MTL Best Pod Systems For Each Type Of Draw 2019-2020

Do You Prefer A Tight, Medium, Medium-Loose Or Loose Mouth To Lung Draw? Here Are The Best MTL Pod Systems For Each Type.

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2019 MTL best Pod System is the Vaporesso Degree | But what are the 2020 best MTL Pod Systems with the Mouth To Lung draw (tight/loose) YOU prefer? Videos


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So, the Best MTL Pod Systems Of The Year based on their type of draw are:

Best MTL Pod Systems 2019 With A Tight Draw

The OneVape Lambo II – 7.7/10 Futuristic design

The OneVape Lambo II (review) has a unique angular, asymmetric and futuristic design. But, paradoxically, it’s also reminiscent of 1980’s sport cars like the Lamborghini Countach, hence the name “Lambo”.

It will get noticed as people around you will wonder what is this thing?

Its build quality is flawless and is (/feels) very solid (in the hand).

It has a tight draw, very close to a cigarette. It has an average battery size of 350mAh and it will last you about a day of moderate use.

Its 1.6ohm pods will keep on working until they reach somewhere around the 10-refill mark.

It’s, like all the Pod Systems below except the Vaporesso Degree, an auto-draw device. i.e. you pull on it and it vapes. No button clicking necessary.

It has a relatively high vapor production for its size and its dense vapor is quite warm. Flavor reproduction is good (was considered very good, in July, at the time of its release) but not as good as some recent devices like the ones you’ll discover below.

OneVape Lambo 2 scores

[NB: The scores given below (and in reviews) are relative to the specific category (here, Pod Systems) each device belongs to. Meaning we don’t expect the same performance from Pod Systems that we would from AiO vape kits or Box Mod kits (even MTL ones). So, our scores reflect that.

Last, these scores are the most accurate ones compared to the ones in our reviews since time has passed and new, and sometimes better (in specific areas), devices were launched after we published them.]

– Pod capacity: 2ml

– Build Quality and design – 9/10

– Vapor production – 8/10

– Flavor reproduction – 6.5/10

– Vapor density and hit provided (these 2 factors are tightly connected) – 8.5/10

– Battery life – 6.5/10

Overall score 7.7/10


$27 on BuyBest (Free worldwide delivery) + 1.6ohm pods

The runner up of the MTL Best Pod Systems of 2019 with a tight draw is the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit.

DJLsb's OneVape Lambo II Video Review

Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod kit –  THe JUUL 2.0 6.9/10


The Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit (review) has a tight yet, somehow smooth, draw and a simple and sophisticated design.

It resembles a JUUL but its chamfered, smoothed out edges (instead of the sharp ones of the JUUL) make it feel nice in the hand, a pleasure to hold.

It vapes (a little) better too. Plus, and this is its best benefit compared to a JUUL, its pods are refillable.

Similarly to the JUUL, to get a truly satisfying hit, you’ll need to put a high(er) amount of nicotine in it (than you may be used to. e.g. We use 12 or 15mg/ml of regular free-base e-liquid in our All in One vape kits and some of the Best Pod Systems below, but 18mg/ml in the Zip Pod kit. This translates to about 50mg/ml with salt nic e-liquids).

The flavors are decent. With comparable e-liquids than those find in a JUUL, it will taste better, but it can’t compare to more competent (and bigger) pod systems.

We love this device for its size, its feel in the hand and vapor production (for its size of course).

Its battery capacity being only 250mAh (still 25% and 50mAh more than a JUUL), it won’t last you all day.

You’ll be able to refill a pod 10 to 15 times before it must be changed.

But its price (if ordered in China) allows you to take 2 if needed and/or, even better, for it to be a very compelling accompanying vaping device (along with an AiO vape kit) to have and carry around. That’s the type of usage we recommend it for.

Read our very thorough two-part guide on How To Quit Smoking And Begin Vaping Successfully for –way– more info.

Voopoo Zip Pod Kit scores

– Pod capacity: 1ml

– Build Quality and design – 8/10

– Vapor production – 7/10

– Flavor reproduction – 6/10

– Vapor density and hit provided (these 2 factors are tightly connected) – 8/10

– Battery life – 5.5/10

Overall Score 6.9/10


$21.95 on VaporDNA (US vape shop)

$15.95 on BuyBest (worldwide delivery, if you take some pods and hit the $20 mark, delivery will be free.)

Now, the MTL best Pod Systems with a Medium/medium tight draw.

If you want to check our affiliate platform, ShareASale, click here.

MTL Best Pod Systems 2019 With A Medium Draw

The UWELL Yearn – 8.4/10


The UWELL Yearn is the MTL best Pod System with a medium-tight draw, by far. It’s also a very simple device with a high build quality, appealing design and nice (gradient) colors.

But its performance is superior to the smallest Pod Systems previously mentioned.

Beside battery life, it does more and better.

It may sport a battery with a similar size (370mAh) as the Lambo II but as it vapes at 11W, it lasts a bit less. Depending on your usage, unless you don’t vape much, you may need to charge it during the day.  

But we think it’s worth it (above all if you use it as an accompanying device and thus don’t exclusively vape on it).

It creates a way more flavorful vapor and in higher quantity. It’s a bit denser and warmer too.

The UWELL Yearn isn’t only the best MTL pod system with a medium(-tight) draw, it’s also the best Pod System of those with a stick/pen form factor and the second best in terms of flavor reproduction (the best pod systems in this category are the Vaporesso Degree, first. And then, we have The UWELL Yearn, Caliburn KoKo and iJoy Neptune all tied for second place. It’s too difficult to decide between those three. See below).

The same goes for vapor production, it’s very high. Maybe the highest of all the best MTL Pod Systems of this list.

Pod longevity? We’re at our 8th refill and the pod we use doesn’t show any sign of fatigue/weakness.

UWELL Yearn scores


– Pod capacity: 1.5ml

– Build Quality and design – 8.5/10

– Vapor production – 9.5/10

– Flavor reproduction – 9/10

– Vapor density and hit provided (these 2 factors are tightly connected) – 9/10

– Battery life – 6/10

Overall Score 8.4/10


**Only the device – Pods To Be Bought Separately**

$22.95 on VaporDNA (US vape shop)

We don’t recommend to buy the prefilled and non-refillable pods sold in the US.

$14.85 on 3Fvape (Worldwide delivery)

A pack of 4 refillable pods is $9.99.

$24.84 for the Yearn + 4 pods is a good deal.

Or $22.59 the Yearn + 1 or 2 Pods included in the box (not sure if 1 or 2) on Hotecig (worldwide delivery).

The runner up in the Best MTL Pod System with a medium-tight draw category is the Innokin I.O

On Grimm Green’s video below: don’t pay attention to the flavors/pre-filled pods apsect of the video (unless you want to purchase some, of course) as the Yearn has refillable pods available for it now and is thus an open Pod System.

Grimm Green's UWELL Yearn (vs. Caliburn) Video Review

Innokin I.O Pod System – 7.4/10


The Innokin I.O (review) is a type of Pod System called a cigalike. The name says it all. Its footprint and appearance are really close to those of a cigarette. So much so, that we deemed the Innokin I.O mini vape to be the cigarette 2.0.

Video reviews don’t do it justice. This thing has an impressive vapor production for its size. Trust us. And this, whichever pods you choose to use with it. We like both. The ceramic one (the one we used the most just because one pod stayed in our Innokin I.O and we kept on vaping on it) has had at least 15 refills and is still going.

Vapor is dense. It’s warm enough. 

And it’s a real pleasure to vape on. Great for vapers that miss the cigarette form factor, and all the gesture set that goes along with it, from time to time. And, obviously a must-have for a smoker wanting to quit (but like the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod kit, we’d recommend it as a secondary device, though).

But note that:

1. Like with the Voopoo Zip Pod Kit, you’ll need to bump up the nicotine level to get a truly satisfying hit.

2. The flavors are just ok but this device is not meant for flavor chasers. Its main purpose is to mimic a cigarette (while being superior to one in every way).

Its battery (310mAh, impressive to put a battery this size in such a small device, by the way) has almost the same size as the UWELL Yearn (370mAh) and will last about the same time because its power output is a bit lower.

Innokin I.O scores:

– Pod capacity: 0.8ml

– Build Quality and design – 9/10

– Vapor production – 7.5/10

– Flavor reproduction – 5.5/10

– Vapor density and hit provided (these 2 factors are tightly connected) – 8.5/10

– Battery life – 6.5/10

Overall score 7.4/10


$8.99 on SourceMore (Worldwide delivery)

$16.95 on VaporDNA (US vape shop)

MTL Best Pod Systems 2019 With A Medium-Loose Draw

– The Vaporesso Degree – The Overall MTL Best Pod System Of The Year – 9/10

The Vaporesso Degree (thorough preview) may have an adjustable airflow but even with just a pinhole left and with the 1.3ohm pods, it still provides a medium, a bit on the loose side, draw. [NB: There’s no auto-draw feature here, by the way. The Vaporesso Degree Pod System functions by clicking a fire button.]

We’ve just received it but we already knew that the Vaporesso Degree Pod System (review) is by far the most feature-rich device of our Best MTL Pod Systems of 2019 list.

It’s in fact an All in One Vape kit disguised as a Pod System. It’s sporting a 950mAh battery and coming with pods instead of a pod tank + replaceable coils.

It has an outstanding build quality for a Pod System. Even if it was an AiO  as it has the same build quality level as the THC Tauren X. Nothing moves and it feels sturdy and a bit heavy in the hand.

The Vaporesso Degree design is stylish.

More, it could be among our top 5 best AiO vape kits if its coils were replaceable.

Its flavor reproduction is top notch, the best of any Pod System we’ve tested. It surely is because of its pulse feature. (see our review for an explanation of what it is and does).

Speaking of feature, it has rare and innovative low e-liquid detection and anti-dry hit features. Basically, the Vaporesso Degree will prevent you from taking a puff if there’s no more e-liquid in the pod and/or you risk a dry hit and burn it (e.g. while chain vaping).

Though you can adjust its sensibility (on 1, it’s off . 10 = max sensibility).

You can use 2 different types of pods with it (both are provided in the packaging), a the 1.3ohm ceramic coil/pod and a 0.6ohm mesh pod. Both can be used for MTL vaping, the 0.6ohm pod gives off more, warmer vapor and better flavors but vape at a higher wattage. So, it impacts battery life.

Obviously, the power output is adjustable but inside the range each pod can operate at (12.5W max for the 1.3ohm coils/pods and 22W max for the 0.6ohm pods). The Vaporesso Degree detects which pod you insert in it and automatically adjusts to it.

There would be a lot more to say about the Vaporesso Degree, but you can read our review for that (we didn’t give our vaping experience with the Degree in it yet because we prioritized this “MTL best Pod Systems of 2019” article –Best MTL AiO vape kits coming soon– and we’ve only had it for a couple of days. So, we have no info on pod longevity, by the way).


Vaporesso Degree scores

– Pod capacity: 2ml

– Build Quality and design – 9.5/10

– Vapor production – 9/10 (with the 0.6ohm pods) – (8/10 with the 1.3ohm pods)

– Flavor reproduction – 9.5/10

– Vapor density and hit provided – 9/10 (stronger hit with the 0.6ohm pods at around 20W, obviously)

– Battery life – 9/10 with the.1.3ohm pods and 7/10 with the 0.6ohm pods.

Overall score 9.2/10


$33.99 on 3Fvape (worldwide delivery)

$36.19 on Hotecig (but FREE worldwide delivery)

The runner up of the best MTL Pod Systems with a medium-loose draw (this one has an even smoother/looser draw than the Vaporesso Degree) is the UWELL Caliburn KoKo.

VapnFagan’s Vaporesso Degree Video Review

UWELL Caliburn KoKo – 7.9/10


We’re back with another easy to use, auto-draw activated pod system, the UWELL Caliburn Koko.

We won’t dwell on the UWELL Caliburn Koko, here (full review).

But, essentially, it has a lower vapor production (not by much, though), a similar flavor reproduction than the UWELL Yearn but a looser draw. Also, the Yearn provides a denser vapor and, thus, a stronger hit.

Or, to compare it to the original Caliburn, it produces a bit more vapor, with a bit more flavors and with a draw closer to what an MTL draw should be (though still looser) for the same battery (520mAh) life.

If you like the square form factor of the KoKo and are a fan of the original UWELL Caliburn but wish it had a slightly tighter draw and didn’t suffer from spitback issues, this is the one for you.

Though we must mention that, as the original Caliburn (and it seems it’s getting worse), the UWELL Caliburn KoKo pods may leak too, sometimes a lot, it seems.

The Redditors experiencing this may have received pods from a bad batch, though. Because the ones provided in our KoKo packaging were perfectly fine. So, we know for a fact this problem doesn’t affect all (1.2ohm) KoKo pods (they’re compatible with the original Caliburn, by the way. And the 1.4ohm Caliburn pods are compatible with the KoKo).

Anyway, if we put this issue aside, the UWELL Caliburn Koko is a great Pod System with coils that should last very long (some Caliburn pods could last up to 3 weeks of daily and exclusive use).

UWELL Caliburn KoKo scores

– Pod capacity: 2ml

– Build Quality and design – 6.5/10

– Vapor production – 8.5/10

– Flavor reproduction – 9/10

– Vapor density and hit provided – 8/10

– Battery life– 7.5/10.

Overall score 7.9/10


$23.99 on 3Fvape (+ 1.2 ohm pods and free worldwide delivery for most countries)

$29.95 on VaporDNA (+ 1.2ohm pods – US vape shop)

Matt From SMM's UWELL Caliburn KoKo Video Review

MTL Best Pod Systems 2019 With A Loose (Almost DTL) Draw

The iJoy Neptune – 8.2/10


The iJoy Neptune (Review) has a particularity, its panels are made of (tempered, hot bent) glass. The same than the one used in iPhones, according to iJoy.

Glass provides a nice feeling in the hand and, unlike metal, prevents most scratches (we don’t have any) to ruin the design of the iJoy Neptune. Plus, it’s not slippery at all.

So, don’t let glass deter you from getting an iJoy Neptune. We’ve thought about it a lot, at first by being very critical, then after testing the iJoy Neptune, we changed our mind.

Maybe because the iJoy Neptune build quality is outstanding. So, it must have helped.

What else?

Its design is a bit peculiar but on the classy and refined side.

It has an adjustable voltage output (3.5 to 3.7V) but, honestly, you barely feel a difference in the 3 settings available.

It has a 650mAh battery, 14W max power output and sports 1.0ohm coils/pods

The Pods have a 1.8ml capacity and their longevity should be on the higher side (we’re at 7 refills with ours and it keeps vaping great).

Vapor production is higher than the KoKo (and thus the original Caliburn) while flavors are comparable. The iJoy Neptune draw is a perceptibly looser though.

Now, something different:

iJoy Neptune scores

– Pod capacity: 1.8ml

– Build Quality and design – 8/10

– Vapor production – 8.5/10

– Flavor reproduction – 9/10

– Vapor density and hit provided – 7.5/10

– Battery life – 8/10

Overall score 8.2/10


$24.92 on FastTech ( pods – worldwide delivery)

Legion Vapes iJoy Neptune Video Review

Wait A Minute… Where’s The Original Caliburn??

The runner up of this category of Best MTL Pod System with a very loose, more restricted DTL than loose MTL in fact, draw could have been the original UWELL Caliburn.

It may be the most popular Pod System of the year, by far, and it’s a very good device for those who like a loose draw… when it works properly.

It has helped many people quit smoking or to transition from closed Pod Systems like the JUUL to open ones (like the ones presented here).


But, honestly, we think that the Caliburn has been somewhat overhyped.

The truth is that all the Pod Systems (except the tiny ones, of course, but they have their own appeal and purpose) presented above are better built, but also perform and look better. And there are more that we didn’t list (e.g. the Vaporesso PodStick is a very competent Pod System with a medium AND loose airflow depending on which pod you use with it — Chinese and US Vape Shop).

The Caliburn has been overhyped by reviewers first but also because the vast majority of people swearing by it didn’t try any of the Pod Systems listed in our MTL Best Pod Systems of the year 2019 selection.

Sometimes, they say it’s the best just because that’s the only open Pod System they tried, really (more often than not after using a JUUL or other closed Pod Systems).

Or just because they’re DTL vapers that want a Pod System as a secondary device. So, obviously, the draw of the Caliburn is perfect for them.

Second, we don’t like the meh design, the numerous spitback and leaking reports from users and the fact that it doesn’t vaporize e-liquid very well (read this article if you want more info on all this).

[NB: there are literally dozens of threads on Reddit talking about the spitback issue — on r/electronic_cigarette, r/Vaping  and even a couple on  r/Vaping101. — And if you simply search “Caliburn problem” or “issue”, you’ll find even more.]

So, even if we “only” consider all these isues, we can’t decently promote the Caliburn much.

Anyway, we hope that you’ve found the MTL Best Pod System for you in this list. We certainly did.

🎄 Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you all. 🎄

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MTL Best Pod Systems For Each Type Of Draw 2019-2020

2019 MTL best Pod System is the Vaporesso Degree | But what are the 2020 best MTL Pod Systems with the Mouth To Lung draw (tight/loose) YOU prefer? Videos

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