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Our Motivation, Goals & Philosophy

What we have in mind (our motivation), as well as what we want to achieve with MTLvaping.com and how (our goals) is simple, really. It can almost entirely be explained by our slogan: “Just Vape… With Style”.

By analyzing our slogan together, you’ll understand most of what we stand for and want to accomplish. So, that’s what we’re going to do first (I & II). Then, we’ll develop specifically on our Philosophy (III), then ask (and answer) why we should demand and seek stylish MTL vaping devices (IV) and we’ll finish by outlining why we choose to only present you what we think are the best Mouth To Lung devices (V).

A heads up, though: this page is long, about 4000 words long. That’s how passionate we are about mouth to lung vaping and this website.


I. "Just Vape"


This stands for simplicity. MTL vaping devices are usually easy to use. Their manipulation is straight forward. They are non-nonsense products. That’s how we like it.

We don’t want to get headaches using something meant/built to satisfy us.

This is different from a phone or computer, for example. These are information-gathering, content-creating, connecting devices. Yes, they can also be a source of enjoyment via games and apps, but it’s not their primary or sole purpose.  

Vaping devices have one and unique function, to satisfy our cravings. And while we’re at it, why not doing it with style? 😉

So, we want their operation to be as effortless as possible… without making it an excuse to rip us off, though. Like with closed Pod Systems and their over-priced pre-filled pods. Not to mention, we like choice.

And that’s why we’re not fond of having to build our coils ourselves either. Thus, you won’t find MTL RBAs/RTAs (Rebuildable -Tank- Atomizers) here.

They can be very capable, no doubt. And we perfectly understand why many people use and like them. But that’s just not for us. So, we won’t promote them. This is to add to the long list of products we won’t present here (see below). Whereas it could contribute to more income for us, we want to showcase and talk about things we know, like and use for ourselves.

Still, MTL devices are, for us, the best compromise between choice and convenience. But more importantly, we just enjoy vaping this way.

Anyway, simple is what we also want our website to be.

Simple to navigate, with no unnecessary ad banners, no ads at all in fact (the banners you may see from time to time will be affiliate/merchant banners, beside a cookie or 2 they’re harmless. Not the tracking machines some websites have put in place), a sidebar only in MTL Vaping 101 and MTL Vaping News posts, no annoying (box) pop ups, no ugly or confusing backgrounds etc…

But, as you can and will see, simple doesn’t need to mean meh looking or average content.

That’s also how we want our relationship with you to be. Just simple. We talk to/with you like we would a friend. No BS. No lies. That’s pretty much it.

Though, for now, comments are not enabled. We just need time to settle. We’ve worked long and hard to create this website. And we’ll continue to do so to supply it with quality content.

We will open comments soon. We really want that. Freedom of speech, letting you say what you have to say, as well as knowing your opinions and ideas, exchanging with you about pretty much everything related to vaping, is essential to us.


We’re undoubtedly a website dedicated to vaping. So, the relevance and meaning of this word is self-evident.

Although, we’re only truly interested in about half of what is considered vaping. We like all vaping devices but our usage makes us de facto belong to a subgroup of vapers, the Mouth To Lung (MTL) vapers. So, we’ll discuss MTL vaping almost exclusively here, hence the name of the blog.

“Just Vape”

The proposition “just vape” is also an invitation to:

– Vape instead of smoking. Smoking is bad, period.

– And to chill out, take it easy. And we believe vaping can have a relaxing, smoothing effect… without (much of) the negative aspects of smoking.

II. "With Style"

This is also a very important part of what we want to do with MTLvaping.com. So, we’ll dwell on these words for a bit.

First, how could we pretend to speak about style and aesthetics if we didn’t try and design our website to, itself, possess these attributes? How could you take us seriously? How would we be credible?

So, we put a lot of thought, effort and work into creating what we hope to be a simple yet polished, classy and sophisticated website.


1. A question.

Don’t you want the best, sleekest device you can get in a given price bracket, i.e. your budget?

If you answered yes, then you found the right website for you. Because that’s exactly what we want for you and us.

We think looks are important. Not only for superficial or narcissistic reasons.

It’s important to like or even love feeling, touching, looking at the objects we use every day. (More on that later).

Also, there are PLENTY of MTL devices out there. There is a sea of good performing vaping gears and it will only grow bigger. Soon it’ll be an ocean. Unless the American law makers and the FDA mess it up, of course. But right now, and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, it’s the golden age of (MTL) vaping.

So, tell me, why not, as it’s now possible with all these equally capable options on the market, choosing the ones we think look beautiful or classy?

Plus, do you really want the same meh device as everyone else just because it vapes ok/good? Plenty of devices vape good. Some look good while doing it. Same goes for us. Plenty of people, more and more, vape. But some, thanks to their gear, look better than others while doing it. 😉

Enough said.

2. What is our answer and goal?

To present you what we think to be, even though it may be subjective, the most effective and most stylish mouth to lung (MTL) devices for you to have the best MTL vaping experience possible.

That simple.

That’s the very reason MouthToLungVaping.com (or MTLvaping.com, both are our domains. Type either in your browser and you’ll get redirected here) exists. This is our central goal, our primary reason to have created this website.

Another is to help you increase your chances to find a device you REALLY like. A device that suits you.

Don’t buy one just because you happened to watch one good review on YouTube or a product description on some vaping e-shop that seemed ok.

But There are so many devices and yet so little time.

If you want to make a good educated choice and be able to find one of the best MTL devices out there, you need to do some (in fact, a lot, as there are a mountain of mouth to lung vaping devices launched every year) research to know what is available on the market now and which one to select.

For this, of course, you need time. That’s when MTLvaping.com enters the stage. We will do all that for you.

– All the research: we scour the web constantly in search of the sleekest, most performing, most original devices.

– All the analyses of the specifications of the products: there’s a lot of material to absorb, to read and watch. The manufacturers’ marketing material for the existing and announced products, the ones hidden in the corner of an e-shop, the opinions of other users and reviewers if there are any yet, the discussions on dedicated platforms etc…

– All the comparisons between devices to be sure to evaluate them properly.

We evidently bought most of these products. Though we cannot acquire them all (we hope that, soon, when we are more established, shops will send us some to review).

Our job is to gather all that data, select the devices we think to be the best or worth discussing about (sometimes for negative reasons) and showcase them to you.

As for the MTL devices we choose to put a brighter light on, we test the most promising ones, we study them, make our own opinion and share it with you.

The goal is to put at your disposal:

– Great pictures. 

For these we prefer to use as much as possible the manufacturers’ pictures because they just look good, way better than what we could do, anyway

Detailed descriptions 

– Awesome looking, engaging and in-depth written reviews

– Informative and skillfully-produced video reviews.

For those, we’ll let professional YouTube reviewers speak about and show the devices in action. Some are very good at it. NB: There will always be at least one YouTube video included in our reviews. The number will vary depending on whether we find videos that are instructional and polished enough to show you or not. Three will be the maximum, though. More and it would be counter-productive, too repetitive.)

– Accurrate and exhaustive Pros and Cons

Mister MTL’s often controversial, no-BS, no-concession opinions and thoughts.

Let’s just say that we review the heck out of these Mouth to Lung products.

[NB: We’ll try more and more to make synthetic, to the point, shorter reviews, for easy reading. Right now, we must admit they are a “bit” long 😀.

All this to give you the most extensive assessment possible of a device.

Great thing is, you’ll have ALL of it right here, in one place, on MTLvaping.com.

Convenient and time saving, don’t you think?

III. Now, What Is Our “Philosophy”?

We like to see ourselves as a knowledgeable friend. It could be someone who works in a shop. Someone who knows pretty well the products we’re interested in, who is able to inform us on the best devices on the market, advise us which ones to consider and explain to us why they’re the best.

A friend who is grateful we buy something in his shop, sure, but has our interest in mind, first, not his wallet.

That’s why we have an MTL Vaping 101 Section where you’ll find all sorts of valuable knowledge, beneficial information and great tips on (mouth to lung) vaping, MTL devices etc… Even how to stack the odds in your favor to quit smoking to help you drop the death stick for a good vape. And we have Mister MTL who discusses rants about all sort of vaping-related topics, like a friend would do.

This being said, we are affiliates. So, we do, like the friend mentioned above, get some compensation thanks to you buying in our partners’ shops the products we’ve pre-selected for you. That’s a fact.

But this fact won’t, in  any way, make us biased towards certain products and it definitely WON’T make us think about the small percentage of your purchase we may receive as a priority. Our prioritiy is to pre-select what we think are, all other considerations aside, the best (performing, sleek) products, at the best price and in the most reliable shops possible. End of story.

We don’t want to advise you to purchase all sorts of ugly shitty devices just to increase the chance to make money off of your back. Call it decency, altruism, ethics/morals or even pride, but we won’t, as much as possible, do it.

That’s a promise.

We just present the vapes we are interested in and/or have bought ourselves.

We choose the best MTL devices and only then we look for affiliate links. After that? Well, we just hope you’ll like them and acquire them using our links.

And, to be perfectly honest, if you find our opinions to be truthful and our assessments to be without comporomise; if you’re happy and agree that what we show you are indeed good performing, stylish mouth to lung vapes, we win too.

You’ll find us worthy of your trust and come back.

What we won’t do/promote (and why others do)

Most, (not all, but most) blogs or e-shops want to sell first, right? For that, they need visitors and make them become customers, at least indirectly via advertising or affiliation.

[Of course and again, we’d like you to use our affiliate links when you decide to pull the trigger and purchase a device, but we take a different approach. We don’t want as many sales as possible. Reading our pages, seeing what is here and, above all, what is not here, you’ll sense this.]

And for that, they think they can’t antagonize or dissatisfy anyone. Because they must attract the greatest number of visitors possible, to sell to the highest number of people they can. And that’s why they produce blend, overly positive (or neutral when it should be negative), sale-oriented only, content.

We don’t. We mean, yes, we do write (sometimes overly) positive content. But it’s because of enthusiasm and passion for these devices. Nothing else. Who doesn’t like using a great device?

– For starters, we don’t want to cater to the biggest crowd. We chose to focus on MTL devices, a subcategory of this market, for no other reason than that’s what we like.

– Then, we don’t even promote all MTL devices and products. We set aside those we find to be average looking or ugly (which is the vast majority of them) to be able to present you, in our opinion, the best MTL devices. Because we want you to enjoy your mouth to lung vaping experience as much as possible, as much as we do. More, even.

– Furthermore, we don’t promote closed Pod Systems (MTL devices that are sold with pods pre-filled with usually a very low amount of cheap e-liquid. They can’t be refilled). We think they’re a rip off.

– E-liquids? Not yet. As we mostly vape handcrafted, non-mass-produced e-juices ourselves, it’s difficult to promote  industrial ones. Maybe we’ll try some and do it. We’ll see. We’d like to find real good quality ones, though. Partly organic if possible. Right now, there are a couple of brands who sell organic e-liquids but they’re 100% VG, so not so good for MTL vaping devices.

See, that’s a lot we don’t try and make you buy just because it would make us more money, right?

Still, we’ll manage to present A LOT of products, either in our MTL Reviews Section or our MTL Vaping News one. Don’t worry.

So, our job will be to research all the MTL devices — at least, we’ll try — and select those we think, for different reasons, are worthy of your consideration or to talk about (every now and then it can be to criticize them too).

It wouldn’t be helping you to list all of them, anyway.

Plus, from time to time, we will also make you discover (in the MTL Vaping News or MTL Reviews Sections) the hidden gems we found on our journeys. Great, unique MTL devices that went unnoticed and which almost nobody talks about or have even heard of.

So, you’ll not only find the most sought after products, the famous ones everyone talks about and buys, but some lesser known ones as well. 

IV. Why Should We Demand & Seek Stylish MTL Devices?

Because good performance is not enough (anymore).

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Mouth To Lung Vaping market is starting to reach a point where there is a pretty high level of quality and a high variety of offers. What this means is that, today, many mouth to lung vaping products are offering a very satisfying vaping experience. It can be a different type of vaping experience but the quality of all these products is increasing.

All these efficient MTL devices on the market give us something: more choice.

More choice of the type of MTL vaping we prefer (a tighter or looser draw, a warmer or colder vapor, more or less vapor production, hit…) of course.

But more choice in terms of the quality and aesthetics of these devices as well.

So, we really should consider this and use that increased power of choice to acquire MTL devices that we really enjoy looking at, holding in our hands, showing off etc…

It’s just common sense don’t you think?

All things being (almost) equal, why not choose the best-looking gear (for us)?

We’re not telling you to sacrifice convenience, or to choose form over function. We’re telling you function and performance aren’t enough anymore. If they ever were, that is.

Even comparing prices between, let’s say, a beautiful pod system (but this is true for all types of MTL machines) and an ugly one, most of the time, they’re the same. So, we have no excuse to choose the average or bad looking one. Manufacturers have no excuse to produce blend, meh or down right hideous devices. Let’s not encourage them by buying these products.

Speaking of which, here, at MouthToLungVaping.com (or MTLvaping.com for short), you’ll find all kinds of different MTL products.

All In Ones, Pod Systems, Mod Box Kits, MTL Tanks, Cigalikes etc… will be there. And they won’t produce the same amount of vapor, they won’t have the same power, the same shape, the same vapor density, the same airflow etc…

But one thing they’ll almost all have in common is that they’ll all be (we hope) good-looking, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, sleek… in one word: STYLISH MTL devices.

[NB: Sure, aesthetics are subjective. There’s not only one way for devices to be beautiful or classy.

One vape can have an interesting/uncommon shape, another a beautiful shade of color, another a premium feel thanks to the materials/texture used, another will have an industrial or minimalistic design, yet another will look just different, like nothing else before it etc…

One can like a simple, clean, minimalistic design and find it refined. Someone else will find it blend. You can prefer your vape to be more angular because it looks more masculine. Your friend can choose a device which has a more rounded shape because it fits and feels better in his/her hands. Someone else can be attracted by a more sophisticated-looking machine because s/he likes futuristic (or geeky) stuff.

But, and regardless if taste is subjective, it’s different to think and/or say: “This device looks fine” than: “This device is beautiful.” The latter is what we should think and/or say about the vaping devices we own and purchase.

For some, it needs a little getting used to, usually because they surprise us. We were not ready to think this kind of shape could be adopted by a vaping device. But that makes them also, if not more, interesting and desirable.

Plus, we can even like all of the above depending on the moment, our mood, our mental evolution, our past experiences, the device itself, the reason we’re vaping etc…

All this to say that we’ll be taking everything we’ve just said into consideration in our analyses and evaluations.]

Because a device you love looking at and holding in your hands has a greater chance to help you quit smoking and/or keep you away from the cancer sticks.

We go over this in our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Begin Vaping Successfully but doesn’t that sound logical? If you truly like the looks and feel of the MTL device you vape on, wouldn’t that make you want to use it (more)? Therefore, wouldn’t that help you to try and quit smoking?

So, owning a beautiful device isn’t only a superficial matter. A good looking device isn’t only there to be pleasing to the eye or to satisfy our ego. No.

It may very well be one of the best ways to NOT go back to smoking.

V. Why Do We Essentially Present (What We Think Are) The Best MTL Devices?

First, simply because these are the ones we are looking for when hunting for Mouth To Lung vaping products. There are the ones we buy for ourselves.

We like to join usefulness (i.e. satisfying our need/desire for MTL vaping), and pleasure (i.e. the delight of possessing and vaping on a beautiful and performing device) every time it’s possible.

Don’t you?

Second, because, honestly, there are way too many (MTL) vaping devices, even mouth to lung ones, to present them all in a manner we’d find satisfactory. And it wouldn’t benefit you since it would make the truly great machines harder to find. Like it’s the case now.

Yes, you have, to help you, the “best MTL devices of whatever category” articles/videos everyone’s doing BUT:

– Most of the time, we simply can’t agree with the choices made in these Best Ofs. It seems like little research has been put into them and/or the motivation for the choice of best MTL devices may be dubious.

– It also means that these websites usually/mostly sell or promote crap if they have the need for these Best Ofs.

We don’t want to, as much as possible, promote crap and we want, always, to make it as simple as possible. So, our website IS a Best Of, in itself… LOL

That’s one of our most important added value, actually. We scour the web to find the best MTL devices and present them to you… for you to don’t have to waste time doing it yourself yet still be sure, when you consider your options before purchasing a product, that you make an educated choice, without missing any product that deserve your attention (though be sure to visit our MTL Vaping News section when you look for a product as we may not be able to fully review all the products we would like).

Plus, we believe we do it better and with more style 😉 than ANY other website out there.

We analyzed them all and it’s because we didn’t find one like MTLvaping.com that we had to create it ourselves. If someone else did it, we would visit this website regularly for sure.

All the products we’d like to own and try presented on a beautiful website? We’d be our first fans, LOL.

Also, we’re not a shop. Although, even if we were, we wouldn’t be a supermarket. We would rather choose quality over quantity. Even though it may make us lose business or visitors.

What we are is a stylish and informative website promoting great value products without (the majority of the time) the premium price tags.

Third, and this is the most important reason yet, because that’s what we strive for: showing you the best items the Mouth To Lung Vaping market has to offer. Merely because we/you deserve it.

Once more, why settling for ok or even good products when there are better ones out there?

There’s no reason to do that.

We want the best we can get And that’s what we intend to offer on MTLvaping.com.

It isn’t greed or feeling entitled at all. It’s being savvy and smart.

True, like “beautiful”, “best” can mean a lot of things.

It can be the most innovative pod systems, the most satisfying AIOs (All In Ones) to use depending on your style of (Mouth To Lung) vaping.

[NB: Yes, you may not know it yet, though we made allusion to this along this article, but there are different styles of Mouth To Lung vaping you can choose from. MTL subsets, if you will.  All thanks to a plethora of MTL devices having different features and traits. These various styles don’t have names (yet?) but they exist.]

There are vapes which give you the most vapor, the ones closest to a smoking feeling, the ones providing the best hit or vape density, the most aesthetic ones, the ones with the warmest vapor, the ones with the longest battery life, the most durable ones etc… Many combine several of these features.

Though the best ones are those who sport the most while being aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you to the most courageous ones who made it all the way down here… LOL. You must be as interested in and/or as passionate as we are about Mouth To Lung vaping. So, if you didn’t find what you read too disagreeable, keep going and click the big golden button below to check our website as you please.