The iJoy Saturn All In One, A Stunning But Fragile MTL device?

iJoy Is Shooting For The Stars With This New Sophisticated AiO. But Glass, Really?

The stunning, sophisticated iJoy Saturn All in One will soon launch and it looks like it’s going to be yet another hit.

It ticks all the boxes and more. But, like its Luna Pod System, iJoy is going with curved tempered glass as a construction material for the Saturn. So, It may be fragile…

UPDATE: The iJoy Saturn Kit has finally been officially announced, this time for good. Our NEW and thorough preview is here.

iJoy Neptune Review.

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iJoy Saturn AiO Specs And Packaging Content

First let’s have a look at the iJoy Saturn’s AiO specs and what’s going to be in the packaging.

Mouth-to-lung-vaping.com-MTL-vape-kit-AIO-All-in-One-iJoy-Saturn-SpecificationsSize: 94.5*38*18mm

Battery Type: Built-in single battery

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

Power: 15W / 10W / 8.3W

Output Voltage: 3.0V /3.16V

Material: Zinc alloy & stainless steel &  hot bent glass

1* IJOY  SATURN Device

1* IJOY  SATURN Cartridge   

1* Saturn Mesh Coil 0.6Ω

1* Mercury Mesh Coil 1.0 Ω

1* USB Cable

1* Manual

1* Warranty Card

So, after the Mercury All in One, the Luna Pod System, iJoy’s next device will be named after yet another celestial body, Saturn. And it does seem that iJoy raised the bar sky high for what is to be considered a compelling All in One.

On paper, it seems to have everything we’d want from an MTL AiO.

iJoy Saturn AiO Main Features

Its main features are:

– A sizeable built-in 1100mAh battery2 types of replaceable mesh coils (1.0Ω for MTL vaping and 0.6Ω for DL). Three in fact, as the Mercury 1.2ohm coils will also be compatible with the Saturn AiO.A stunning design

-What seems to be subtly gradient colors

– A perfectly placed fire button approximately at the center of its body

– An easy top filling method

– 3 Adjustable power settings

– An airflow control mechanism

And look at it, it really looks classy and sophisticated. Yeah, sophisticated is the best word to qualify it. The colors, the fire button which allows for a more uniform, almost unibody, design, the delicate curves, the glass front… Wait, glass?

A Sophisticated Design With One Potential Problem

[Update: we reviewed the iJoy Neptune,  which is the iJoy Saturn’s little brother, and isn’t slippery at all. It’s very well built and can withstand some shocks and drops without breaking/shattering. So, the points and complaints expressed below may be a bit moot.]

The iJoy Saturn is innovative… kinda. It’s the first AiO to be partly made out of glass.


We had plastic (we think it was plastic since nowhere it is claimed to be glass) touchscreens before, like the Asvape Touch which launched a few months ago, a nice device.

But we never had one made out of glass. We wonder why? /s

We don’t know… Maybe because glass is fragile? Do we really want yet another gadget needing our outmost carefulness when handling it?

Will we have to put cases on our vapes from now on? It would be ridiculous, right? But I can guarantee you that if the iJoy Saturn and/or the Luna are remotely successful, we’re going to see a slew of glass vaping devices on the market.

Not simply because all vaping companies copy each other but because if glass becomes an acceptable material to use in the making of vaping gears, it would be a godsend for these companies. It would be  a perfect way for them to ensure a short lifespan for their product with no fault of their own, beside the material used, of course. It would mean that we’d have to buy vapes more often to replace the, not broken, but cracked ones.

Edit to add:

Ovanty - Falcon - Pod System kit - MTLvaping.com - mouth to lung vaping - MTL vape

Another device with a glass front panel has just been launched. It’s the Ovanty Falcon Pod System. A very nice looking device.

So, the iJoy Saturn (or the iJoy Luna) won’t be the first Aio or Pod System to sport a glass panel. It will be the firt with a curved glass panel, though. So, with more glass on the sides and with less metal(lic frame) on the sides protecting it from a possible impact.

iJoy Saturn All in One (AiO) In Gradient Blue- Mouth-to-lung-vaping.com-MTL-vape - mouth to lung device

Anyway, I guess we’re torn. On one hand this thing looks freaking good. On the other, well, it’s made out of freaking glass. But does it really need glass to look stunning or sophisticated? We don’t think so. Will it be solid enough? We don’t know. We sure hope so, though.

We need to order one as soon as it’s available on pre-order to be able to review it or at least know exactly how fragile (or sturdy, it’s made of tempered glass after all) it’s actually going to be.

But you? Please refrain from buying it for now. At least, before having more info on its durability, as it could mean a dire future of fragile gadgets for the vaping devices market.

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