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MTL Vaping News - Be the first to hear about the best upcoming Mouth To Lung vaping devices. Discover rare MTL vaping products. Spot the latest MTL market trends...

In this section, you’ll find some of the most anticipated upcoming MTL vaping devices. You’ll discover the new trends of the Mouth To Lung Vaping Market. Lesser-known, rare MTL devices will be revealed to you. 

Contrary to the MTL Reviews Section, in MTL Vaping News we’ll present a wider choice of products. They will be those which picked our interest for a reason or another.

It’s still mostly going to be limited to the ones we find worthy of exposition on our website but our selection criterias won’t be nearly as restrictive as for the mouth to lung products we review.

We can pick a device because of a particular interesting feature it possesses, or a singular aspect that makes it stand out, its design (of course), because there’s a sale or a promotion on it etc… but also because sometimes we won’t like something about it for x or y reason.

What will contain our MTL Vaping News posts? Usually:

1. Beautiful and informative pictures of the device

2. The list of its specs

3. Our first impressions about its design

4. A discussion on one or two of its USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and/or features

5. And, when possible, a commercial video showcasing it.

Also, (very) occasionally, we’ll talk about the current affairs of the (MTL) vaping scene and world. But we must admit we’re (way) more interested in devices than in politics or drama. So, that won’t happen often. But it may… if we think it’s really important.

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Vaptio Sleek… Sleek Indeed.

We now have more information on the Vaptio Sleek Pod System. It is indeed super stylish but it's too weak and provides little/not enough vapor to be a satisfying experience.