The MOK Magic Stick Pod System - A Lollipod for fun girls and parties - featured
The MOK Magic Stick - An Innovative Mini Pod System For Guys And Girls - But A Lollipod For Fun Girls And Parties.

MOK Magic Stick Pod System, The “LolliPod” Fun Girls Love.

The MOK Magic Stick Pod System has a unique pebble/lollipop design. And it delivers great performance thanks to a truly innovative feature. This LolliPod isn’t only for fun.

Reminder: Vaping Products can only be purchased and used by ADULTS (Whatever the age of adulthood is in your country). This is a Pod System for ADULTS (who wanna have fun but still… adults)

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We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them (at no additional cost to you, of course).
MOK Magic Stick Pod System - Lollipod fun Party Girls love - Specifications - - Mouth To Lung Vaping - MTL vape
MOK Magic Stick Pod System - Specifications

Height: 63mm


Depth: 13mm

Weight: 35mm

Pod Capacity: 1.5ml

Battery Size: 230mAh

Power output 10 to 16W

Max coil power output 12W.

24k Gold Plated Connection Pins with patented new connection method.

5 Usual Security Features (see picture)
MOK Magic Stick Pod System - Packaging content

1 x Magic Stick Device

2 x Pod(2ml)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Product Warranty Card

1 x Certificate of Quality

Depending on the shop, the 2 lanyards (slings) can be included or not.

1 x Long Sling

1 x Short Sling

BuyBest include them.

The long lollipop handle seems to always be a separate purchase.

A Quick Word On The MOK Magic Stick Pod System Specs

Since we’re more interested in the MOK Magic Stick Pod System innovative feature and lollipop design, we won’t spend much time on the specs themselves. They’re pretty standard for a small Pod System.

Just know that with a 230mAh battery size and 10-12W power output, the MOK Magic Stick won’t last you all day. Unless you’re working and sparsely use it, you’ll have to charge it at least once during the day.

10-12W output because that’s the maximum the coil can handle. The MOK Magic Stick seems to be capable of delivering more power though, so it may mean another coil, with lower resistance (for Direct to Lung vaping?), could be launched later on.

We don’t know the resistance in this coil, by the way. No word from MOK on this.
MOK Magic Stick Pod System Components + Charging & Filling ports

Tight MTL Draw, Warm Vapor And Fantastic Flavors

The Magic Stick Pod System accepts only one type of pods for the moment (again, with an unknown resistance level). They provide a tight Mouth To Lung draw, warm vapor (so, better suited for tobacco and dessert/sugary flavors) like we like, and thick vapor (always better to have a denser vape because, with some other pod systems like the Suorin Air Plus, you get the feeling of vaping air sometimes).

This is already good for a Pod System but one thing the Magic Stick is no doubt better at than its competition, is flavor restitution. It’s fantastic for a Pod System.

All those who have tested it confirm this point. And it could be because of the patented new connection mechanism MOK uses. So, let’s talk about this

New Patented Pod-To-Battery Connection = Increased Performance?
MOK Magic Stick Pod System Innovative Feature

MOK invented a new way to connect the pins of the battery with those of the pod.

Let’s see what MOK has to say about it:

The innovative conductive connection technology completely abandoned the magnet and pin contact connection used in similar products which only offers a poor contact and a limited bursting power and comes with an intermittent short-circuit risk, due to too a small contact surface or poor conductivity. The MOK Magic Stick adopts a 24k gold-plated elastic pin hole connection (Utility Model Patent No: 201820832563.0), the conductivity is long-term reliable and stable, and the bursting power is instantaneously reached.

So, this means that this “innovative connection technology”, combined with the fact that the pins are gold plated for better connectivity (gold plating isn’t uncommon in electronics products, but it’s always a pro), allows:

– To better secure the pod to the battery without the need for magnets.

– To allow less space between the pod and the battery since these two components are not simply touching (and stacked on top of) each other, but they are interlocked with one another.

This also seems to eliminate any leaking. This is another point all reviewers confirm. There is absolutely no leaking or condensation with this device and pods. The liquid simply seems to don’t have the space to drip from the pod. And it better not leaks because the USB port, to give an uninterrupted design to the MOK Magic Stick, is on top of the battery, beside the connectors, thus sits under the pod when it’s engaged.

– But the most important thing this new interlocking system allows, as MOK clearly states, is better, more consistent and stable conductivity, and therefore better security and performance.

So, the MOK Magic Stick is not only a fun Mouth To Lung Pod System to have and play with, it’s an innovative, well thought-out pod system… and a great one to vape on.

Why fun? Because of its design, of course.

A Pebble Designed Small Pod System That Can Transform Into A Lollipop. A "LolliPod"?

The Magic Stick Pod System itself is pretty small. On its own, it looks like a big flat pebble, the kind you could for skipping stones (MOK calls it a cobblestone, though).

You can add a small or long lanyard to MOK Magic Stick if you want to secure it to your wrist or wear it around your neck.

As much as this can be useful for people who don’t have pockets and need to use their hands (while working, running or working out maybe), we’re not fans of lanyards. Plus, if you let the pod hang upside-down too long, the e-liquid in the pod will not soak the cotton in the pod anymore because… gravity. So, you take the risk to get a dry hit and ruin the pod/coil.

“It’s now a LolliPod.” Futuristic design
The OneVape Lambo Pod System

The pebble design of the MOK Magic Stick, aside from making it small and easy to carry around, is not particularly attractive. With about the same footprint the OneVape Lambo II (link to our review) has a much, much better design and performs at least as good (same warm vapor, better battery life, better vapor production, though maybe not as good for flavor reproduction, but still good).

But, if you’re a girl (or a guy who likes lollipops? 😀 Nah, you don’t have to use the handle, of course), the MOK Magic Stick Pod System can truly become a fun device to use when you add the stick to it (sold separately).

[NB:The stick/handle should have been included, though. Even if it would have meant a $5 price increase. Because it’s what’s truly makes this Pod System unique. Plus, its name doesn’t make sense without it, right?]

The MOK Magic Stick Pod System tranforms into a Lolipod for fun party Girls -
The MOK Magic Stick Pod System tranforms into a Lolipod for fun party Girls

Anyway, at this point, it transforms completely. This is not the same device anymore.

It’s now a LolliPodTM (no, we didn’t register the trademark. But maybe we should 😀).

This can be used at a party, or simply by girls who want to have some fun…  And most will love this. I don’t know how often it can really be used with the stick, but it’s fresh, original and a nice accessory to have. It would make a great fun gift.

And for the guys reading this, you can always use it more conventionally, without the stick of course.

Adrian Lo Deja Vu's Review Of The MOK Magic Stick

A fun video for a fun Pod System. He doesn’t have the handle and doesn’t know about it either, though. So, you won’t see it.

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