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This Section only reflects MY opinions and thoughts.

It doesn’t express MTLvaping.com’s (as a whole) view.

Also, nothing in this section is meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way nor to be derogatory to anyone or Any company.

The blog posts you’ll find here will provide plenty of useful info about MTL vaping but, more interestingly, they will be different than (while often being very informative) the boring, shallow, tasteless… (did I mention boring?) soup you get served almost everywhere else.

I want to depart from the beaten tracks by offering a different take on the Mouth To Lung vaping market, products and everything around these. I’ll try and raise new questions (some you didn’t even know you had 😀), cast a different light on common topics etc…

So, how different? Well, there’s one you can read right now on the poor use of resin by vaping companies (it wasn’t planned, I wrote it when we reviewed the iJoy Mercury).

The next articles will have for topics:

The fact that, no, mouth to lung vaping isn’t only for beginners. This one I want to write because I’m fed up with this misconception. It may be a little bit of a rant. You’ll like it.

Or How and why (MTL) vaping is better in every possible way than smoking. And no, this won’t be about the health aspect of things. I’ll mention it of course, but it will be more oriented toward the (higher) satisfaction you get from vaping, the performance and aestethics of the devices used etc… compared to smoking.

I may write another one on why, in my opinion, MTL vaping is so much better than Direct To Lung (DL) vaping etc…

That’s the type of topics I’d like to discuss, the kind of knowledge and ideas I’d like to share with you.

In the meantime (we’re so busy with more crucial content we want to add like reviews or news and the technical difficulties we encounter, that I don’t know when I’ll have the time to focus on these but), you can always read the one below.

Thank you.

Mister MTL

What is it with this company that, while making some truly great devices, it seems to always try to pull a fast one on us with other products… sometimes even the same ones?

After their success with the Caliburn, UWELL wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and build on its newly acquired fame. They tried to fence much more expensive, and profitable, pre-filled disposable pods with the UWELL Yearn.

I guess it didn’t work out as well as expected.

So now, with the UWELL MarsuPod kit, they’re attempting to sell disposable Pod Systems (all device) instead?

No, it’s not your usual disposable e-cig pre-filled with e-liquid. It’s slyer than that. I’ll explain why. But first, we’ll need some context.

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This is my second article on this topic. If you didn’t you should read it: Does Vaping Lead To Smoking? Teen Vaping Gateway To Smoking Study Debunked.

What I did was to take the most recent and most famous study used by anti-vaping advocates (of all sorts) to try and demonstrate that (teen) vaping leads to smoking and make a quick counter-analysis of it. I basically debunked it and disproved (with the help of Prof. Brad Rodu’s insightful comment) its claims.

In this article, I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to discuss and add my input and thoughts to a set of studies presented by Professor Linda Bauld that clearly and unequivocally shows, simply by studying what teens actually do and do not, that vaping does NOT lead to smoking. And that the now famous “teen vaping gateway to smoking” is nothing more than a fairytale.

I’ll also speak about Public Health England ‘s and NHS’ stance that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes… and, the sometimes surprising, consequences of that.

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Does (teen) vaping lead to smoking? This is a question often asked, and immediately answered by a yes of course, in the now anti-vaping media. They call it the “vaping gateway to smoking”.

While it could be a legitimate question to ask and try to answer, the “Does vaping lead to smoking?” question is in fact a statement and an argument often used by anti-vaping actors to attack vaping and vapers.

But how does this vaping gateway theory stand up to scrutiny? Do the studies, even those cited by the media and officials, actually prove this claim?

You will discover by reading my two articles on this topic (the second will be published shortly), that not only…

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This article reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade anyone.

Let me start by saying that performance and build quality-wise the iJoy Mercury (this link and some of the following ones will direct you to shops with exceptionnally positive feedback on Aliexpress) is a good device. Not fantastic but good.
If it wasn’t for the resin panels, the holes in the front, the colors of the casing itself, the meh form factor, the… Ok, that’s a lot already. I guess I would have liked a totally different looking device.
Plus, the truth is I’m not a fan of the way most vaping companies create and use multicolored resin-only panels for their devices. 

“It’s called a stain.”

I do like resin (the material and its feeling in the hand) but, if left unchecked, it usually produces untasteful color mixtures plastered without any sense of aesthetics or structure whatsoever.
For me, it just looks like… a smudge on a child’s t-shirt after playing with paint for a while. It’s not an “abstract oil painting” like I’ve heard, no.

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