iJoy Neptune Review: Build Quality, Flavors, Simple But…

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iJoy Neptune Review | Premium Build Quality Pod System Kit | Top Notch Flavors | High Vapor Production - Easy To Use | Loose MTL Draw | Glass Panels

Welcome to our iJoy Neptune Review.

**Our iJoy Neptune Review will reveal a competent, top quality and very simple Pod System but of which two characteristics can be considered drawbacks by some. What are they? Read on…**

iJoy Neptune: $24.92 on FastTech.

We really don’t know how to go about this iJoy Neptune Review. It has everything we’d expect from a top-of-the-line yet straightforward Pod System.

It has a clean, classy design. It’s compact but not small. Its build quality is fantastic.


It has simple ergonomics, feels great in the hand, is easy to use…

It even has a good battery as well as e-liquid/pod capacity and an up-to-date charging method. It sports MTL coils, and it produces flavorful and relatively dense vapor in high quantity.

All this is making the iJoy Neptune Pod System a truly great device.

But even though it has all these positive attributes, we’re on the fence about this one.

Because two of its traits prevent us to like it the way we could: its (slightly too) loose (for us) draw and the glass it’s made of. iJoy says it’s the same glass as the one used by Apple in iPhones, though.

The iJoy Neptune Pod System could even have been among our best vape kits of the year selection (we’ll do a roundup of the devices we think are the best in their respective category at the beginning of December).

One thing for sure, the iJoy Neptune Pod System should highly satisfy those of you who like a similar draw than the Caliburn/Nord-like type of vape and those that don’t mind a device potentially a bit more fragile but which not only performs very well but looks and feels good.

So, despite our reservations, this iJoy Neptune Review will be a positive one. But we will express them. And we just won’t recommend it to vapers who like a tight MTL draw and/or smokers who want to quit, unless they know for a fact that they like a loose(r) draw of course.

After reading our iJoy Neptune review [NB: It will be short. We’ve just told everything already in this intro, LOL], you’ll be able to watch a video reviews of it and get Mister MTL’s opinion (essentially on this new glass trend in vaping devices and its disapproval of it, of course 😀).

As always, we try and find the best price for the devices we review (or preview)


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If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, you should definitely read our 2-part, 7000+ words, article: The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully.

Also, if you’re not sure what are the differences between all the vaping devices, or want to know more about them, you can read this article.

Now, let’s begin our Artery Pal 2 Pro review.

The different Sections of our iJoy Neptune review will be:

I. Specifications + Inside The Packaging


Dimensions – 75mm by 31mm by 14mm

Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

Max Wattage Output: 12W

Voltage Output Range: 3.5-3.7V

3 Power Levels – 3.5V, 3.6V, 3.7V

Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm

Zinc-Alloy, Glass, & PCTG Plastic Chassis Construction

Curved Glass Panel

Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

LED Battery Life Indicator Light

Refillable Pod – Replaceable Cartridge

1.8mL Pod Capacity

Top Fill System – Dual Fill Ports

1.2ohm coil/pod

Magnetic Pod Connection

Low Power Protection

Atomizer Connection Indicatiion Light

“No Atomizer” Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Type-C USB Charging Port

Available in Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Crystal Red, Jade Green, Pearl White

1 x iJoy NEPTUNE Device

2 x iJoy NEPTUNE Pods

1 x USB Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x 1 Warranty Card

II. Everything About The iJoy Neptune Pod System is Great Except… Its Draw (Slightly Too Loose For MTL Vaping)

But we want to say right off the bat that what is a CON for us may very well be a PRO for you.

A. A bit of context.

We were surprised to see the iJoy Neptune Pod System available before the Luna and Saturn, two other iJoy devices with glass panels that were announced 3 months ago. In fact, we didn’t even know the iJoy Neptune kit was going to be launched at all.

So, the reason why the iJoy Neptune kit is on the market before those two and whereas they were announced quite some time ago is a mystery to us.

Maybe a production problem during iJoy first attempt at manufacturing those devices with curved glass panels? We don’t know.

Anyway, as soon as we saw the iJoy Neptune Pod System available for pre-order online, we ordered it. It was in stock a lot sooner than anticipated and we received it quickly.

And, after two weeks of ownership, we were able to make the iJoy Neptune review you’re reading right now.

B. The iJoy Neptune Pod System Design, Ergonomics And Build Quality


The main, non-performance-related, characteristic of the iJoy Neptune kit is that it’s made out of glass. It’s the same glass than Apple uses in its iPhones.

Of course, once you’ve learned that the iJoy Neptune Pod System Panels are made of glass (Apple’s glass or not), the first question you ask yourself is: “Is the iJoy Neptune fragile?

But the potential fragility of, and the implications of using glass on, a vaping device will be discussed at the end of this review (by Mister MTL).

We didn’t want to clutter our iJoy Neptune review with a relatively long part and semi-rant on this topic. So, for now, we’ll simply mention glass without going into much detail.

So, what else? We actually like the design. We’re not in love with it, but it looks good. We ordered the white one and it has some Mother-of-Pearl-like reflections/hues when in direct sunlight.

But more than looking good, the iJoy Neptune Kit feels good in the hand. Glass does have its advantages. But it’s not only thanks to that. It’s due, first and foremost, to its build quality. (Just in case you’re wondering, it isn’t too slippery at all).

The iJoy Neptune Pod kit doesn’t suffer from any build quality or even, to a certain extent, solidity problem.

On the contrary it’s a very well made, nice-to-the-touch, quality device.

The actual build quality is impeccable. Everything is smooth and assembled tightly together. There are no sharp edges. Nothing protrudes and everything feels good. And it’s not, at least in its white version, a fingerprint magnet. So, no flimsy looking fingerprints to ruin the aesthetics of the iJoy Neptune Pod System.

The reservations we had on the use of glass may very well evaporate soon (not Mister MTL’s, though, LOL). If all glass vaping devices are built like this, we’re good with it.

It really gives the feeling we handle a premium device… apart from the pod. That’s the only real con (beside the decision to use glass) you’ll find in our iJoy Neptune review.  


The pod wobbles slightly when it’s inserted in the device. It doesn’t attach very well and, thus, is a bit loose… like its draw 😉. But that’s it.

It may have a mouthpiece a bit large for some, though. But as the (air) hole isn’t, you can rest your lips on the drip tip without having to put it in your mouth.

Now, what about its features and performance?

C. The iJoy Neptune Kit has limited features… And that’s a good thing.

Being a Pod System, the iJoy Neptune Kit is a very simple device to use.

It’s an open Pod System, of course (we don’t promote closed Pod Systems. Unless they’re almost the only thing left standing after the bans and FDA’s PMTAs, we’ll never promote one). Which means the pods it uses are refillable.


Filling an iJoy Neptune pod is really easy to do. Take off the cap of the pod and put e-liquid in one of the holes on the top of the pod. It’s as simple as that.

Having two holes is a good thing and contribute to its good ergonomics. It allows for the air inside the pod to escape by the other hole while being replaced by e-liquid. Thanks to this, the process shouldn’t get messy and you won’t end up with juice everywhere.

It also has the usual auto-draw feature. So, you don’t need to click on any button to be able to vape on it.

The only thing you can do with it, beside vaping on it obviously, is adjust the voltage. But, honestly, there’s not much difference between the 3 settings available.

As they’re each only 0,1V apart, from 3.5 to 3.7V, the contrast between them is barely discernible.

The highest setting makes the vapor a bit warmer and it allows the iJoy Neptune kit to produce a bit more of it compared to the lowest but, yeah, not much of a difference.


To change these settings, you just need to quickly click 3 times on the small button at the bottom of the device. A red light signals you that it’s on the lowest setting, blue the medium and green, the highest.

It’s 5 clicks to turn it on and off, by the way. As it doesn’t have a fire button, you don’t even need to turn it off when you put it in your pocket or bag. But it’s always good (safety) practice to turn a device off when not using it. Plus, you may save on some battery this way.

Also, by clicking twice, the LED will indicate (roughly) your battery life left (high, medium or low).

Also, the iJoy Neptune sports an up-to-date USB-C fast charging port. It takes about half an hour to completely charge it.

So, again, it’s very easy to use the iJoy Neptune Pod System and we like this simplicity. Well, that’s part of the reason we like Pod Systems in general. But beyond feeling high-end, beside being a breeze to use, does the iJoy Neptune kit perform well? Let’s see.

D. Great Flavors, High Vapor Production and Satisfying Hit But…

1. Great flavor reproduction.

The flavors restituted by the iJoy Neptune pod kit are just great for a Pod System. They are better than the Suorin Air Plus. They’re not as tasty as the Artery Pal 2 Pro or the THC Tauren X which are the best MTL AiO (of those we tested) for flavors… but not that far-off, actually. So, yeah, awesome flavors. Similar to the Caliburn (but without the spitback or the eating of e-liquid).

So, if you’d rather have a much better looking, high quality Pod System with, contrary to the Caliburn, no spitback issues, the iJoy Neptune pod system may be a better choice.  

[NB: We know. Not everyone is suffering from this problem. But many do. You just need to take a look at the dozens of threads on Reddit talking about this issue to be convinced: on r/electronic_cigarette, r/Vaping  and even a couple on  r/Vaping101]

2. High production of dense vapor.

The quantity of vapor produced by the iJoy Neptune is really good too. It’s dense, warm and abundant.

Its vapor production is actually among the highest for a Pod System.

Since, there’s not much more to say about vapor production, let’s touch on other features briefly. You may have already looked at the spec list we gave you at the beginning of this iJoy Neptune review, but for those who didn’t:


The iJoy Neptune Pod System has a 650mAh and with its 1.0ohm coils running at a max power of 14W, it should last you all day. It you’re not chain vaping on it, of course.

An iJoy Neptune pod has a 1.8ml capacity and, as it produces a lot of vapor, you may have to refill it once a day.

Also, a tip, you should vape fruity e-liquids at the lower voltage setting. Fruity e-liquids usually taste better if the vapor is slightly cooler. Whereas you should vape sugary, dessert flavored as well as tobacco e-liquids at a higher temperature. That’s when their flavors pop.

3. But Loose Draw

Its problem for us? The draw. It’s a bit looser than the Suorin Air Plus which was already our limit in terms of loose draw. But it has a denser vapor. So, that compensates.

The iJoy Neptune draw should be comparable with a Caliburn or your typical Nord. It’s way airier than the OneVape Lambo II and the Innokin I.O, for example.  Two great devices we reviewed, by the way.

We could vape on the iJoy Neptune Pod System if we didn’t have anything else at hand, but that’s it. It doesn’t produce the type of satisfactory vape we like. The pull is too easy, if you will.

It’s not that the vapor is shallow or weak. It isn’t. It produces a dense enough vapor. But the draw is just a bit too loose for us.


We’ve just received another Pod System with some nice design and features (the Myvapors Roak Pod System) and it does the exact opposite. Its pull is very much an MTL pull but its vapor, while quantitively fine, is a bit shallow. To get a somewhat satisfying hit, you need to bump up the level of nicotine in your e-liquid.

We can live with this and still will use it from time to time but we would only recommend it to light vapers (or recreational smokers, not heavy ones) as it’s still a bit weak for our taste. Because beside that, we like the design, its resin panels and its innovative sliding/hidden pod and charging port feature.

Coming back to the iJoy Neptune, its draw is smooth, though maybe a bit too smooth. That’s it.

It should have had some sort of AFC (AirFlow Control) mechanism. Then, we would have liked it much more. But it doesn’t. So… we can’t recommend it to users who like a tight(er) draw and/or are new to vaping and want to find a good Pod System to help them quit smoking. (Really, if you’re one of the latter and didn’t do it yet, you should read our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully article).

Maybe iJoy made this device with Caliburn users in mind and maybe the iJoy Luna, that should be launched one day, will be directed at smokers wanting to quit and MTL vapers who like a tighter draw. We hope so. But the iJoy Neptune draw is slightly too loose for us to be truly enjoyable.

Other than that, and again, we can’t fault it for vapor production, warmth and density.

That’s it for the main content of our iJoy Neptune Review.

Below, you’ll find our scores, Legion Vapes’ and Matt From SMM’s iJoy Neptune review –YouTube videos– (We were pretty much the first ones to review it but now more reviews are starting to come in. But these two are good reviews, so we think we’ll keep these),  its PROs and CONs and, finally, the opinion of Mister MTL on the iJoy Neptune but, more so, on the use of glass in the making of vaping devices. 




III. iJoy Neptune Review Scores

Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality




Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature






Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


IV. Best Youtube iJoy Neptune Reviews - Videos

Legion Vapes' iJoy Neptune Review

Matt From SMM's iJoy Neptune Review

Updated: Best Price you’ll find the iJoy Neptune kit (at the moment of writing): $24.92!

You can also order a couple of packs of 3  iJoy Neptune Kit Pods. With these, you should be good for about 2 and 1/2 to 3 months.

V. iJoy Neptune Kit Pros & Cons


  • Good looking Pod System
  • Premium Feel
  • Fantastic build quality
  • High vapor production
  • Dense Vapor
  • About a day of battery life
  • Easy to refill and use
  • 2 pods provided in the packaging
  • USB-C charging


  • Loose Draw
  • Mouthpiece wobbles slightly
  • Almost no difference between power settings
  • Glass

Ok, it’s now time to wrap our iJoy Neptune review up with Mister MTL’s opinion/thoughts.

VII. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung vaping.com - MTL vapeThis section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

For once, the disclaimer above shouldn’t be necessary. I think most of what I’m going to say represents what we, at MTLvaping.com, think… mostly (except for the “careless with my stuff” part).

So, now, I will answer the questions on everyone’s mind:

Is the iJoy Neptune Fragile?” And “Are The iJoy Neptune Glass Panels Worth It?

Is the iJoy Neptune Fragile?

Well, it’s not. I mean, of course it won’t be as solid or durable as a device made of zinc alloy or stainless steel but we can’t say it’s “fragile”. It’s not crystal.

It’s 2.5D curved toughened glass. The same Apple uses for the iPhone.


For us, the solidity of the iJoy Neptune Pod System, despite its glass panels, is fine. And we did test it a bit. Maybe it’s because it’s toughened glass.

We dropped it twice on the floor from waist height and it doesn’t have a scratch.

[NB: We didn’t try and drop it on concrete floor, though. It was an indoor floor. You see, the simple fact that we didn’t want to drop it even once on the street, just to test it, is telling. We didn’t really want to shatter one of the glass panels as one of us wanted to keep it. So, we didn’t try it.]

We banged it on wood-ish stuff (again, not on very hard/dense surfaces), we rubbed it vigorously on jeans, like when you want to get rid of fingerprints or a stain. This will cause scratches on most polished aluminum or, maybe even Zinc alloy, vaping devices. Try with a rainbow Pal 2 for example, you’ll see. No, don’t. You’ll ruin it. We did and the girl who it belongs to was kinda pissed. Though she’s the one who got to keep the iJoy Neptune kit.

But the Neptune doesn’t have a scratch on it.

That’s it, actually. We think that, thanks to its toughened glass but also because of it, the iJoy Neptune will be more resistant to scratches but less to drops.

We’ve heard that some people shattered a panel on theirs (not sure if it’s true or just “glass haters” inventing stuff by the way). We didn’t. And we used it as we would any other device.

Though, did we? You see, we think that, subconsciously, we may have been a bit extra careful with it. Like with our phones. We don’t realize that we are careful with them, though we are.

But it’s subconscious and it wasn’t really noticeable enough for us to realize it.

The iJoy Neptune sturdiness should be fine for an extended period of time in our everyday life. But we may have to take a bit more care of it.

The real question is: “Is it worth it?”

Are The iJoy Neptune Glass Panels Worth It?

We, essentially because of the iJoy Neptune kit loose draw, don’t think so. But if you like a Pod System with a loose draw ala Caliburn, you may want to think about it. Because the iJoy Neptune kit is a competent high-quality device that looks quite good and feels great in the hand. So, better than the Caliburn in every way (similar for flavor reproduction).

Anyway, to conclude on this subject, and to make this a perfectly honest iJoy Neptune review, I didn’t and wouldn’t handle it with the same carelessness as my other vaping kits. Though, I pay this carelessness by almost always ending up with scratched and/or dented devices. So, is it really worse to have less or no scratches on the iJoy Neptune kit but risk shattering a panel? I don’t know.

You decide.

As I always have the instinct to be more careful with it, it may be a blessing in disguise as it forces me to be more careful… until I’ll forget. And then, I’ll tell myself that glass isn’t a good idea after all.

See? Quite the predicament. That’s some big existential and metaphysical questioning, right there. LOL.

Now, is glass worth it on other vaping products?

OBS Alter AiO Kit

If the device is a real stunner (like the iJoy Luna, another Pod System or the iJoy Saturn. If they’re finally launched one day, that is. Or like the OBS Alter is) and performs perfectly for you, I would say, yes, it’s worth it.

[Note: I would say yes because I have many devices and I can have one (among them) that is more fragile. Can you? If you answer, yes. Then, you may want to pick one iJoy Neptune Kit up, if you like a looser draw, of course. Because, and again, it’s a very nice high-quality Pod System.]

But I have a problem. I don’t want to encourage manufacturers to sell vaping devices covered with glass. Or, if they do, they’d better be exceptional products.


I drop stuff. I bang stuff too (no pun intended). So, for me, glass may not be a good idea.

I know, it’s the new trend. And maybe you’re more careful with your stuff than I am. Then, it would be fine for you.

But I wouldn’t want to have to throw away a perfectly functioning vape simply because I dropped it and shattered a panel. And, above all, have to go and by another one, of course.

That’s any manufacturer wet dream. But I hate that as much as they love it.

It’s programmed obsolescence because of a design “flaw”. But if it breaks, it can be argued it’s your fault, right? You dropped it.

It’s not. It’s because it’s glass. And glass breaks.

I don’t want to end up putting a case on my vaping gear to protect it, either. It would be ridiculous (I already tried and don’t like it).

And it would defeat the purpose of owning a gorgeous device in the first place. It’s obviously justifiable for a phone to be made of glass (at least the screen), but not a vaping device.

And the best way to prevent that is to not buy glass covered devices like the iJoy Neptune Pod System.

Yes, it looks good and feels good in the hand. But it’s still glass and it’s still less forgiving than metal if you bang it against something or drop it.

So, if you intend to use it as your main vaping gear, I hope you’re cautious and take good care of your stuff.

That’s why, if you don’t want to catch the glass train, I can’t blame you. And if nobody buys these devices made to look good before to last long, manufacturers won’t make them anymore.

We, at MTLvaping.com (MouthToLungVaping.com), love beautiful (vaping) objects, sure. Who doesn’t, right? But we’re not ready to sacrifice function over form. We want both.

Me? I can see myself have some (vaping devices made of some glass) in my collection. But, and again, if I had to choose and pick only one to use every day, all day, careless as I am, I wouldn’t pick one with glass panels. Even if it’s the same glass as the iPhone. No.

Until next time,

Mister MTL


Best Price you’ll find the iJoy Neptune kit (at the moment of writing): $24.92!

You can also order a couple of packs of 3  iJoy Neptune Kit Pods. With these, you should be good for about 2 and 1/2 to 3 months.


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We would have preferred it was for a different reason but it’s mainly to let you tell us about your (positive or negative) experience with the iJoy Neptune

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  1. MTLvaping.com says:

    We didn’t experience any but we’re seeing some searches on Google with keywords like “iJoy Neptune problem” or “iJoy Neptune cartridge problem”.
    Are you affected by this?
    If yes, you can talk about it here.

  2. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.| а

    • MTLvaping.com says:

      Thank you for your kind words.
      We’ll keep on doing our best. 😉

  3. Syaiful says:

    Ijoy ni nice pada aku, tapi satu je, cartridge dia cepat hangit.. tak smpai seminggu pun.. aku baru beli bulan ni 4 cratridge dah hangit.. ty

    • MTLvaping.com says:

      Approximate translation:
      Syaiful is saying that s/he likes the Neptune but the cartridges/pods don’t last long. Not even a week. S/He used 4 in the last month. They’re too hot.

      Thank you Syaiful for your feedback.

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iJoy Neptune Review: Build Quality, Flavors, Simple But…

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