UWELL Yearn Review: 5 Reasons It’s The Best Pod System Stick

The New UWELL Yearn Refillable Pods Make The UWELL Yearn The Best Pod System (Stick) Of 2019

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UPDATE 11/28. UWELL Yearn review - New refillable pods = 2019’s MTL best Pod System with a stick shape | A better Build Caliburn & tight draw | + video review

UPDATE – 11/28/2019: UWELL Yearn review. It’s now an OPEN Pod System. And, thanks to the new UWELL Yearn refillable pods, we can definitely say/admit that it’s the second MTL best Pod System 2019 – start of 2020 (selection) and first for those with a medium MTL draw and second best Pod System of 2019 overall, just behind the Vaporesso Degree  + Video Review (comparison with the Caliburn)

This was a preview but with all those updates this is now our UWELL Yearn review (a mini review, though).

Update 12/27/2019:

UWELL Yearn scores


– Build Quality and design – 8.5/10

– Vapor production – 9.5/10

– Flavor reproduction – 9/10

– Vapor density and hit provided (these 2 factors are tightly connected) – 9/10

– Battery life – 6/10

UWELL Yearn Pod System Overall Score 8.4/10


**Only the device – Pods To Be Bought Separately**

$22.95 on VaporDNA (US vape shop)

We don’t recommend to buy the prefilled and non-refillable pods sold in the US.

$14.85 on 3Fvape (Worldwide delivery)

More info below.

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We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).


UPDATE: We received our Yearn and guess what?

It’s the BEST Pod System Of The Year (in a stick form factor that we’ve tested. We’ve tested more than those we’ve reviewed but they didn’t make the cut for us. And as our policy is to try and present you only the best devices, we didn’t post a review of them.)

These new UWELL Yearn refillable pods still sports 1.4ohm Mouth To Lung coils and are just great.

These refillable pods are obviously compatible with both regular and salt nic e-liquids.

[NB: Don’t listen to some companies’ –marketing– speech or what some misinformed people are saying. ANY device that is compatible with regular e-liquids can be used for nic salt e-liquids too and vice versa. Just, like you would with regular e-liquids, the higher the power of the device, the lower the amount of nicotine in your saltnic must be.]

So, now, we can recommend the UWELL Yearn (refillabale pods).

We never thought it was a bad device. We’re simply anti-closed Pod Systems in general and found UWELL’s patented “activation” feature to be a major inconvenience.

As both complaints have been addressed with these new UWELL Yearn refillable pods, we have no issues with it anymore.

You know what?

With its build quality, MTL draw (definitely tighter than the Caliburn or iJoy Neptune –review– launched recently, for example), high vapor production (slightly more than the Caliburn) and design/color, it could even end up among our best Pod Systems of the year, LOL.

Update: Well, it definitely is. It’s even at the top of the list of the best Pod Systems of the year 2019.

This, because of the PROs we just mentioned plus the fact that the flavor reproduction of these coils/pods is great too. And  that it has the perfect draw for us. Tight but smooth.

There are not that many good Pod systems with a decent Mouth To Lung draw (article explaining what an MTL draw means), in fact. And this one is a winner.

UWELL did well to make it an open Pod System.


It’s amazing how simply new (refillable) pods can completely change the vision we have of (the value proposition of) a device. 😀

So to summarize, what are the 5 reasons that make the UWELL Yearn 2019’s best Pod System stick and worthy to buy?

– Its tight, yet smooth, draw. Great for smokers wanting to quit and, obviously any vaper like us that prefer a tight-er draw than the Caliburn or iJoy Neptune.

– Its high vapor production. It produces at least as much vapor as the Caliburn and about the same as the iJoy Neptune.

– Its great flavor reproduction. But with absolutely no spitback and without the e-liquid droplets you can get from vaping on the Caliburn.

– Its build quality. It feels really solid and has a nice feel in the hand. Once inserted the pod won’t move at all either.

– Its design/color choice. It looks way better in person. The polished finish and the gradient colors are a stylish touch.

That’s why we can say that, now that it has refillable pods, the UWELL Yearn is the best MTL Pod System of 2019/the year (of those having a stick form factor. We’re waiting to receive the Vaporesso Degree and test it ourselves to declare the overall winner of the 2019 best MTL Pod System category. Plus, it’s a cigalike but the Innokin I.O is still a Pod System and it’s also a fantastic device. Last, for those preferring a looser draw, the iJoy Neptune is definitely the best Pod System to get).

Also and while we can’t confirm it yet (we would have to use it exclusively for 3 weeks to a month, which is not possible for us reviewers), if the pod longevity is anything like the Caliburn, this device would have it all.

Below, you’ll find Grimm Green’s UWELL Yearn review. It’s in the form of a comparison with the Caliburn. Just don’t pay attention to the flavor part of the video, though, as you’ll be able to choose your own, even better e-liquids with good flavors (or, at least, ones with less chemicals in them to artificially intensify the flavors than UWELL seemed to propose).

We’ll let our article below “as is” because what it discusses was a reality right up til recently. Plus, some of the points developed (on closed Pod Systems in general) are still worth a read in our opinion.

Grimm Green's UWELL Yearn Review
Comparison With The Caliburn

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The following Article is now ONLY PARTIALLY TRUE after the update and the launch of the new refillable pods:

[NB: We don’t know if it’s because it didn’t sell as well as UWELL hoped, or because they want to give a second life to it… or because they listen to our (strong) complaints about  the fact that the UWELL Yearn was a closed Pod System [NB: We honestly doubt that as we’ve not been contacted by UWELL and we’re not a big enough website yet for our opinion to carry this type of weight.] but UWELL has finally decided to “offer” refillable pods as an option for the Yearn.]

Beginning of the OLD article:

What sets the UWELL Yearn apart from the dozens of closed pod systems on the market? Basically nothing except for one nagging “detail” that makes it worthless. At least, as far as convenience is concerned. So, it ends up being inferior to an open Pod System even in terms of ease of use.

What we’ll do is a presentation of the Uwell Yearn, even listing its PROs, and then we’ll give you our 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy it. Maybe, if you find the design agreeable, prefer a very loose airflows/draws (we wouldn’t recommend it for a proper MTL vaping experience or someone who just quit smoking) and the reviews Best Of at the bottom of this page convincing, you could get a UWELL Caliburn or Caliburn Koko instead. Or you could try and read our reviews of the four other, and better suited for Mouth To Lung vaping, Pod Systems we list at the end of this post.

The UWELL Yearn is the latest Pod System from the company that gave us what is often considered the best performing stick Pod System right now, the Caliburn.

[NB: We do not like closed Pod Systems. We’ll soon write an article explaining why. We’ll demonstrate how closed Pod Systems are worse than open Pod Systems in EVERY way. And we’ll give all the reasons why nobody should buy them.

So, we won’t review or promote them. But we’ve decided to talk about the UWELL yearn because of the amount of, undeserved in our opinion, positive coverage it gets. Why undeserved? First, because it’s a closed Pod System and we think they’re the worst of what MTL vaping can offer. But also, because the Yearn isn’t nearly as good looking or convenient as most of the reviewers (and shops’ evaluations of it) make it out to be.]

The UWELL Yearn can be viewed as a device targeting another audience than the Caliburn. One who’s looking for more convenience (and think it will find it with closed Pod Systems). But it’s clearly riding the UWELL Caliburn coattails.

The UWELL Caliburn popularity and success seem well earned because it is, according to almost everyone who’s tried it (we didn’t because it’s a meh looking Pod System and has a draw that is too loose for a proper Mouth To Lung Vaping experience. But we decided to oreder the UWELL Caliburn Koko because new different 1.2ohm coils are compatible with it. So, maybe they provide a tighter draw. We’ll see), such a good device. But it looks like, UWELL also being the company that sells the Yearn, it’s the reason why the UWELL Yearn is being promoted everywhere, and, in our opinion, not objectively.

This closed Pod System is praised whereas it should be tanked in reviews for at least 3 reasons (other than being a closed Pod System, which should be an obvious negative). And that’s what we’re going to develop here.

But first, let’s present the UWELL Yearn.

Average Specs & Design.

The UWELL Yearn specifications and design are nothing to write home about. If you compare it with the open Pod Systems available today, it has an average battery size (370mAh), e-liquid capacity (1.5ml) and power output (11W max).

Its specs are in fact inferior to the Caliburn which runs at the same 11W max but sports a 520mAh battery and a 2ml pod capacity.

The design itself is ok, though. And the build quality seems to be quite good. But what seems to please people (and reviewers) are the colors and weight of the device. On the performance front, it’s the vapor production.

UWELL Yearn Average Specifications.

Some PROs: Good Build Quality, Vapor Production And Nice Colors.

The UWELL Yearn is said to be a well-built, solid device. We have no reason to doubt that. It weighs 40g, so about 30% more than a Caliburn.


It has nice colors too, we agree. The mat silver and black, the gradient black/blue and black/pink do indeed look good. Plus, its draw and airflow are satisfying for Mouth To Lung Vaping (not too loose).

“Being a closed Pod System […] should be an instant CON.”

The vapor production also seems to be ok. Good, even and honestly (slightly higher than the Caliburn, in fact) … for a closed Pod System. And that’s the heart of the matter right there. The UWELL Yearn is a closed Pod System. And what’s true for a closed Pod System isn’t for ALL (i.e. open) Pod Systems. Compared to all the similar devices on the market, this thing is just average.

There are well-built (Mouth To Lung) vaping devices with good vapor production. More and more. Though not enough yet are most new Pod Systems have a loose airflow/draw.

That’s one of the reasons our website exists, by the way (see our Welcome To MTLvaping.com Page for a –very—long explanation of our goals, philosophy and choices). To help you find the best among the already good ones out there.


Even considering only the same brand, the UWELL Caliburn buries it. It has a good enough build quality [NB: There are problems reported by many users. Though the Caliburn being so popular, the probability to read about people encountering problems obviously increase. Still, there are there], more battery life and produces seemingly satisfying vapor. (Even though it’s ugly).

Being a closed Pod System shouldn’t give the Yearn special treatment (by comparing it only with other closed Pod Systems). On the contrary, it should be an instant con, and it should be almost disregarded entirely because of that.

This is our opinion, of course. We understand if you disagree. [NB: Heck, we started vaping with closed Pod Systems. We only used them for a couple of weeks or so but that’s the type of device which allowed us to quit smoking. So, we understand how they can look appealing. But we did so because we didn’t know any better. Now, we do… a little. 😀 So, we try and help you skip the “closed Pod System step”.]

But, and here’s the kicker, even if we accept the idea that somehow closed Pod Systems are fine and shouldn’t be compared with open Pod Systems, the UWELL Yearn has one “feature” that defeats the purpose of buying a closed Pod System in the first place: convenience.

So, why this thing is still being praised is a mystery to us.

The 3 Reasons Why You should NOT buy the UWELL Yearn.

The most important reason is, of course, the simple fact it’s a closed Pod System. But as we’ll (Mister MTL will) , in the near future, write an article on the reasons why no one should buy a closed Pod System, we won’t develop on that now.

Still, there are at least 3 more that should clearly show that the Yearn isn’t worthy of your hard earned cash.

1.   The UWELL Yearn Pods Are Overpriced And You Get 0 Of Them with The Yearn.

So, the UWELL Caliburn has better specs and yet, pricewise, the Yearn is more expensive since it’s sold at the same price (from $23 to $28) but without pods.

Yes, the pods need to be purchased separately.

That’s the first reason why UWELL should be called out by reviewers. Yet, it’s not. It’s mentioned, of course, but brushed aside pretty quickly.

And They cost quite a lot. On UWELL’s own website, they are at $9 for 2 pods or $17.40 for a variety pack of the 4 flavors available.

1 pod containing 1.5ml, it means you pay about $29 for 10ml of e-juice. That’s clearly overpriced.

And remember that this is true for ALL closed Pod Systems. Actually, that’s the very reason they exist. For companies to milk you as much as they can by overcharging you on the price of the e-liquid you need to buy from them.

Before getting to The UWELL Yearn special feature (the third reason why reviewers should tank the score of the Yearn Pod System), let’s talk about the e-liquids used inside the Yearn pre-filled pods and their flavors for a minute.

2.   Only nic salt e-liquids and in only 4 flavors.

This is the second reason why the UWELL yearn shouldn’t be praised by reviewers and should not be bought by you.


Only Nic salt filled pods are available and only in 4 flavors.

So, if you’re not a nic salt and Benzoic Acid fan, you’re out of luck.

We’ve mentioned the differences between nic salt e-liquids and freebase, regular e-juice in our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully Part 2, if you’re interested. But basically, Benzoic Acid is a chemical added to (nic salt) e-liquids (and also cigarettes, by the way). It’s the main thing separating nic salt e-liquids from regular e-juices.

Its purpose is to reduce the hit sensation, allowing for more nicotine to be incorporated in e-liquids. It also increases the (speed of the) absorption of nicotine by the body, creating this “buzz effect” all (ex-)smokers have felt (e.g. when smoking on an empty stomach).

The Yearn nic salt pods are available in two different nicotine strengths, 20mg and 50mg (2 and 5%) nicotine.

There are also only 4 flavors available. But it’s ok because they’re, according to reviewers…

… Super Duper Great e-liquid flavors?

Ok. They like them but… how many artificial sweeteners and flavorings is added for them to taste good? In what quantity?

Honestly, for us, it doesn’t matter if the flavors sold with these pre-filled, disposable pods are good or not. Same goes for their composition (but it’s a valid concern nonetheless). At least, it shouldn’t since with an open Pod System, you can use the all e-liquids and flavors you want. And you can choose them among hundreds of different ones.

Plus, it’s way cheaper.

Anyway, even if you accept to use unknown nic salt e-liquids and happen to like one or several of these apple, sweet vanilla tobacco, mango or mint flavors, why closing yourself off to (way) more choice?

For the added 15 seconds you need to refill a pod instead of throwing it away and changing it entirely?

For the time you don’t have to wait the first time you fill up a new pod (once every 6 refills max with open Pod Systems)?

Is that the whole extent of the “convenience” being emphasized to explain the success of closed Pod Systems?

Well, in any case, don’t count on that “convenience” with the UWELL Yearn. It has a fantastic (/s) innovative “feature” that completely eliminates the advantage closed Pod Systems are supposed to have over open ones.

Activation Needed: Wait 10mn Before Vaping. Wait… What??

The worst part is that, when you need to change the disposable pods of the UWELL Yearn because it’s empty… you have to wait 10 minutes before being able to vape again. Yes,  every UWELL new pod needs to be “activated”.


By “activated”, UWELL simply means “to wick”, for the cotton to be saturated with e-liquid, like any open Pod System (or any open vaping device for that matter) needs to.

And Boom! There goes the “convenience” of using a closed Pod System down the drain. Yes, because it means that, each time you empty a pod, you’ll always have to wait 10mn before being able to use the UWELL Yearn to vape again.

This patented (LOL) “feature” makes the UWELL Yearn, as far as convenience is concerned, inferior to an open Pod System. Why? Because you can re-fill a pod of an open Pod System before it’s completely dry, eliminating the need to wait to keep on vaping with it.

[NB: you should always do that, by the way. It prevents dry hits. So, the Pods last longer and you don’t feel a burnt taste when vaping on a dry coil].

You can’t do that with the Uwell Yearn.

With open pod systems, you only have to wait 5mn once every 7 or 8 refills (depending on the longevity of the coil inside the pod it can be more). Not so with the UWELL Yearn since you need to wait 10mn each time you finish one pod.

As we said in the subtitle, the UWELL Yearn is therefore almost useless.

Indeed, what advantages the Yearn has left over open Pod Systems?

Build quality? You seriously think you can’t find well-built open Pod Systems?

Design? There are other Pod Systems with a comparable or much better design than the UWELL yearn. Just take a look at any Pod System Page from an e-shop (or look around our website 😀) and you’ll be convinced too.


Come on, maybe we need a bit more than pretty colors to convince us to give UWELL our money.

Not convenience, obviously.

E-liquid flavors?

You know, we’re really starting to ask ourselves how much of these chemical flavorings there are in the pods UWELL sells since it could be the reason they implemented this patented (LOL again. How to try and make a positive out of a clear CON? Patent it. Everyone will think it must be a great “feature”.) activation process in the first place.

None of the other closed Pod Systems do this. Yet, pods can stay weeks or months sitting on shelves without problem.

Does that mean that the e-liquids UWELL uses are so acidic that they would eat at the cotton inside the coil too quickly if soaked too long? We don’t know. But they sure seem to contain a lot of flavorings. No wonder they “taste so good“.

To conclude on a light note, maybe all of this is a ploy to make the Caliburn (as well as other open Pod Systems) look even better. 🤣

Well, it’s working.

If you’re looking for a great Pod System, we would recommend you read our reviews of the:

OneVape Lambo II for its size, build quality, futuristic design, its tight Mouth To Lung draw, good flavors and great vapor production.

If you prefer thin and small stick Pod Systems the size of a Juul, the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit would be for you. The Zip Pod kit surpasses the Juul in every way (design included).

Or the Phiness Vega, which is the perfect ultra-small device for MTL-loving girls or stealth vapers out there.

Or, if you like a bit looser draw (still very much an MTL draw. The Caliburn is looser than that), the Suorin Air Plus with its business-looking design and 930mAh battery.

You have plenty of options.

UPDATE: Though, as we develop in our update/intro we can now recommend you the UWELL Yearn too.

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The Review

UWELL Yearn Review: 5 Reasons It’s The Best Pod System Stick

UPDATE 11/28. UWELL Yearn review - New refillable pods = 2019’s MTL best Pod System with a stick shape | A better Build Caliburn & tight draw | + video review

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