Hellvape Grimm Kit Review: MTL Best AiO Vape Kit For Flavors

The Hellvape Grimm Kit Is Among The Best On The Market And It’s Also Thanks To Its Excellent Coil Compatibility.

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Hellvape Grimm Kit review + Videos | Among the MTL best AiO vape kits on the market 2020 | Unique design, high vapor production & best flavor reproduction

Welcome to our Hellvape Grimm Kit Review

Our Hellvape Grimm review will be slightly shorter than usual (exceptionally, no Mister MTL’s opinion today).


Hellvape collaboration with Grimm Green and Ohm Boy has resulted in the making of one of the best AiO vape kits on the market, the Hellvape Grimm kit.

Actually, the Hellvape Grimm vape kit is among our Top 5 MTL Best AiO Vape Kits of the end of 2019 and start of 2020 and is the best rated for flavors.

It’s no surprise as, being a YouTube reviewer (and vocal vaping advocate), GRIMM Green knows his stuff and how to make a great device.

Though, the Hellvape Grimm could have been a fantastic kit, THE best AiO vape kit… if it didn’t that many air inlets.


$54.95 on VaporDNA (US vape shop)

$35.99 on 3Fvape (you need to be logged in to see the real price – Worldwide delivery) – There’re also 2 compatible RBA sections available on 3Fvape.

So, let’s get this Hellvape Grimm kit review started.

 [NB: If you don’t know or are not sure what MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping mean, you can read our article explaining both thoroughly.]

I. Hellvape Grimm Review Scores



Aesthetics / Design


Feeling In The Hand


Build Quality


MTL Draw


Vapor Production


Vapor Density


Vapor Temperature


Throat Hit


Flavor Reproduction*


Battery Life


Ergonomics - Ease of Use


* with the 0.7ohm coils

Vapor production and temperature are obviously higher with the 0.7ohm coils as well.

Overall score is also higher when using the Tauren X (or Pal 2 HP coils + base) and covering the air inlets with tape. It gets an 8.5 (with a 9 in vapor density, 8 in throat hit and MTL draw).

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Also, if you’re not sure what are the differences between all the vaping devices, or want to know more about them, you can read this article.

Now, let’s begin our Hellvape Grimm kit review.

II. Hellvape Grimm AiO Vape Kit
Specifications + Inside The Packaging


Dimensions – 93mm x 44.5mm x 19mm

Zinc-Alloy + PCTG Chassis Construction

Integrated 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery

Wattage Output Range: 5-30W

Voltage Output Range: 0.5-4.6V

3ml e-liquid capacity

Replaceable Coils

0.7ohm H3-01 Mesh Coil (DTL)

1.2ohm H3-02 Regular Coil (MTL)

Adjustable power output

Adjustable airflow

OLED Display Screen

Sliding Top Fill System

Snap-In Pod Connection

Micro-USB Port



1 x Hellvape Grimm Pod Kit

1 x 0.7ohm H3-01 Mesh Coil (pre-installed)

1 x 1.2ohm H3-02 Regular Coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

III. Our Hellvape Grimm Kit Review
MTL Best AiO Vape Kit For Flavors But Airy

A. Hellvape Grimm Kit Design & Build Quality – A well-made retro-futuristic AiO Vape kit.

1. Hellvape Grimm Kit Design


We like the Hellvape Grimm kit AiO design.

It’s not what you would call a beautiful device but it’s simple yet sophisticated. As we’ve said before (in our Top 5 Best MTL AiO Vape Kits article), it looks retro-sophisticated or retro-futuristic.

Why simple? Because it’s only a (rounded) rectangle with no special shape after all.

Why “retro”? Because, due to its grill(s), we can’t shake the image of old/vintage radios or cars off our mind when looking at it.

Why retro-futuristic? Because the grill also resembles the ones found on a Star Wars stormtrooper’s helmets (futuristic). Though the design of these helmets was created in 1977 (retro) with the release of the first Star Wars.


[NB: “The Stormtrooper” is the nickname Grimm Green himself gave to the black and white model of his Hellvape Grimm AiO vape kit. So, if you’re a Star Wars fan, that’s the one you should definitely get.]

Why sophisticated?

Because the Hellvape Grimm kit combines all these elements (+ leather like or carbon fiber textures depending on the model and color) and mixes them to create a new, unique and visually coherent design.

And that design, as well as the ideas behind it, is appealing to us.

2. Hellvape Grimm Kit Build Quality and feel in the hand.

The build quality is very good.

Everything fits tight (though the fire button on our unit moves a bit). Like the pod tank that snaps perfectly into place. No magnets needed, here.

Thanks to its (simple) shape and rounded corners, the Hellvape Grimm kit feels good in the hand. It’s not too big or too small. So, it can be easily handled by everyone (girls or men, with large or small hands).


It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the THC Tauren X (review) for example, but it feels solid. It won’t break if you drop it.

Also, and it’s worth a special mention nowadays, we didn’t have any leaking from the pod/tanks. Using any of the original Grimm kit coils or the Tauren X, or the Artery Pal 2 HP ones (with their own base/AFC for the Pal 2 HP – see “coil compatibility” below), the Hellvape Grimm kit stays dry as a bone.

The only thing we’ve noticed is some paint on our blue (with carbon fiber panels) model started to come off a bit in 2 places. Our Hellvape Grimm vape kit has marks above one grill and at its bottom.

So, don’t do like us. Be more cautious when handling your Hellvape Grimm AiO kit. E.g. try to don’t put it on hard surfaces… unless you want to accentuate its vintage style. LOL.

B. Hellvape Grimm kit Features – Extensive Coil Compatibility On Top Of Everything Else.

The first and probably most important Hellvape Grimm feature is the extent of its coil compatibility with coils from other manufacturers.

1. Coil Compatibility.


Why coil compatibility may be the most important Hellvape Grimm kit feature?

Because it guarantees a longer lifespan to a device. The more companies produce coils compatible with a device, the higher is the probability to find some for it in the future.

Also, like it’s somewhat the case here, if we’re not 100% satisfied with the device performance with its own coils. Being able to just swap them for others that work better is a PRO.

So what coils are the Hellvape Grimm vape kit compatible with?

THC Tauren X coils (review).

There’s a 100% compatibility of the Hellvape Grimm kit with the THC Tauren X coils. And the Tauren X, like most of the new BVC (Bottom Vertical) Coils, are very good MTL coils.

Artery Pal 2 HP coils.

[NB: We specify *HP* coils because they are the most recent and best Artery Pal 2 (Pro) coils. HP stands for High Performance. They’re improved compared to the Artery “non-HP” coils. So, be sure to get the HP version if you decide to go with these excellent coils. They are not very easy to find but you can get them through our link above]

Note that if you simply try to put a Pal 2 HP coil in a Grimm kit airflow base, it won’t work at all. You need to use a Pal 2 HP coil and its own Pal 2 (airflow control) base. This way you’ll be able to screw it in the Hellvape Grimm kit tank pod. It fits. Nice tip, right?

Some Aspire BVC coils like the Spryte coils (though the threading of these coils looks a bit too big to us). It was written so on the box of the first Hellvape Grimm kit samples sent to reviewers (no, we were not part of these reviewers. But we caught it by watching a review)

– The Hellvape Grimm Kit may even be compatible with the recently announced (gorgeous) iJoy Saturn (review) kit coils.

2. More About The Hellvape Grimm Vape Kit Coils


Beside their compatibility with other brands, the Hellvape Grimm kit coils all come with their own Airflow control (AFC) ring/base attached to them.

This is a nice feature because, usually, you get one AFC ring in the packaging and if you lose it, you need to buy another pod tank to get another one.

Another nice little feature of these coils is that the AFC ring offers 2 ways to adjust the airflow (if you’re an MTL user).

The first is the most common and is a slit that you close/open by making the base of the coil (the AFC) slide horizontally.

But the second is simply a pinhole that replace the slit if you turn the AFC completely on one side. Like if you wanted to close it completely.

We would like to say it’s perfect for MTL vaping but, as you’ll see below, even with only this tiny pinhole letting air get through the coil, the draw still is a bit loose and the vapor a tad airy.

But a benefit from this is that you’ll be able to Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape with the 0.7ohm coils provided in the box as well.

Now, what are the “real” Hellvape Grimm features?

3. Hellvape Grimm Features.


The Hellvape Grimm features are what you’d expect from one of the best AiO vape kits on the market.

It’s simple but efficient.

[NB: By watching the best Hellvape Grim reviews from YouTube below, you’ll obviously get a better idea of its features and how it operates.]

– It has a comfortable battery of 1200mAh that will last you all day.

– Its max wattage output is 30W but the max you should use it at is 22-23W with the 0.7ohm coils (22W is the recommended wattage). With the 1.2ohm coils the recommended power output is 12W.

Though, you could be able to get to 30W by using an RDA coil.

While the power output is adjustable, the optimal wattage for each coil sets itself automatically when you connect the pod tank to the Hellvape Grimm AiO vape kit, by the way. Super convenient. But it also means that if you like to vape at a little higher or lower wattage, you’ll have to take a couple seconds to re-set your preferred output when you take off the tank and put it back on.

– If you want, you can vape on the Grimm kit by using its voltage mode, too. We never use this but sometimes, the Hellvape Grimm seems to want us to do so. Because it randomly sets itself to this voltage mode. To come back to wattage mode, just click the fire button 3 times.

– As we’ve already mentioned, there are two types of coils available for the Hellvape Grimm AiO vape kit: a 1.2ohm Regular Coil, codenamed H3-02, for MTL vaping and a 0.7ohm Mesh Coil (H3-01) for DTL vaping.

Though both coils can, in fact, be used for Mouth To Lung vaping.

– Their airflow is adjustable thanks to the AFC control ring we’ve described in the previous section (B).

– The Hellvape Grimm kit has an OLED Display showing all the info you need (resistance, power/voltage output, number of puffs, battery etc…)


– It has a very convenient and secure sliding top fill system. Just slide it and a big filling hole is revealed. No need to take out the pod tank.

Speaking of the pod tank, it has a 3ml e-liquid capacity. Unless you’re in the EU (and some countries that may enforce the same vaping laws). In this case, you’ll receive a kit with a 2ml pod tank. Though we’re sure you can order 3ml ones (with a couple of coils) online.

If you MTL vape with the 1.2ohm coils, 3ml should last you about the day.

How To Operate The Hellvape Grim Vape Kit – Tips:

To reset the puff counter to 0, you need to click 4 times on the power button, then long-press it for about 2s.

To change the orientation of the screen (e.g. if you’re left-handed), just long press the + and – buttons simultaneously for 2s.

To change to voltage (or come back to wattage) mode, click 3 times on the fire button.

To turn off the screen and lock the + and – buttons (stealth mode + lock), long-press the – and fire button simultaneously.

To simply lock the + and – buttons, long-press the + and fire button simultaneously.

Now, let’s get to the most important part of this Hellvape Grimm review. I.e. How does it vape?

C. Hellvape Grimm Kit Vaping Experience – Perfect… With Different Coils And… Tape.


Of all the coils compatible with it, the Hellvape Grimm kit own coils aren’t the best overall, in our opinion.

They may produce better flavors (slightly for the 1.2ohm coils but markedly so for the 0.7om coils) than the other 2 we’ve tested with it (THC Tauren X and Artery Pal 2 HP coils) but they provide a somewhat loose MTL draw and a vapor a bit on the thin side.

It’s not only the fault of the coils, though. The Hellvape Grimm kit simply has a bit too much air running through it. And for this, we have the “stormtrooper” grills to blame.

But let’s talk flavors first.

1. Hellvape Grimm kit Top Notch Flavor Reproduction.

The first time we tried the regular Hellvape 1.2ohm coils, the e-liquid was vaporized so well, it felt like every molecule of it was touching a taste bud on our tongue. We’re not exaggerating. It was bluffing.

But we don’t know why, we didn’t experience the same thing after that (even with brand new coils). Maybe it was the e-liquid we had. (It was a strawberry flavored e-liquid that we don’t have anymore). Because as soon as we tried another, this sensation (and, we thought, performance) was gone.

So, we think the Grimm 1.2ohm coils work better with fruity e-liquids.

Still, these coils are very good as far as flavor reproduction is concerned. The best coils of all the MTL AiO vape kits we’ve tested in the flavor department.

If we set aside what must have been a fluke with our strawberry e-liquid, the difference with the Artery Pal 2 Pro and the THC Tauren X is tiny, though.

But with the 0.7ohm coils, the difference is more pronounced. Plus, they’re simply better coils.


First, because they provide even better flavors but also because they compensate the lower density* of the vapor produced by the 1.2ohm coils by running at a higher power output (and thus producing more vapor).

*[Lower than the 0.7ohm coils but also than the Artery and THC coils.]

2. The 0.7ohm coils are where it’s at.

– As MTL vapers, we tend to prefer using higher resistance coils.

And the amount of vapor produced by the 1.2ohm coils at around 12W is great. It’s the same as the other AiO vape kits using similar coils. Among which the Tauren X is our favorite.

But, again, the vapor created by the Hellvape Grimm kit 1.2ohm coils is less dense. It lacks some thickness for our taste.


Plus, due to the big grills on its front and back, there’s just too much air running through the Hellvape Grimm vape kit. So, it adds to that feeling.

Setting the airflow control to the pinhole helps, of course, but it’s not as satisfying as it could be. Proof is, when we use the Grimm kit coils with the Tauren X, the draw is tighter and, thus, the vapor is denser.

[NB: Strangely, we have one Grimm kit coil that won’t work with the THC Tauren X. It’s not detected. So, while the Tauren X coils all work with the Grimm kit. The opposite is not 100% true.]

One way to remedy this is to use adhesive tape to cover these grills airflow. (As there’s another airflow on top of the device, this is not an issue for coil longevity. Not with the 1.2ohm coils at least). It takes 2 minutes to do, and it truly changes the MTL vaping experience for the better.

[Inside joke: yes, tape again. At some point, we’re sure that 3M/Scotch will contact us and ask to sponsor our website. LOL].

If you like a medium-loose draw (e.g. like the Caliburn KOKO), you won’t need to do this, obviously.

Another way to get a thicker vapor with MTL high resistance coils is simply to use the Tauren X coils.

On the other hand, the vapor production and density are higher (if we set the airflow to the pinhole for MTL vaping) with the 0.7ohm coils. The vapor is warmer too.

Hellvape Grimm fantastic 0.7ohm Mesh coils

And, as with them, the flavors are significantly better and you can use them for MTL vaping thanks to the pinhole setting of the Airflow control ring, the 0.7ohm coils are the ones we prefer using with the Hellvape Grimm AiO kit.

The vapor is a bit more aggressive. So, consider lowering the nicotine level you use when vaping with them.

Though we still recommend to taping the grills. Otherwise the draw will be too loose. They are meant to DTL vaping, after all.

That’s it for the main content of our Hellvape Grimm kit review. 

Below our PROs & CONs, you’ll find the best YouTube videos of the Grimm vape kit we’ve found. And yes, Grimm Green’s own Hellvape Grimm video review is there. As well as Mike Vapes’ one.

And Mister MTL’s opinion will wrap up this review.

IV. Pros & Cons


  • Retro-futuristic design
  • Nice feel in the hand
  • Maybe the best flavor reproduction of any MTL AiO vape kit we’ve tested (above all with the 0.7ohm coils)
  • High vapor production (among the very best)
  • Replaceable coils
  • Easy to use
  • All the features of the best AiOs
  • Good (510) drip tip
  • Good build quality (except maybe the paint)
  • Comes with 2 coils in the box, so you can try MTL and DTL vaping. RDA coil option for it


  • Too much air running through the device
  • Vapor lacks a bit of density
  • Paint that comes off a bit easily?
  • Sometimes sets itself to voltage mode

V. Best Hellvape Grimm Video Reviews

Grimm Green's Hellvape Grimm Kit Video Review

Mike Vapes' Hellvape Grimm Kit Video Review

Mister MTL Avatar - Mouth to lung vaping.com - MTL vape

VI. Mister MTL's Thoughts/Opinion

This section reflects my opinion and thoughts only. It doesn’t express what MTLvaping.com is thinking as a whole. Also, it is not meant to insult or degrade your preferences in any way.

In my opinion, the best benefits of the Hellvape Grimm are the flavors you get from it, how it feels in the hand and its design.

I agree with what is said in the design section of this Hellvape Grimm kit Review, it’s not the most stunning device out there. But it’s got something about it.

And I think the “retro-sophisticated” qualifier suits it perfectly.

Combine that with, thanks to its form factor and smooth edges, the way it feels when holding it and you get a vaping kit that is a pleasure to use.

So, it’s comfortable to handle but is it enjoyable to vape on?

Like the Voopoo Vinci, the Hellvape Grimm kit becomes a better MTL AiO vape kit… when you use tape to block its (numerous) air inlets.

[NB: You may wanna check out our Top 5 Best MTL AiO vape kits, by the way. The Hellvape Grimm kit is among them but there are more great devices in there.]

It won’t reach the same level of performance and feeling of power as the Vinci (it’s not meant to) but you’ll get a very good Mouth To Lung vape kit that provides delicious flavors.

Though, unlike the Voopoo Vinci, you don’t need to use tape to get a proper MTL draw (unless you choose the 0.7ohm coils). It vapes fine without it. It’s just better with it.


You can also use different coils (the Tauren X ones fit best) and tape is even less necessary.

Also, the 1.2ohm coils are my favorite coils. The 0.7ohm coils may offer more vapor but it’s even less dense than the 1.2ohm coils. Plus, as much as the warmth is increased and flavors are better, the draw you get with them is airier too.

But I must admit that, regardless of the coils used, I prefer vaping on the Grimm kit when tape blocks most of the airflow coming through the grill.

It’s easy to do and it’s worth it.

It makes the vapor way denser and a bit warmer too.

So, if you’re an MTL vaper (or a smoker wanting to quit) and decide to get the Hellvape Grimm kit, try it without tape first and then with it. You may not want to take it off.

Until next time,

Mister MTL

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