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We Are Affiliates

We are affiliates.

What does it mean?

Basically, it means that while it costs nothing to you (on the contrary, since we always try to find the lowest price from the most reliable sellers), most of the links re-directing you to e-shops allow us to get compensated each time you buy a product in said e-shops.

How does it work?

When you click on one of our affiliated links and arrive to the destination website/e-shop, you get a cookie on your computer that indicates that you used our link to go there.

It serves as proof and as a mean for the affiliate platform to correctly identify us as the website you used to get there. And thus, to attribute a small percentage of the purchase you’ll make to us.

So, please, if you use private browsing, cookies managers (like CCleaner) and delete frequently your cookies (which we advise you to do for privacy reasons) put us ( on your whitelist. And get rid of all the cookies from other affiliate vaping websites while you’re at it. Nah, just joking… 😁

What it does NOT mean.

You can read a more extensive explanation on our Welcome Page, but, essentially, we’ll NEVER promote a product only to make money with it. We’ll ONLY promote products we find to be stylish/sleek, performing well and that we could buy (or actually have bought) ourselves. Products that can give us, and therefore you, the best vaping experience possible. 

So, if we showcase products it’s not because we think they will sell. Actually, these aren’t just products for us. They are gadgets we love and use every day.

Our process is simple. We carefully select Mouth To Lung devices we think are great among all the devices we research. We analyze, learn more about and test them. And then we decide to promote them or not. If that’s the case, we redirect you to purchase them in the e-shops we’ve also selected. That simple.

[NB: The only exception to this rule are the devices we present in the MTL Vaping News Section. You may be interesed in them, so we’ll try and provide (pre-order) links when we can. BUT as we didn’t review them (most won’t even be on the market at the time of publishing the news) and/or we want to talk about them for various reasons, not necessary because they seem to be great products, we don’t always recommend them.]

We won’t promote products just because we think we’ll make more money with them or because we have a sponsoring contract with a brand (we don’t). That is the actual PROMISE we make.

And it’s not an empty promise. It’s the simple truth. And it’s in our own interest too. Because, and of course, we want you to come back and use our links when you do need or want a new MTL device.

What’s the best way for us to achieve that? It’s to try and satisfy you the best we can… Without “BSing” you. And, as our philosophy coincides perfectly with your interests, that’s the approach we’ve chosen.

We were just lucky that it’s the way we think. That’s all.

Now, you can visit our Welcome Page for further details on our philosophy, our goals and what is (are) the added value(s) our website could provide to you or simply go back to the Home Page and see from there.

In any case, we hope you’ll keep on enjoying your visit(s) on our website.