Innokin Adept Review. Mouth To Lung (MTL) Best Vape Kit 2019?

Innokin Adept + Zlide Tank = Simplest, Toughest, Most Performing MTL vaping kit of 2019

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Innokin Adept Review: Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping best vape kit of 2019 | A rugged, IP67 rated yet nice, soft-to-the-touch and performing kit. + video reviews

Welcome to our Innokin Adept Review.

The Innokin Adept Kit (with its Zenith Tank) is a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping device and probably the best vape kit of 2019 for MTL vapers. It’s a rugged, IP67 rated yet nice, soft-to-the-touch and top class performing, Mod Box kit. 

We’ll also put at your disposal the best Innokin Adept reviews from famous YouTubers. You won’t have to look for them. You’ll be able to watch them right here.

Our Innokin Adept Review is written from, as the name of our website suggests, a Mouth To Lung vaper’s perspective. So, when we say things like “the Innokin Adept Kit is the best vape kit of 2019”, it must be understood as being the best vape kit of 2019 for MTL vaping/vapers.

Also, for the people new to vaping reading this review, Mouth To Lung vaping is, almost certainly, the best suited vaping method to quit smoking. So, the Innokin Adept may very well be the best vape kit for those trying to get off the cancer sticks.

If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, you should definitely read our 2-part, 7000+ words, article: The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.

The Innokin Adept Kit, as well as the Zenith tank, the Zlide tank (US), the Z-coils (compatible with all the products of Innokin “Z Line”), as well as the Z-BiiP and some other MTL devices, are the result of the collaboration between Innokin and two of the most famous Mouth To Lung vapers in the vaping community/industry, Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (@VapinGreek).

Their goal is to create a platform providing the best vape kits, tanks and coils they can to help people wanting to quit smoking, switch to vaping instead. More generally, they try and cater to all of us, Mouth To Lung vapers. And they are succeeding.

[NB: They are also very active against the growing threat targeting vaping in the US and around the world. They try and counter all the anti-vaping propaganda and ridiculous laws being pushed by denouncing the misinformation, disinformation and hypocrisy of the media, state representatives and government agencies.]

Our Innokin Adept review will highlight the fact that this (MTL) vape kit may indeed be the best vape kit of 2019.

So, let’s begin.

I. Specifications + Inside The Packaging

Innokin-Adept-zlide-tank-review-MTL-Mouth-To-Lung-Vape-Kit-Specifications-MouthToLungvaping.comDimensions: 130mm height x 43.5mm width x 30mm depth

IP67 Water-resistant & Dust-resistant


3000mAh Battery

5.5V Maximum Voltage (with a minimum at 3.7V?)

Tri-Color LED Display

Fast Charging (2a or 1.3A?)

Automatic Coil Detection

Easy Top Fill

2ml e-liquid capacity

Zenith Coils Platform

Adjustable Airflow

Matching drip tip

Safety Features: Over Discharge, Overcharge, Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Overheat

Colors: Purple, Black, White, Ocean Green, Sky Blue, Forest Camo

1 x Innokin Adept 3000mAh Mod

1 x Innokin Zlide vaping Tank

1 x (pre-installed) Plex 3d 0.48Ω coil

1 x Zenith 1.6Ω coil

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Spare glass

1 x Spare O Rings set

1x Extra drip tip



II. Innokin Adept Review Scores

Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality




Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use

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You can order a pack of 5 Z-coils as well on VaporDNA or BuyBest

With these, you should be good for 2, maybe 3 months.

III. Innokin Adept Kit

For the purpose of this review we used the 1.6 Ohm Z-coils at a 2 or 3 bars (12-13W) power setting.

The Innokin Adept kit IP67 rating, silicone protective layer, 3000mAh battery, and ease of use make it a tough, durable and simple Mouth To Lung vaping kit.

But that’s not all.

The Zlide tank and the Z-coils it’s coupled with make it one of the most satisfying to use too. Yes, because the Zlide tank and the Z-coils may very well be the best Mouth To Lung tank and (pre-built) coils on the market today.

If you add to that its nice design (for a rugged MTL vaping kit) and the enjoyable feeling you get when you take it in your hand, how could all this not make the Innokin Adept Kit the best vape kit of 2019?

A. An IP67, Rugged MTL Vaping Kit With A Nice Design

1. Innokin Adept Kit pleasing design.

It’s made of zinc alloy. It has polished silver or black edges depending on the color of its casing.

The different colors are very nice, even the simple monochrome black or white. But our preference goes for the ocean green one. It gives the Innokin Adept kit a real “summer vape” look.

Though, if you want to use it for outdoors activity, you may prefer the camo or black colors.

We like the fact that the tank sits in the center of the top of the box. And that its color either matches the body of the device or its frame. The drip tips are assorted with the casing of the Innokin Adept Zlide tank kit too. It’s a nice touch.

And, as much as it’s not an aesthetic trait per se, we’re in love with the rubberized finish. It feels so soft in the hand, we surprise ourselves rubbing and even caressing it from time to time, LOL.

Innokin-Adept-zlide-tank-review-Best-Mouth-To-Lung-Vape-Kit-2019-Soft-to-the-touch-rubberized-finish-in-ocean-green-color-MouthToLungvaping.comSo, its prime objective may be functional but it’s a major design PRO for us as well.

2. Innokin Adept Kit IP67 rating and rubberized finish

The rubberized finish of the Innokin Adept is not only soft to the touch but also grippy. So, it helps when handling it. It won’t slip easily out of your hand.

More, it protects the frame and contributes greatly to make the Innokin Adept, the shock-resistant, rugged vape kit that it is.

Also, the Innokin Adept kit has an IP67 rating. It means it’s dust-resistant and water-resistant (immersion at a depth of 1 m for 30mn max)

All this make it one of the best vape kit as far as (MTL) rugged vape kits are concerned.

There are other Mod Boxes that we know are IP67 certified, but few. The most famous one is the Geek Vape Aegis (and its different versions, like the 80W 2200 mAh GeekVape Aegis Mini. Note that you can put the tank you want on the Aegis Mini mod, even the Zenith or Zlide).

[NB: We’re nitpicking here but… Contrary to Innokin claims in its marketing material and what almost everyone else is saying, The Innokin Adept Vape kit is not waterproof, dustproof or shockproof.

It’s not impervious to water, dust or shocks. Water can damage it, as well as dust or shocks in certain conditions. 

Innokin Adept zlide tank review - MTL kit - Mouth To Lung Vaping - IP67 dustproof sand dust resistant military greenThe highest rating for  dust and water resistance is IP69 or IPx9), by the way. And we’ll see in DJLsb Vapes’ review that the Innokin Adept Mod may not even be as much water-resistant as one could think.

Still, the Innokin Adept kit (with its tank attached to it), should resist dust/sand, drops and immersion in water without any issue (up to 30mn in 1m of water max).

So, let’s just say that Innokin’s claim is made to be simple to understand. It points out a, nonetheless, great feature of the Innokin Adept kit but saying it’s waterproof or dustproof is not totally factually accurate.]

B. The Innokin Adept Is Super Easy To Use And Yet It’s The Best Vape Kit Of 2019.

1. A no-brainer, auto-regulated MTL vape kit

Like the smaller SMOK Priv N19 (link to our review), to operate the Innokin Adept Kit, you only need to use 2 buttons.

The fire button and the power setting button. That’s it.

Innokin-Adept-review-MTL-Vape-Zenith-tank-Kit-simple-and-easy-to-use-with-only-2-buttons-MouthToLungvaping.comBasically, the fire button… fires. And the power setting button, as you’ve guessed, well… allows you to adjust the power.

You’ll get more detailed info when watching the videos below but we can tell you right now that it can’t get any simpler to operate than this.

3 clicks on the firing button to turn the power on and off.

And then, you only have to choose the power you want the Innokin Adept to output.

There are four bars representing the four different power levels the Innokin Adept Kit can deliver.

By clicking the small button at the bottom of the device (under the screen), you cycle through the power settings, one bar at a time. Each time you click, one more bar lights up and signals an increase in power. End of story.

The process is that simple because, and again like the SMOK Priv N19, the wattage range and the maximum power output the Innokin Adept Kit delivers are automatically determined by the chip inside the Innokin Adept. The chip detects the resistance of the coil in the tank and adjusts its performance accordingly. Like explained by this slide:

So, don’t get confused by the blue arrows on the screen facing whatever direction or the numbers (wattage outputs) you see written under the mod. They represent the different power outputs and wattage ranges depending on whether you use a subohm —under 1.0 Ohm— or regular MTL —above 1.0 Ohm— coil.

These numbers are here to give you more, complementary information. But you don’t need to care or even understand what they mean. You will, have no fear, but it’s not necessary.

So, you have nothing to worry about. After inserting a new coil in the tank, just select which number of bars gives you the vaping experience you prefer. That’s all there is to it.

Also, this auto-detection feature works with whatever tank or coil you use. It doesn’t have to be the Zenith or Zlide tank/coils. But as the wattage max is 17W, you can’t put a low resistance coil needing more than 17W to properly function, of course. This is mainly an MTL vape kit, after all.

2. The Zlide Tank And Z-Coils Provide A Fantastic MTL vaping experience.

The draw is smooth or (very) tight if you decide it to be (If you close the airflow completely, you can barely drag a puff. That’s how tight you can adjust the airflow).

You don’t need to open more than one hole to get a high/adequate vapor production. Though, two holes is the sweet spot for us. But this means that the Zlide tank and Innokin Adept kit can produce actual vapor, dense satisfying vapor.

It does a better job than the SnowWolf Wocket that we otherwise love and produces a bit more vapor than the what the OneVape Lambo II does. [NB1: These are links to our reviews of these devices. NB2: the OneVape Lambo II stays our reference in terms of (tight, cigarette-like) draw and density of vapor].

And the flavors are simply on point. One of the best vape kit for flavor reproduction as well in our opinion. DIn terms of restition of flavors, differences between the best devices on the market are minute at this point, almost negligible. But we must admit, that aside from some things we didn’t like much, the Artery Pal 2 Pro we’ll review next is the device we’ve tested that restitutes flavors best.

Ok, it’s now time to let you wacth Mike Vapes, DJLsb vapes and/or Matt From SMM’s Innokin Adept Reviews.

You don’t need to only believe us. You can hear what they have to say, watch the Innokin Adept kit performance with your own eyes and, then, make your own enlightened opinion.

That’s why we propose these video reviews, after all.

IV. Best Youtube Innokin Adept Reviews - Videos

Here are the 3 best video reviews of the Innokin Adept Kit.

Disclaimer: In NO WAY do we pretend we are endorsed by or “affiliated” with these guys. We just sincerely appreciate, even if we don’t agree with them on everything, the work they do. So, we present them here.

DJLsb Vapes' Innokin Adept Review.

Mike Vapes' Innokin Adept Review

Matt From SMM's Innokin Adept Review

You can order a pack of 5 Z-coils as well on VaporDNA or BuyBest

With these, you should be good for 2, maybe 3 months.

V. Going Further

A. Some precisions

1. The Innokin Adept doesn’t have a 3000mAh battery but a 2300mAh one?

In DJLsb (Daniel)’s review, we can see that the battery size detected is 2400mAh instead of the 3000mAh advertised. First, this issue could be limited exclusively to the device he received. (We don’t have the means to check ours).

But even if we hypothesize it’s the case for all Innokin Adepts, it could be a feature. No, we’re not joking.

Because the fact that his measurement indicates an exploitable 2400mAh doesn’t mean that the actual battery size of the Innokin Adept kit isn’t 3000mAh. Daniel tried to explain this but I’m not sure it was clear for everyone.

It seems that, probably for the device to always perform at its peak efficiency, the battery is made to don’t deliver less than a 3.6V electric tension (Wikipedia). So, when the battery reaches this tension, it cuts off, giving the illusion that there is no more battery left. That seems to be why there is this discrepancy.

Innokin, like almost all other manufacturers do, could allow the voltage delivered to go below 3.6V and, thus, the battery would keep on working… but with less power delivered.

It would result in a weaker less satisfying vape/vaping experience. So, apparently, Innokin made the choice to don’t allow that. And it may impact the usable battery size.

Plus, there may be safety concerns as well. And the Innokin Adept kit seems full of safety features.

The Adept’s on-board protections include: over discharge, overcharge, over voltage, short circuit protection, overheat protection, high resistance protection and cut off protection.

2. The Z-coils and Innokin’s Platform System.

The Z-coils used in the Innkoin Adept Zlide tank are not only very good coils, they are also widely available.
Picture Credit: @innokin_italia (Instagram)

They are part of the Platform System created by Phil Busardo & Dimitris Agrafiotis in collaboration with Innokin.

This Platform System has for goal to make it possible to switch devices and still be able to use the same (types/models of) coils. SMOK is doing the same with its Nord coils, for example. They can also be used in a variety of products.

The difference is (most of) the Z-coils are created to function with true MTL vape kits, to offer a true Mouth To Lung vaping experience. Basically, they have tighter air chambers and, thus, airflow than the Nord coils. They also deliver more, denser, vapor than the MTL Nord coils.

[NB: There is of course an obvious e

conomic reason for Innokin to create this Platform System: Economy of scale.

But most companies don’t bother doing this because they first design their new device and, then, the coils which will fit them. So, they often create different coils for each new device they sell.

Also, new coils, as small of a difference they have with the “old” ones, mean new marketing and talking points to present the new “better” coils and products.

Anyway, for us customers and vapers, having different products using the same coils (as long as they are performing coils of course) is less of a headache. And, like Innokin, it saves us money too. Everyone’s happy.] 

B. To A Bare Minimum, The Innokin Adept Is The Best MTL Vaping Box Mod Kit.

Innokin-Adept-review-Best-vape-kit-2019-for-MTL-vapers-sexy-girl-vapeporn-white-color-MouthToLungvaping.comIn our opinion, thanks to the Zenith and Zlide tanks the Innokin Adept Kit is the best vape kit in terms of performance on the market today. Period.

We’ve made this clear at the very beginning of this Innokin Adept Review but what we mean is, for us, as a website dedicated to Mouth To Lung vaping, the Adept is the best vape kit from an MTL vaper’s perspective.

It’s not the most beautiful, though it’s quite nice-looking. But the combination of the (truly adjustable and Mouth To Lung) airflow/draw, the high vapor production and density as well as the excellent flavor reproduction of the Z-coils inside the Zenith/Zlide tank already make the Innokin Adept kit a serious contender for the best vape kit of 2019.

If you add the build quality, the IP67 rating (water and dust resistance), the shock-resistance, the 3000mAh battery (maybe 2400mAh truly usable but still) giving you 2 days of use (yes, TWO days), the design, the feeling in the hand, the colors, the durability etc…

Again, how could it not be considered at least one of the best vape kits of 2019?

That’s the one we all use at home, now. Paradoxically maybe but, at home, because we have other devices more compact to carry and vape on when outside. Unless, of course, we go for an outdoor activity or to the gym. Then, we may take the Innokin Adept with us too.

Don’t get us wrong, this year has given us (and it’s far from over) plenty of great MTL devices and it’s almost impossible to choose one and declare it “the best vape kit” of 2019 (even the best MTL vape kit of 2019).

There are great Pod Systems (though we don’t consider these to be kits per se). and some fantastic All in Ones (those are definitely kits) have hit the market and keep on getting launched as well.

But many offer a (very) loose MTL vaping experience. We have to tweak them to extract from them an MTL draw and a vapor density satisfying to us. It’s not always perfect and, what’s worse most of the time, that’s not even possible.

For example, we can get a decent MTL draw from the SMOK Priv N19, true. But with its airflow completely shut and the 0.8Ohm Nord coils, you get more air and yet (a) less (dense) vapor than with the Innokin Adept kit with one hole open and a 1.6 Ohm Zenith coil inside.
Picture Credit: @VapinGreek (Instagram)

That’s why there is a slew of devices we don’t even bother to (try and) review. Ok, there are a lot that don’t meet our aesthetic requirements anyway. But there are some that we do find good looking but they just aren’t made for a proper MTL vaping experience. They simply have too loose airflows.

With the Innokin Adept, you get an MTL vaping kit first and foremost. That’s a big difference.

So, let’s just say that, for now (there’s still 3 more months of product launches before the end of the year), it’s one of the best vape kits and THE best MTL vaping Box Mod Kit on the market. I think we could agree on that.

VI. Pros & Cons:
The Best Vaping Kit 2019 For MTL Vaping


  • Nice design with centered tank
  • Very well-built
  • IP67 rated (water-resistant and dust-resistant)
  • Shockproof
  • Feel fantastic in the hand thanks to its size and rubberized finish
  • Very simple to use
  • About 2 days of battery life
  • Constant power output
  • Compatible with all Zenith and Plex coils
  • Best MTL tank/coils on the market
  • True adjustable Airflow
  • True MTL draw
  • Great flavors
  • High vapor production


  • 2300mAh of actual usable battery instead of the 3000mAh advertised?
  • Not really waterproof, dustproof or shockproof
  • 1.3A charging instead of 2A?

Ok, it’s now time to wrap our Innokin Adept review up with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

VII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

Is the Innokin Adept the best MTL vape kit or, said differently, the overall best vape kit of 2019 for Mouth To Lung Vapers?

I don’t know. Is there one best vape kit for everyone, even in the Mouth To Lung vaping realm?

If there was, it could be it. But you may disagree.
No, your monitor/screen doesn’t have a problem. It’s a stroboscopic effect. 😉

I really like the Innokin Adept Kit. That is a fact. But I really like the SnowWolf Wocket too and I would love the Pal 2 Pro if it was a bit bigger and had a better build quality. The flavor restitution of the Pal 2 Pro is amazing in my opinion. Plus, you can get a good MTL draw out of it. And the Billet Box-looking, “flask” design with the button placed for thumb firing, is the one I prefer. But it feels cheap.

Anyway, you’ll get more info in a few days when we publish its review.

As for the Innokin Adept Kit, I think it looks like a proper vape.

What do I mean by that?

It’s a regular Box Mod Kit. While the trend is launching the smallest devices companies can (with the looser airflow they can too, it seems), the Innokin Adept Kit has a decent, more substantial size (and a perfect adjustable draw).

It has a battery/Mod, a screen (though a very simplistic one) and a tank. And it looks good. (I must confess I’m a sucker for centered tanks. Symmetry, I guess).

That’s what a proper vape is for me, a substantial/sizable Box Mod kit.

But I believe Box Mod kits like the Adept are an endangered species at this point, LOL.

We get first-rate super stylish vaping devices but Box Mod kits? Way less, or we get tiny ones like the Priv N19. (iJoy has announced a small Box Mod kit that looks better and seems to be promising too).

Is it a good or a bad thing? I don’t know.

From a design/aesthetic point of view, it’s true that All in Ones/Pod Systems can potentially look better since everything (battery, screen and tank) is neatly integrated. It creates sophisticated designs.

But Box Mod kits have their appeal too. Some, usually expensive high end mods, can be truly beautiful (Pinterest).

And they typically beat AiOs and Pod Systems for versatility. They can be bigger and, thus have bigger batteries. They feel good in the hand since their size offers a better fit. Tanks and batteries are interchangeable (you can use the tank you want with the battery you want and create the perfect “kit” for you). Box Mod kits are usually more powerful (the Innokin Adept is an exception) etc…

Anyway and to conclude, I don’t know if the Innokin Adept is the best vape kit of 2019, even for MTL vapers but it’s a good looking, flawlessly performing and convenient (Mouth To Lung) Box Mod kit. That’s certain.

Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (the VapinGreek) have done a tremendous job with it. I can only recommend it.

Until next time,

Mister MTL
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You can order a pack of 5 Z-coils as well on VaporDNA or BuyBest

With these, you should be good for 2, maybe 3 months.

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The Innokin Adept Kit (with its Zenith Tank) is a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping device and probably the best vape kit of 2019 for MTL vapers. It's a rugged, IP67 rated yet nice, soft-to-the-touch and top class performing, Mod Box kit.

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Innokin Adept Review. Mouth To Lung (MTL) Best Vape Kit 2019?

Innokin Adept Review: Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping best vape kit of 2019 | A rugged, IP67 rated yet nice, soft-to-the-touch and performing kit. + video reviews

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