iJoy MIPO Pod System. Wireless Charging Magic Or Bad Trick?

iJoy MIPO Preview - After The UWELL MarsuPod, Here's Another Useless Pod System With A Charging Case.

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iJoy MIPO Preview | MIPO Pod System kit value proposition is just bad | The worst is iJoy “magic” wireless charging claim. It’s likely a cheap ridiculous trick

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Introduction: Out Of Fairness

We’re annoyed by what we think iJoy is trying to do but, honestly, we’re writing this News in the interest of fairness.

Mister MTL wrote an article on the UWELL MarsuPod kit denouncing, according to him, what could be UWELL’s latest “attempt to pull a fast one on us” motivated by greed.

So, we needed to mention that the iJoy MIPO Pod System kit is another small Pod System made by a big vaping brand (of those selling open systems, not closed ones sold by bigger companies like JUUL et al.) that was just announced and will also be sold with a battery/charging case.

We won’t write an article each time there’s a new device of this type. But, if the UWELL MarsuPod could be considered a useless device, we realized that the iJoy MIPO kit is worse (for us this time).

Anyway, let’s begin our presentation of the iJoy MIPO Pod System kit.

… Wireless Charging Or Not, The iJoy MIPO Kit Value Proposition Is Just Bad.

Stunning design? Just LOL.

As a device, the iJoy MIPO Pod System isn’t necessarily worse than the UWELL MarsuPod, no. Though, it’s difficult to rank a useless device against another… useless device /s.

But because iJoy seems to be trying to pass a simple proprietary and restricted charging feature as innovation worthy of praise (even as “magic“), it is worse than the MarsuPod.

But, first, we want to make clear that the feature iJoy is touting is the cherry on top of an already bad concept for a vaping product. i.e. a weak Pod System with a tiny battery coupled with a bigger battery case… made almost necessary by the tiny battery that should be bigger in the first place. 🙃

Innokin-I.O-Review-Best-e-cigarette-to-quit-smoking-Mini-vape-310mAh battery -True-cigarette 2.0-MouthToLungVaping.com
The Innokin I.O. A tiny Pod System (or Cigalike) with a battery almost twice the size of the iJoy MIPO kit (350 vs. 190mAh).

Plus, why buy a small Pod System sold with a case that ends up having the same footprint but none of the features and the performance of an All in One vape kit?

There are better in every way small Pod Systems like the Innokin I.O, the iJoy Neptune or the UWELL Yearn (yes, iJoy and UWELL can make very good products, this is not the issue here). iJoy has even announced the gorgeous iJoy Luna (though, this one could also need a case but for different reasons 😀).

And for the same size as this iJoy MIPO Kit, you can get a way more competent, powerful, beautiful and useful device with an All in One Vape kit.

The iJoy Saturn. That is stunning design.
Click the picture to read our thorough iJoy Saturn preview.

The best, for MTL vaping, are the Voopoo Vinci, the THC Tauren X and the Artery Pal 2 Pro. The Hellvape Grimm kit or the Vaporesso Degree Pod System seem to be among the best too but we haven’t tested them ourselves yet.

But we’re almost certain that the iJoy MIPO Pod System kit will get a significant media (specialized in vaping) exposure, maybe more so than the UWELL MarsuPod. For the simple reason it somewhat pretends to use wireless charging, of course.

Before developing on this “wireless” aspect and as they basically have the same value proposition, let’s make a quick iJoy MIPO vs. UWELL MarsuPod comparison.

iJoy MIPO vs. UWELL MarsuPod

Like the MarsuPod, the iJoy MIPO kit, has an ugly design (sorry but in our opinion, they look either like a mini pen1s or a fat finger, take your pick) but it has a couple differences.

First, the iJoy MIPO sports a 190mAh battery instead of 150mAh.

iJoy MIMO Pod Sytem kit - wireless charging case feature - magic
Wow! A 200mAh battery (more likely to be 190mAh)! Revolutionary! LOL
iJoy Marketing department goes wild with the superlatives and hyperboles Ridiculous.🙄

Second, it has a 9W max output compared to the claimed 11W of the MarsuPod. 

[NB: You may read that the iJoy MIPO Pod System has a 10.5W output. There’s a reason for that. There’s a slide on iJoy website saying 10.5W (the very last one). So, some websites may believe that’s the power output of the MIPO Pod System.

But the official number is indeed 9W (iJoy own description of the product and another marketing slide).

The MarsuPod, because of its even smaller battery, could very well deliver less than 11W too, by the way. Maybe we’ll get another slide later showing a lower number. Who knows? /s]

But, last, the “MIPO” can charge wirelessly. Cool, right?

Wrong… (seemingly) 😀

iJoy MIPO Wireless Charging, Magic Feature Or Cheap Trick?

To say it clearly, the iJoy MIPO Pod System kit does NOT seem to support wireless charging as we know it.

Screenshot of the USB plug on the charging case taken from iJoy’s promotional video presenting the MIPO kit.

First, and let get this out of the way, the battery case isn’t wireless at all. It charges via a standard USB port with a regular USB cable. It’s not even USB-C, only micro USB.

Second, the iJoy MIPO vaping unit doesn’t seem to use wireless technology like the QI standard or any, even proprietary, wireless technology as we know it, for that matter.

Confused? We are too, to be honest.

How come iJoy advertises the iJoy MIPO kit as a wireless device, then?” you may ask.

Well, what iJoy calls “wireless” charging seems to be nothing more than charging via pin connectors. Like this (this picture is another screenshot of iJoy official video showcasing the MIPO Kit).


Hre’s a close-up of the pin connectors we can see at the top of the case in the picture above.

It’s wireless, alright (there’s indeed no cable between the vaping unit and the charging case), but that’s not the wireless tech we all have come to know and, for some, love.

So, the MIPO Pod System can charge wirelessly but… exactly like most devices sold with a charging case?? This is hilarious.

Wireless charging only occurring when physically connected to the iJoy MIPO case… what wireless charging is that?

Magic charging on the go” according to iJoy. 🤣

And yes, they state it’s magic “wireless” charging. Hence our confusion.

And look how they hide the pin connectors with the way they place the MIPO vaping unit.

The UWELL MarsuPod and countless other Pod Systems (or devices, like earbuds, for example) sold with a charging case work exactly like that.

It’s wireless but the device and the (proprietary) battery case still need to be physically connected to charge.

So, it makes absolutely no difference compared to other similar devices.

At this point, this is ridiculous.

That’s why the iJoy MIPO kit situation is even worse than the UWELL MarsuPod one.

They are basically the same devices but iJoy is apparently seriously using this to claim “innovation” to make some buzz and sell to the less informed among us an even bigger illusion of convenience (than the UWELL MarsuPod and its charging case).

The only way this “wireless charging” would make sense and be a somewhat cool feature is if the wireless connection was using the Qi standard. That would allow to charge the iJoy MIPO vaping unit with any QI wireless charger, even with your phone, if it has the capability.

This would be a neat little feature. Not useful for everyone but enough to reach a niche. And it would make the fake convenience of the battery case pill a bit easier to swallow.

It could very well be considered a gimmick, but it would at least give something that, in specific circumstances, could indeed be convenient. This could therefore be called a useful innovation (as far as vaping devices are concerned).

But we don’t think that’s the situation at all here.

Plus, as it’s not mentioned anywhere on iJoy’s website, we think it’s unlikely.

What do you think? 


Anyway, and we’ll conclude with this, the MIPO Pod System is thus another device with a charging case that has no justification (apart from the one created by making the battery of the iJoy MIPO vaping unit needlessly tiny to begin with) or real added value (compared to more competent Pod Systems and AiOs) when you think (a little) about it.

iJoy’s claim of wireless charging, while being technically true, is ridiculous.

And, even though a limited and proprietary wireless charging feature (like we thought this was at first) wouldn’t change these facts, it would still be somewhat true wireless charging.

Using the Qi standard would be a lot better, of course.

But iJoy could (we’re still hoping we’re wrong) very well be trying to pull a crazy cheap trick on us by brandishing buzz words like “wireless charging”, “innovation” and… “magic”.

The Vaporesso Degree, a Pod System with a similar or smaller size than the iJoy MIPO (case included) but incomparable in terms of design and performance.
Click the picture to open its review in a new tab.

If you’d like to see some real competent, beautiful and sometimes innovating products, you should take a look at our Vaping News Section. You’ll find the best devices launched each week (when we think they’re interesting) and some we want to focus on more.

In our and Reviews Section, we review the very best ones for MTL vapers and smokers who want to quit.

Though, you won’t find closed Pod Systems in there, their utilization is way too expensive and they’re not even more convenient than open Pod Systems.

Plus, any Pod System or All in One kit, you’ll find in here is more competent than closed Pod Systems. So, they’re even more useless than these small (open) ones sold with a battery case.

Don’t let your friends make the potential mistake of buying the iJoy MIPO Pod Kit.


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