Best Of ECC 2019: Best All In One kits, Pod Systems + Videos

All The New Mouth To Lung Vaping Devices Presented At #ECC2019 Revealed - Thanks Vaping Insider.

Exclusive! Thanks to Vaping Insider videos, here’s the Best Of ECC 2019 | The latest & best All in One kits & Pod Systems | ALL new Mouth To Lung vaping devices.

Contrary to Youtubers filming and releasing vlogs that only give us a feel of the ECC Ontario 2019 convention. In contrast to some others thinking more about putting themselves on camera than showing us what vaping products were showcased there. Vaping Insider (link to his website) went on a hunt for the new (Mouth To Lung) vaping devices presented at the ECC 2019, Ontario. And he came back with some very interesting news and footage.

We’ve selected 2 of Vaping Insider videos to talk with you about ALL the upcoming and new (Mouth To Lung) vaping devices in them. They are some of the best All in One kits and Pod Systems shown at the ECC Ontario 2019 and will be launched soon.


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MTL News posts like this one may contain affiliate links.
We select devices in this section for various reasons like their stylish design or some features or aspects we want to discuss.
We may receive a small commission, if you purchase them through our links (at no additional cost to you, of course).

ECC Ontario 2019 Official Picture From Promotional Campaign

ECC Ontario 2019 - Best New Mouth To Lung Vaping Devices - Convention Show -

1st Video: TOP 10 12 BEST POD SYSTEMS (And AiOs) FROM ECC ONTARIO 2019 - Video at the end of this section

The best All in One kits and Pod Systems presented in the 2 Vaping Insider videos we’ve got for you, in chronological order, are:


– The first one is the innovative Suorin Trio Pod System Kit. Its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is that it can be used either with a regular pod/cartridge or with a dual one.

A dual pod? Yes, Suorin created a pod divided in two, with two different e-liquid compartments, so that you can put two different juices in one pod. Each compartment is a pod in itself and activated by the press of a button. There are two buttons, one button on the left and one on the right. Clicking one button will allow you to switch on the “semi-pod” containing the e-liquid you want to use at that moment.

Available in October or November.– The second isn’t an upcoming new vaping device. It isn’t well-known but it was launched in August. It’s the Movkin Y2 Pod System but, beside its unique design (we don’t like it much), it doesn’t perform very well. For example, it has a low vapor production.

– Then, Vaping Insider presents the Wismec Preva DNA Pod System (@3’40”). It’s a good quality, premium-looking vaping device. It’s hyped and expected to be one of the credible contenders for the best Pod System of 2019 title. Though it could disappoint since it only has a 20W while sporting 0,25 and 0,5Ohm coils. That may not be enough power for these

The version shown and talked about here is the one with the DNA GO chip (a highly regarded chip used in the Lost Vape Orion as well). It will be available in black only with a real carbon fiber finish.

It should be relatively expensive (about $75, we think it’s overpriced for a Pod System even one you can adjust the airflow. Plus, we’re not sure the airflow control on the drip tip is enough and/or efficient). Two types of pods will be sold for it, of which one will have a 0,5Ohm (Kanthal) coil for MTL vaping. It’s a very low resistance coil for what’s supposed to be a (new) Mouth To Lung vaping device. We aren’t very confident the airflow will be tight enough.

Although it’s not specified, there will be another version, with different colors and sporting a Wismec chip instead of the DNA.

– Next (@5’25”) is the SMOK RPM40. From what we’ve heard (some video reviews have already been published), it’s exclusively a Direct To Lung device. Maybe the best All in One kit 2019 but for DL vapers since the airflow is way too loose. Plus, it doesn’t look as good as the Voopoo Vinci which resembles it but is more refined.

So, what’s next?– After the RPM40 comes the Innokin I.O Pod System (@7’20”). It looks like a total 1:1 clone of the Yosta Y-pod Mini which has been on the market for months. We don’t know if Yosta and Innokin are related (sister company or sub-brand) or if Innokin has a collaborated with Yosta. The battery size and design at least, down to the unique shape of the pods, are the same.

The Yosta Ypod Mini pod we received several months ago was not properly wicking (the ceramic was taking too much time getting saturated by the e-liquid) and it was causing many dry hits. As simple customers and vapers at the time, we didn’t bother ordering more pods to try them. We should have. The vapor production was impressive… when the coil worked properly.

We don’t expect problems with the Innokin version. So the Yosta Ypod Mini Innokin I.O. should achieve its full potential. We may order one to check and tell you guys. Because it’s very small and could be a great fit for smokers wanting to quit.

– Now, it’s the turn of the Wi-Pod (the little brother of the Mi-Pod). The Mi-Pod draw was very loose, not MTL at all. And, as they say the Wi-Pod vapes exactly the same way and uses the same pods, we won’t waste your and our time with it.

Though you should watch @ 11’37” and listen to Jeff’s story. The FDA is cracking down on an American vaping companies.

– One of the most interesting, and gorgeous looking we might add, Mouth To Lung vaping devices shown in this video is the Vaporesso Degree. We’ll do a MTL Vaping news Article on it when we have more info but it looks promising.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Vaporesso Degree Pod System kit vape - Vaping Insider
Best Of ECC 2019 – Vaping Insider presenting the Vaporesso Degree Pod System kit at ECC 2019

MTL coils available, same glass finish as what Apple uses for its iPhones, a screen, a valve mechanism for filling its tank/pod.

This is another contestant for the best Pod System of 2019 title (we have high expectations for the OZ Slide, iJoy Luna –link to our Vaping News articles– and iJoy Neptune too)

But as they all call these devices “Pod Systems” nowadays, there’s still a chance it’s in fact an All in One. And, if that’s the case, it could be one of the best All in One kits to launch before the end of the year.

– We don’t care and won’t speak about closed Pod Systems (here the whole device is disposable), unless to criticize them. So, next.

– @22’05” comes the Ovanty Falcon  AiO. We alluded to it in our iJoy Saturn article (the iJoy Saturn could be yet another serious candidate for claiming the best All in One Kit 2019 title). It’s a good and nice-looking new Mouth To Lung vaping device (which can be used for Direct To Lung vaping as well) but, because of some little nagging details like button placement, panels moving around, a bit of leaking etc… it’s not one of the best All in One Kits for us. Right now, the SnowWolf Wocket by Sigelei is ( VaporDNA US  — in the US you need to buy the device and the tank/pod separately).

– Vaping Insider shows the 40W AAA Palm. We think it’s an All in One kit, not a Pod System. He gives no more information on it.

Lost Vape Orion Pod System Kit - colors– He then talks with a Lost Vape guy about the new Orion Plus DNA (US) which is still as ugly as before (if you think the Lost Vape Orion is beautiful, wait a couple of days for our review of the SnowWolf Wocket, you’ll see how stylish and classy new mouth to lung vaping devices like this can truly be) but now has changeable coils (so, it evolved into an All in One kit) and 5 power levels instead of 3 before. At least, now it seems it can be used for Mouth to Lung vaping, which was not really the case before because of an airflow/draw way too loose.

– And he finishes with the slightly innovative but ugly as a scarecrow Aspire Breeze NXT (US).

So, Vaping Insider video of the ECC 2019 (Ontario) top 10 Best Pod Systems/Best All in One Kits video actually present 12 (of which most are new Mouth To Lung) vaping devices, here. Not bad at all.

But Wait… It’s not over yet. See below this video.

2nd Vaping Insider Video: Never Seen Before - The Newest (Mouth To Lung Vaping) devices From ECC Ontario 2019 - Video At The End Of This Section

Below, you’ll find yet another Vaping Insider video with 11 MORE new Mouth To Lung vaping devices coming soon on the market. These are the ones we’ll present now.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Vaping Insider - Interview Busardo VapinGreek - Zlide 2 Pro MTL tank -
Best of ECC 2019 – Vaping Insider interviewing Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, aka the VapinGreek who present their upcoming Zlide 2 Pro MTL tank

– This Vaping Insider video starts with an interview of long-time friends and vaping community legends, Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis.

They present, as part of their collaboration with Innokin, what is to be the successor of their Zenith  (2) and Zlide (US ) (2) MTL tanks, namely the Zenith 2/Pro. They all use the same zenith coils.

– Then, Vaping Insider speaks and show some products he likes but are not for us (MTL vapers), an Aegis squonker and high-powered box mod (for DL vaping) by GeekVape.

– Then, on the Rincoe booth (company who made the Tix,  a nice All in One but slightly underpowered so a bit weak for our taste), he showcases a Mi-Pod like device and an intriguing All in One kit with a replaceable 18650 battery (instead of being integrated) and a glass tank hidden inside the casing, as it was the case with most of the first AiOs on the market a couple of years ago. They’re both so new, they don’t even have a name yet.

– On he goes to the Goosee boot where he talks about another Box mod with an unusual design. One of the girls has a stick Pod System in her hands but we don’t get to know its features. Maybe it was yet another underwhelming one in the sea of underwhelming Pod Systems already out there.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Vaping Insider - ST Vapes Prostick All in One Pod System kit-
Best Of ECC 2019 – Some ST Vapes Prostick All in Ones laying on a table

– On the Sense boot, Vaping Insider talks with S.T. from the “Not Another Vape Show” YouTube Chanel. He’s working, in collaboration with Sense, on a new 650mAh battery small Cigalike-looking Mouth To Lung AiO kit (with replaceable coils, then). It will be called the ST Vapes Prostick. Will it be another challenger to the best All in One kit 2019 crown? We’ll see. It’s going to be one the smallest AiO on the market. That much is certain.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Vaping Insider - Fush Nano Pod System kit - shake & light-
Best of ECC 2019 – Several Fush Nano Pod System kits of different colors on a presentation table

– Next on the list is the what seems to be a fun device more than anything else but with a couple interesting features: The Fush Nano Pod System presented by Adam. It’s their new Mouth To Lung vaping device. It’s a smaller and Pod System version of the famous colorful Fush Mech(anical) Mod for DL vapers.

Its interesting features are: you can change the color of the big light on the device by shaking it (fortunately, we can turn it off if we wish); it can vape at 7W or 10W (sounds weak to be honest) depending if you use the auto-draw or the button at the bottom to vape on it; it can produce an MTL or DL draw/airflow based on the orientation you insert the pod on the device and the charging port is revealed by pulling on the device. Pretty neat.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Voopoo Vinci - Pod Sytem Kit - All in One kit - ECC Hardware award - -
Best Of ECC 2019 – The Voopoo Vinci All in One kit received the ECC Ontario 2019 Hardware Award.

– After that, we get a presentation of the very much anticipated Voopoo Vinci. This one, we’re telling you, will be up there in the list of the best All in One kits 2019 when we do the rankings at the end of the year. Here, at the ECC 2019 Ontario, and as the picture above shows, it had the “Best Hardware Award” which basically means it was considered the Best (All in One kit) vaping device of the show.

With its 40W output, its multicolor screen (there’s a simpler version without screen, the Vinci R), its colors, its 5.6ml (!) e-liquid capacity etc… Even the mouth piece looks different and add to its style. It looks like a squared off, sophisticated vape pen. It’s has an attractive industrial kinda geeky design.

– No, it’s still not over… Now, an Auto-Squonker All in One kit.

This would need more time to talk about but there are already two models (one is the Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini) of this new and innovative type of device already on sale. With the SX Mini and the VSticking Auto Smart shown in this Vaping Insider video, there will be four(!) in total on the market soon. They’re all made by one manufacturer, Yihi, and its sister companies/sub-brand.

Best Of ECC 2019 - Vaping Insider - stemStix closed Pod System - Herbal stem cells natural -
Best Of ECC 2019 – Vaping Insider enjoying himself at the stemStix booth

– Next comes a closed Pod System, the Stem Stix. The pods contain e-liquid made in the US with natural ingredients only (so, no Propylene Glycol) which is nice. Innovative? For the composition of the e-liquid and use of stem cells in it, maybe. But not on the hardware side of things it seems.

But it’s still a closed Pod System. At least, this one has a valid reason to be, though they could sell their e-liquids separately. Maybe they will?

NB: We think (hope) the representative of the brand made a mistake when saying that their low free-base nicotine e-liquid option was 2.5% of nicotine. It would mean 25mg/ml of e-liquid. This is no low option, at all. It’s super high for a regular freebase (non-salt nic) e-liquid. Imagine their higher nicotine option, LOL.

– Back to Sense we are, with the small Sense Galaxy Mod Kit.

35W, 1300mAh battery, resin panels (good-looking resin panels. It’s rare enough to note). With its 1.2Ohm coils, it can be used for mouth to lung vaping.

Ok, this time we’re done. The video goes on to present another version of the Pioneer4You IPV V3-Mini and a Bohr Pod System that doesn’t seem to offer anything new or special.

Total number of Mouth To Lung Vaping devices presented here, in these two Vaping Insider videos: Two Dozens!!

Great job, man. For us who weren’t able to attend this convention and for our readers, thank you.

Now, seeing and talking about future new Mouth To Lung vaping devices is nice and exciting. But if you need one or 2 right now, you should some of our reviews. The best Pod System kits on the market are, in order of preference, the OneVape Lambo II, the Alpha Zip Pod Kit (low battery life but fantastic performance and incredible price, so you can buy 2 or 3 of these things to vape all day long) and, despite a vapor a bit airy, the Suorin Air Plus.

The best All in One kits are, from good to best, the iJoy Mercury (if you don’t mind the meh at best resin panels), the HorizonTech Magico Pod Kit, the Smoant Pasito, (2)  and, above all, the SnowWolf Wocket (review coming very soon).
The SnowWolf Wocket – The Sexiest All in One Devices On the Market Right Now. New Colors.

Also, if you want to try and quit smoking, we highly recommend reading our Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Successfully article. It’s a 7000 words 2-part article full of tips and info to help you do it the right way.

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