ml

Maximum Charging Current: 2A

Maximum Wattage Range: 20W

Resistance Wattage Range: 0.2~1.7ohm

Power Output Modes: High / Medium / Low

Adjustable Airflow System (Drip tip or coil ring depending on version)

Top Filling Sliding System

Over-charge Protection

Over-discharge Protection

Over 7s Protection

Short-circuit Protection

Over-current Protection

Temperature Protection

New Wismec Preva Kit Packagings content

Standard cartridge Packaging content


1 x PREVA Battery, 1 x Standard Cartridge (WR01 Mesh 0.6ohm Coil Pre-installed), 1 x WR01 Mesh 0.6ohm Coil, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Warning Card

Pod cartridge Packaging content


1 x PREVA Battery, 1 x PREVA SS316 Dual 0.25ohm Cartridge, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Warning Car

Play Video

Now, something a bit different:

HCigar Kris Pod System - Unique And Innovating


The Hcigar KRIS Pod System is interesting for several reasons.

Obviously, it looks different.

Its design is unique. The form factor isn’t bad at all.

It’s made of Zinc alloy and has a kinda sleeve made either of leather or carbon fiber attached to it. (We don’t know if these will be user replaceable/interchangeable). And it costs only $18.99.

Now, for its features.

The pods attach themselves to the body of the HCigar Kris thanks to a magnetic connection.

As it’s an open Pod System, it has refillable pods [NB: they have 2 filling holes, which is great to let the air escape by the other hole and make the filling process a breeze] with 2ml capacity and 1.8ohm coils resistance. If the draw isn’t too loose (you can’t adjust the airflow), they should be perfect for MTL vaping.

And it comes with 2 pods in the packaging.

And with its relatively big 650mAh battery for a Pod System, it should last a day without charge.

What we’re a bit worried about is the announced 6W power output. Though it may be a mistake from the shops that sell it.

What is said on the marketing material and on their official website, is that the HCigar Kris pod system runs at a constant 3.3V. No mention is made of the wattage output. So, we don’t know where this 6W output is coming from.

As the HCigar Kris sports coils with a high 1.8ohm resistance, 3.3V should be enough to create a good amount of vapor.

Plus, a constant voltage output is a good thing. It means the quality of the vape will stay the same until your device battery drains almost completely.

More, the HCigar Kris has some tricks up its sleeve to try and tempt us more.


Like an innovative inverted U-shaped coil to, according to HCigar, get more juice out of your pod before having to refill it.

Or like its “Reflux Tchnology” which is a type of anti-spitback feature that doubles as a condensation holder and forces the (too) big droplets of e-liquid to fall back down in the pod and be better vaporized.

And, last but not least, a vibrating mechanism that activates when:

– You insert a pod in the HCigar Kris

– You connect it to a charger

– You have taken 15 puffs

– Your draw is longer than 10s

Maybe a bit gimmicky but nice.

Now, you understand why the HCigar Kris Pod System made it on our New Best Vape Kits Of The Week list.

HCigar Kris Pod System Full Specifications And Features List

Battery Size: 82.8 x 34.5 x 15.9mm

Pod Size: 34 x 25.9mm

Battery Type: 650mAh Built-in battery

Material: Zinc Alloy + Leather

Max Output Wattage: 6W


E-juice capacity: 2.0ml

Coil resistance: 1.8ohm

Voltage range: 3.3~4.2V

Refilling: Bottom filling

Output Mode: Constant output

Double Filling-hole Design

Advanced condensate reflux technology

Exclusive patented pneumatic siphon technology

4 vibration reminders: insert pod, 15 puffs, charging, inhale over 10s

Short circuit Protection

Resistance Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Overheating Protection

Low-voltage Protection

The HCigar Kris Pod System Packaging contains:

1 * KRIS Pod System

2 * Refillable Pods

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual

1 * Warranty Card

1 * Lanyard Rope


Now, what is the next new MTL Best Vape Kit we wanted to (briefly) present to you?

Eleaf Amnis 2 Box Mod Kit - Priv N19 Rival


The Eleaf Amnis 2 is, because of its tiny size, a direct competitor to the SMOK Priv N19 (review). And depending on your taste, you may prefer the Amnis 2 aesthetics.

A bit like the Wismec Preva kit, the Eleaf Amnis 2 is also available in a bunch of options.

One with the GTiO tank (with childproof top-fill or a simple sliding top-fill mechanism) or another with the GS Drive tank (childproof top-fill method).

Both tanks have a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity but their glass tube can be changed to obtain a 3ml capacity.

As we’re still recovering from the headache the Wismec Preva kit hundreds of options gave us (🤯), we won’t develop on the Eleaf Amnis 2 ones.

What we can say is that this is a device for people who want something small, simple yet versatile and with a more classic Box Mod form factor.

We particularly like the firing button placement in the upper center of the box.

We recommend taking the version with the GTiO tank as it offers 1.2ohm MTL and 0.6ohm DTL coils, seems more advanced and looks better.

Its full specs (GTiO version) are below but it has a 1100mAh battery and a 23W max power output and sports a USB-C charging port.

Eleaf Amnis 2 Full Specifications

Size: 30 x 19.5 x 120mm

1100mAh Built-in Battery

1.8ml e-liquid capacity (Changeable to 3ml)

Resistance range 0.3~3ohm

Wattage: 23W (Max)

Supports 0.6ohm GT M coil and 1.2ohm GT Coil

Type-C USB charging

Comes with a lanyard


Bottom adjustable airflow design

That’s it for our New MTL best vape kits of the week report. We hope that you/ve found it somewhat interesting 😀.

Also, be sure to Bookmark us and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get  notified of our latest articles and know what we’re up to (but for that, you’re better off following us on Reddit. That’s where we’re the most active).

Until next time,

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