UPDATED – MTL Best Vape Kits – Best Pod Systems, AiOs 12/25

All The Best Pod Systems And All In Ones Announced Or Launched Last Week

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Update 12/25/2019! The best vape kits for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) | Best Pod Systems, All in Ones | Hellvape GRIMM Kit AiO, Ohm Vape AiO PROBLEMS, Fush Nano…

Update 12/25 – Read Our Best MTL Pod Systems Of the Year Selection.

UPDATE: New Hellvape Grimm Kit AiO Price (Promotion) + Video + Compatible RBA option! The RBA option is also compatible with the Artery Pal 2 (Pro and non-Pro) and iJoy Mercury.

+ New panels and new design for the Ohm Vape AiO kit.

10/5/2019 – In this post you’ll find the best vape kits (e.g. Best Pod Systems, All in Ones or Box Mod kits) that can be used for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL).

This week we’ll present you the:

Hellvape GRIMM Kit AiO (All in One), iJoy Neptune Kit Pod System, Ohm Vape AiO, Acrohm Fush Nano Pod System kit and more… (like the UWELL KoKo or the SMOK Fetch Mini who are mentioned at the very end of this article)

UPDATE on the Ohm Vape AiO Kit: We really like the Ohm Vape AiO kit design and build quality. But we’re utterly disappointed with the problems we had with it. The whole experience and Ohm Vape response are bad.  We won’t buy from them anymore. You shouldn’t either. (More info below)

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MTL Vaping News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

This is our new Section in which we’ll try and present you all the best vape kits (best Pod Systems, AiOs, cigalikes and MTL Box Mod kits) announced or launched during the previous week (exceptionally we publish it on a Friday, but starting next week, we will post on Sundays).

In this first installment we go back a bit further than a week, though.

So, today, we’ll present you the 10 recently launched or announced best vape kits for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping.

5 Pod Systems, 4 All in Ones (AiOs) and 1 Box Mod kit.

[NB: If you’re not sure what is MTL vaping or Direct To Lung vaping, for that matter, you can read our article explaining what they are and the difference between the two methods of vaping.]

Best Pod Systems of the week:

The iJoy Neptune, GTRS Barton, Kangvape D-Pod V2, E-Bossvape GT, and the Acrohm Fush Nano.

Best AiOs (All in One):

The Hellvape Grimm Kit AiO (All in One), Ohm Vape AiO, Sbody MYPOD and iJoy Mercury (yes, it’s been launched a couple of months ago but it’s now available in new colors and they drastically change its appearence).

Plus, one unique Box Mod Kit for girls: the Kangertech Kanger Chic.

[NB: Keep in mind that most of the best vape kits of the previous week we present here aren’t exactly launched yet, they’re announced and available for pre-order. E.g. the Hellvape Grimm kit, the one which launch is the furthest away, should begin shipping to buyers at the end of the the first week of November. So, keep that in mind when ordering.

But, by doing so, you’ll be sure to receive one (sometimes manufacturers produce a first batch with a relatively low quantity of devices to test the waters. So, the second one may take some time before being available) and be among the very first people that do (receive one).

Still, some (e.g. iJoy Mercury, SBody MYPOD, E-Bossvape GT etc…) are available and ready to ship right now.]

So, what is the first one of the best vape kits announced recently you should know about?

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, you can do so by clicking here.

The Hellvape GRIMM Kit AiO (All in One)

The Hellvape GRIMM Kit AiO (All in One) is born from the collaboration between Hellvape, Grimm Green (famous YouTuber in the vaping community) and Ohm Boy (previously famous Youtuber who stopped making videos about a year ago).

[NB1: Manufacturers call pretty much everything a “Pod System” nowadays. It’s annoying but it’s hype, we guess. It’s trendy because most new comers to vaping don’t know the difference between AiOs and Pod Systems. So, they are looking for and use the generic terminology “Pod Systems” instead of, the sometimes more appropriate term, All in Ones –AiOs.

NB2: You can learn all the differences between the different categories of vaping devices by reading this article.]

It has a unique look. It looks like a mix between a vintage (with its grid on the front and back) and futuristic design. It’s kinda reminiscent of a Sci-Fi helmet covering the whole head of a character, the grill being the air intake.

This specific model of the Hellvape Grimm kit All in One, with its polished lead/tin color (it’s gunmetal but it looks that way to us, and we like it) and leather-like textured panels, looks quite good too.

The Hellvape Grimm Kit AiO is a compact device (93mm by 44.5mm by 19mm), has a 1200mAh Battery and a max output of 30W.

It can be used with two different coils: a 0.7ohm mesh coil and a 1.2ohm regular one (the 1.2 Ohm coils will be the preferred ones to use for MTL vaping but the 0.7ohm coils may be suitable for Mouth To Lung vaping too).

It’s made of Zinc alloy, has an informative OLED Display, adjustable airflow and power settings, a 2ml refillable pod/tank, a sliding top fill system etc… All the bells and whistles you’d expect from a quality vaping device and surely one of the best vape kits to be launched before the end of this year.

Available on VaporDNA (US shop that ships to Canada too) in, contrary to what the product description says, 3Ml capacity as it’s not the TPD version, obviously.

Update: Grimm Green just relased a video review of his HellVape GRIMM Kit AiO. And he seems very happy about it 😀. You can also watch Mike Vapes’ review.

Update 2: Compatible RBA option + New Price (Sale)

Ijoy Neptune Kit/Pod System

Now, something different:

The second device of the best vape kits presented this week is a Pod System: the iJoy Neptune Kit.

It has an unconventional and potentially cleaving look. At first glance, it may even be difficult to decide if we like it or not. The jury is still out on this one, LOL.

While its appearance/form factor is a simple one, it manages to be different. It’s large and relatively flat and its main characteristic is that it’s made out of curved glass (back and front) and zinc alloy.

For a Pod System, it has a big 650mAh battery and yet only measures only 86 x 31 x 14mm (with pod inserted).

The iJoy Neptune Pod kit sports 1.0ohm coils/pods and the power (max 14W) it runs at is adjustable. You can change the 3 available settings (3.5V, 3.6V and 3.7V) by clicking the button you see at the bottom of the device.

Since it’s an iJoy product, we don’t doubt that performance will be there. We shouldn’t be disappointed.

UPDATE: The Performance is there. It’s the best Pod System for those who like a loose MTL (even a restricted DTL) draw. Yes, better than the Caliburn with the same if not better flavor reproduction.

Check out our review of the iJoy Neptune.

Now, something a bit different, the Ohm Vape AiO kit:

Ohm Vape AIO Kit

Update 5:

Now, they want us to go through the shop which sold the Ohm Vape AiO kit to us (which will ask us to provide pictures and/or videos… but how can we prove the user experience is bad and the coils only last a day??). And they’re aware of these issues but still want us to go through hoops to get a new device or a refund… 

We’re fed up with this. And they had their chance and, at first, they ignored us.

If they act like this with us, imagine with a normal user/customer…


As we say in the intro of this post,

We’ve contacted Ohm Vape and explained to them our problems. And they basically said they “were aware of them”, that they will improve the devices… another representative said “sorry” and… that’s it.

They didn’t even propose us to send us a unit that was working properly, nothing. We guess that they don’t even know the meaning of “warranty”.

They didn’t provide any solution at all. “We’re aware. Sorry” is all they said.


Conclusion: Don’t buy from them.

Ok, we’ve made many updates but bottom line is:

The Ohm Vape AiO is very well built. It has an almost high-end build quality.

It has a great Billet Box looking design.

It feels great and smooth in the hand (a bit bulky).

BUT the coils just aren’t good enough. And maybe the chipset has issues too.

It results in a weak vape, coils that feel underpowered and barely last a day of use.

Plus, the chipset seems to be faulty and doesn’t provide a constant output during a puff. 


We’ve received the new coils we ordered and they work. But they still seem to be fragile at the base (the pin connector is not firmly secured). So, again, be cautious when taking them out of their packaging and handling them.

The vape on the OHM Vape AiO with the 1.5ohm coils (we won’t try the 0.3ohm as they’re not MTL) is very smooth and a bit light, even at the max setting for those coils.

But we shouldn’t have used them at the max setting, though, as the 2 coils we used didn’t last this way. The maximum appropriate setting, according to the manual, should be setting IV. We think it’s the optimal one for these coils.

The Ohm Vape AiO automatically detects the resistance of the coil you put in it, by the way.

Plus, you get a decent throat hit but it feels like the coils are slightly underpowered.

But the vapor is not shallow. It’s dense enough.

And the more you vape on it (still during the first fill of a tank with a new coil), the better it gets. We guess the coils need some breaking before they deliver their true potential. When you’ve vaped half the tank, it’s ok.

Though the vapor production is quite good. Just remember, that it’s a smoother, less agressive vape.

Also, we noticed that the power seems to drop and come back (in a split second but noticeable and a bit annoying) when taking a puff from time to time.

We think it’s because of the way the fire button is embedded in the panel. It’s a little recessed so we may not click it in the middle sometimes. We’ll have to adjust to that.

We will use the Ohm Vape exclusively for 24-48 hours more (we’ve just put another new coil in it, just to be sure) and write a last update for it.


We received our Ohm Vape AiO Kit.

It’s beautiful, the build quality is outstanding but there’s just one problem… the coils are too fragile.

They broke. To be precise, the connector/pins at the bottom of the coils (of both the 1.5 and 0.3ohm coils) are not well secured at all. They came/fell off when we opened their packaging. Both of them.

We tried to reassemble them and inserting the metallic thread (of the coil) in them ptoperly to make contact with the coil but to no avail.

They just won’t work.

So, we couldn’t try the Ohm Vape AiO kit AT ALL. Not even one puff. we lost almost a bottle of e-liquid (each time you take off/change the coil, you’d better not have e-liquid in the tank) and an hour and half for nothing.

Oh yeah, to constantly see the light around the fire button blink twice in white to, we suppose as this situation is not described on the otherwise well-made manual, signal us the coil isn’t detected.

We tried (and wasted/burnt) an Aspire Nautilus coil since the threading is the same but they’re too short. But we succeeded in making the Ohm Vape AiO work.

So, we know (90% sure) the problem is the coils.

Now, we need to order more coils, wait to receive them and hope they don’t have the same problem.

The Ohmvape AiO itself has a fantastic build quality and feel to it (maybe a bit thick). It’s quite heavy and feels dense, solid. But the coils it’s sold with are too fragile.

So, be aware of this and be VERY careful when you open their packaging and handle them.

Maybe only the ones in the batch our Ohm Vape AiO kit comes from are affected but better you know this beforehand. Forewarned is foreamed, right?

We hope we’ll be able to make a review of it before the end of this year… and that you won’t receive the same crappy coils than us.

Again and just in case, be very gentle when you take the coils off of their packaging. Once they’re attached to the airflow control base there should be no problem anymore as the pin will be secure and won’t move at all.


The Ohm Vape AIO kit is another interesting device that could be one of the (MTL) best vape kits of the year.

It’s a stylish (the Omega/Ohm Vape logo looks quite good on it) All in One powered by a single 18650 battery (not included in the packaging). It has a 42W max power output and four different power levels.

Why the fact that the Ohm Vape AiO uses a 18650 battery instead of a built-in one can be a good thing?

First, because it prevents planned obsolescence. You won’t have to throw this vape kit away if the battery dies.


Second, because you can choose the battery you want to use in/with it. It means you can pick up a more performing one than the ones usually present and (built-)in vaping devices.

And despite not sporting a built-in battery, you can still charge the Ohm vape AiO while the 18650 battery is inside it. Yes, there’s a charging plug. So, even though it’s considered a better practice, you don’t have to use a separate charger for your battery.

More, the charging port is a USB type C. So, it’s convenient and will surely charge quicker.

Obviously, it has adjustable power and airflow.

Another great PRO is that it’s compatible with Aspire Nautilus coils.

UPDATE: after receiving the Ohm Vape AiO, we can say that its coils are NOT compatible with the Aspire Nautilus coils. They have the same threading but they’re way longer. So, no compatibility.

We were mistaken.

The Ohm Vape AiO is also purported to have an anti-dry burn protection.

We don’t think it works though. Not for us, at least. The Ohm Vape AiO won’t stop firing if the tank is empty. It didn’t prevent our coils to burn.

There are now resin panels available for it as well as a new engraved version of the Ohm Vape AiO

GTRS Barton Pod Kit

The GTRS barton is another Pod System but a slightly bigger one in a stick or vape pen form factor. Its dimensions are 23.8 x 112.5 x 11.8mm.

It adopts a nice resin-looking design with a honeycomb pattern on top, ala Voopoo Vinci.

The GTRS Barton Pod System kit comes with a big, for a Pod System, 700mAh built-in battery, so slightly (50mAh) bigger than the iJoy Neptune. This should make it last all day on a single charge.

Its pods sport 1.3ohm coils and have a 2 ml e-liquid capacity. Two pods are provided inside the packaging.

A good feature the GTRS Barton has is its constant (3.6V) power/voltage output.

What it means is that the power output won’t get weaker as the battery life decreases. The GTRS Barton will keep on vaping the same way throughout the day.

Kangertech Kanger Chic Box Mod Kit

The Kangertech Kanger Chic is aptly named. It’s very unique and completely different. (Hence, why it’s among the recent best vape kits announced/launched we picked for the purprose of this article). It’s a Box Mod Kit with a battery/Mod inspired by luxury bags and a tank looking like a lipstick.

You can see it’s clearly targeted at girls. It’s available in this red and black color (with gold metallic inserts and buttons) only, at least for now.

The box panels are made of real leather.

The Kanger Chic supports a 50W max power with output Soft/Norm/Hard modes. It uses 0.8 Ohm (“Queen”) coils running at a power output between 15 to 25W. It has an OLED display. The tank can hold 1.5ml of e-juice and the airflow is adjustable.

It has a pretty big 3000mh battery, so plenty of battery life and should last a day at the very least (probably two if you use it for MTL vaping with soft or normal mode).

The Mod is quite small (47 x 29 x 75mm) and even with the tank, it’s less than 13cm high

Now, the next best vape kit of the week is also a bit different:

Kangvape D-pod V2 Pod System

Another singular vape kit/Pod System is the Kangavape D-Pod V2. There is a D-Pod V1 too, so don’t mistake one for the other.

This Pod System has several interesting features.

The most noticeable one is the fact that the Kangvape D-Pod V2 sports two pods, one on each extremity.

So, you’ll be able to use two different e-liquids with the same Pod System.

Another interesting feature is that it can pre-heat your e-juice (or CBD).

It SEEMS you can also choose how to vape on it. You can use the fire button or use the draw activation feature (just puff on it and it will work automatically).

[NB: We’re not sure how Kangvape translated their marketing material to english. E.g. we don’t see any fire button on the pictures of the D-Pod V2 on Kangavape website. So, it’s difficult to confirm some features but it’s still an interesting device.]

It comes with a 400mAh battery, 2 pods (obviously) and you can choose between three power settings.

The Kangavape D-Pod V2 pods have a 0.7ml capacity and contain ceramic coils. They can be used to vape CBD, THC, regular e-liquids and nic salt e-liquids.

Even with its 2 pods, it is still quite small with a length inferior to 11cm (22 x 10.5 x 108mm).

Sbody MYPOD Pod System All in One Kit

The Sbody MYPOD is a beautiful Pod System All in One kit (as you can change the coils independently of the pods, it’s an All in One, not a Pod System).

It has amazing seashell/mother-of-pearl colored panels. It seems that, after the resin craze, it’s the new design trend now. It looks good for sure.

It’s equipped with a big 900mAh built-in battery. It has a very comfortable 2.8ml juice capacity tank. You almost certainly won’t have to refill it for a day.

It uses 0.8ohm mesh coils (mesh coils are the best type of coils, in our opinion). And you receive 2 of them with the Sbody MYPOD. Nice.

With its announced 25W (maximum output, of course), it should have a nice kick to it.

Size: 96.5mm x 31.6mm x 15.3mm

Working power: 25W, 3.7V

Though the battery charging time is quite long at 2 hours and a half.

E-Bossvape GT Pod System/Cigalike

Considering its footprint, the E-Bossvape GT Pod System is a direct competitor to the Innokin I.O (which you can get for only $8.99! instead of about $15 at the moment of writing this news).

The E-Bossvape GT is crazy small, smaller than the I.O since it’s 8cm in length (instead of 9cm). Its full dimensions are: 81×14.5×14.5mm.

Despite being even tinier than the Innokin I.O, the E-Bossvape GT pods has a bigger battery (400mAh instead of 310mAh) and its pods have a bigger e-liquid capacity (1.2 ml instead of 0.8ml) too.

The E-Bossvape GT Pod System also has a completely different design than the Innokin I.O. Beside being smaller, it’s more rounded and comes with interesting drawing patterns and colors.

And we know for a fact that this one produces a lot of vapor for its size. Plus, it comes with ceramic coils, so they should provide a good flavor reproduction.

It also comes with 2 pods in the packaging which is always a pro in our book.

iJoy Mercury All in One kit – New Colors And Design

iJoy Mercury All in One kit – New Colors. -

This isn’t exactly a new device, though being launched a couple of months ago hardly make it an old one either.

We already reviewed it. It’s a great All in One kit, maybe one of the best vape kits on the market but we had to ding it a bit for its ugly resin panels + casing color combinations (you can also read Mister MTL rant on the lack of taste and laziness of most vaping companies, by the way).

There are resin-looking devices that are great looking (e.g. the Phiness Vega we also reviewed and plenty others) but the iJoy Mercury had too many colors that were mixed together and didn’t match so well.

With these new colors and design (circular logo and carbon fiber inserts), it looks like a brand new device. You could, if you’ve just quit smoking or intend to, want to check it out. Or, with this price drop (about $25), you could decide to add it to your collection.

Last but not least, the fun, cool-looking and innovative Acrohm Fush Nano Pod System: the best Vape Kit for party people?

Acrohm Fush Nano Pod System Vape Kit

The Acrohm Fush Nano is quite the eye-catchy vape kit. But it’s also an innovative Pod System.

[NB: We must say that its 7w and 10w output settings seem quite low/weak. So, we don’t know how it will perform.]

For the rest, the Acrohm Fush Nano packs a number of fun and/or innovative features:

You can shake it to change the color of the light it emits (yes, the whole section where the “FUSH” branding is written lights up when you vape on it) according to your preference. Thankfully. though, you can also turn off the light completely for a more discrete vaping experience when/if you prefer.

You can choose the power output (7W or 10W) by either dragging on it and using the draw activated feature (you’ll get 7W this way) or using the fire button at the bottom of the device (this way you’ll get 10W).

So, 2 ways to vape on it, each one giving you a different power output and vaping experience.

Another cool feature is that it’s equipped with a hidden fast charging port (1A). When you pull on the bottom of the device, the port is revealed.

The Acrohm Fush nano comes with an airflow control similar to the Voopoo Vinci. You have two ways to clip the pod inside the Fush Nano. Depending on the orientation of the pod, it will provide a tighter or looser draw. So, easy to switch From MTL to DTL vaping.

More, the Acrohm Fush Nano has a 550mAh battery, a 1.5ml capacity and uses 1.4ohm coils. Its dimensions are 100.6 x 19.3 x 19.3mm

All in all, it looks promising and a fun, cool gadget for girls, young adult vapers and those who like to party.

2 pods and a lanyard are provided with this Pod System.

That’s it for our “best vape kits of the week” report. We hope you find a couple of them interesting. We sure did 😀.

Also, to be exhaustive (as far as the best vape kits are concerned… Believe it or not, but plenty more were announced and launched this week) we didn’t present the following vape kits here because they have too loose airflows for MTL vaping and are thus more suited for (restricted) Direct To Lung vaping but, if you like your vape kits to have a loose draw, you may be interested in the:

Caliburn Koko Vape kit which is basically a Uwell Caliburn in a square form factor but with an autodraw feature and, thus, no firing button.

Smok Fetch AiO kit sporting glass panels.

– Or the Joyetech Teros Pod System which also has a front made of glass.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or want to see more devices, you can always check out our more recent MTL Best Vape Kits of The Week Sections or our Best Pod Systems Of The Year selection.

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