New MTL Best Vape Kits This Week – Pod Systems, AiOs – 11/25/2019

All The Best Pod Systems And Best All In One Kits Announced Last Week

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Last week New MTL best vape kits (best Pod Systems, All in Ones/AiOs– kits) for Mouth To Lung vaping + DTL – Innokin Podin kit, Rincoe Manto AiO kit… 11/25/2019

11/25/2019 – In this post, you’ll find the New MTL best vape kits announced last week (e.g. Best Pod Systems, Best AiO kits -All in Ones…) for Mouth To Lung vaping (MTL) or DTL.


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This week is yet another poor week (last week was better though) in terms of interesting devices announced or launched.

Our New DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section will be small. Only one somewhat interesting Pod System was launched, so it’s easy for us to call it the Best Pod System kit Of The Week.

Though there was a bit more happening on the All in Ones front. The two best AiOs devices making it into our Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section are completely different but both could interest you for different reasons.

To complete our New MTL Best Vape kits of The Week Section, we’ll present… a new MTL tank. Yes, not a kit but simply a new (MTL) tank. But this tank, as well as its brother, will definitely be the best MTL tank of the week. In fact, we pretty much already know (bar some build quality issues that can happen, of course) that it’s going to be the best MTL tank (of those using factory coils) of the year.

We’ll also mention some more vaping kits at the very end of this post… They’re not different enough to truly be considered among the Best Vape Kits launched last week, but they still could interest you. And to give more choice is always a good idea, right?

[NB: Keep in mind that most of the best vape kits of the previous week we present here aren’t exactly launched yet, they’re announced and available for pre-order. They should begin shipping in about a month on December 20. So, keep that in mind when ordering.

Still, we’ve selected the best vape shops with the best prices for these devices at the moment of writing… Though not all shops have all or the same devices, of course].

So, let’s start this week Best Vape Kits section with an All in One that, even though we don’t consider to be among the best vape kits, we need to present you if only for the positive coverage it’s receiving, the Innokin Podin kit. (Or Pod-in kit. No, it’s not called the Innokin Padin kit).

Innokin Podin kit (All in One - AiO kit)


The Innokin Podin kit tries to be the best All in One kit of the new tiny AiO devices. They’re very few on the market right now. We can only think of another one that was announced a month ago, the Sense Orbit Baby. But we’ve only mentioned it in passing.

The Innokin Podin kit is in this same new category previously reserved to Pod Systems. Now, with these mini All in Ones kits that have a size close to a pod system, you can change their coils instead of throwing the whole pod away. Nice.

And for the geeks out there (we are at least partially geeks ourselves as we love vaping devices and the technology they sometimes embarked), these mini kits are fantastic. Miniaturization is always impressive in some ways, don’t you think?

Anyway, the Innokin Podin kit is an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping kit using 1.3ohm Kanthal coils.

Even though the Innokin Podin kit is tiny (61 x 46 x 16mm), its battery is not. It is 800mAh.

Impressive for such a small device. But we should say it’s supposed to be 800mAh, as Innokin seems to overestimate the true capacity of their battery sometimes (e.g. with the Innokin Adept kit according to DJLsb Vapes video review).


This is the first PRO of the Innokin Podin kit. What are the others?

Build quality. Its resin panels (half for the front) seem to be real resin and its zinc alloy frame/construction add weight and solidity to it.

– It sports an adjustable airflow. Though it seems to be almost useless (see video reviews of the Innokin Podin Kit below). We could say “that’s the thought that counts” or “at least it has one”, but no.

Factually, the Innokin Podin kit does have one. But if it’s useless and doesn’t change (or barely) anything, it might as well be said that it doesn’t have an AFC (AirFlow control) feature.

What is the worst for you, to have something that is useless or to not have it at all? For us, it’s the former since its mere presence reminds us how useless it truly is. But to each its own.


– The Innokin Podin kit also has a power adjustment feature… or still not.

Again, there’re 2 power settings but you don’t feel any difference when they’re used. They seem to deliver the same power whatever setting or color you choose.

So much so that, apparently, Mike (Mike Vapes) kept on vaping on the lowest setting believing it was the strongest. To his defense, the manual and websites show opposite colors for the highest and lowest settings.

So, again, a feature that’s supposed to be there and should be a PRO but will end up in our CONs below.

– You can either use the fire button or just pull on it to vape as it has an auto-draw feature.

– It has a battery life indicator (3 LEDs).

– Something else worth mentioning is that the pod/tank will be well secured on this thing. It won’t come out unless you press a release switch on the side.

– But the biggest PRO the Innokin Podin kit has, and this is an undeniable fact and real feature, it’s that it’s an AiO kit. A tiny little All in One kit.

We can change its coils independently of the pod/plastic tank.

It’s always a good thing to avoid unnecessary waste and it should make the Innokin Podin kit a bit cheaper to maintain.

– Another PRO is that its tank/pod can contain 2ml of e-liquid. For the size, it’s very good. It’s almost 3 times the e-liquid capacity of a JUUL pod for example.

Speaking of the JUUL and its pods, and here we’re a bit at loss as to why Innokin did this, the Innokin Podin kit comes with a JUUL (US) or a myblu (everywhere else?) pod adapter.

We think Innokin is a bit reaching there but we don’t have a definitive opinion on this. If it can bring some JUUL users to the open Pod System/AiO light side of the vaping force, great.

Now, the CONs:

– Its design is just ok. Everyone’s saying it’s beautiful or even gorgeous but we won’t go that far. It’s fine but not great.

One panel, the back, looks nice since it’s all covered in resin. The front is a little bit messier from an aesthetics standpoint, though.


The indent to see the e-liquid, the button placed on the resin part, the resin not covering the whole front and creating the demarcation you see don’t provide the most beautiful effect, to put it gently.

So, the Innokin Podin kit isn’t ugly but it’s not great looking either, in our opinion.

– It only delivers 8W of power. It’s weak. We mean, very weak.

For comparison sake, the Sense Orbit Baby we’ve mentioned above delivers up to 23W of power (10W-12.5W with its 1.1ohm coils and 18W-23W with its 0.6ohm coils).

8W is the same as a JUUL output. But the JUUL pods use a very high 59mg/ml amount of nicotine (salts) in its pods to compensate and still give a decent hit.

Maybe that’s why Innokin decided to offer the JUUL/myblu adapter in its box. Maybe that’s what it’s really intended to be, a glorified battery (kit) for JUUL pods.

Because we don’t think that the vaping experience will be great with this Innokin Pod kit to be honest. Reviewers can say what they want but we’re still skeptical as to its true performance (vapor production and, more so, vapor density and the hit you can get while vaping the Innokin Podin kit).

The last 8W device we’ve decided to take a chance on and tested is the Myvapors Roak. It looks way better than the Innokin Podin, has a decent vapor production but it’s too shallow, not dense enough to be satisfying.

But, as always, we give you the info, our opinion (plus, we didn’t test the Innokin Podin kit, the reviewers below did), present you with the opinion/reviews of experts every time it’s possible and then, you decide.

Other CONs?

– The kinda useless adjustable power setting

– The kinda useless AFC (AirFlow Control) feature

– And, nitpicking here, no USB-type C port.

That’s it for our presentation of the first best vape kit of the week. We wanted to be thorough with the Innokin Podin kit as we know many of you, new vapers and/or ex-smokers could be interested in this one. Our presentation of the next devices will be shorter.

Now, we’ll give you the full list of its specification and features. And, below, you’ll find the best video reviews of the Innokin Podin kit to, again, give you everything we can to help you make your own (informed) opinion.

Just keep in mind that, sometimes, reviewers have good relationships with brands and they don’t want to compromise that.


Innokin Podin Kit Specifications And Features – Full List:

Device Dimensions: 61 x 46 x 16mm

Battery Type: Internal 800mAh Battery

Wattage: Green Led 8W, Purple Led 9W

Pod Capacity: 2ml

Coil Resistance: Kanthal 1.3ohm (8~9W)

Cut off Time: 10 seconds

Resistance Range: 0.3~3.5ohm

Adjustable Airflow

Side filling

Micro-USB Charging

Innokin Podin Mini All in One Packaging Content:

1 x Podin Mod (with Adapter Installed)

1 x Podin Pod

1 x Spare Coil

1 x Micro-USB Lanyard Charging Cable

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x Warning Booklet

Mike Vapes' Review Of The Innokin Podin Kit

VapnFagan's Review Of The Innokin Podin Kit

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, click here.

Next on our Best Vape kits of the week list is a tidy built and arty looking All in One kit, the Rincoe Manto AiO kit.

Rincoe Manto AiO Kit With MTL coil, DTL coil And RBA options


This could be the best All in One kit functioning with an 18650 external battery (if you want to know the benefits of using a device with external battery you can read this) announced recently.

You may not be a fan of the Japanese/Chinese drawings on its front panels but this Rincoe Manto AiO kit seems to be a very competent device. Plus, it has a carbon fiber option that looks nice.

Staying on the design for a minute, we really like the way the screen is integrated to the device. It could have been out of the way on one side but we think it looks good like this. It looks techy.


Contemporary technology and drawings/paintings reminiscent of traditional Asian art create an exciting mix. Though the one with the carbon fiber cover looks even more techy and sophisticated.

Now, why do we say the Rincoe Manto seems to be very competent?

You’ll have to watch the video below and look at the vapor production of this thing. It’s impressive.

The video isn’t in English (it’s Malaysian) but you don’t need to understand everything they say to be able to appreciate the sheer amount of vapor produced by the Rincoe Manto AiO kit.

Despite the fact that Rincoe says nothing about the Rincoe Manto AiO kit coils and their wattage range on its website, we still found out that it has 3 coil options.

A 0.3ohm coil, a 1.2ohm coil (this one will for MTL vapers, then) and an RBA option

But, regardless of the wattage, the vapor produced is, again, quite notable, LOL. We hope the 1.2ohm coil will deliver a good performance too (it makes little doubt that the 2 coils tested in the video are the 0.3ohm and the RBA options)

But what else can we say about the Rincoe Manto AiO kit?

Rincoe had the good idea of providing both an MTL and DTL drip tip in the box.

They’re 510 drip tip. So, you’ll still be able to replace them with your own favorite one.

It has an 80W maximum output but it’s auto-adjustable depending on the coil you use with it. The max output will be lower with the MTL coil and higher with the DTL one. The Rincoe Manto AiO chip will detect automatically which one you use and adapt.


Its screen is a 0.5-inch OLED display.

It’s made of aluminum alloy (so it should be very light when there’s no battery in it. Once you put a battery in it the weight will increase, of course). And its pod tank has a 3ml capacity (maybe 2ml for the UK/European version).

Last, it sports USB-C fast charging.

That’s it for what could be the best vape kit of the year (of the AiOs with external battery, at least). We know, we say that often but, what do you want, almost every week there’s at least a new better device that comes out and looks very promising. Plus, there are different categories of devices.

So, saying this device is the best vape kit may not be helpful. It depends what kind of vaping gear you’re specifically looking for.

Also, to be honest, as that’s what many people are searching for on Google, we have to use this terminology and these keywords (in our titles and content) for you to be able to find us and the devices we present. 😉

Below, you’ll find the incomplete (that’s Rincoe’s fault) list of specs and features and, above all the video we’ve been talking about.



Dimensions : 24.3 x 45 x 80mm

Firing Time: 0.001S

Charging Voltage: 5V/1A

3 coil options: 1.2 ohm, 0.3ohm and RBA

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Capacity: 3ml

Colors/designs: Devil dog, Skull king, Warrior, Raijin, Snakeman, Carbon black


Rincoe Manto AIO Kit Details:

  1. Comes with 3ml e-juice capacity with side filling design
  2. Two types of 510 drip tips for MTL/DTL vapers
  3. Powered by a single 18650 battery with 80W max output
  4. Charged via Type-C USB port for faster, safer and more convenient operation
  5. Recognizes coils and automatically match power after the cartridge is inserted into the device
  6. Equipped with a 0.49 inch OLED screen
  7. RBA option

Rincoe Manto AiO Kit Packaging Content:


Salt & Pod Malaysia's Rincoe Manto AiO Kit Review

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, click here.

Now, the next device in our Best Vape Kits Of The Week Section is a visually intriguing device. It’s the Best Pod System kit of the week, though not that many were launched, so it wasn’t a difficult choice, LOL: the HorizonTech Adamats Pod System.

HorizonTech Adamats Pod System


The HorizonTech Adamats is, as you can see, a diamond shaped Pod System kit. Its name vaguely alludes to that as some of its letters are shared with the word “diamond”… vaguely.

HorizonTech is the company that made the very good Magico Pod Kit, an All in One rivaling, by its looks, and beating in our opinion, by its performance, the Lost Vape Orion (whatever the model, DNA GO, Plus, whatever).


Besides its design, it looks like it’s going to be a straightforward Pod System with no particular feature that could make it stand out.

But, sometimes, new innovative features aren’t necessary to make a good device. The best pod systems don’t need to sport a slew of features that could be considered gimmicky. Though, sometimes these features can be really useful and make of an already great Pod System, maybe the best Pod System of the year, like what could be (we didn’t test it ourselves yet) the Vaporesso Degree (presentation + video review).

It’s not the case, here. No fancy features to show off but some good ones, along with solid specs and a high power output for a Pod System and a unique look.

What specifications does the HorizonTech Adamats have?

First it has a big 930mAh battery. There are LEDs (the white triangle) at the bottom of the device to show the battery status.


A battery this size is necessary as the HorizonTech Adamats power output is high. It’s announced to go up to 25.1W with the 0.6ohm DTL coil and 15.2W with the 1.0ohm MTL coil (HoriznonTech gives very precise numbers, LOL).

As the power setting doesn’t seem to be manually adjustable, the HorizonTech Adamats should do so automatically upon insertion of the pod. The pod tank capacity is 3.5ml (surely 2ml for the UK/Europe), by the way.

The button at the center of the device acts as a power button.

Last, the power output should be constant and, thus, the HorizonTech Adamats should always provide the same kind of vape, regardless of the level of the battery (the power won’t decrease along with the battery life).

HorizonTech Adamats Specifications – Full List:

Size: 33.5 x 17 x 81mm

Pod Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 930mAh built-in battery

Coil Type: 0.6ohm coil and 1.0ohm coil

Battery indicator

Color  Silver, Green, Red, Black, White, Orange


The HorizonTech Adamats Pod System Comes With:

1 x Adamats Pod Kit (1.0ohm pre-installed)

1 x 0.6ohm Replacement Pod

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

The last best Vape Kit we selectioned this week is… not a kit. It’s a tank and it’s the best MTL tank on the market (its predecessors are), the new and improved Innokin Zenith Pro tank.

Innokin Zenith Pro tank (MTL)


The best MTL tank of the market is back and improved.

The Innokin Zenith Pro Tank is made entirely of stainless steel (and glass for the tube, of course) and now has a 5.5ml e-liquid capacity (instead of 2ml for the Zenith), a 24mm diameter and a 4.9cm height. That’s a good-sized tank.

As the Innokin Zenith Pro is indeed an MTL tank, it comes with a 1.2ohm coil (10 to 14W) and 1.0ohm coil (20 to 25W) in the box.

But, since it’s compatible with the whole line of Innokin Z-coils, it can also be used with a subohm Z-coil for a restricted Direct To Lung vaping experience.

The best new feature of the Innokin Zenith Pro is that you can change the coil without spilling any liquid and, this, even if its rightside up.

The Innokin Zenith Pro is equipped with a sort of membrane/valve surrounding the base of the coil that automatically closes up when the coil is taken out of the tank. It opens up again upon insertion of (when you push) the new coil (back in). That’s really sleek.


No more spilling e-juice everywhere.

Plus, as the coils are press-fit, you don’t need to (un)screw anything. The whole process of changing the coil is seamless. It’s super simple, spill free and, thus, problem-free.

But let’s Phil Busardo, one of the people (with Dimitris Agrafiotis, the VapinGreek) helping creating the Innokin Zenith Pro, presenting it himself.

So, here are the full specs and features of the Innokin Zenith Pro Tank and, below, the video.


Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Specifications And Features –  Full List:

Diameter: 24mm

Height: 49mm

Tank Capacity: 5.5ml

Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm (10~14W) / 1.0ohm (20~25W)

Airflow: Bottom Airflow

Coil compatible: Zenith Series

Top Filling

Innokin Zenith Pro Tank - expanded view - all components are replaceable

A higher wattage Z-Coil with more airflow for a restricted direct lung (RDL) vape

Great mouth to lung (MTL) vape and completely compatible with the entire exiting Z-Coil line

Zenith Pro Tank Packaging Content:

1 x Zenith Pro Tank

1 x Extra Coil

1 x Extra Drip Tip

1 x Extra Glass Tube

1 x Spare O-Ring Set

1 x Decorative Ring

1 x Quick Start Guide

New Improved Innokin Zlide 24mm/4ml
Picture Credit: @innokin_italia (Instagram)

What? Another tank in our New MTL Best Vape Kits of the Week list?

Yes, we couldn’t speak about the Innokin Zenith Pro without telling you that you can now order the new Innokin Zlide tank 24mm/4ml.

It’s available right now (as the Zenith Pro has just been announced, it’s on pre-order)

The Zlide is also an MTL tank and the way it vapes is very similar to the Zenith (Pro). So, yes, it’s also the best MTL tank on the market.

It doesn’t have the spill-free feature the Zenith Pro have though.

But this time, we’ll just give you the list of the specs and features as they speak for themselves.

IInnokin - MPV5 - Box Mod - 5200mAh Battery - Flash Light - Best vape kit 10-27-2019


Capacity: 4.0ml

Coil: 1.2ohm(10-14W)

Adjustable Airflow

Connection Threading: 510

Diameter (mm) 24mm

Height (mm) 48mm


Child-proof design

Easy slide filling top cap without the risk of flooding the coil

Compatible with the entire Z-coil line

Maintains the same easy and clean coil replacement system

Z-PLEX3D Kanthal 3D mesh coil for increased warmth and good for medium and hign power settings

Easy to clean

Packing List  Innokin Zlide

Tank X 1

Z-PLEX3D 1.2ohm Kanthal 3D Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed) X 1

1.6ohm Kanthal Coil X 1

Replacement Drip Tip X 1

Replacement Glass Tank Section X 1

Replacement Silicone Seal X 1

Replacement O-rings X 1


That’s it for our DTL/MTL Best Vape Kits Section this week… or not.

Nah, it’s basically finished but we just want to mention the Tesla Punk Pod System and the Herakles by Sense for our DTL vapers friends reading this.


Both are different versions of already existing devices.

The Tesla Punk Pod System is a Voopoo Drag Nano with a retro Cyber Punk design. It sports the constant output feature that all Pod Systems should have, has a 620mAh battery and pods with a 1.2ml capacity and 1.4ohm coils.

The pods should be compatible with the new P1 Drag Nano pods.

The Sense Herakles is basically a different version of the SMOK RPM40 Pod Mod Kit that has a pod tank with a 6ml e-liquid capacity and a translucid side with colored LEDs in it.

[NB: Pod Mod kits are supposed to be AiO kits (All in Ones) with Box Mod features. But we don’t find this new classification to be meaningful as the definition and the characteristics of these devices are exactly the same as other good AiOs. Plus, AiOs these days all have a plastic tank somehow resembling a pod.

What makes them different, more than anything else, is their form factor. They are squarish elongated AiOs. That’s it. The best examples of this new trend are the SMOK RPM40 and the Voopoo Vinci.]


The coils are compatible with the SMOK RPM40 too.

It comes with:

1 x Herakles Pod Mod Kit,

1 x Replacement Empty Pod

2 x Replacement Mesh Coils

1 x Micro-USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

This time, our “best vape kits of the week” report is done. We hope you’ve found a couple of them interesting.

Also, as a reminder, the UWELL Caliburn KoKo (presentation) was announced recently and the UWELL Yearn is now an open pod system (review)

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or what to see more devices, you can always check out our MTL Vaping News Section where you’ll find all our New MTL Best Vape Kits Of The Week posts.

You can also have a look at the very best devices we’ve reviewed, of course.

Also, be sure to Bookmark us and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get  notified of our latest articles  and know what we’re up to.

We are (Mister MTL) much more active on Reddit, though.

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