MTL Vaping 101

Basic & In-Depth
Mouth To Lung VAPING

What is MTL Vaping? It’s the acronym for Mouth To Lung Vaping, a type of vaping that is the same as smoking. MTL Vaping 101 gives you the answers you seek.

We know you have questions.

You may be discovering a whole new way of going about an important part of your life, a whole new world, a world full of strange words like mouth to lung vaping, direct lung inhalation, atomizer, cartridge, Box Mod, cigalike, coil head, Pod System, nic salt, wick, sub-ohm etc… and obscure acronyms such as MTL, DL, ADV, THR, RDA, RBA, RDTA etc…

Or, while being familiar with most of these terms, you’re interested in reading more about Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping and want to further your knowledge on the subject.

Whichever the case, you’re in the right place. This is where we’ll try, week after week, to satiate your thirst for vaping related knowledge as well as possibly pique your interest with our fresh take on some various MTL vaping topics.

So, in this section (contrary to Mister MTL’s interesting and different articles controversial, yet informative, rants) we’ll provide straightforward and useful MTL vaping 101 articles.

[NB: You’ll also be able to ask us and the other members of our growing community questions in the comment sections when we implement them (we need a few months to get our bearings, grow the website and then, prepare and implement this feature).]

Though for now, you won’t find all the answers regarding (MTL) mouth to lung vaping you may be looking for. All the themes you’d like to know more about may not be treated yet. And we’re sincerely sorry for that. You’ll have to be patient with us and come back regularly to check our content.

Yet, you’ll find some.

Besides, you may encounter your answers indirectly: by reading through our other sections (Mister MTL’s Corner, MTL Vaping  News, MTL Vaping Reviews etc…) or while watching the numerous video reviews made by other expert vapers available on our website. [NB: You’ll usually (if we find good ones) be able to watch several video reviews, made by different youtubers (the best and most experienced) for EACH of the device we select and evaluate, right here on Convenient, right? You’ll have all the info you need, probably more.]

We hope you’ll find our articles somewhat instructive and helpful.

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