iJoy Saturn AiO Vape Kit Preview – Start Out 2020 With Glass

Do We Already Have The Best All in One (AiO) Vape Kit Of The Start Of 2020 Right Here?

Search Engine description/excerpt:

Thorough preview of the iJoy Saturn kit | A gorgeous, easy to use MTL AiO Vape kit with panels made of the same glass as iPhones. | And it should vape good.


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The iJoy Saturn AiO Vape kit is available right now at 3Fvape for $24.99 instead of $34.99 (you need to log in to see the real price).

A Gorgeous And Well-Built Device With Only One Potential Issue


If the iJoy Saturn AiO vape kit is built anything like its little brother, the iJoy Neptune Pod System (review), we guarantee you it will have a very high build quality.

[NB: unlike Pod Systems, All in Ones allow to change the coils instead of throwing the whole pod away. And their pod tank is refillable. For  (way) more info on the different vaping devices, you can read this article. ]

If fact, it should be even better build as the iJoy Saturn frame is made of premium and durable Stainless Steel. It should not only make it more resistant but help the iJoy Saturn kit absorb shocks better (e.g. than Aluminum could) as well.

And this will be needed.

Yes, because you can’t have missed that the iJoy Saturn front and back are made entirely of glass. So, not the most (shock) resistant material in the world for sure.

But let’s put aside glass as a potential CON for now as we’ll discuss this specific aspect at the end of this preview.

Though, we can tell you right now that the iJoy Neptune is not fragile. One of its glass panels may break at some point, but they handle themselves very well for now. Its build quality is high and it can withstand some shocks and drops without breaking/shattering.

Plus, the iJoy Saturn kit frame is, again,  made of stainless steel, like the new iPhones are. So, we hope it will absorb shocks enough and make the Saturn vape kit somewhat sturdy-er.

[NB: There are other glass devices on the market right now. We have the iJoy Neptune, which is the best Pod System for those of you who like a loose MTL or restricted DTL draw.

There’s also the SMOK Fetch, which has about the same draw. The OBS Alter has just started to ship.

The iJoy Luna Pod System, another gorgeous iJoy vaping device made with glass

And last but not least, iJoy will also launch the stunning Luna Pod System next month.]

Fragile or not, it sure looks good, gorgeous in fact.

We mean, look at it. It really looks classy and sophisticated. Yeah, sophisticated is actually the best word to qualify it.

It has delicate curves, a polished look and simple yet elegant colors. Though the gradient ones iJoy touted a few months ago looked even more beautiful. They went out the window but we didn’t forget about them.

The mouth piece and the fire button are perfectly placed, in the middle.

This is great from an ergonomics standpoint. We’re fan of devices with buttons made for thumb firing. So, it’s a big PRO for us.

Last, the Neptune isn’t slippery at all. But, depending on the color, it can be a fingerprint magnet. White is fine, though. It should be the same with the Saturn.

The iJoy Saturn Kit Coils Should Provide A Great Vaping Experience

After the Mercury AiO, the Neptune and soon the Luna Pod Systems (+ the Jupiter which will be a Voopoo Vinci/SMOK RPM competitor), iJoy’s next device will be named after yet another celestial body, Saturn.

iJoy is clearly aiming for the stars with these products. And it may very well succeed.

The iJoy Mercury AiO kit, despite questionable looks, was a solid device. But the Neptune Pod System, if you like a loose draw ala Caliburn, is already a step up in terms of performance and build quality compared to other Pod systems on the market (Caliburn included).

We expect the iJoy Saturn AiO vape kit to follow suit. It should perform very well and offer a great vaping experience.

How do we know that?

Because the iJoy Saturn Kit Should Come With Competent iJoy Coils And Could Also Be Compatible With The Best AiO Coils On The Market Right Now.

– The iJoy Saturn Coils Should Perform Well.


The iJoy Saturn vape kit comes with 2 types of replaceable coils.

There is a 1.0Ω coil for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping and a 0.6Ω coil for restricted DTL but surely MTL too if we close down the airflow (you can read our article thoroughly explaining what are these types of vaping). And they both are mesh coils.

The iJoy Saturn, as they have the same form factor, is also compatible with the regular Mercury 1.2ohm coils.

[NB: If you decide to use the Mercury 1.2ohm coils, you’ll have to put the Saturn on its lower power setting as the maximum output they can accept is 10W].

The iJoy Mercury coils are already very good coils but not of the mesh variety. Mesh coils usually provide a higher vapor production and even better flavors as the e-liquid is better/more efficiently vaporized.

So, taking good coils that have an efficient build/shape and improving them by using a mesh pattern for the resistance should make the iJoy Saturn kit coils even better.

– The iJoy Saturn Could Even Be Compatible With The Best AiO Coils Right Now.

iJoy Saturn own mesh coils could very well be even better than the ones we’re going to talk about now, but these are the best coils you can find (in an AiO vape kit) today.

It looks like the iJoy Saturn vape kit coils are compatible with the Artery Pal 2 (Pro), the THC Tauren X(reviews) and the Hellvape Grimm kit(preview) coils.

ThunderHead-Creations-THC-Tauren-X-AiO-Vape-Kit-Review-Two-types-of-coils-comaptible-Artery-Pal-2-and-Grimm-Green-kit - iJoy Saturn
THC Tauren X coils

These coils, and especially the Artery Pal 2 HP and the THC Tauren X coils are fantastic.

They’re simply the best. And that’s a big reason why, aside from the Voopoo Vinci which is in a league of its own, the Pal 2 Pro and, more so, the Tauren X are the best AiO vape kits on the market right now.

All these coils have about the same shape and dimensions. And their threading should also be similar.

[NB: it’s not the case 100% of the time. E.g. Most of the 4 Pal 2 HP coils we’ve tested with the Tauren X were indeed compatible but one of them wasn’t. It’s because of an extra thickness of the Tauren X coils threading–less than 1mm difference. This tiny variance can prevent them to make contact when they’re screwed to the airflow ring situated under them].

Artery Pal 2 *HP* coils

If the iJoy Saturn coils are indeed and basically compatible with all of these, it’s great news for several reasons.

The first one is because of the vape quality this type of coils offer. Again, they’re simply the best, above all those of the mesh variety. They are generally the ones with lower resistance but they can also be used for MTL vaping by closing the airflow more.

The second is that it means many more coil options and the assurance of always be able to order coils for the whole life of the device.

Now, it’s time we talked about the main, beside coils, iJoy Saturn features, right? So, what other interesting features does the iJoy Saturn vape kit have?

iJoy Saturn AiO Features & Specifications Explained


On paper, the iJoy Saturn kit seems to have almost everything we’d want from an MTL All in One vape kit.

Its main features are:

  • A sizeable built-in 1100mAh battery with a 16W maximum power output.
  • An easy top filling method


  • A centered fire button and mouth piece
  • 3 Adjustable power settings.

They vary between 10 and 16W.

The iJoy Saturn kit automatically adapts to the coil resistance you put in the device.

The 1.0ohm S2 Mesh Coil pre-set power outputs will be: 10W (Red) / 11W (Blue) / 12W (Green)

The 0.6ohm S1 Mesh Coil pre-set power outputs will be: 13W (Red) / 15W (Blue) / 16W (Green)

  • An airflow control mechanism under the pod tank.

The only thing the iJoy Saturn lacks is a screen.

Also, the control over the power outputs could have been more precise.


Last, it could have been a bit more powerful for our Direct To Lung vaper friends but, for us, MTL vapers, 16W is plenty enough, above all with these coils.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

So, Is Glass A Deal Breaker?


Glass isn’t a new material used for vaping devices. After all, e-liquid tanks, until recently and the emergence of Pod Systems and AiO vape kits with their plastic tanks/pods, have always been made out of glass.

But glass is, with tanks, useful. It has a purpose. E.g. It’s more resistant to high temperature and the potent sweeteners/flavorings we can sometimes find in e-liquids don’t affect it nearly as much as they do plastic.

But until now, we’ve never had whole devices (panels) made out of glass. We wonder why? /s

We don’t know… Maybe because, precisely, it’s fragile?

Plus, glass has almost no benefit when it comes to building vaping devices (panels).

There’s two, actually. If the glass is strong enough, devices like the iJoy Neptune (maybe Saturn too) can get less scratches than (polished) metal devices. And, obviously, it looks good.

But it breaks.

But, when you think about it, wouldn’t that be a benefit… for vaping companies?

[NB: Glass, as a material used in the making of vaping gears, is a godsend for companies. It’s a perfect way for them to ensure a short lifespan for their products with no fault of their own, beside the material used, of course. It would mean that we’d have to buy vapes more often to replace the, not broken, but cracked ones.]

Granted, brands making these devices use toughened and/or tempered glass. E.g. iJoy is using the same glass as Apple’s iPhone for its Neptune.

But it still breaks.

So, do we really want yet another gadget needing our outmost carefulness when handling it? Will we have to put cases on our vapes from now on? Though, now companies are trying to sell us (charging) cases with plastic Pod Systems too. So…

Anyway, we’re a bit torn on the subject. We’re not really against the use of glass and the iJoy Saturn looks freaking good. But does it need freaking glass to look gorgeous or sophisticated? We don’t think so.

iJoy Saturn AiO Vape Kit Packaging Content


1* IJOY  SATURN Device

1* IJOY  SATURN Cartridge   

1* Saturn Mesh Coil 0.6Ω

1* Mercury Mesh Coil 1.0 Ω

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If for whatever reason (maybe glass? 😀), the iJoy Saturn Kit isn’t what you’re looking for, you can check out our MTL Vaping News Section . You’ll find all the best (+ some we want to talk about for different reasons) new MTL vape kits in there.

You can also have a look at the very best devices we’ve reviewed, of course.

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